Everton 4-0 Man Utd – Ole Gunnar Solskjaer Full Post Match Press Conference – Premier League

we apologize to the fans because they were absolutely fantastic in that performance it's not good enough for money United team both from all the way from from me to your players and we know that we let the fans down let the club's Club down today because that performance is it's difficult to describe because it's so bad they beat us on all the basics the basics you know long throw and stick your head in our own corner kick they can't retract their corner they're first to the ball could strike by the way the fourth one as well this many chances to get rid of that ball stick your head in again so we were beating on all all the things all the ingredients that you need added to your talent today and as I said last week as well there's never there's no place you can hide on the pitch so that's just 85 minutes before we go to a strike on target which is not good enough we know that wellwe've that's one of the things I've said here that's the basics and basic ingredients in a team performance is running that desire fitness of course we know our fitness isn't nowhere good enough I've said it before that I can't wait to get a pre-season don't we've been fantastic to get to where we are don't get me wrong and maybe that's got us we've got the eye off all the because we've been chasing results because suddenly we're close to this top four we never envisage that you could be so close when he when you came in now it's just maybe it's caught up with us and we all know to win games of football as I refer to many times here again basics and Fitness's that doesn't know nothing to do with talent how do you have this AB City on the other side at Old Trafford on Wednesday that's the biggest the biggest how did say incentive that we can have all Trafford at home in front of our fantastic fans they were unbelievable today again we just got thumped Fornell and they were they've never ever moon at our players which they could have we could have bought they've been supportive again and I'm sure they'll support us again on Wednesday night then it's up to us from me to the players and stuff that we get ourselves ready well you can talk about reaction you can talk about every I'm sure that in the short term now we've got to focus on these two games massive games if you win win them too we're still in with a chance because I said 75 76 points we need to get top four and we around 64 12 points to be won so sometimes this is its it sounds too easy to say well you have to look forward but we cannot dwell too much on this you have to yeah in the long term we got to look at this but short term we've got a look at City and Chelsea use you know you can trust me back that comes with the apply the care enough want to play – oh I don't know don't know whether you have well you gotta ask them our stem you're not gonna get the answer from me but of course if you want to play at this club it has to mean more and yeah it's gotta be upset it as well I want to want my team to be the hardest work most the hardest working team in the league that's what we were under Sir Alex that's what we've always been you've got Giggsy Beck's Gary Neville Denisovan whoever the talent you've got you've run more than anyone every single week at shift up and down up pitch for your teammates and we have to stick together as a team we've and we feel we've got we can't change the whole squad in in but it's got to be one step at a time and I've said all along I'm gonna be successfully and the players there that won't be part of that successful team but there are our players there that of course many of these do have it well we were two points out of everything when I came so I wasn't in under any illusions that we could win the league and the challenge were top top two or top three like this if you look at the table just before Christmas look at the table now yeah we're in the same position but the amount amount of points that we've taken and that's down to the players credit to the players maybe it's caught up with us you know going through in the Champions League maybe as you're alluding to as well we're not fit enough maybe because we don't run enough or does it not mean enough in the end place we'll we'll know that it has to mean everything for you to play at this club like it does for the fans traveled all the way here not all the way what they travel then ran is sang for 90 minutes or plus after the game as well and I don't know yeah that's everything for a couple of example of why it's not a surprise that you're that you hear the stats that ever never run more than us it's not just about running of course it's all about it's also about decisions it's all about stick sticking your head in where it hurts defend the long throw and defend the corner block that shot tackle the middle of the pitch put your body on the line it hurts to win football games it hurts oh this is just general and basics that we where far off everything today and they beat us fair and square and they deserve all the credit they can get you

Michael Martin

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  1. Pep first season with Manchester city:
    Lost 4-0 to Everton, get rid of 8 his players, signing the players that he wants
    Next season:
    Won the league with the great records
    That is going to happen next season
    Have faith in ole

  2. I said it when he first took charge, these players are playing god at the club, narcissistic cunt players laughing at the fans the club and the manager…… Jose was right about the players especially the black lazy donkeys… Get rid ole

  3. Just enjoy the football go play with a smile was the Ole message and now it's go out there and be prepared to hurt, fitness, hard work, pain, half of you are getting sacked………

  4. To say that there are players there that will not be apart of a sucessful Man U is the most foolish thing he could have said…he won't get anything from the players that way…not from pogba or anyone…not in 2019…RIP Man U.

  5. funny thing is, this is time when the manager isn't right, mourinho was right, you united fans knews that, martial rashford lingarrd jones pogba and all the other shit will not win the league

  6. It's not your fault Ole. Just give him time and he's gonna make Man Utd great again! What a PL teams that would be when Emery makes Arsenal unstoppable like Klopp Liverpool and Guardiola's Man City…

  7. Pogba and his team's mates made ole feel bad like really bad ….look at him they literally hurt ole….such a shame on manu so call elite players.Ole looks lik3 he wanna cry.

  8. Ole you know how hard it has become to get what players you need esp. if we don't qual. for Champ. Lge… Right now a team of girlies will beat us 100%

  9. He knows wot got a taste maybe Jose lost half the games this season ,,,,Get Sanchez OFF he is the trouble He ain't worth anything to us………. Got a big pack but if we cannot do anything about him sell him now

  10. Every game we have now have to be played like we are facing relegation because if we get spanked now we will be the laughing stock of the premiership take all there bloody cars off them overpaid pansies

  11. This is ridiculous!!!

    Any other team gets beaten 4-0 and nothing is said apart from the usual. Lets face facts Man U aren't very good any more- simple!!!

  12. Solskjaer will now have to start cleaning out the trash and I hope the board of directors leave with the trashy players .

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