Family Wedding Announcement!

– I hope she doesn’t hate all of them. Look at what I just got. My sister would die. This is extra wedding dress. – * that I won’t fit anymore. – Suck it in Missy. Suck it in. (ripping) – What is that? – Good morning guys! And welcome back to our channel. The sun is bright out today. It’s actually been
pouring the past few days. So, a bright, sunny sky
is very, very beautiful. Ollie is very excited cause
he wants to show you, what? – We’re catching animals. – Whoa! Look at all those animals! Look at these boys though. They’re being the cutest little boys ever. The boys have been out here. They’re just finally reaching that age where they can just be outside and play. – Baby alligator. – Whoa! – See the channel where
we digged up hastag? – You guys didn’t know, a few months ago, dug up our pet fish, hashtag. It’s a very interesting video if you guys wanna check it out, I’ll have it linked up above. – I found one! – What? – It’s a gecko. – I’m actually headed out
for a very exciting day. If you guys don’t know, my
sister is getting married in just a few months, and so I’m headed out to help my sister
find a wedding dress. Which is like, so weird! She’s like my baby sister. She’s getting married you guys! So, thumbs up this video if you love, love because she found the one
and she’s getting married, and it’s pretty exciting. So, I’m getting ready to leave, but these boys are just out
here like having a blast. Look at all these bugs. (laughing) Headed in. We’ve got a
very special appointment. I’m really excited cause
I picked out a bunch of different options for Cassie to try on, and I hope she doesn’t hate
all of them. (laughing) – I hope I don’t hate all of them too. I hope you, I hope you know what I like. – Oh, no. – So, if you guys haven’t
noticed, we have a new intro, and in the new intro is actually a really cool new version of This is Home. It’s kind of like a remix version. But my producer already put together like some of the cool tracks, and today I’m just gonna go in
and do some vocal parts. – What’s up guys? – Look what’s going on
right here on this desk. It’s kind of craziness. We have like an Imac Pro. We really wanted to use the iMac Pro as a display for the new Mac Pro, but apparently Apple like killed it, and it doesn’t even work anymore. So, I had to drag this out of my closet. – Till they make a new table and stuff. – Right! They’re just gonna
create another dongle. – So maybe just sing along
to whatever’s there for now. Get warmed up. – Okay. – What just happened? – What happened? – I don’t know what just happened. – That’s odd. See there, this monitor. – It’s cause we were,
we were cursing Apple. – Yeah. Did we make it angry? It’s okay. We didn’t mean it. The computer is still on. Yes, I am plugged in with
the back end Daniel, come on! How are we gonna record the song Daniel? Turn on please. Please. Hey! It’s back. What’d you do? – I pushed the power button. – Genius. – Excited. Yay! (upbeat music) – Now we’re looking for ** photo shoots. I found the perfect pair
of jeans for Cassie. I think they go right on the neck line. They’re like perfect! They fit you. If you ever wondered how tall Cassie is, she’s the size of a pair of pants. You guys, I’m gonna be honest, it’s been so fun watching
Cassie try on dresses that it’s making me
remember my wedding day. I kind of wanna try on my old dress. I’m making Cassie try
on a dress right now. Cassie, you look so pretty! – Number 5. What do you think? Not bad actually. – Alright. So, we ended up at dinner and check out what I just got. A rose. – Um, excuse me, this is mine. – Yes. So, they actually just sent us a little dessert that
says congratulations. – So sweet. – Look at this. It says, one day closer till
your happily ever after. Thank you for celebrating with us. Best wishes. (multiple talking) (laughing) – So we just got back from
trying on wedding dresses with my sister and it was so much fun, but it got me thinking, and I
have like kind of a fun idea. I’m actually at my parent’s right now. So, I had a fun idea,
and that means I have to grab something really special. Let me show you guys. Okay, check this out. This is my dad’s like work area. It even has like a spot up there where he has, Papa’s Work
Shop, but look up here. Ah, there it is. Alright. Dad, careful. Look at how filthy this is. It hasn’t been touched in like ten years. Look at that dirt mom. Oh, my goodness. – Do you guys wanna see
