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well hello everybody this is Greg Reiter CEO of visit at Inc and I want to say thank you for joining us today I know your time is valuable and our goal is to provide value to you and give you some insights on how to get the most out of your business out account and I want to introduce Emily ream who has recently been appointed as the president of Vista and working on bringing her organizational skills and her video marketing skills to the table and helped me run this company and build it up into what we hope to be an extremely well known brand on the internet for tasks and project management so with that being said emily is going to show you guys how we've been using this pad for event planning and talk about event planning and this tab now that can help you with your event planning and through that process you learned some other things that we hope will help you get a better understanding and knowledge of how this pad could help your life be better more efficient more effective and give you more time so with that Emily take it away all right thank you Greg so like Greg said today we're gonna be talking about event planning with is Pat and just a quick reminder every Wednesday at 1 o'clock for the month of May we're gonna be doing these live training sessions so if you start to get integrated with this pad and you realize you really like it and you're excited about it we definitely definitely would love if you could spread the word about this live training we're going to be sending out emails and putting all the stuff up on our blog as well so that you can have access to it and to share it with other people who may or may not be using this pad so today we're going to be talking about event planning and I just want to go over a couple of quick things what I'm going to do is just talk really general about event planning really quick and then I want to actually give you a template that I've created for you to then have and use if you'd like we're going to put this up and make it available to you on our blog and we'll have this recording available as well and give you kind of the step by step how to basically plan an event using Biz pad to organize all of your documents all of your team collaboration all of the to do's that you're going to need to get done for an event so one of the things that we found to be successful event-planning is that you title your project the title row will show your title and the project of or the project title excuse me will be the title of your event so let's say you're doing a trade show you know midsummer from this date to this date make the title of your project trade show July tenth or whatever it is make it very specific so instead of saying you know event one or whatever it is make it very general so that they know or you know in your team knows now making the title of your project the event also helps to better organize in your drop-down menu and it's organized alphabetically so if you have all of your events starting with the word event for example events : whatever it is event you know July yada yada yada whatever the data is all of your events will then be listed under your drop-down menu under the events and then you can just select by the date so it's it's a lot easier for organization as well and then another thing also to to remember is with event planning there's a lot that goes into event planning and not always you need to include everybody in your team in that so for example if you have an event coming up and you've got specifically one person that's responsible for making all your handouts and this and that they probably don't need to be involved with the planning of the venue and the vendors and other things like that that more of the logistics team will be putting together so instead of including them in the entire project and making them a member what you can do is just assign an item to an individual by just specifically picking them and then assigning so keep in mind when you aren't planning an event make sure you know exactly who you want to see everything that will be listed and who's going to be an actual project member because they will see everything in the project as opposed to you know one individual that's responsible for one item it's much easier to just create an item and assign it to one person as opposed to having them see everything and getting all those reminders and emails about it so keep in mind you need to determine exactly who needs to see the entire and who doesn't also as I said previously putting the actual dates of the event in the project title is also helpful starting it off with event and then the date helps for organization as well and just keeps everybody on the same page refreshing them when it is and all that good stuff and so again like I said creating a template ahead of time for the event for you to use for all the future events are going to be doing so have a template that you can actually follow and we are going to be basically creating that for you here and I'll show you how that works and we can make it available to you as well so I'm gonna go into the template that I've created and I've just sampled up a mock event called trade show and one of the things that I didn't do was put a vent in front of it because I want to show you if you just have to go in there and go to scroll down and this tester account we don't have a whole lot of projects but if you were to actually put event in front of the July it would organize it all with the events area so it makes it a lot easier so event and the date and specifically what the title of the event is alright well those aren't the actual dates of the licensing show but essentially this will be whatever your event title is and the date you can organize it however you like but starting it off by saying event works okay so first of all what I've done here is I've