Everfree Northwest 2013 – Opening Ceremonies

and you weren't supposed to introduce me hello everybody everypony I'm sorry sorry for the delay we have a bumper crowd and a lot of foals we are kids under 13 the fans that kind of made this show possible for all solar fans so I think they should deserve a round of applause be welcome to ever free Northwest 2013 it's been something of a challenging year we it's our second year we've tried to become even better since last year and accommodate more people do more things celebrate these little marshmallow ponies that we love so much and the reason why he already this happens ever this happened last year and now it's happened again this year the reason why I didn't really want to introduce myself is because somebody has to be up here somebody has to stand up here and you know kind of deliver these announcements and I'm I love doing it but really I milk here representing the staff guys like guys like Don who is what you're playing and all the people in registration that are working so really hard and security as well and they deserve just as much recognition as I do you know I that's its if you see security or not stuff security but staff and they're not busy looking like they're running from place to place please say thank you and whore hello or whatever strike up a conversation because they're just as big fans as you are and they put themselves on the line to do this and I can't begin to thank them enough because without them I would be absolutely unable to stand up here and do these things this wonderful stage all this stuff so sorry everyone I'm getting kind of emotional it's been a long long year and we do so much to put together to put this together for you but when it's here I want to say really quick that first off as the chair of ever free Northwest it takes a lot of effort to bring these people together it takes a lot of effort to bring together people to put together the music track and security so don't devalue what you yourself have done am i right because without you without everybody this is a group effort okay this is not just security this is not just Regis's everybody working together as a well-oiled machine which so far I'm impressed to say you're doing a very fantastic job of so don't for a second D value what you do cuz you are amazing thank you guys but no no no no now I'm off my game I don't know where I was you know i'm i'm off what I'm off record i'm off speech i'm not track whatever but i'll speak from the heart then the the thank you the amount of faith that everyone not just the staff but the attendees put in us here to make this such an event for you guys is extraordinary and something that it's always weighs on my shoulders and over the past couple of months we've been through so I've been through personally some hard times and I got to thinking about that and I realized that we all do and it's really one of the thing one of the reasons why i think we gravitate towards this towards the show towards these characters and these things because they are they're kind of flawed just like us and then I realized that in that we all have our own problems we've all suffered a few losses the a few yet personal personal and in the community we've said we we've lost people and I've lost people personally and then I realized from that that when it comes down to it all of us can sometimes feel as as nervous as Rainbow Dash as crazy as Twilight as overworked and underappreciated rarity as as overworked is Applejack Asada's flutter shy and scared as Fluttershy and and as sad as pinky and it's sad it's pinky it's and the but you know what it's the song the line of the song that the thing that always give that comes back to me is this line of the song in a true true friend and it's I am not ashamed to admit that it always makes me tear up that it says the light that shines from a true true friend will the light that shines from a true true friend and that line you might skip over it you might not think about it but that's this community this staff these people the people around you are support each other in a way that I have never seen in any other in any other organization and any their fandom and folks that's what this is all about that's what ever free Northwest is about because we want to support these fans for this crazy show that grew up into something that none of us could ever imagined I never imagined I'd be standing up here so thank you all I think there might be something that's happening is there wait we'll see i will keep talking to you until such time as what they're advising me to sing you a song but i have no ability uh I gotta get up see I'm right here spike what's all the shouting about I got a letter from Princess Celestia I thought you said magic didn't work here but look a letter how did it get all the way out here don't ask let's see dear Twilight Princess Luna assures me that even though you're in another realm this scroll should make its way to you I hope that you and your friends are enjoying your trip through the mirror now that it's been given a proper polishing I'm quite sure that you will do a wonderful job spreading the magic of friendship far beyond Equestria however do be careful with so much friendship in one location I feel that some extra precautions are in order I've discussed the matter with my sister and Princess cadance and we have prepared some additional help for you during your stay in your midst you should find three foals capable of serving as the proper focal point for the friendship ritual signed Princess Celestia Thank You spike extra precautions I don't know what she's worried about but we better get started in the meantime let's go round up the elements and find those bowls I'm sorry I don't know what went wrong I seem to have been knocked off stage by some people so what we are here to do I think that some of you are what's we're here for each other but I think some of you are also here to meet some very special people that may or may not be coming on stage soon I hope uh maybe no not in fact i'm gonna keep stalling until until they show up three months of winter