Do you secretly dream of creating your first
client retreat? Or maybe you dream of standing on a big stage
in front of hundreds of ideal clients. Well, we have our big annual event coming
up soon, and today I want to show you steps to create your first profitable event. Make sure you watch until the end because
I’m also going to give you our best marketing strategies to fill your event with the perfect
clients. Before we get started, make sure you hit the
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in your coaching business. Hi there, coach. It’s Carolin Soldo here again with an episode
to help you go from passion to profits in your coaching business. My team and I have put on grand-scale events
for the last three years where we welcome hundreds of coaches from all over the world
in all different niches for learning, training, networking, and scaling their coaching business. So many people ask us how we fill the room
with ideal clients, how we put on profitable events, and how we market them, so today I
want to break down exactly how we do it so you can launch your first profitable event
too. Step number one is to get really clear on
your event vision and the mission and purpose of your event. Before you even think about launching a retreat
or an event, think about what your target market actually needs. What are their wants and desires? Fill these needs with what you’re delivering
at your event. For example, at our big annual event, From
Passion to Profits Live, our mission is to help you scale your coaching business to the
million-dollar mark, so every experience we build into the event, from the networking
gala to the speakers to our content and the agenda, is designed to help you build an action
plan sequentially so that, when you leave the event, you have everything you need and
a clear vision and understanding of the steps you must take to build a million-dollar coaching
business. One of the biggest mistakes that event hosts
make is to throw content at their attendees without a clear action plan, so make sure
you do exercises. Make sure you bring your attendees into group
exercises and experiences and have a dynamic conversation with them instead of just talking
at them so that they can really immerse themselves and build an action plan with you throughout
their entire event experience. What has worked really, really well for us
is creating a guidebook, so every section on the agenda goes along with a corresponding
area in your guide book so that when you listen to the speaker on stage you can take notes,
and you can build your action plan as you go along from speaker to speaker from section
to section. In the end, you’re going away with a workbook
and a complete business plan with all the steps necessary for you to reach your goals. When you’re thinking about the potential outcome
and the vision for your event, look at your big purpose in the world. What is it that you want to accomplish in
your business? What big solution are you offering? What big problems are you fixing for people? What do you want people to walk away with
after your event? It could be a health breakthrough. It could be opening them up to believing more,
knowing what’s possible for them. It could be based on relationships. It could be based on business. It could be a lifestyle retreat or an event. It really doesn’t matter, but make sure that
the vision of the event aligns with your purpose and your mission in the world and what you
do as a coach. Now that you have a vision and a mission for
your event, you need a sales strategy to make your event profitable. The biggest mistake that new event hosts make
is to think that ticket sales will actually cover their expenses, but once you discover
how expensive an event can be, even if you’re creating a small client retreat, you will
know that you need a sales strategy to actually make your events profitable. There are food and beverage minimums. There are A/V expenses, which are your stages,
and your music, and your speakers, and your screens, and all of that. There are marketing expenses. There are staffing expenses and so much more,
so ticket sales alone usually don’t cover your expenses and may even just help you break
even. So what do we do? We come up with a sales strategy. You want to look at who will be in your audience. Who are you bringing to this event, and what
might these people be interested in purchasing from you? Can you sell them a consulting package? Can you offer them a mastermind package? Can you offer them maybe a course? Whatever it is that you have available, take
a look at your audience and who’s coming to your event and what they might be interested
in purchasing at the end of this event to further their experience, to take it a step
further, to achieve even more with your support. Step number three is to invite guest speakers. Now, you may have only a few guest speakers
or you may have many. It depends on your mission, your overall agenda,
the value you want to add to your attendees. At From Passion to Profits Live, our big annual
event, we will have seven industry-leading speakers this year. We selected our speakers based on their values,
their expertise, and their visibility within the marketplace because we want to add a maximum
amount of value to you, and we know these speakers are 100% aligned with our values,
our mission, and they will help us make this experience one of a kind just for you. Step number four is to think about your event
journey. Once you know your mission for the event,
you know your content, your agenda, you know the speakers that will be participating, you
want to think about the entire journey that your attendees will be taking and the experience
you’re creating at the event. This includes the location, the ballroom or
the conference room you select. This includes the decorations, the décor,
the music, the energy. Is it going to be high vibe and fun and loud
music blasting, or is it going to be more soothing, calming, and relaxing, and maybe
low-key? Right? You want to think about all the details from
the time the attendees arrive and they register to the time they leave the event and the whole
experience that you want to create and the journey your attendees will go on as they
