Exposing Liberal Hypocrisy and Conservative Close-Mindedness | Van Jones

I think liberals have a very hard time understanding
their role in creating the market for Trump. I think we have a view of ourselves that has
a bunch of blind spots in it in terms of how we’re showing up. I’ve gone all across the country, I got
a chance to go to West Virginia, the red parts of Indiana and Michigan, even the red counties
in California, I’ve gone to the border, and it gives you the chance to really kind
of see the world from the other side as a liberal, as a progressive. One of the things that I think that we don’t
understand and that we have a hard time getting our heads wrapped around is we often commit
the same mistakes with people in the red states that we accuse conservatives of committing. For instance, if you only listen to NPR, only
watch CNN and only read the New York Times and say “I know what’s happening,” then
you’re committing the same kind of mistake as somebody who only reads the Wall Street
Journal, watches FOXNews and listens to Rush Limbaugh on the radio—which is not to say
that CNN is as far left as FOX is to the right, it’s to say that there’s a particular
set of assumptions that you’re being reinforced in, a particular set of ideas. And so you might assume then that any rational
person would be outraged by what you’re outraged by and even have the same information
that you have, but that’s just not true. We can sometimes come across in ways that
are offensive to people who are in the red states and who are conservative, which shocks
a lot of liberals. “I’m not offensive and I’m not offending
anybody; I’m liberal I’m up for everybody! I believe in diversity! I believe in inclusion!” But it sounds the same way. A lot of times you challenge conservatives
and say, “Listen sometimes you guys sound really racist.” “Oh my God I’m not – I don’t have
a racist bone in my body. You’re nuts! Quit playing the race card on me!” It’s the same basic thing. Listen to what folks are saying. I listen to liberals, they say—they basically
treat red states the same way that colonizers treat Third World countries. “These are ignorant backwaters in the south,
full of unwashed, uneducated dumb people, and what we need to do is convert them to
our NPR religion and forcefeed them some kale so they can actually rise to our level! And once they rise to our level then they’ll
be smart enough to quit falling for dumb tricks from their republican masters.” And I’m like, do you hear yourself? Do you hear how you sound?! Nobody should follow anybody who thinks that
way about them. Just like most people of color will never
follow a lot of the Republican Party as it talks about people today “because you don’t
have any respect; you don’t understand what you’re talking about; you’re looking down
on us and then telling us that ‘we’re dumb if we don’t vote for you.’” No, we’re dumb if we vote for you, and it’s
the same way in reverse. Let me tell you the kind of stuff liberal
say all the time, that liberals think it’s perfectly reasonable, perfectly rational,
and it’s offensive and wrong. Liberals say about conservatives, especially
low-income white conservatives who vote for republicans, that these people are “voting
against their own economic self-interest and it’s because they’re not well educated, if
they really understood what was going on they would never vote for these people because
they’re voting against their economic self-interest, which is stupid.” Okay, let’s take that apart. Do you know the white people who consistently
vote against their own economic self-interest? I’ll tell you who: rich, white liberals who
vote for tax increases to pay for programs their kids will never use! They’re voting against their economic self-interest! We don’t think that makes them ignorant,
stupid doofs—we think that makes them awesome! “That’s the best thing about rich white
liberals, is that they put their values over their money. Their values are more important than their
money. They don’t just care about money, they care
about their values.” …Interesting. Huh. So if you put your values over your money
you are a noble person, you’re not an idiot, you’re a noble person. Well that low-income white guy who has been
voting for Republicans the whole time will tell you “well guess what? I’m putting my values over money and I’m
telling you I don’t want America’s government to go and rob some rich family and take their
money and bring it over to my house and try to bribe me! I don’t want America’s government to rob
a rich family and use the money to try to bribe me to be dependent on them or anybody
else! I don’t want America’s government to take
that money and undermine my parenting choices. If my kids are so stupid they drop out of
school, get on drugs and have a bunch of babies, I don’t want the government to bail them out. Let them learn a tough lesson that that’s
a dumb way to live your life. I’m putting my values of independence and
common sense over whatever money the government might be able to give me. Even if it hurts me economically, my values
are more important.” Now listen, I would disagree with that guy. Is that a great strategy for building a middle-class? I disagree. But I wouldn’t say the guy is stupid. I can disagree without disrespecting. See, we don’t have to agree, in fact the
whole point of democracy is you get to disagree! Dictatorship, you can’t disagree. Democracy, you get to disagree. That’s called freedom. We like that. That’s good. But you don’t have to disrespect, and you
shouldn’t disregard. And these are the kinds of mistakes that liberals
make every day, and you see them on TV, you hear them on the radio, you see them, and
if you are that red state voter the one thing you know is “these people hold me in contempt. They look down on me, they don’t respect
me, they don’t understand me, and now I can’t vote for them.” And that’s a big part of what’s going
on. We are not as good as we think we are with
this inclusion thing, with this understanding thing, with this empathy thing. A lot of us grew up in neighborhoods or in
circumstances where the straight white male had power and was abusing that power, and
so we formed an opposition to that abuse of power. And it’s very hard for us to actually be
