Facebook Engagement For Business | 3 Posts To Boost Organic Facebook Reach

Michael Martin

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  1. i like the point on replying to comments as comments, instead of using the reply option. that is an eye opener

  2. So you put the link of the newsletter in the comments. You didn't for the ad because it helped the LINK juice to have people respond I guess, cool info here. Thanks. Really appreciated the whole concept here, inviting people to leave that comment for more info. Like is often done in webinars. Never occurred to me. Cool. Oh , also noticed you didn't mention hashtags?

  3. Very helpful video! Waiting some days after posting was totally new to me. Otherwise, I 'm a FB post newb… Trying to learn the ropes a bit b/c I know it can be super effective. Thank you!

  4. Thank you … some actual NEW tips and advice I've not seen before… at last!👊👏🤩 thank you ☆

  5. That mention about not adding links directly, and algorithm tricks with comments is gonna help so much along with all other tricks there are out there. Thanks T & L

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