Escaping Polygamy: Yolanda Says Goodbye to Her Family Forever (Season 1 Flashback) | LMN

– Hello? We’re almost there. Hold on, Steve. You ready? Oh. You’re ready mentally? OK, we’ll be there shortly. We just talked to her. She said she’s packed
and ready to go. Oh, my gosh. All the kids are
coming out to see me. They know you’re
going to be here? Do they know? Do they– Oh, she told them. Oh, [MUTED]. My mom’s going to
find out any second. We’re pulling up right now. OK, bye. OK, we have to– we
have to do this fast. You might want to let them
know that my mom’s going to find out any second here. All right, so we
just talked to Yolanda. She told the kids
that she’s leaving. So they now know. Hey. Clock’s ticking. Are you ready? Do you need us to get anything
else and grab anything else? Yeah. All right, show us
where you need us. OK. Hey, Steve. There’s people walking in
the distance down there. That guy is going
to make phone calls. Show us what’s most
important in case we need to get
out of here quick. We’ll just throw it
in the back of this car. Jessica, Andrea, let’s go. OK. All right, do we
arrange a little bit? Come on, guys.
Pick it up. We’ve got to get out here. We’ve got to go. You guys, we have to be quick. Let’s go. Let’s go. Hey, Steve. We got trucks circling. You stay with the girls. I’m gonna go check this out. Have they told your mom? Holy crap. OK, throw that in. How long do we have before
your mom will be here, before someone will be here? Oh, my gosh Hey, we’ve been
here way too long. Pack it up, and let’s go. Let’s go. I thought your siblings were
going to come out and see you. But are they not? They seem really
upset in there. So can I go say hi to them, or
is that going to be a problem? If you’re going to see
them, you have to do it now. All right. Hi, guys. Jeanetta, come here. I want to see you please. I just want to say hi. I’m not– Look– I don’t even recognize you– like, seriously. Don’t cry. Oh. I love you guys. Don’t cry. Oh, no. [SAD MUSIC] I love you. OK? OK. Oh, no. [CRYING] OK. OK? Let’s go. People driving around. What? We got trucks, all kinds
of trucks coming around. So they know we’re here. Hi, Steven. We gotta go. We gotta go. Bye, guys. There’s two trucks that keep
circling around, going slow, so we gotta get out of here. Let’s go. Let’s go now. We gotta get out of here. Jessica. We got– we got two trucks
that keep coming by. Now, I’m going to
go the opposite way because they’re– really,
there’s people coming around. So I’m going to go
in the opposite way to make sure
nobody’s on you guys. All right? We got to go, like, right now. We need to go, like, right now.
– Drop it. Let’s go. Hey, Steve. Her little brother just took
off running with the cell phone. We’ve got to get out of here. Go! [DRAMATIC MUSIC] Oh, that’s the boy
that went running. Now, where do I go? Where do I go?
This way? Right.
Right. And then right again. Right here?
Right here? Yeah, right. Right here. Or wait– Oh, well, this works. We have a white truck
coming up on us. [ENGINE REVVING] [CRYING] If you leave, you
will be cut off. So, like, that’s one
of the things that’s going to be so hard for me is– knowing that I won’t be able to
see my family or talk to them. I think hell’s a state of mind. And I would rather go to hell
than live there because I just can’t do it anymore.

Michael Martin

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