kind of laid out folders as the separators for the to-do items for planning an event I've got my event details I've got the venue selection transportation food and beverage event promotion event participation other services the week of the event the day of the event day after the event and some extra tips for planning so I'm just gonna do a really quick overview of each of these folders what's inside and why you might want to use this template that we've created so it's not it let me let me make a quick comment okay so this template that Emily made we're gonna send you an email and we're also gonna make a blog post you'll be able to click on one link and you'll be able to import this entire template all these items all these tasks into your visit at account and then all you have to do is answer the questions customize the questions for your event and it's like a template pre ready-made for you again which as well as features we kind of cover a little bit last week and maybe we end up if we have some questions this week but I just love the fact that we can put all the work and energy into creating a template and use it over and over and over again so I just wanted to kind of bring that up I just love that feature of his pad thanks very serious 'king a couple questions I'll get to your questions I just want to run through this really quick and then all I'll answer your questions as soon as we're done okay so here's our event first thing I want to make sure that I highlight is the event details so for example determine the purpose of your event why are you doing it what's the purpose and make sure that your whole team and/or teams know exactly what is going on with that selecting a date and time and this is this is general just for you to have as a template so let's say in your case you do know what the purpose of your event is when you actually export this entire template into your biz pad you can basically just retype whatever it is you know the purpose of our event is whatever it is and put it right there so I'll just go back to purpose for thoughts you can see so determining the purpose you can literally put in the dates over here on the right if you like or you can also highlight the dates in the title highlight them in an item however you want to do it what works best with your team I think the more you emphasize the dates of it the easier it is so put it in the title make an item for it select the dates over here on the right hand side as well also in event details determine how many people are going to be attending what's expected of the audience that you're going to have and is all of your team going to be attending some people getting that all figured out and I recommend that going over the event details you do like a team meeting and then actually have a busy at a count open and type that all in as you're going so that everybody can see whether that's on a projector or it's just on your computer screen everybody's kind of sitting around sharing do an actual team meeting you guys can all discuss the details or do it and then later after the fact enter it all and it is that so determine esteem if necessary and again not all these things will be applicable to your event this is just a couple of general things that I've put in there that I've noticed that we have used or will use in the future for events that we're planning also outlining a budget and again you may not need to have everybody seeing the budget of this you may just need your financial guys to check it out and you can just assign that one event to the or that one item excuse me to them as opposed to having everybody see it also in the details talking about how you're going to promote it to the attendees whether you're gonna have like a save save the date have affiliates sending out emails for you reminders or have an assistant sending out emails however you are going to go about doing that so all of these things again and the event details are great things that you could do with the team meeting so moving on we talked about the venue selection and sometimes with the venue you might have somebody from the venue that actually is helping you plan an event and in that case you may want to create another project just for you and that individual to have like a communication back and forth or you can simply just assign something specifically to them a lot of times though you will want to make sure that they can actually be engaged with you on business so that you're all on the same page and you're avoiding going back and forth with emails and calls and this and that so really determining who's going to be involved in selecting the venue and if you do have somebody that's helping out from the venue that they have a way to access whatever it is and communicate with you on the same page as well so I'm looking into the layout is it going to fit the ideal design for your event determining if there's going to be other events at the venue at that date at that time etc getting any references about the venue if you can possibly ask for a preferred vendor list from the venue I'm sure if you're doing an event at a specific venue they might have had other events there they're very similar to yours so getting some sort of preferred vendor list from them is always helpful then we've got a transportation folder this is always a little tricky because sometimes your event isn't local and it's out of state or it's you know out of the US or whatever it is and you want to make sure that all your transportation issues are handled and tracked in biz pad so I have a couple things here just knowing where specifically it's going to be for guests you need to create create a map talking about parking if it's local or even more specifically talking about your flights and again with all of these items on the right hand side you can add notes in your wiki pad you could actually put the flight itinerary that's