able to go on the other side and say “wait, there may be some situational circumstances
where maybe we’ve got some power that we aren’t using fairly, where we may have come
to some assumptions or some conclusions or have some prejudices that in some circumstances
we may be the ones who are mistreating people or misunderstanding people.” That’s tough, because when you’ve been in
that one down situation and been mistreated for so long and you still are being mistreated—as
a woman, as a person of color, as an LGBT—and you’re still being triggered every day and
you’re still being re-traumatized every day; for somebody to say “Yes, and the truth
is messy. There may be some situations where maybe you’re
reenacting some of the very things that you would never want and you may be showing some
prejudices, even though you’ve been a victim of prejudice your whole life.” Nobody wants to hear that, but that’s a
part of what’s happening. And so, without ever relaxing our relentless
fight for justice for the people who have been traditionally left out we also have to
start opening our heart a little bit more and our ears a little bit more for people
who may now newly be feeling left out, either because of their economic situation—it’s
stagnant or declining—or maybe because they just don’t fit in to the new arrangement
the way they used to and so they may have some hurts, they may have some ouchies, they
may have some need for a hug and some understanding. And that’s the next level. Once we do that we’ll be fine. I believe we can peel off enough people who
may have voted for Trump (or who may have stayed home) that we’ll be alright. But if we’re not willing to look in the
mirror, we’re going to end up where we’re headed, and where we’re headed is very bad. —— I think the fundamental thing that I would
say to conservatives is that it appears that what we used to call conservatism has been
replaced by something else, and a very sneaky set of maneuvers has given us not true conservatism
but just anti-liberalism, and that that is a fundamental problem. A conservative would defend America from all
enemies, foreign and domestic, including any allegation that a foreign power tried to mess
with our democracy. We would expect our conservative friends to
be at the forefront of defending American democracy, but that is no longer kosher because
it would put you in bed with the liberals who are screaming about Russian interference. “And so I’m not going to defend the country
because I’ve got to stay anti-liberal,” they’ve got to be against the liberals. There are so many conservative opportunities
in unlikely communities, so many opportunities for conservatives to make real progress in
unlikely communities, but for some reason they don’t do it. Who is more passionate about marriage and
adoption than Republicans (who are pro-family and anti-abortion) and lesbian and gay couples
(who want to get married and adopt kids)? So the two biggest champions of marriage and
adoption don’t work together because Republicans don’t see their ally—they literally don’t
see that the LGBT community is actually the ONE community in America whose marriage rates
are going up, as opposed to all the rest of us, and who understand the need for adoption
and fight for it. The Muslim community should be embraced and
celebrated by conservatives, because look at the work ethic, look at the low-level divorce
rate, look at the incredible premium on entrepreneurship and education, look at the commitment to family
and faith. The Muslim community should be ripe picking
for conservatives, but instead they’re Al Qaeda, they’re all lumped into the most
negative category. The same with African Americans. The two strongest institutions in the black
community? Hip-hop and the church. Churchgoers? That’s some Republican stuff. Mostly Democrats are on a secular thing, or
“spiritual but not religious.” African-Americans incredibly strong churchgoers. Hip-hop? Nobody is rapping about being on welfare,
it’s about entrepreneurship, it’s about material access, and that’s very, very consistent
with republican values. But the only thing you hear about black folks
on a lot of the conservative TV stuff is all negative. There’s no celebration of our religiosity
or our entrepreneurial drive, it’s just all “look at these lazy criminals.” Well, when you don’t find a way to connect
with African-Americans, Muslims, LGBT stuff, the stuff you actually agree on? That’s when people start asking tough questions
about “what is this?” Conservatism? It seems to be marbled with a lot of stuff
that has nothing to do with conservative ideas: Some anxieties, some maybe bigotries, some
antagonisms, maybe some white solidarity identity politics or white grievance politics. Something else is in the batter than just
conservative ideas, because conservative ideas can play very well across the demographic
spectrum. And so I don’t want Republicans to stop being
Republicans. I think I’ve never seen a bird fly with only
a left wing or only a right wing, a bird needs two wings to fly, so you need conservatives,
you need liberals. But we need better conservatives. We need conservatives who really are willing
to put the country first, who not only just saying, “Well I’m not prejudiced, I would’ve
never…” Well don’t just say it! Then show it, do it. You’re concerned about what’s going on
in Chicago and you want to say “look at those black people killing each other.” No: those are Americans dying in Chicago. “Police are killing black people.” No, police are killing unarmed Americans. American police are killing unarmed Americans. Show up. Go to the funerals. Talk to the grandmas. Show how your conservative ideas can help. Jack Kemp did that. I haven’t seen a Jack Kemp Republican since
he died. So you asked the question, what I say to conservatives? I would say: “stay conservative.” I’m going to stay liberal. We can constructively disagree and make the
country better. I’m going to try to make the Democrats better,
but you’ve got to try to make Republicans better. It’s not that you’re conservative, it’s
that you’ve now become—you’ve curdled into something that’s more anti-liberal
than actually for ideals and ideas that can appeal to everybody and bring the country
together. Get back to that and we’ll be better off.

