Expat Relationships In The Philippines

Hello my friends this is BobbieD, coming to you from Talamban Cebu Philippines ,, I;m having an awesome day in the Philippines today and I hope you are as well wherever you’re from. Hey, today I want to talk to you about Expat vs Expat Relationships In the Philippines, Expat vs Expat Relationships In the Philippines, YAHHHH Now when we talk about expat relationships, You gotta understand, the Philippines is a country where there is an enormous expat community, you can find expat in Baguio, you can find expat in Dumaguete, you find them in Cebu, Davao, Manila, all the major major places and even in the minor cities have a large population of expats Now, the thing about it is you we’re normaly think that when you come up on expat you need an expat’ it’s a good thing’ Your common in contact with someone in you have some things in common and you feel good about it i know i do. Everytime i meet an expat i’m happy and i’m glad to see somebody that’s enduring the struggle here with me so it’s a good thing… to me but to a lot of people that i come up on is not a good thing and the reason why is because many many times i reached out it the expats that i met in the malls in the community, in the stores and i say Heyyy…even in the Bureau of Immigration (BI) Hey…my name is BoobieD, Where you from? i’m from USA try to strike up a conversation and the people just want to ignore you. ahem…it could be for a lot of different reasons it could be because they’re not social it could be because they are not friendly it could be because they maybe have stereotype of blacks i dont know… but i’m telling you there’s a lot of time when you trying to make friends with expats they dont want to be friends…hahaha.. that’s a last thing you wanna be and a lot of times it could be because in this country there’s a lot of expats that are running from the law, the few details… the last thing they want to do is bring attention to them so could be a a multitude of reasons but the bottom line is whenever you come in contact with another expat you gotta be careful how you approach it. Yahh.. you gotta be careful, you dont know what’s going on in their lives you dont know what’s going in their minds you gotta be careful how to talk to them you be careful how to approach them because it could make for a problem if you just run up on them some of them are accepted i can tell you that and some of them are not (there’s a lot of flies here 🙂 ) so you gotta to be careful to approach expat and try to greet them now, i reminded of a story, this happened back in march of a guy named Timothy Wilson, Timothy was a retired Navy Seal met his true love wife named Jocelyn came out they got married starting life in the philippines lived in Cebu City near Top Hills in Busay area had a beautiful life and join himself and enjoyed himself and he met a friend an expat his was Craeg Ratcliff, Craeg was from Australia Timothy was from USA, they had a beautiful expat relationship for a long time and all of a sudden Timothy was reported missing, and Jocelyn his wife advised the PNP that the last person Timothy was with his bosom buddy Craeg Ratcliff so they found Timothy eventually and found remains of his body in a burned up vehicle turns out that the vehicle belonged to his bosom buddy, Craeg Ratcliff Jocelyn was upset his wife, she advised the police Timothy had lended his buddy expat 500,000 US dollars and he was trying to start a mining company and it never worked out Timothy was supposed to be paying back he came to Timothy’s house and took him to take them out they were going to have some drinks and he’s gonna pay him Next thing we find out Timothy is missing they found his body in a burnt out vehicle turns out to be Ratckiff’s vehicle now the PNP( Philippine National Police) had a nation wide manhunt for Craeg Ratcliff Australian National now the bottom line is whenever you meet an expat whenever you came up on another person that is out here in the Philippines just like you you got to be careful who have to be careful who you meet you got to be careful how you approach them you got to be careful how you talk to them some are scammers expat scam expats everyday in the philippines so you got to be careful now the question is… Can you ever have a genuine relationship with another expat? sure you can… I’ve got two people that i’ve been friends with expats here in the Phils. since i’ve been here since 2014 great buddies, we hang out every now and then we keep in touch, in fact the best man at my wedding was my expat buddy and we’ve been buddies since i’ve been here so yeah, you can have a great relationships but the bottom line is my people, my brothers, my sisters, and my friends is whenever you came up on an expat relationship you got to be careful, how you approach them you have to be careful how you enter that relationship it could turn out sour. That’s it for now word for the wise BE CAREFUL, when you are engaged in a relationship with another expat. This BobbieD say… Take care God bless and Peace!

Michael Martin

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