all up to your discretion and what you'd like to do with your team and in our case I know that it works out by specifically just creating an item that says you know flight nine eight or three whatever it is leaving this time yada yada yada wow I can't really type but specifically creating an item that says this is the flight number we're leaving at this time put a date in there if you want so you can kind of play around with out however you like but make sure that you actually do love what's going to be going on for your transportation then we've got food and beverage and sometimes this is applicable sometimes it's not in this case I put it in there just in case talking about is there even a need for food and beverage making an appointment to discuss menu options again that might need to be collaborated with your with your person at the venue who's helping you out deciding a menu format researching and talking about current food trends what could work out to support your theme or what are some creative ideas as far as food goes that could support whatever it is that you're doing for your event depending on whatever that is confirming a deadline for the final head count as far as food goes that's huge arranging a bar an alcohol situation if there is one a lot of times networking events they'll do like a bar situation and that's great to have that logged in there as far as who's going to be paying for that how's that going to be taken care of what you need to get that handled so all that stuff under food and beverage moving on now let's talk a little bit about promotion and in promotion it's essential to know who's gonna be actually marketing your event and this is crucial and also under this event you could add an additional item and indent it and say you know I know that Emily reams gonna be marketing my event and she's gonna be sending an email for us on this date and you could actually put that date literally in there as an item you don't have to do that you could have just the name listed and you could put all that other information on the right-hand side in the notes again totally up to you now moving down who can send out emails promoting your event that could go also under the marketing you can kind of play around with that in the wording however you like are you going to be sending out invitations if so how many months in advance is this going to be make sure you put an RSVP date on there for people again determining if there are any special needs that need to be taken care of in regards to your promotion you know does this person need to know that they're going to send out an email for you by this date if so make sure that's all taken care of again either in the notes or you can select a start date put something in the wikipad if you like and the last thing under promotion is following up with people after the RSVP date and this one as well kind of goes in with the day after the event and I'll talk about that in a little bit so then we've got event participation and this is crucial as well because you need to determine are you going to have speakers at your event are you going to have vendors are there going to be booths that are coming who else is going to be involved with you in that and this is also interesting using business Pat you can actually put an item for your speaker agreements and if you want right over here on the right literally upload from wherever it is on your computer your speaker agreement and have that in there and ready so that your team can access it or whoever it needs to can send it out to the appropriate people so actually uploading your speaker agreement in there so that it's available and ready for whatever events that you have coming up again if you have a booth agreement or some sort of forum that they need to fill out literally uploading into this actual item so that it's ready for the taking one you need it and then also this money I skipped but let's go back determining the role of an individual so is there somebody that's in charge of getting in contact with the speaker or people that are going to be having a booth at your event or a vendor or something like that and if they are making sure that they're specifically assigned to this item and they know what it is that needs to get done and again all of these items you can you can assign to one individual and you can have them as a project member over here listed in your project or you can just go on ahead and have it listed very generally and the whole team can access it and just putting some dates on there so food and beverage promotion we talked about we talked about of them participation some other services so this could entail arranging any additional needs that you have whether this works with you know designing the venue or getting some sort of setup done centerpieces door prizes possibly doing like a team-building exercise any additional stuff that you might need to go under your other services folder also confirming specific equipment that's necessary I know in our case we like having somebody there that's you know that you're going to be doing you know the welcome table you're going to be doing photography you're going to be doing this that in the other making sure you have a specific assignment for people that will be needing equipment at the event and that goes hand-in-hand with organizing entertainment music photographer etc so a lot of this stuff in this template is really kind of generic and one of the things that I found when we bring new people on and we try to find stuff is this is meant to kind of spur your creative juices and get things going but the more clarity you can spell out in your items that the better off you're gonna be and then again see like for me I would probably create a folder for speaker agreements and and then under those folder I would put the different speakers again you know and then that way each speakers