Extremely Sweet Relationship Comics That Will Either Give You Butterflies

Michael Martin

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  1. And I’m just here. Both my crushes think I’m weird and antisocial because of how shy I am.

    So….. #SIngLe PrInGle fOr LiFe

  2. I like the background characters are wearing glasses to symbolise that they are to bright and 🥰

  3. That girl looks so creeped out by her boyfriend everytime he's says something cute I mean come on!! He's not a stranger!!

  4. Sees romantic crap about to happen
    Me:Hold up!
    Gets shades
    Me: I’ve learned it’s best to watch with these on

  5. they are so cute!!!!
    I love the detail the artist put into this and how they show the main 2, but then the background lightly to show how they seem like they are in their own world but still around others and shows their reactions.
    great job!!!

  6. What is it with the dudes with sunglasses in the background 😂😂even the bee wears sunglasses 🤣!

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