some old, embarrassing photos of mommy and daddy? – Yeah. – When we were little? – Yeah. – Okay. Come with me. – So mommy is looking at wedding dresses with auntie right now. Isn’t that crazy? I have the best picture of mommy. You ready? – Okay. – Okay. Look. – Whoa. – That is seriously auntie. Look it! She’s like a little baby! Wanna see daddy thin? – Yeah. – I look a little funny. Are you ready? – Mm-hm. – Okay. What am I doing there? – There’s even Papa. – Yep. Papa’s putting my tie on. Let’s just appreciate the hair. You guys. Come on. This is the funniest thing too because I even had lip rings, and I took them out and put in little plastic studs just for my wedding because I wanted to be classy. But look at my hair. Like,
I wasn’t even trying. Do you guys know who that is? They do not know. That’s Uncle you guys. (laughing) (laughing) Who is that? Do you know who that is? – Um, Corbin? – No. That’s Jeffrey. This is like a huge flashback
for all of us, you guys. There’s momma. Look it. – Is that your mom? – That’s my mom. Yeah. Ah, there’s Kelsey. – Look. – The maid of honor had braces. So yes, it was a true high
school sweetheart wedding. Chocolate cake! Doesn’t that look yummy? This is the cake mommy and
daddy had at their wedding. – Look at this. I brought two huge bins of it. I might need help. Let’s see. Brian has no idea. Hello. (mumbling) – What is that? – I brought home this secret package and I found my old wedding dress. – You got it? – Yep. I got my old wedding dress
and I’ve got my moms. – What? Are you gonna try em on? – I’m a little nervous
that I won’t fit anymore. – Oh my, what? – I used to be like so
tiny and now I’m like a mom and I have like big hips. – You’re still tiny babe. – I am not that tiny. I just got like the itch. I wanna try on my old dress. Do you guys think I’m actually
gonna fit in my dress? Give this video a big
thumbs up if you think I am. Oh my God. – Babe, you’re totally gonna fit. Don’t be nervous. – Which dress should I try on first? Should I try on my mom’s or mine? – I think you should try on your mom’s. – Oh my God. (laughing) Help me? – I’ll help you. It is a lot of buttons. It’s an antique. – Gotta tell you, I also
have my prom dress in here. – Oh my goodness. Okay, that might have to be
for a whole nother video. If you guys think we should
make a video of Missy trying on her old prom dress, let us know down below in the comments. – We’ll see if I even fit
into my wedding dress, okay. (laughing) – Okay. Let’s go see. Let’s go put it in my room. I’ll do the veil and everything. – I never even had the dress washed. – There’s my mom’s veil. – Whoa. – Look how like, fancy it is. – Look how dirty it is. – I know. It’s so dirty. – Now it makes me want to go get it dry cleaned and put it away proper, or we can just cut it all up and make like something for Cassie’s wedding. Like, take part of the lace and make her like a little something. – We can either make her a veil. – ** something old. – I think it still has to be cleaned cause I’m getting like,
Corpse Bride vibes. – Yes. Okay. I’m gonna try it on. – Okay. – Oh my gosh. – Alright. She’s stepping in. – Okay. Oh my gosh. – What do you think babe? – This is so much, so much like, this is extra wedding dress okay. It’s just so much fluff and ruffle and lace and my sister would die. Okay. Needs to be zipped. Do you think it’s gonna zip? Suck it in Missy. Suck it in. (ripping) – What was that? – I’m sucking in. Is it gonna go? Oh my gosh, it’s going. – I did not see what she looked like. I helped her get it on and
then I ran out of there. We’re gonna see Missy for the first time in her mom’s wedding dress. – Stop. Stop. – Look at you! – It looks so pretty. – You look gorgeous babe! Oh my gosh. Look at these sleeves. – Sleeves mom. – This ** waste. – Turtle neck! I can’t breathe! Don’t take a deep breath. – I remember being terrified that day. Yeah, that day was scary. The point of the dress was
to be as modest as possible. – I’m wearing a turtle neck you guys. – Twas the style. Was lot’s of lace, long dress,long sleeves. People weren’t doing
a lot of like low cut, or sleeveless, or anything. – It’s honestly really pretty. – It’s beautiful. – It just needs some updating,
but it’s real pretty. – Back in the day, when
I was a gun slinger, from the wild west, this is what you wore. This is normal. – I wanna see Cassie in this. – What do you guys think? Let us know your thoughts
down below in the comments. I think you look beautiful. I think that’s a pretty dress. – Yeah. This train will do that. – Okay, I really, I really, really, really wanna see you in yours. – Mine? Okay. – Go try it on. – I’m gonna go try it on. Run away bride! I just got my dress on and I
am not sure if it’s gonna zip. My mom’s trying. What do you think? Should I hold it? We’re working really hard. – It’s not that bad, but it’s just like there’s not a lot of
give to this material, there’s no stretch. – I don’t know if I can
suck my bones in guys. – Did it fit babe? – Uh, not quite. – Oh.