underneath there so you can organize this however you want to organize it but the point is I just want to make is it try to be really clear about you know some of these are pretty clear and some are a little bit you know a little bit too ambiguous for me that you'd want to be more defined and exactly what the task is and some of it's maybe just a collaboration where we're just going to talk about communication and what our ideas and what should we do but the better you can be it's really identifying what those things are and then as you're going through those last few minutes let's go ahead and assign a couple people assign a couple dates and assign some priority stuff because that was one of the questions they had okay so let's say we need to have let's say I'm gonna go here in relation to the door prizes for the event we're gonna need to have these actually made so I'm gonna indent this item and I'm gonna say make door prizes and I'm gonna assign this to Greg and I want Greg to have this done by let's say our events on the 10th I want the door prizes to be ready the day before so I want everything to be done by the nights starting today so he's got he's got a month to get the door prizes done and this is a high priority I would say so moving through this again how you want to set the priority assign it and put the start and due date that's totally up to you and a great thing about this is that as you're going you can actually track and see what's been done and once it's done close it and get rid of it and let me make a point to so notice over here on the right hand side under this discussion board the thing I loved about as the CEO of a company that manages upwards of 20 people with this path because I can see Emily created it on five nine emily change the text on five nine emily assign it to me on five nine Emily's at the due date so it really archives and timestamps and that Leslie at time stamps 24-hour clock but date stamps what's going on and who's doing what so it really really gives you the ability to hold people accountable go no I asked you to do this on five nine and it's you know it just you way to hold people accountable and there's no erasing that stuff in the discussion board everything once it's time-stamped on discussion board it's there you can't go in and remove stuff on that discussion board so it's a really great way to hold your team and your people and yourself accountable to get stuff done on a timely basis all right so moving on okay so we talked about a couple of the other services that you could have for your event now this not necessarily is something that you need to do but again this just kind of helps lay out preparing and being organized and ready to go the week of the event making sure that you've confirmed with all the vendors what's going on another great way to make sure that things have been confirmed is let's say you have a list of all your speakers and let's just do this and say speaker a confirmed so let's say we've got you know speaker a that's going to be coming and we know that they're confirmed to come we can set this to done and see and if you have a list of all your speakers and everything's been marked is done and they're confirmed then you know for sure that you know the confirmation is there everybody's aware of it everybody can see it and moving on and so forth and also during the week of your event making sure that any payments need to be taken care of or arrangements for future payment you don't want to ever have to be worrying about paying for stuff while you're throwing an event that can get extremely annoying so taking care of that ahead of time or figuring out a way to handle the payment after the fact and then again making sure all agreements have been taken care of or arrangements for what's needed in the future if necessary ideally all agreements should be taken care of beforehand and again you can you can take care of all the information up in your event participation talking about your speaker agreements and again you can organize that however you like so back to the week of the event then making sure you've prepared any materials that need to be printed out and/or created and I would say this is even pushing it a little bit I know that when we've done events we make a document of what needs to be printed way more than a week ahead of time this is kind of just a reminder to let you know hey this has got to be out by this day we need to have this printed and ready to go with us to this venue at this time and I I think that Jerry you were asking a question about setting an alarm or some sort of reminder whenever you make a change to a specific item it will email you in busy at and another thing I don't know if you are aware but you can also set a let me close out of this really quick you can set a recurring task and in this in this scenario you wouldn't need to set a recurring task however if you needed to have a biz pad scheduler remind you you could go on here and say that this task you know is as a recurring or needs to be scheduled or XY and Z whatever it is so that's how you would set the recurring up select you know whether you want it to be once a week or monthly quarterly however you want to go starting to stay etc etc when you put a due date on it it starts to change colors so if it goes past the due date it shows up in a bright red so that's another way to have it as B as reminder and then real quick show everyone why we're doing is go okay prepare more kills needed to be printed out or created and that's a week of the event what if you wanted to drag that and up into another folder great I was actually just gonna do that so again as I was saying we would probably do this way before a week of the event so if you want to ever take an item and just move it from a folder to folder make sure that this little cross is selected and you can just take that item and that blue line