Expand Your Capacity for Receiving Love l Jane E Fendelman, MC

hi you guys get a big shot of my mouth
when I start um i’m so excited i ordered a camera holder with the remote very
excited about that hi Jane Fendelman here I want to talk to you about
expanding your capacity for receiving love today expanding your capacity so I
hear people all day long uh kind of every day for 24 years that I’ve been a
counselor I hear people all day long and I’ve heard myself say this in the past I
I don’t feel like this person is loving me as much or in the way that I want
them to i’m not i’m not receiving as much love as I want. and by the way you
know how you get i don’t know if you guys know this but um my facebook
friends my facebook family voted on the dress that I wore in my last video for
the I just did a marriage counseling session on national TV, it’ll air in two
months it’ll air in April May June somewhere in June it’ll air with a
famous celebrity couple who are on a reality show um I it’s called Total
Bellas I did marriage counseling with this couple real life real marriage
counseling right here in my living room you’ll see it anyway so I was trying to
decide between this shirt which is flowing and I have on I don’t know if
you can see this I am on leggings and cool boots very cool it was between this
beautiful flowy shirt and this really beautiful spring dress sort of fitted
and then flowy at the bottom and more professional-looking and the dress won
so I wore the dress you’ll see you’ll see or if you look at my last video my last
video is called what is my last video called um how to get off something how
to get off Oh what is it how do you get off hold on
i’ll tell you I’m serious this is big deal how did you get off the hamster
wheel how to get off the hamster I’ll how to get off you guys thought it was
going to be another sex video so how to get off the hamster wheel is the name of the
video so I hear people saying all the time that they’re not getting enough
love from their beloved or from their family or what I want you to know is
people have a pre-programmed capacity for receiving love and if you don’t
learn how to expand your capacity for receiving love then you can’t hold more
love what you have what you have is a pre-programmed capacity for receiving
love how handy did I happen to have this right here see Little Dixie cup so let’s
say in the environment in which you grew up all that was given at a time was a
Dixie cup capacity for receiving love that’s all you were given
and so that’s what you’re programmed to receive a Dixie cup full of love and
actually the real truth is if somebody gave you more than a Dixie cup full of
love you would subconsciously find a way to sabotage that you would sabotage that
love because someone’s trying to give you more than you can hold which is a
Dixie cup so when we have just a Dixie cup full of love and we’re in a beloved
relationship we’re trying to get that person to give us more love and or we’re
trying to give them our love and what’s going on is they are a colander person
they’re a spaghetti strainer person see and what happens if you try to put all
your love into this spaghetti strainer what will happen what will happen to
that love yeah it’ll fall right through your love will go right through so you
have a person you’re trying to give them your love you’re giving giving giving
giving and either they’re not reciprocating or
they’re not giving back so you’re trying to put your love into a spaghetti
strainer a colander, a colander person cannot hold your love and give it back
to you they can’t they can’t so how do you expand your capacity for receiving
love here’s how you do it you watch you guys are getting a two-for-one video
today two concepts in one, two concepts in one so you watch your mean liar
voices you practice self-observation to observe your thoughts feelings and
behaviors to see what you’re saying about yourself to yourself, what are you
saying to yourself about yourself whenever you catch a mean liar voice
talking to you all my thighs are too big or I’m not wealthy enough that woman
won’t want me or I’m not handsome enough or I’m not beautiful enough or I’m not
smart enough or anything that you say to put yourself down those are mean liner
voices I want you to give them a name jerk face, motherfucker, asshat, and I want
you to say whenever you catch them because you’re observing yourself you’re
watching your thoughts feelings and behavior so you can catch these mean
liar voices I want you to catch them and I want you to say the mean liar voice
because it’s not you it’s not you it’s not you this mean liar voice is not you
it’s a voice that was programmed into you from someone or somewhere over the
years and I want you to save that mean liar voice shut up asshat, stop picking
on me you have no power here get out of my head shut up asshat stop picking on
me you have no power here get out of my head you’re going to say that and then
you’re going to introduce a pep talk or cheerleader voice that says you know
what I’m doing my best or you know what I am a fine person, I’m a nice person, I’m
a lovely person, a beautiful person and if you think you’re not beautiful enough
I mean think about really great loved people who aren’t traditionally
handsome or pretty like Robert De Niro, or mother Teresa you know and just
people are crazy about that woman well she’s dead now, but there’s still crazy
about her even though she’s dead, so um it doesn’t matter it doesn’t matter how
beautiful you are you got to shine your light, do the best with what you have if you
need to eat better or exercise more, stop picking on yourself just go do it so
would expand your capacity for receiving love that’s number one you have to watch
your mean liar voices and if you’re not sure what mean things you’re saying to
yourself about yourself check around you and if you have people around you that
are saying mean things to you guess what get rid of them, get rid of that mean
liar spaghetti colander, spaghetti strainer person and instead as you are correcting
your self-talk and being kind of loving and merciful to yourself you will start
attracting to yourself a bowl person as opposed to a spaghetti strainer person, a
bowl person and if you’re even more beautiful to yourself treating yourself
beautifully you might even end up with a beautiful crystal bowl in which to put all
you can put all of your love this beautiful crystal bowl person or maybe
you attract a drum oil drum size person or maybe you’ll attract a pipeline to
the ocean person and you’ll have an ocean of love okay! so your homework
assignment is to watch yourself watch your mean liar voices catch them, tell them shut up! stop picking on me! get out of my head mr. asshat! speak kindly to
yourself be a crystal bowl person to yourself and you will attract to you
more crystal bowl people ok I love you go and look in the mirror and say that to
yourself I love you. Have a conversation with yourself about how lovely you are
kind, generous, caring, smart, fast, elegant, graceful,
what a great dancer I am anything. okay start building yourself up instead of
putting yourself down okay I love you expand your capacity for receiving. alright, have a great day. here’s my mouth again

Michael Martin

5 Responses

  1. This technique of telling your mean liar voices to literally go away is such a great tool! Once you love yourself, you can attract more love. Great advice to bring yourself up rather than bring yourself down!

  2. I listened to this twice! And I happened to be standing in front of the mirror when Jane says “go look in the mirror, tell yourself how awesome you are,” and I was like, “YEAH!” It was empowering! Self love people! Love it!

  3. What a great tool to really go back and pull up all the situations that created mean liar voices in your life and SILENCE THEM!!! I’ll definitely be making this part of my healing process and adding it to my daily practices. You are absolutely amazing. Thank you Jane! Love love love!!!

  4. Mean liar voices suck. I have been telling that voice to shut up for a while. Its been helping so much and my life has been great. I feel like I have so much power now!

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