Federal prosecutors hold press conference on Jeffrey Epstein arrest – 07/08/2019

good morning I'm Jeff Berman United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York today the announcing unsealing of sex trafficking charges against Jeffrey Epstein it charges allege that Epstein sexually abused young girls by enticing them to engage in sex acts for money Epstein was arrested this past Saturday evening at Teterboro Airport aboard his private jet that had just landed from Paris France Epstein was taken to the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan and later today he will be presented before Magistrate Judge Pittman and later a conference before District Court judge Berman the United States Attorney's Office will take the position at that presentment and that conference that X being should be detained pending trial Epstein is charged in a two count indictment first conspiracy to commit sex trafficking and second the substantive crime of sex trafficking of underage girls beginning at at least 2002 and continued until 2005 Epstein is alleged to have a beautiful dozens of victims by causing them to engage in sex acts with him at his mansion in New York and at his estate in Palm Beach Florida the victims all underage girls at the time of the alleged conduct were given hundreds of dollars in cash after each encounter either by X P or by one of Epstein's employees the underage girls were initially included to provide Epstein with massages and often did so new who are partially moved these massages became increasingly sexual in nature and would typically include one or more sex acts as specified in the indictment as the ledge Epstein also paid certain victims to recruit additional girls to be similarly this allowed Epstein to create an ever-expanding web of new victims this conduct as alleged went on two years and it involved dozens of young girls some as young as 14 years old at the time that they were allegedly in Venus as alleged Epstein was well aware that many of these victims were minors and not surprisingly many of the underage girls that I've seen allegedly victimized were particularly vulnerable to exploitation the alleged behavior shocks the conscience and while the charged conduct is from a number of years ago it is still profoundly important to the many alleged victims now young women they deserve their day in court we are proud to be standing up for them by bringing this indictment combating sex trafficking and exploitation of children is a priority for this office and for the Department of Justice as the sexual abuse of a minor can devastating effects on victims often lasting for years that is why my office will not rest until perpetrators of these types of crimes are brought to justice victims voices including the many voices of Epstein's alleged victims must be heard to that end I want to say to anyone that is watching this or hearing about our prosecution if you believe you are victims it's meant exactly asking we do have evidence or information relating to the context of Asia needs not be unsealed today we want to hear from you please call the charges unsealed today reflect the hard work not only of this office provide our law enforcement partners of the Federal Bureau of Investigation to my left is Bill Sweeney the assistant director in charge of the New York field office of the FBI and I wish to thank him and his team for their dedication and professionalism and seeing this investigation through I also want to thank the New York City Police Department represented here today by Chief Jason Wilcox and Customs and Border Patrol for their assistance in this investigation and I want to thank and acknowledge the career prosecutors of my law office handling the investigation and prosecution of this case to my right Alex Ross Miller Alison Moe William combs and their supervisors in the public corruption unit Russell Capone and Edward district it is a privilege for me every day the work with these bright talented and dedicated public servants the talent path is unbelievable we will continue to devote significant resources to investigating these crimes that's protecting young people from sexual predators and now I would like to look like those swinging up the program preserving you some children is one of the most important responsibilities we carry as adults purposely failing children in any way is not an option and yet there are so much society but chosen to blatantly disregard this responsibility using whatever means they have at their disposal to lure children to a life which they should never suppose as we lunch today Jeffrey Epstein is one of those people and approximately 5:30 p.m. on Saturday evening we arrested him at Teterboro Airport without incident Epstein has been charged with one count each of sex trafficking and sex trafficking conspiracy for at least a four-year period covering the entirety of 2002 through 2005 his alleged code sexually exploited and abused dozens of minor girls at his homes in New York City and in Palm Beach Florida the girls were recruited in a variety of ways usually by employees of Epstein and sometimes by fellow victims the victims typically received hundreds of dollars in cash the estimated dozens of victims were young as 14 years old at time of recruitment children who provided Epstein massages while they were nude or partially nude children who were asked to engage in direct and indirect sex acts for money children who were enticed to do all these things at the hands of a man more than your nearly three times their age those who have been victimized by child speculative penetration are frequently haunted by memories of these crimes well into their adulthood often for the rest of their lives they bear the burden that someone else's criminal behaviors too often adults in our society have