– What? – Oh my gosh. – ** – Yes, I do. – Oh my gosh. – Isn’t that pretty guys? Do you like it? – I love it. – You love my dress? – What? What are you doing? – There is like another
one, skirt under it. – Oh, it’s like a little clubhouse. – He fits. I can hide you under here. – How do you fit in your
mom’s wedding dress, but not yours? – More hands. – Yeah, yeah, yeah yeah. – Because I probably needed more hands. – This is gonna be a plot twist. There we go! – We did it! – Oh my God. – Don’t breathe. Don’t breath. – I can’t breathe. – You guys, hit that thumb button because Missy seriously does
fit in her own wedding dress. Babe, you can do it. I love you. How you feeling babe? – Oh, I feel really tucked in. Just really holding it all together. I definitely like feel eighteen again. – You feel like attached to this dress, like in a way? – I don’t know if I feel
so attached to the dress. It wasn’t really about the
dress for me on the day. Like, it wasn’t really about
like all the extra stuff. – Yeah. – I’m kind of simple and it wasn’t really about that in the end, but I mean, I do love the
dress, and I’ve held onto it. I haven’t taken great care
of it, but I think now I kinda wanna take care of it. Cause maybe one day if
we do have a little girl, she can like, have like a piece of it. Even like a piece of the veil. Yeah. It’s pretty cool. – Come here beautiful. I love it. I makes me wanna marry you again. Oh wait! I already did. – Oh gosh. I’m gonna go take this thing off. I can barely breath. – Yeah. – Whoo! Alright. If you guys think I should
try on my prom dress though sometime, let me
know down in the comments. Actually, I am kind of attached to it. It’s very special to me and
I’m gonna be interesting. But I was like sixteen or
seventeen when I got that one. So, I was probably smaller. – Yeah. We’ll have to like get it adjusted and use it in like a
music video or something. – Yeah. That’ll be so cool. Whoo! Okay. – You’ll need a crowbar
to get out of there. – Alright. Kids are finally
in bed and I am at the piano. I have been doing a lot of piano lately. I have a little bit of
like, clips here and there on my Instagram, and I gotta say, I’m like honestly pretty proud of myself cause it’s always been something that I’ve absolutely loved doing, but I’ve never felt like I’ve
had like the heart for it and I feel like I finally
am to like starting to like feel it a little bit more. I’m practicing this song right now. Million Reasons which is a
song that Lady Gaga sings. And it’s actually a
really, really pretty song and I start practicing
it just earlier today and I already feel like I’m pretty good. So, I wanted to hear from you guys, if me and Brian get pretty good, if Brian should sing it and I play it maybe on like, my channel
or on this channel even, if you guys would wanna
hear something like that. But, I’ve been practicing. I still have a lot of practicing to do. This is what I’m doing
with my night right now. Brian’s been working and
the kids are sleeping. So, I’m gonna gonna go
ahead and keep practicing, but I want to end this video. I had a lot of fun today
trying on my wedding dresses. It was pretty cool, and I don’t know, maybe some day soon Brian and
I will do like a vowel renewal and I’ll be able to actually
wear a wedding dress again. Give this video a big thumbs
up if you thought it was fun. We should maybe do like a cover
song or something together. But anyways, we’ll see you
guys in our next video. Bye. (upbeat music) Is it still alive? (piano music)

Michael Martin

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