Michael Martin

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  1. @ ~ 5:00 re: rich vs 'poor' voting against economic interest/for moral values interest… very true, good point. BUT there IS a still a difference here that should not be ignored or forgotten. The rich have plenty of money and will continue to no matter which party is in the momentary majority, or which whether the POTUS is red or blue. The poor, on the other hand, are far more likely to experience noticeable and significant changes to their lives because they are far more volatile financially and can quickly & easily go from getting by to NOT being able to pay their bills putting them at much greater risk of homelessness, poor physical & mental health, and a host of other challenges. They are actually willing to truly sacrifice a certain amount of their comfort, safety & security for what they believe to be in support of their moral values. Whether that payoff is actually realized, or to what degree it is, is not often obvious or distinct.

  2. Disrespect… disregard… INDEED! Big mistakes of the left.
    And in the 1.5 years since this was made, things have gotten so much worse! And the those on the left have really lost their minds and started promoting some of the most absurd and illogical ideologies that I can not get behind any of it at all!
    This drive to be AGAINST the "other side" above all else—which is happening on both sides to comparatively ludicrous degrees—really needs to stop! Or rather: MOVE! One way or another, because this situation is like some horrible form of constipation, but affecting every level of government and legislation. It's out of control and beyond ridiculous…

  3. Sorry, but I took the high ground for decades and kept the conversation civil. I was repaid by consistent name-calling, misinformation, and downright stupidity. I took the gloves off recently in my curmudgeonly old age and refuse to suffer fools any longer. The Faux Nooz echo chamber is tearing this nation apart for the benefit of a couple million people, at most. It is as close to evil as I have ever personally experience (I know, I have lived a sheltered life, but I have heard of greater evils). In comparison, the Democrats are acceptable, though I sure wish there was a liberal party to support that would at least listen to a majority of the people of this land.

  4. I read somewhere that we are In a “post truth world”. And I thought about that. And after learning a lot about the science of emotion and how we have gone throughout all of human history not understanding this emotional logic that is just as important for getting to the truth as the cognitive logic. There are 2 sides of our brain, and if we barely had an understanding of one side, and uptill now never understood the emotional side, how on earth did we ever thing we arrived at a “truth world”? We think things got worse, I would argue we just finally saw how we are. It may have exacerbated somethings. But until we have a strong unified way of truly understanding “how we come to know things”. And even an understanding of “how we get to the truth” and the nuanced time dependent cultural dependent nature of individuals truth. Until truth becomes its own religion and process until we can unite science<>philosophy<>religion We will not have arrived at a “truth world”.