turned a blind eye to this type of criminal behavior alleged here we had seen excuses the ignorance of many who didn't even bother understand that this behavior is as persistent Scourge against our society's roam over youth and the willful blindness just who the real villains are in this type of outrageous crime the villains are the adult perpetrators not the children victims of child sex trafficking come from all walks of life they are our neighbors our students young adults looking for help vulnerable foster children the list goes on on and on to the victims who may be listening or get word of today's charges the team staying here before you represents FBI Special Agents NYPD detectives analyst victim specialist prosecutors who make it their mission to listen to every individual who's been exploited and to advocate for the most vulnerable among us we are parents we are community members we are human beings but as an FBI special agent and the head of this office I have the privilege to represent and stand among many who make it our mission to put private creditors behind bars where they belong regardless of the Predators power wealth or perceived connections today I'm asking everyone to take a good look at this man if you have been victimized in any way or if you are somebody but I need additional information about the delivery legal behavior we want to hear from you whatever age you are now whatever each you were then no matter where or when the incident or incidents took place the number to call is 1-866-376-8255 side with you as you go through this process you should know that in the eyes of the FBI you come first many things is always more partners in the Southern District our partnership with the NYPD on this case and so many others has been phenomenal thank you also at CDP in to the Port Authority Police Department who helped us with the arrest on Saturday evening last but not least I want to extend my thanks to the FY NYPD Child Exploitation and human trafficking task force the public should know that to be on this task force you must volunteer the work is agonizing but it is one of the most noble missions our agencies can engage in and be together so she attended the Epstein as you know Justice Department guidelines prohibit us from talking about such individuals and so I just board no comment and I heard you why is it being handled by public choppers to a non-prosecution agreement in southern Florida that agreement only binds by its terms only by the Southern District of Florida the Southern District of New York is not bound by that agreement and is not a signatory to that agreement this is the word why is it being handled by the public corruption unit if it's just sex trafficking charges at the moment well I'm not getting into the staffing decisions the attorney's office I will say that I have confidence that the public corruption unit is able to can easily handle this investigation prosecution as it has so many other matters I will again urge you not to read into the unit assignment anything one way or the comment right now on the evidence I will say that we are going to request detention pending the trial in this case radar way back in 2001 by Amy Chua citroen then I drew a copy now Secretary of Labor brokers take plea bargain why are there no accounting for the very robust participation of the okay at the cottage and there's new information that you ever deal evidence I'm not going into any dealings with injustice nor am I going to go into any aspects of how our investigation originated I will say that we were assisted from some excellent investigative journalism when mr. Berman journalist work use the expression willful blindness is any of that directed at the government or investigators of painting now I'm talking about society in the bowl we've seen sex trafficking cases all over the place it's a very busy task force and my opinion is often in society we ignore when we ignore the vulnerable victims yes contemporaneous with the arrest of Epstein of Teterboro Airport agents executed a search warrant on his mansion in New York City and recovered and seized and that was a search pursuant to a valid warrant agency's evidence including nude photographs of water feared to be underage girls flew into the jurisdiction we think he's a significant flight risk and that is why we are seeking detention pending trial he has enormous wealth the charges are very serious and they carry with on the backs of the sentence of 45 years in jail which to someone of Epstein's age is basically the life sentence so we think he has every incentive to try and flee the jurisdiction and when you have two planes and you live much of the year abroad you know we think that's a very real I can't go into the specifics with respect to and well it's extremely significant because of the number of years and a number of victims there are dozens of victims as alleged in the indictment in New York and dozens in Florida and it maintained itself over several years so this is very significant our office has handled this year in fact many significant set trafficking cases well as alleged in the indictment these individuals easily the underage girls were sometimes recruited by current victims and current victims were given cash payments if they could bring other underage girls to be similarly abused and that's how he continued to expand the number of new victims that he had that's how I was able to maintain itself over Sarah the indictment indicates that there were phone calls and contacts made not only with mr. Epstein but his employees between his employees no comment well it's still a very important case and it means a great deal to the alleged victims here that they have their day in court and we want to ensure that they have they have their day in court by bringing these charges