cool and awesome holidays they kept the fruitiest warm at home time off from work to play the food we store it is running out we can't grow in this cold and even though I love my boots this fashions getting old time has come to welcome spring and all things warm and green but it's also time to say goodbye it's winter we must clean I've helped do you see what does everypony do how can I help them I'm not magic I haven't got a clue winter wrap up winter wrap up let's finish our holiday cheer winter wrap up winter wrap up but tomorrow spring is here hi I'm Mike the microphone and I am gusty cat manliest brownie in the world and we're gonna sing for you we're gonna try anyway okay what do you wanna sing I don't know what he you pick okay I was kind of digging winter wrap-up do you wanna just pick up from where they left off do it bringing home the southern birth I think is his job begins we clear up all the gloomy sky let the sunshine in we clear the clouds and we melt the white snow when the Sun comes up it's one thing beauty will come on just you haven't sang the song in over a year you and I still know the words me too winter wrap up winter wrap up there's some holiday cheer winter wrap up winter wrap up is tomorrow spring is here winter wrap up winter wrap up cause tomorrow spring is here cause tomorrow spring is here no easy task to clear the ground plant our tiny seeds with proper care and sunshine everyone it feeds apples carrots celery stalks colorful flowers to stand up you to work so very hard there's just so much to do winter wrap up winter wrap up because our holiday cheer winter wrap up winter wrap up this morrow spring is here winter wrap up winter wrap up cause tomorrow spring is here hiss tomorrow spring is here now that I know what they all do I have to find my place with proper care oh god I forgot the words wow I'm being a major hypocrite aren't I oh and he's looking at me and positively okay I'm fine are you fine I'm fine I would sing smile if I knew the lyrics I don't know the words forgive me does anybody up here know anybody know the lyrics to smile smile smile I see a couple who's the person pointing who are you pointing at bring them up here bring them up here are you nervous are you nervous good then sing oh this is way too tall for me would you like me to sing it in my normal voice or my pinkie pie voice okay my name is Pinkie Pie oh and I'm here to say how you doing I'm gonna make you smile and I will brighten up your day it doesn't matter now what's up if you are sad or blue howdy cuz steering of my friends is just what pinkies here to do now I love to make it smile smile smile yes I do jinda fills me up with sunshine all the while he still does and all I really need the smile smile smile from these happy friends of mine I like this meal you smile awesome i love to see you beam rock on the corners of your mouth turned out is always pinkies dream so if you're kind of worried and your face at night of brown oh we're real hard and do my round upside down and grin grin kiss I do and you fill me with good cheer it's true some days are dark and lonely and maybe you feel sad but pinky will be there to show you that it isn't that bad there is one thing that makes me happy and makes my whole life worthwhile and that's when I talk to my friends and hit them smile I'm so happy I go to me me yes I do what more can I say to make you see that I do we meet yes it always makes my day everybody smile smile smile giant sunset these happy friends / last mile sunshine I smile smile I all this is mine come on well we have some very special ponies to introduce to you I believe in order it is Michelle creeper Peter new andrea libman andrew francis and ni CA me Keating yes I'm sorry I'm sorry I behind them and everypony these are wonderful guests this year at ever free Northwest 2013 you've already given them a big hand so I don't actually need to ask you to do that I believe that um leave someone here was asked to say a few words is that correct Oh any of you can i'll see i'll say a few words else yup alright so um tonight there is a concert and it's going to be fantastic there's gonna be a lot of great yes and i will be doing an act at eight o'clock and i will have living tombstone and acoustic brownie performing with me so i'm so excited about that yeah i know they're awesome so please come to that and also tomorrow at five thirty my friend natalie sharp and i will be doing a speeding stretch performance if you know what that show is it's on my youtube channel go check it out so yeah and also will have special guests friendship is witchcraft so yep that's right well that's a thing that just happened I I can't thank you guys enough for coming we love to have you here at ever free because you guys are amazing and it's always a pleasure it's always a pleasure to get to meet you and know you because you're wonderful people let's give it up again for them yes actually that's a very good point and we want to i want to give a shout out to Tabitha saint-germain who cannot be t be here and andrea graciously filled in for her oh no I am Tabitha yeah in the in because she is quite sick and she was unable to attend it was of the rather sudden thing and I our hearts and prayers go out to her I think that you want um I'm gonna be talking today at one about writing yay there's a very good chance i'll be playing my ukulele um and then i'll be speaking again at four with sid z it's the first time we're having a writer and a storyboard artist doing a panel together and I think that's gonna be pretty awesome so come to that too now I'm getting my picture taken right here um so yeah ukulele pneus that's it and yup as has just been noted Raven and sip see who i'm sure you promised of you know the the sore borders are going to be here somewhat later they have a they had to catch a later travel plans because they're busy working on undisclosed things i believe I'm not going to tell you anything I've probably said too much already what I'm sorry I forget okay i forgot to say that andrea will also be performing with us tonight at pony stock so so with all that being said I think I