    The future is already here, it’s just not evenly distributed.

  5. Hold isn't this the same man who said publicly "that this was a white lash against a black president" and now he wants to be interested of an opposing ideals for open dialogue. I strongly doubt him and his genuineness to this topic.

  6. Koch funded libertarian propaganda… KISS MY ASS! (Big Think is a joke!)

    Reality is a false dichotomy, and people who can't see that are just ignorant. The oligarch class, would like you to keep on keeping on with this type of bullshit thinking.
    This guy is either a shill, an idiot or both! (probably both)

  7. This guy basically just spelled out why I am a classic liberal (or libertarian); because I don’t see myself represented by neither conservatives nor democrats.

  8. Isn't this the same guy who angrily played the race card and described Trump's victory as A White Lash? And speaking of siding with the enemies of these United States, does he really, truly, think that Linda Sarsour, Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar are friends of America? I'm just giving him the benefit of doubt because he's trying to come across as fair and speaking the truth from time to time like the time he admitted that the Russia Collusion was but a Nothing Burger, albeit insinuating it again in this video! Furthermore, how much does he really know about Islam? I'm asking this as a middle eastern immigrant from Muslim background myself. Doesn't he know that Islam orders Muslims to spread across the world and reproduce until they dominate the world? Does he know that Islam is not even a religion but rather a cult with ambition of world domination? I mean he's a journalist right? Can't he just investigate these facts about Islamic teachings? Can't he see that Islam is fundamentally antisemitic. Can't he see the behavior of Muslims in the US Congress? On a final note, where exactly did he Expose The Hypocrisy of The Liberals as the title of the video suggests? Nice try brother but at the end of the day, you work for CNN and no one who has an iota of ethics and integrity would work for CNN.

  9. Ultimately the difference between liberals and conservatives is individualism vs collectivism. Conservatives believe in hierarchies and liberals believe in an individual’s freedom to ascend and move between hierarchies. Social democrats at the same time believe in systematically helping individuals to artificially close the distance between steps on the hierarchy, because they deem that the individual isn’t always lucky enough to do so only based on merit.

  10. Same guy that slammed Trump on Russian collusion over and over on TV then said in an undercover video said there was none. Same guy that said Trumps election was a white lash, and the same people elected Obama twice. Opinion null and void.

  11. 2:55 but that's reality.. that's is what they are and that is what we need to do. It might sound bad, but doesn't help sugar coating it either.

  12. Van Jones bought the Clintonian Russia propaganda as a distraction to who really subverted our democracy.

  13. Voices like Van's keeps it real and his demeanor is kryptonite to every fanaticism. You shore up my very guarded hope, Van. Thank You, Sir. Please don't rule out political office. I'm with you.

  14. Maybe this proves his point, but the mere fact that Van Jones is saying something reasonable (whether or not he actually believes it) improves my opinion of him. That's how low my opinion of him was.

  15. As someone who lives in the south, let me cast away your misunderstanding of us. We are ignorant, backwater, uneducated poor people who vote against their own self interests, but we are washed. We are big on showers and baths.

  16. I agree to him on his points. However I can't see eye to eye on the Israel Palestinian conflict.
    Most Palestinians don't want a two-state solution but to entirely replace Israel as they perceive Israel as colonizers.
    Even though neither Jews nor Arabs controlled Ottoman (Turkish) Palestine.
    So why on earth do Liberals support Palestinians?
    I mean I get it, don't see all Muslims as Al Qaeda.
    But tell me of ONE Muslim-majority country that doesn't have an in-group identity that isn't in direct conflict with Western values and post-Holocaust Jewish self determination?
    That's my triggering point with Liberals where I just lose all trust. I should also mention that I survived an Islamist terrorist attack when I was visiting Israel in 2006 and a rocket shot from Lebanon (Hezbollah) fell near me. I hid in a bomb shelter for days.
    Otherwise I'm pro-abortion, pro same-sex marriage, pro coexistence, pro diversity. But if Liberals aren't going to stand with Israel then I don't want to hear anything about seeing traditional liberal groups as potential conservative partners. Crudely said: You can't enjoy human rights and liberties if someone else kills you.

