Escaping Polygamy: Refusing to Leave the FLDS (Season 2 Flashback) | Lifetime

KOLLENE: I just want
to tell you guys I’m so happy that you
guys are all together, and I’m ecstatic
that you’re here. KOLLENE: I’m Kollene. I’m Shanell’s little sister. I know you guys
must be exhausted. KOLLENE: There’s a nice
warm room, a nice warm bed. You can get some sleep. KOLLENE: Wouldn’t you
rather sleep in a bed with blankets and pillows? KOLLENE: We’ve already
got you guys a room, and you guys all need a break. Julie is angry because
she truly believes that her mother is
taking her whole family into the depths of hell. She just knows she wants
to get back to the UO. MATT: We are probably about
an hour northeast of Denver. Lizzy and her family left
the hotel this morning while I was out there. They flew out of
there really quick, so I followed them out just
to make sure they’re safe. I was a police
officer for 20 years. My job is to protect people. My job is to make
sure people are safe. Now what we can do– Julie– Julie, I’m
talking to your mom, OK? I’m talking to your mom. KOLLENE: What happened? I came out here this morning. They all ran out the door, ran
to their car, and took off. I was trying to
have a conversation with Lizzy just to
see what’s going on, and Julie kept interrupting. And I said, Julie, I’m
talking to your mom. And Julie says, well,
that’s not my mom, and then Lizzy just went blank. Her face was pale. You could tell she wasn’t happy. She said she didn’t
wanted any more security. She didn’t want
anything, and she was– I just want to go. So I said, all right. It’s sad. I bet anything Julie’s
trying to get herself taken back to Colorado City. Well, we’ve done
what we can, so– MATT: Let me know what you need.
– OK. – All right.
– Yeah. Thanks. This is a really strong
example of how the FLDS group is destroying families. I don’t know how the damage that
has been done to that family can be fixed.

Michael Martin

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