have to herd these this herd of ponies off the off the stage for a very special presentation yep you All Right girls remember what the letter said we need to find those Foles raver dash fluttershy you to scout from the sky and see if you can find anything pinkie pie applejack you to stick together look through the crowd my Magic's detecting something over there sure thing sugar cube hmm I think I know just the perfect spell rarity did you bring anything fit for royalty ooh I like darling of course that's it do you think fashionable pony such as myself wouldn't be unprepared for a heads of prints too I don't know what the princess is concerned about this is such a big responsibility through the bowls great work rainbow um Rainbow Dash that's only 10 I thought Fluttershy was right behind me I guess I kind of sped off Fluttershy you found another foal great work girls you found all the foals now we need to get started before this weekend is full of friendship well hmm according to the princess the six of us together should have a strong enough friendship to overcome the magical deficit we should be able to create a constrained boundary around the poles inside of which we produce a dimensional overlap between here and equestria just like the mirror only free-floating then it's just a matter of casting a transference spell and using the elements to focus the effect what we get in a circle around the foals I cast a spell and then we activate the elements no offense sugar cube but God just said that I did okay spike I need my book spike spike spike bring me my book please all right let's all make a circle around the folds duck duck pinky it's not time for games for games Thank You spike now let's see here the perfect spell here we are friendship knows no borders no boundaries or ends we share these pieces of ourselves we'd like to be your friends friendship knows no borders no boundaries or ends we share these pieces of ourselves we'd like to be your friend done now you free are ready to have a magical weekend here at ever free Northwest go forth and learn about friendship meanwhile I'm gonna look into what the princess was so worried about let's all go hello how's everybody doing I was just bored and I thought I'd come up here so I'm vendor I'm a director of events this year and I got to say thanks to everybody that had requested an event sorry if you didn't get it selected a lot of great ones out there and I really appreciate how much enthusiasm that there was so thank you also a big thank you to the staff my staff on events is fantastic cannot believe how good they are but in a general thanks to the staff that's running it and thank you all for attending so appreciate it so things change as a con goes on so please try to maintain a view on the website that's going to be the authoritative source where you'll want to go to find out what is when and where all of the screens outside of the rooms should be updating correctly so if you are trying to figure out what panel is in there just take a look at the screen we have some of the best musicians best writers I'm best artists and all of the world's traveling here so make sure to check out all of those events Saturday morning we'll be doing cereal and p.m. vs check it out saturday at two thirty we're going to be taking a moment of silence for Kiki so I just ask everybody remember that Saturday 230 there's going to be double rainboom Zachary rich is coming in so we've got that lined up and don't forget the charity auction we want to get some good money for that sunday 11am we're going to have a very great event it's called dear princess people have submitted how my little pony has changed their lives and then we'll be read by a couple of wonderful people and you'll get to hear everyone share their stories so make that if you can and then last but not least of course our talent that was able to make it a big thanks to them there in the back getting ready for the autograph room which is going to be opening up here before too long and there's a lot of big events for them to go to so again keep your eye on line that's where its are going to be up to date and thank you all again for its Angie so I'm going to hand it back to royal Hey so the staff here is incredible I'll say that they're amazing they put this together and have and have done a phenomenal job and to be honest I really don't have that much more to say everyone everypony enjoy ever free Northwest 2013 and you have some she has something for our concert now as a prince I bid you a wonderful incredible extraordinary everfree Northwest 2013 and be excellent to each other you

Michael Martin

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  1. Oh man it's so weird seeing myself onstage!! But so much fun. Gotta do more of this! Also, Pinkie, you can do whatever you put your mind to! 😀

  2. I hope they upload the auction. I was completely oblivious that this con was taking place until the last day where I saw a few hours of the stream. When it was over, I still had the Youtube tab and could watch any part of the last day, but couldn't reopen the tab if I closed it. From what little parts of skimming through it I saw, the auction seemed really fun.

  3. I dont like skinny pinkie honestly Pinkie's fluffy she has to be with as many cupcakes as she eats <3 You were fabulous wish I could have seen it!

  4. Glad you had fun there! im jealous that you even got to go to this con, i'd kill to be involved haha. i dont think anyone here would say anything rude, i cant imagine us being so heartless anyways. you kind of feel like pinky pie though, you look very friendly and happy ^_^ and no you're not 'fat' dont talk down on yourself like that but theres always room for improvement for EVERYONE so if you want to get in better shape, good for you.

  5. This was so fun to be a part of (I was Pinkie Pie in the skit – and before anyone says anything rude, yes I'm FAT – I'm well aware, you don't need to bring it up) – I can't wait to go back next year and do it again (hopefully in new, smaller clothes to fit my smaller body!).

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