participate in your events. Now I want to let you in on some of our best
marketing strategies to fill your events with ideal clients. Are you ready? Here we go. Number one is to bring your audience on a
journey even before the event is announced publicly. What do I mean by that? Well, you might be thinking about an event
name right now. Maybe you’re scouting locations. Maybe you’re visiting hotels. Maybe you’re thinking about how many people
should be there. All those little decisions and details are
important because you can share them with your followers right now and ask their opinion. Right? Say, “Hey, I’m thinking about an event. Do you think that’s a good idea? Well, where should we have it? What should the name be? Who should be there? What do you want to see?” You’ll see people rally behind you because
you’re opening up the curtains. Right? You’re letting them in to your decision making,
to your planning process, which is natural, and you’re not even promoting the event yet. You’re just bringing them with you on this
journey of building this amazing, incredible event. Next, you want to think about co-host at interviews,
Facebook Lives, YouTube Lives, maybe even podcast interviews with your speakers or your
team. If you don’t have speakers, do it yourself. It’s an amazing way to give people a sneak
peek and a taste of the wonderful content that you’ll be sharing at the event. We also highly recommend you run on an advertising,
so you can choose from Facebook. You can choose from YouTube ads. You can look at Twitter. Use those social media platforms. Depending on where you have the best impact
and the best results, you should think about running advertising at least a couple of weeks
or even months prior to your event. If you have a list and you already have a
warm audience of clients and prospects, use your list and email them. In order to fill our events, we begin to email
our list several months ahead of time, and we tell them about the location, and the agenda,
and the food, and the speakers, and the incredible content we’ll be delivering so that they get
excited and you get excited about joining us at From Passion to Profits Live this year
in Hollywood in September. Use your existing audience and your followers
via email to get them ready to buy their ticket. The next strategy requires a little bit more
effort, but it’s highly effective, and that is feeder events. Let’s assume you’re hosting your big event
in New York City. You might decide to do a feeder event, maybe
a two, three-hour training in New York City a couple of weeks before your big event where
you can bring people in. You can show them what they can learn at the
big event. Give them some immediate actions steps and
training and leave them wanting more so they come to your big event. You can sell tickets to your big event at
the feeder event right there. Next up, we have good old brochures. Right? We live in this digital world, and people
seem to be forgetting good old marketing tactics. Brochures are amazing, especially if you have
a client base that is already established. We have a brochure that we send out to clients
and prospects that gives them the details of the event, and it’s a really high-quality
piece. If you want to see an example of the From
Passion to Profits Live event brochure, go below in the description. There’s a link to a PDF where you can check
out the brochure right now. The last tip I have for you is a contest. You could run a scholarship contest or a ticket
contest a couple of months or even weeks before your event where people can win a free ticket
or maybe even win a complete scholarship to your event. Ask them to do videos or photos or do something
fun that gets the word out there that creates some buzz so that more people become aware
of your event, and you’re not just giving away tickets, but you’re also reaching more
people that might potentially be interested in purchasing a ticket to your event as well. By the way, I’m curious. Have you hosted an event yourself? Was it a retreat? Was it a bigger event? How did it work out? Let me know in the comments below, and let’s
have a conversation about the dos and don’ts of event hosting. Now that you know how to put on and host a
profitable event, you may be interested in seeing such an event in action. If that’s the case, I would love to invite
you to join us this year at From Passion to Profits Live, our big annual event for coaches. This is the hottest training event for coaches
this year, and we expect about 500 coaches from all over the world to join us in Hollywood,
California. The event dates are September 14th to September
16th, and we are going to be coming together at the beautiful Loew’s Hotel in Hollywood,
California. At the event, you’ll be hearing from me, my
team of expert coaches, plus seven industry experts on everything you need to do to scale
your coaching business with a million-dollar level. We will talk about the millionaire mindset,
how to set up a sales funnel that consistently brings amazing prospects in your coaching
business, how to set up your business to go evergreen so that you have leads coming in
all the time, and you’re not launching and stressing yourself out. We will talk about your it factor, your big
idea, and your value proposition that will set you apart from the rest. We’ll talk about marketing strategies, sales
techniques, and everything you need to scale your business to this next level so you can
bring your passions to the world. To join us, simply go to frompassiontoprofitslive. There’s a link below in the description. Click on that link, and you can purchase your
ticket right now at early bird prices. Go ahead, buy your ticket right now. I can’t wait to see you this fall, and I know
it’s going to be an amazing experience for you. As always, if you like this video, hit the
Like button. Don’t forget to subscribe, and I can’t wait
to see you next week. Thanks so much for watching. Take care. From Passion to Profits Live, our big annual
event for coaches, is happening this September in Hollywood, California. Do you want a ticket? For more info, go to frompassiontoprofitslive.com.

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