Michael Martin

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  1. Raid the island home now… this is a set up arrest.. he is gonna be the only one to go to jail.. this is a sham to cover for everyone else involved… it would destroy our country if the true evil came out about all these sick demons…

  2. If there is a black book,big names are gonna start acting funny or go into hiding.Bless the victims.🇺🇸God Blessed America🇺🇸again

  3. If this guy is telling the truth he will also have his office investigate other men who engaged in these things. The girls speak of many other men – no matter their resources or title – investigate.

  4. Jacob Moncrief – This is going to be tough. Epstein knows what he’s doing. The minute money exchanges hands, by definition, it’s prostitution.

  5. Why the big meeting ….the way you are conducting this case is …he is guilty now why bother all the scenario go to the main ingredient you are waisting taxpayers money and a lot of yapping…just bring out all the evidence and all accomplish that will be charge we the public know that just bring out the evidence to much yapping
    You all just want publicity

  6. Yeah the cabal has lost the war, and things are about to play out in a very beautiful way. We are about to see many things like this.

  7. Just some rich friggin weirdos. That woman that was helping him is in some deep s*** too. What she was doing is gaining their trust as a woman. Weird people man.

  8. James Comey’s daughter needs to get the fuck out of here she is probably compromised you’re probably going to figure out her dad is buddies with these people this is disgusting

  9. It's surprising that sex with underage women is being prosecuted in today's politically correct climate. It seems antiquated, but good some people still care about these things.

  10. Today's big disclosure, massive VIP Parties with girls thrown by Epstein and Trump at Mar A Lago.

    It's like Top 40 radio, and The Hits Just Keep On Coming!😆

  11. As young as 12, 2 12 year olds were trafficked from France, and returned the next day on private planes!

  12. Bill Clinton is coming out saying he knew nothing of Epstein and his crimes LMAOOOOO. Just like when he said he never had sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky. Such a bad liar.

  13. The democrats and media ha e a hard on to vet trump oit to keep what we the people already know whats been going on they will find away to push trumps name in this crap sad thing most of there names will vome out along with big Hollywood a holes

  14. I didn't know William father knew Jeffery Epstein and William come up to be Attorney General, how did he get this stuff , and why the law take so long. Things doesn't add up. William Barr know about maybe he had dozen case to work on. I find hard to believe this, what a mess.

  15. All this that's goin on is direct orders of Donald Trump wat a great leader well done my yankee friends bless from UK…

  16. Add Clinton to that list. The dominos are beginning to fall. The Russian hoax, Viza, the "Island", obumass n clintons criminal activities… So many things/truths are finally being exposed!!! The next few months will rock and bring down the demonrats for good! Thank you God!

  17. It’s interesting that after all this time now they bring the pervert to the forefront knowing well that he isn’t the only one …there are thousands of rich Jews that do this same thing everyday and it’s no secret….Birds of a feather flock together….Bill Clinton is culpable as is all of his affiliates….NOW follow the money he milked the Stock market by insider trading…Like all the privileged do….notice a trend America on how these Jews cheat, lie, steal, rape, and embezzle…..And jut to think Federal ,State, Local DA’s and Judges protects these scum bags..Like Steve Wolfson in Nevada…crooked DA….

  18. jeff Epstein has been an excellent democrat pedophile ! he's done a helluva job in tandem with bill clinton and bob menendez GREAT JOB democvnts !

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