  17. Conservatives will always be upset and pissed off. Being angry is the entire point of being conservative. Have you ever met a conservative who wasn't angry???

  18. But the problem is 99.9% of liberals know they are right and will never listen to anyone with a different opinion period! 99.9% of the time liberals contradict themselves. I'll give just one example of this (but there are several more) that is hot in the media these days. Most liberals are all for abortion even extreme late term abortion. Yet the same people are appalled at how they think the illegal immigrant children are being treated at our southern border. Lol sure they are! So it's ok to kill thousands of American children but don't you dare detain an illegal immigrant child. Get the fuck out of here with that noise!

  19. Viewing this video in Jul 02 2019, on principle he's right, in practice, it changed for the worst for the progressives. Conservatives could almost agree on this, but could clarify some things to mr Van Jones. (as I've mentioned, lots has happened in the meantime)

  20. I’m a black woman (and was a closet conservative) who is finding out that Van Jones is probably a closet conservative.

  21. I've been all over the country, and I've noticed one thing kind of funny. The red states are the most racially inclusive, and the blue states are still the most segregated. I think definitions are still rather skewed. Why do people say Republicans are racist? They ended slavery, they fought for civil rights, and I have yet to meet one Republican that is "racist." I hear the far right religious Republicans say things like, "God loves all his children, and to treat all equally." Party definitions are based on a lot of lies and dishonesty.

  22. Its called idealogical subversion. I couldn't understand how one of the biggest criminals in US history was nominated for president so I started doing rechearch and I found alot of complete insanity. When it comes Down to it we need new parties. That's why the liberal agenda is dead because people can now see that it was a farce. Pretend to be for the people so you can get elected and cause more damage to make them need government even more. I would rather buy a bag of shit that is properly labeled than buy the bag of shit that is pretending to be candy. There is no way in hell I'm going to support eating shit just because the media makes it look popular. That's why it didn't work. Unfortunately people are too consumed to learn what is actually happening and the shit candy will continue to be popular for some time. I just hope it's not too late for America to wake up and be what it can be. Maybe my kids will live in a world similar to the one my grandparents lived in where you can be compensated for doing a good job. A world that wont judge you for doing the right thing.

  23. He lost me when he said offencive because people bend that word to a different level so much as if you get a bad haircut that's offencive. A my teacher called me racist for saying bye Felicia how the hell does that makes sense

  24. van jones is a bought and paid for racist liberal journalist who has been on george soros' payroll for YEARS dating back before his green jobs position in obamas cabinet. a job from which he was fired for being too racist and extremist.

  25. It’s sad to think that this guy made some pretty good points and people blew him off because he was liberal. Right when he stated his political party I thought, “You shouldn’t have done that.”

  26. He just doesn't get it… Can't hear himself… Race, Race, Race…. White Guy… Black Guy…. He just can't stop… It's about Freedom Van Jones…

  27. A hypocrisy of Andrew Scheer Conservative opposition & a Narrow mindedness of Trudeau Siding Liberals . 🇨🇦

  28. You have some points, but people should be held accountable for their own actions. The government isn't daddy. Thats why I can't stand behind liberals. All the damn entitlement programs. Now they want to extend that too illegals, when our own citizens are being left behind. The polices liberals are for keep people dependent.

  29. I appreciate where he’s coming from but it’s not fully baked. I don’t identify with people saying that they choose to suffer for nobility. I’ve never heard in a rags to riches story that the kid who worked 4 jobs for a decade to get into university looks back and says “I’m so glad my parents voted against their best economic interests so that I could learn the values of hard work in life”. Perhaps he’s shooting examples from the hip, so I get it, but he should listen to Sam Harris and perhaps he could come up with some better examples. But at least he’s starting the conversation. Keep learning everyone.