will pop up and you can move it on up to I'm gonna say this is gonna be under event details because we're going to talk about this as a team I'm going to put it right there so if you ever want to take an item and just drag it from folder to folder you can do so you cannot take items from a project to a project unfortunately and you can't move the folders around however you can move the items and you can always change the text so keep that in mind as well okay so now we are going down and so we could the event we've got the day of the event again you don't have to have this but it's just kind of a template for you recapping this is big I think recapping with your team about the event again what's the purpose talk about who is coming how many do you have confirmed and again this is huge name acquisition I your event making sure that you're prepared to followup with everybody that's attended your event and somehow getting their name getting their email getting them into some sort of system so that you can follow up with them after the fact and that brings us into the day after the event communicating feedback with anybody that was helping you out speakers vendors booth people whether you had somebody helping you set up the venue or your team making sure that you get a thank you out there or some sort of feedback about the event and also sending a follow-up email to everybody who attended your event and three little tips that I just created for you again documenting the process of your event so you know we did this we did this we did this making sure just like this template is you have a folder you have an item and documenting as you go so that you have an archived record of how that event planning went which could then in turn help your team drastically another tip that I put was talking with your team about the pros and cons of using biz pad for event planning you know how did it help us what did it not help us with what can we be better about next time and kind of have a follow-up meeting after the fact looking at everything that you documented with your event and then the last tip that I have on here is making sure that if you can and it worked for you promoting others that you know that our planning events with your affiliate links so if you know people that are planning events and you know that this pad worked for you send them your affiliate link to biz pad get them signed up and use the template that you have and specifically show them you know this is how you can plan your event using biz pad so that's another great thing that you can do to also some extra money gets more people involved with biz pad and I hope the organizational process for event planning so this is a template that will be available for you guys let me make a couple comments too because obviously very few people are actually holding and hosting events which is what this template was kind of designed for but like me I'm speaking at event and we're going to events all the time just to the speaker or maybe this is attending as like we're going to Joe Paula's event coming up in Arizona as an attendee so even as simple as that when you take the time to think through ok booked the flights booked the hotel room what's my checklist and stuff I want to make sure I have I need to make sure I have brochures business cards you know my iPad my video recorder you know whatever those things are and you you if you put the thought into that and then you create a template you name it a template it's in your business ad and then you can copy that template within your own business that account then rename it event Joe polish Platinum 2.0 and then start assigning stuff it when you when you think ahead of time your systemising your business and every coach every business owner every successful CEO is going to tell you the more systems you can put in place the more efficiency you can put in place the better off you're going to be so what I see people doing is I see people using this pad and they kind of they use it as they go and then that if there's something they're doing again three months later they didn't create a template and they don't know how to copy the template over and reuse it again so they start all over again and they're duplicating their efforts so my point is is just keep in mind that everything you do in business that is something you do more than once are you doing a regular basis make sure you figure out spend the time or your live help or call us up we'll help you one on one how to use these templates how to use the system so the next time it's easier the next time it's easier like Emily said each time you might be adding on to it and make it even more better more efficient and we use this stuff and it just it works perfectly it works great so that's my comments so you want open up for Q&A uh yeah let's do that Q&A okay so Gerry you asked can you expand and collapse projects you cannot so well one thing I will show you however what you can do is when you're open in your biz pad you can you can see the project here and there's no way there's no drop-down to actually collapse all of these items below however if this does become overwhelming within your actual notepad what you can do is on the right-hand side you can make your project inactive and when you do that it actually puts it into the inactive drop down menu and you're busy at so I'll show you right now and there it is here's my inactive projects and it's right there so my only active project now is event planning with biz pad and this is the only one I see so that's a way you can actually minimize the overload of projects that you're visibly seeing by making it inactive if that's what you want to do however you can't collapse all of the items go back to make it active again and then and then go to show all new items and so it's not that this is effective and I don't know why even when you would actually even