Event Horizon 'Hell' Scenes

Michael Martin

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  1. I'm just imagining just one asshole clumsily holding some bulky ass video recorder during that blood orgy. I mean SOMEONE must have recorded that video!

  2. It's best watched at a 1/4th speed. Fuck everybody in the comments bashing religion on a movie that has nothing to do with it. Dr. Wier was a man of science, a skeptic, but in the end he sees. So a question for you do you see?

  3. In the name of our undying god emperor i here by proclaim exterminatus upon the ship event horizon and sending these chaos inflicted souls into oblivion. the emperor protects. HERESY GROWS WITH IDLENESS. THE EMPEROR SEES THE EMPEROR WATCHES

  4. The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: By the One is Whose hand is the soul of Muhammad, not one of this nation, Jew or Christian, will hear of me and will die without having believed in that with which I have been sent, but he will be one of the dwellers of Hell fire.

    (Narrated by Muslim, 153)

  5. Dark forces is all about it's showing him his worst nightmare in a nightmare those people aren't in hell there just dead

  6. Is 00:11 technically what we wouldve seen during the opening had they not cut a bunch of shit out to prevent NC-17??? Seems like it.

  7. I'm here because I watched this on TV, waited for the hell scene and was disappointed that it was edited out.

  8. The Real Hell is Worse. Burning without the possibility of an End and in Darkness!!! second by second, hour by hour, day by day, year after year, century by century, Forever without ANY hope of an end. Most People WILL end up here because they Reject Yesua ( Jesus Christ ) and because they choose Sex, murder, Materialism over the Redeemer. They will condemn THEMSELVES not the other way.

  9. is there any other "old" movies that shows scene like these? showing a vision of hell sort of thing? this is quite a weird request but i remember watching a scene for a movie back when i was like 8. i was sick and i got woken up in the middle of the night and the movie with the hell scene was showing so i had to watch it because i couldnt find the remote or some other dumb reason like that, but i remember watching the movie "steel" with shaq o neal on it exactly after that creepy movie lmao. the guy was presented a vision of hell and it was kinda like my childhood demon or such (lol) i dont remember much so i cant be sure if this was the movie or not. im 22 now and i just want to let this mystery to rest

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