  30. Conservativism is what it’s always been, but when the liberals (and I know because I was one) slander every.single.conservative candidate, even the most milquetoast Republicans like Mitt Romney as a greedy, racist, homophobic, misogynistic bigot who only cares about their wealthy donors and wants “to put y’all back in chains…” eventually you’re going to get a double-barrel middle finger salute in the form of a Donald Trump, who if you take away the rhetoric, has governed across the board as a traditional conservative. It’s funny, I always ask my liberal friends if Donald Trump is worse than George W. Bush and everyone of them says “yes“ without missing a beat. 1.5 million dead, millions more displaced, 2 countries in ruins, and at a cost of over 2 trillion dollars and somehow he’s better than a guy who tweets mean things sometimes. Their logic really defies explanation.

  31. He is right about the concepts. But still disagree on his approach. Modern conservatives are different we want to hold values that work for foundations to build up our communities and country while stopping the degredation through bad policy and bad ideas. Coupled with striving for a better more perfect and fair union.

  32. As someone that leans more so on the conservative side, it's kind of scary and ridiculous how most people on the right are falling into the typical, close-minded conservative mindset. All for the sake of responding against the lefts radical progression to "diversity".

  33. Good video. I like the overall message that Van Jones expresses; that the best thing that citizens can do is talk and listen to each other, and learn from each other's different viewpoints.

    I agree, a bird can only fly with two wings, but like any living organism it is made up of many diverse individual parts that keep the organism functioning.

    The same goes for any democratic republic; it is made up of many different and diverse types of people with different ideas.

    Hence, I don't think one can simplify citizens into just liberal or conservative camps.

    E pluribus unum.

  34. Liberal are retarded shits and should get put in a prison exposed to radiation and the gassed by an airplane I mean like half the time they don’t even know what they’re protesting against and like 10% of them explain with bogus info from the fake liberal news site and channel CNN they think with they feelings they shat out their fucking ass and don’t use their goddamn brain the we evolved for millions of years

  35. Centrist bullshit. Not going to be civil with far right morons. I am not a coward. Conservatives have no humanity, and I don't compromise with Nazis.

  36. Trump hater turned supporter here… why? Bc the depth of hate i was witnessing bothered me, It didn't feel good! So I forced myself to "listen" to a Trump speech, "not watch" i was able to hear what he was saying… i listened to another, id switched back n forth.. Then i was able to hear both sides equally! I tried to get my fam n freinds to do it but I didnt have enough information to get passed the hatred… I still click on dem/lib videos but rarely get passed the first minute… i dont want to hear bias rhetoric ive had more hate than i can take… But Im am still open to videos like yours! It gives me hope! Thank you for sharing

  37. While I agree with a lot of what you’re saying, I have nothing in common with abortion rights’ activists or lgbtq couples who want to adopt children. I think those are two very destructive agendas against the rights of children. Ironically, the left defends the rights of immigrant children, but not the rights of babies in the womb, or children in fatherless or motherless homes.

  38. The Problem with America today is, people need to know which side of the dollar bill you believe to be true. The NWO side (ALL seeing eye) or the Washington side (everything is legit). Unless you have done your research from a objective, factual, process of elimination position. Then you will never understand what is really going on and who really runs the world and what their ultimate goal is.

  39. Great video. It shows the fallacies of both groups, and that we should stay clear of Liberals and Conservatives.

  40. Who gives a shit what liberals and conservatives think, look at what they have given us.
    Wealth inequality, stagnant wages, pointless wars for the benefit of corporations and creating immigrant migration that they use as a political tool, carrying the tax burden for the rich.
    Incompetence and greed thanks to our political parties.
    Now, here we are.

    Van Jones….meh, you are as much an establishment sellout as Sean Hannity.
    You people are jokes.

  41. They're both nazi parties, they need to be outlawed, not tolerated.
    Black vs. White KKK, if you strip away the false veneer.
    The DNC is worse, as they try to use their history of actual legal victories regarding inequality to race bait for black profit.