ever do this but hit show we hit what's new so when oh yeah so when she when she hits what's new or she were to click on what's new and to do and new it will collapse them so through the filter bar you can so don't hit what's new so now is showing all projects just go to the one matching project you know pick that project you were just in event planning hit refresh and now he had been to do and new plus as the filters and now hit refresh see so now collapses it so just to the folders so you can collapse it and if you wanted to for a particular reasons based on understanding of the filter bar and again we're gonna bring this up in every training this filter bar is the key to efficiency and the key to really look at it what you want to look at and they're organized and to get stuff done and it really is powerful when you really start to understand and you really get like me a hundred and thirty projects in my you know 20 different people that were associated with these different tasks and it's uh it really is a you you really need to know how to use the filter bar and the filter bar give me my to do is give me my higher priorities show me what's the sign to me show me the sign to Emily show it's a sign to my virtual system so much the sign of my programmer and then I can go in there and hold people accountable and track what their what's going on okay then we have another question so the calendar asking can't ask see links to Google calendars so let's go okay not a task a project oh I'm sorry hang on what am I doing here where is the calendar I know we have it I don't use it maybe under the date yeah but you can only use the dates for the item you can do it for a project can select a date for the project and then an item when you're selecting all the dates the other thing I want to wait while you're looking for that the other thing too is the whole print function very few people know there's a print function but on the top right-hand bar to the right of the refresh button you can make your your your event list and you can make a to-do list or a checklist you know before you're walking out the door I love checklist I got the pencils I got the pens I got the rejector I got a projector screen I got the handouts I got the t-shirts I you know and I print the checklist so I love the print function that what we have okay calendar wise oh it's under settings yes right here calendar feed so your calendar feed lets you copy all your tasks let's start or due date to a calendar application that iCal works with Outlook it does work with Google and real honestly everybody if it might be something you want to do to put on your Google Calendar but because we don't have time box because there's no time block going okay I'm going to spend two hours on this or four hours on this and it's only date blocks it's really an ineffective in my opinion it's really an ineffective I'm not sure why you'd want to import on your calendar because you doesn't it doesn't block out time it just blocks out days so I don't now again if use your Google Calendar for to do's and different things like that maybe it works I've never even tried to do it because it doesn't block out time and I use my use Google Calendar just to block out time okay and then another question real quick Dale you're asking about a template for a webinar event um this this template that we've created was was more for a venue however you could do the event based around a webinar if you'd like that's up to you and the actual creation of that event is totally doable we would actually that's a great idea for us to actually put one together for a webinar put a temple together for a webinar that you guys could access as well because I know that's very popular so I will put that on our list to get done and make that available for you guys as well thank you master Matt was talking about putting one together for a product launch so you know again this whole template thing is we really want to get you the community to create templates and you can use them a way to promote your business think of it if you create a template let's say you were Jeff Walker and you were doing product launch formula and you taught people how to do product launches and you created this huge template you here I'll give you the template for your business that account but in that business that accounts again if you want us to do this for you or you want to hire us to do this for you you know here's our contact information so it's part of the template your affiliate links your product links are right in there so I visualize you know down the road or we have this like ask marketplace where it's like the biz mad you know template marketplace where you can get templates on you know search engine optimization or YouTube you know search engine optimization or or you know product launches and webinars and and just trying to help make it real easy and efficient for people to think of this stuff and put this stuff together so if you guys create anything we'd love to see it and and suggestions we'll do our best to create one as well alrighty well that is the time we have for today and next week on the webinar we are going to be talking about how to use viz pad to organize your assistance whether that's an assistant in the office a virtual assistant that you have which in our case is very resourceful using MS pod to actually track what the VA is doing what everybody in the office is doing any assistant type administrative work specifically virtual assistants we're going to go over that next week on the training so join us next week for virtual assistants training and organization with biz pad thank you everybody for being on and your cooperation listening your questions we really appreciate it and we look forward to talking to you next week have a great day everybody thanks everybody we appreciate it

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