Everything Rally! – Goodwood Festival Of Speed Rally Stage 2019

Michael Martin

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  1. Nice video. Nice to see these old rally cars I remember so well back in the day and watching them on the British rally championship and the good old Lombard rac rally. Good times, good cars, I miss those days. For me the icon rally cars were the escorts, Audi Quattro and the Subaru Impreza.

  2. All right, proper comment here. Very nice camera work sir, hope you didn't get your tweeds dirty. Intrigued about that TR7 with the bulge at the front, I think that's a V8-powered machine. And talking of V8's (I hope they were V8's), I was amused about the notion of rallying Jaguar F-Types. A recipe for rampant oversteer to be sure, but it'll be all right because it's a Jaaaaaaaaaag.

  3. Great video, I'm glad someone is bringing some attention to the rally stage at FoS, and I also really appreciate that you let the cars do the 'talking' during the racing you filmed

  4. that… was a LOT of Sport Quattros. Lovely video, and as usual my favourite thing there was the Fulvia. Wish I could go to events like this!

  5. Nice edit! The static shots with voiceover and then the actions shots just letting them scream in joy… I could almost smell the dust.

  6. lol I knew this was a live video from Goodwood and despite that, when the video started I thought to myself 'DAMN THAT LOOKS GOOD' as if it were a game.

  7. Alex many thanks to you for the time and effort to record and edit these videos I really enjoy watching them and listening to your commentary

  8. Something I was a littel disappointed to see excluded from your "hunt for the Mightest Wing" video was the Apollo IE. I've seen a clip of a blue one somewhere in Goodwood.

  9. Awesome video! I like how you first show the cars and talk a bit about them, followed up by them performing on the track. The camera movements are really smooth too.

    Also 5:13 Indicator ?

  10. The Evo at 16:00 is kind of unusual, it is 100% Mitsubishi but because the driver (Karamjit Singh) was Malaysian it was rebadged as a Proton Pert for PWRC.

  11. The Mercedes-Benz 450SLC and the 280E saloon that replaced it were hugely successful endurance rally cars during the '70s and into the '80s, scoring a number of wins on events like the Safari rally in the heat of the African summer. The same goes for the Peugeot 505 turbo diesel and, surprisingly, the 504 pickup, which was actually somewhat of a joke for Peugeot UK who were trying to boost the flagging sales of that vehicle in the UK, but actually turned out to be surprisingly successful with the help of drivers who would absolutely throw them around for all they were worth. It's also worth saying that Peugeot-approved 4-wheel drive versions of the 504 and 505, converted by Dangel, had more than decent results in the Paris-Dakar rally in the late '70s and '80s too. It was nice to see the works Peugeot 205 GTI there as that's a car that I remember seeing putting in some amazing giant-killing performances back in the day. It was also one of the very first 1.9 GTIs in the UK…

  12. This is a really nice format to see every year, some footage of the cars parked up with commentary then the footage of those cars on the stage, and repeat for the next bunch and so on. πŸ™‚

  13. One man was repairing the splitter on the F type with a hammer. Horrible sound it made. It was Saturday I think.

  14. The Martini Escort isn't a Cosworth, that's a full-fat Escort WRC, it's somewhat related to the Cossie but considerably more, well, mad…

  15. 1:20
    Can we just acknowledge the fact that someone drove the Pike Peak champion Quattro around a narrow forest rally. Sneaky sneaky

  16. Non-car people: Hey, are those fireworks? Funny time of day / year to hear them…
    Car people: Classic rally backfire…

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