  42. He needs to study his history because history will tell him that no Republican ever owned a Slave and that Democrats were the ones that voted against freedom for the black man and Republicans were the ones who pushed for it that has all been brushed away and Democrats basically created a new image of themselves but they were always the ones that wanted to keep the black man down and Republicans were the ones who are always fighting for it which is why only Democrats were slave owners they have no respect not the Republicans you've got it turned around because you've Fallen victim to The False Image that Democrats have recreated because they are ashamed of their true roots

  43. Too bad you went on Nationwide TV and called the 2016 WHITELASH and called us all racist never apologized for that? Liberals celebrate Blackpride gay pride Latino pride.. if there was Whitepride parade can you imagine? If there was a American White college fund? Wow gee I wonder why country is so divided know why? You the left anti free speech did it. So who are the haters? The deplorables and the whole media was in on it. Just being honest about how allot of us conservatives see you. Divide people by demographics you appear to thrive on division the everyday Americans see it. Smug arrogant and irresponsible and that’s why Trump was elected and most likely will again in 2020. Unless someone does something really stupid then it will get ugly but this time conservatives will have had enough. Sad so very sad.

  44. "These are ignorant backwaters. We need to convert them to NPR and force-feed them kale."
    I'm pretty sure that's a direct quote from Bill Maher.

  45. I listened intently and I must say I like where your head is and I think you have some great ideas and open my eyes to a great many things. I am a Huge Trump Supporter and I have become anti liberal or better stated I am an anti elitest socialist
    But in fairness the senseless attacks on our President the endless sharade of hypocracy the lies the hate have just proven to shake my respect for what was once a novel party in the liberals. I used to dind my self stuck in the middle on some issues but honestly I can't see any ligitamacy in the left anymore. Even you just then took a stab at Trump saying how we can get rid of him. Smh. That's why I hate liberals and their promotion of fantasys. Its just taken adbantage od people who have suffered abuse and look for someone to feel their pain all the while it isnt about them. Theor issues or even your imaginary polocies.
    Everyone of these leftist ideas are but to acheive 1 thing….. Power and control. Both sides thats the goal.

    So if I may say. Your direction and thoughts are novel and right but a bit more reflection may help. Trump is a bully and asshole and not the ideal man for that office bif we have no JFK no Regan no Lincoln no Washington. We have a man despite his short comings and the mob against him making it hard to do much
    He has amd iz mKing this. Country great
    I cam handle his harshness
    I cannot stNd the anytning goes from the left. Waters, Hilary, Comet amd so many more shpuld be locked up and.executed. id be ashamed to call your party mine… Thanks for the seeds you be planted… powerful and provoking

  46. I’m very much middle ground in politics. Pro-union and not a very big fan of corporations (although I see capitalism as the lesser of all evils). But liberals are way too partisan and hypocritical. These are the idiots who tell conservatives that they don’t travel enough yet transportation according to them is the number one source of carbon pollution LOL so they’ve probably got the bigger carbon footprint, they also enjoy criticizing capitalism while using apple products. They’re very much the party of Do as I say, not as I do.

  47. Are you fucking kidding me? This is the same racist piece of shit who said Trump's election was "whitelash." Fuck Van Jones and fuck anyone who gives him a platform to spread his lies.

  48. I think the liberals are the ones who are anti conservatives because they would support Elizabeth warren if she wanted to build a wall but only because trump is the one who wants to build it they don’t support it

  49. The trouble is that Liberals want to take away our freedoms. They don’t allow freedom of speech for disagreeing opinions. The shadow government has been manipulating the masses to embrace a Marxist point of view.

  50. “I don’t want the government to rob a rich person… et. al.” Our entire capitalistic economic system is built on the reverse. Van gets it about 40% right when he talks about “looking in the mirror,” but he is clearly not understanding yet the neo-feudalism the 99.99999% of us on planet Earth are living under. For a MUCH more academic take check out researchers like Anand Giridardas. https://youtu.be/Nat-_b4PjNc

  51. I dream of a day when neo-liberals And neocons, everyone from CNN viewers to FOX viewers can come together and celebrate capitalism.

  52. The problem with the idea of inclusion is that no matter how hard you try not everyone will always be included you can never get to that Utopia because they're always be differences in people's opinions no matter how much you educate them no matter how much we educate people on not raping and murdering people they will still do it out of their own selfish freewill . Either way this was a good video and I think we both need to be less barbaric.

  53. Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck called him a communist when he was in the Obama administration. Of course anyone that isn’t right wing is a communist to them.

  54. What do political activists of all colours need to learn? One thing: a psychological concept called The Third Person Effect

  55. This guy is 10 steps ahead of the average liberal.

    It took a series of ruinous and bloody religious wars in Europe, culminating in the 30 years war; which killed 1/3 of the population of Germany, 1/2 of the population in parts, to convince Christians it was better to just tolerate each other.

    Like Christianity, woke progressivism is a totalizing monotheistic religion that demands absolute conformity and is animated by universalist, proselytic, zeal to impose the one true faith on the world.

    It’ll probably take similarly bloody and ruinous wars to convince leftists to coexist with political and ideological diversity, and also to just thin their ranks enough that they no longer feel like they have a shot at the absolute supremacy their big flabby hearts, tiny, withered, brains, grubby, grasping, paws, and gaping, devouring maws so ardently desire.

  56. Given his Marxist-Leninist background and history, along with his past forays into totally illogical, pie-in-the-sky ideas, I'm sitting here shocked to hear this kind of thoughtful logic coming out of this man's mouth! I'm cautiously impressed.

  57. Fox News gives unfair exposure to the liars of the Left. They, these bigoted fake 'liberals' are doing Conservatives best source of support. The fake 'liberal' agenda is jammed down their members' minds by ultra wealthy New World Order nation-trashing communist regime leaders. This is where George Soros and Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos and the Crown of England are secret owners of their media – the entire liberal media – and ABC Holdings, yes, Utoob, right here.

    Look all this up with the records of those who stand up and expose these Hell-bent fake 'liberals.'

  58. May be we need another civil war . I don’t want religious values imposed on me , and don’t want to flat earth mythology taught to my kids.
    Conservatives are willing to kill for mythology and crap like that.
    So how do we reach a middle ground ??
    Founding fathers determined that the best republic is that where religion is separated from State. Both parties .
    This is where the Conservative party has gone astray : attempting to bring religious laws to the courts and the constitution .
    This is where the strayed . Trying to bring their own view of religion and trying to stick it up the nation’s ass

  59. The two party system was engineered in such a way as to ensure that no matter which side you choose, you're going to have swallow about 50% bullshit.

    It also serves to keep 50% of the population pacified and content for 8 years at a time, ensuring there will never be a real revolution or uprising.

    None are so hopelessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free.

  60. What you're not acknowledging is the religion side. There can be no mutual respect when religion comes into play. Evangelicals, religious nuts can never respect non believers. We are "evil" no matter what we do. They support Trump because he is a necessary step for the second coming and the rapture. I as a non believer am scum. So where is this mutual respect on there end going to come from? I ahave no problem discussing issues on an intellectual level. But when religion comes in, the discussion is over.

  61. Was going well until he started talking about the conservatives. His characterization was that they only see the negative about what the left call disadvantaged or marginalized communities. The problem many have with liberals is the resistance to accept any negatives or criticism of those communities. The insistence for example to identify people as black when they do well but complain about it when it involves a shooting. To suggest that white solidarity is a problem but not black solidarity. Any challenge is labelled hate and if you do not accept their demands you are evil and not allowed to take part in dialogue. If you want to divide a nation into disparate communities you need to judge them by common standards.
    The overriding feature of conservatives is to preserve what is on the whole a well functioning society, at least better than most. They question the wisdom of overturning established customs and practices and they can be resistant to change and looking to defend privileges, some of which have been fought for and hard won by them and their families, admittedly some less worthy.
    Yes there is unfairness in society which needs addressing but the demonizing, the intolerance of alternative views, the shutting down of dialogue, the scouring of history and communication for evidence of transgression, is driving polarization and will serve to prevent progress in that.

  62. I think we should stop pretending we don’t care about what’s happening and see what’s happening to our government. The rule of law and the constitution is being shredded ….for profit. Kids being separated from their parents, for profit – that offends me. Prisons being filled with people of color and black Americans for profit – that offends me. Idgaf what your “demographic” is …there’s a right and a wrong way to care about your neighbors and fellow Americans and whats happening RIGHT NOW is WRONG. Sooner or later you have to decide to take a stand. I used to vote my conscience- but I will never vote for another republican after today’s impeachment hearings. I’m grieving our republic. You, my friend are 100% right. Republicans are not conservatives anymore.

    McRaven came out recently and said “our republic is under attack by the president”. Suddenly republicans hate Adm. McRaven? What on earth? I’m afraid. 😕

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