EP07 – Planning a backyard wedding; a chat with Jas & Simon

Hi, today we’re having a chat with Jas
and Simon about their backyard wedding in their newly renovated home; they got
the keys just a couple of days prior. And also why you need to hide the location of your leftover gealti stash from your family and friends. This is Unbridely TV. Here’s to you guys- cheers. Well first of all, how you first met. So we met on the line. And my little byline was: ‘I want a man to look at me the way that I look at pork crackling.’ Who can resist that? Exactly. I mean I think, I think Simon looked at that and went: ‘yes’. And he was actually the first person
that asked me: ‘how do you look at pork crackling?’ So, a bit of intrigue there. Did that really reel you in? It certainly made me look closer. Because it wasn’t everyone
else’s opening line. No certainly stood out. We had an instant connection when
we met first time. It was very apparent very early on yeah, yeah which was very much not like me. And you’d prepared this wonderful engagement/proposal? Yes. So we’d been together for a while, we were overseas in Europe and I talked to her folks about
it. They’re printers by trade so they carry around a certificate of approval had it in my wallet the whole time. Aaw! We’re in Paris. I love Paris and I’d hunted down all these different spots that I love about Paris. Took Jas round to, to one after the other after the other and it was an unmitigated disaster. Paris was at the time the Seine River was flooding. Oh! And so all the sewers were overflowing. It didn’t smell like romance. Paris is, Paris was just giving me nuthin’. But we ended up, we had lunch at the Eiffel Tower that day in the fancy-schmancy restaurant. Okay. Hmm hmm. So.. this is it. So we found a spot and and it was fantastic and she said yes. And at the end of the day we were just, that was pretty good. When did you know that you wanted to get married in your own backyard? But my ideal wedding would probably rocking up to the registry, signing my bit of paper, done and dusted. And Jas.. multiple food vans. Yeah! Some
kind of apple orchard right. Just..Yeah Yep. So we’re not gonna be able to do my
perfect wedding or Jas’ perfect wedding we just try to be our perfect wedding. Because there are a lot of couples who go: “I want this. I want that.” and they’re like, where is the middle ground? I think that’s what we had to really remember and stay strong on the most. Was that, well no, it’s as much as people have the best wishes for you at the end of the day there have to remember that it’s for two people. You looked awesome. Where did you get your outfits from? The awesome, Nick Cave, purple velvet blazer; Jack London. Jack London, yep. Same with the navy pants. Fancy shoes! Fancy shoes. So, Jack London. Did you
already have the white shirt? Yes. Yes. So white shirt, already had. From somewhere. From somewhere ; a place! And your gorgeous outfit, Jas? So it was a combo. We went..
I knew I didn’t want a dress. I knew I wanted a skirt and a tucked in jumper because you know, that’s what I do. And um so the jumper itself was just a woollen, 3/4 sweater from Cue. And the skirt was actually from Birdcage up in Norwood. It had a detachable, um, train as well which was really cool, but it was a size extra small. Yeah! Um so I am I am not built for extra small. But my sister is so she tried it on for me and I just went ‘sold!’ So what we did was we took a panel out of the back of the train and we introduced side panels down the side of the skirt. And then we got a featured gold fabric from the drapery and we put that in the back of the train. So yeah! When it came down to budgeting for your
wedding versus the reality, how did you go? When we first came into it we’re going, yeah we can do a wedding for 10 grand. Did a bit of research and went, oh maybe not. Let’s let’s bump that reality up to
about 15 and we’ll cover absolutely everything in that. My hot tip is if you’re 1 year out, 1 and a half, two years out, for your birthdays, Christmases, everything, ask for vouchers for places that you’re actually going to use. Because my Cue jumper, I bought from Myer from a voucher from my birthday. So, “free”? -ish? ish? Well, funded by your family and friends which makes it even more beautiful, doesn’t it? All your makeup. Got vouchers for David Jones. I didn’t have to pay for my trial for my makeup, pay for my makeup on the day or my sister’s.
So if you’re really working towards it see if you can use those times of year that you’d traditionally be getting, you know, a nice new pair of socks, or whatever and and put it towards the day. It’s all about forward planning. How did you decide, you know, your photographer? We prioritised a really good photographer
that could just take shots that weren’t posed shots but just someone who we felt would be fantastic at just in the moment, capturing the the mood and capturing the
you know the emotion behind that. And that was, Kate was perfect. I did a lot of research coming up with, you know, 3 or 4 options and speaking to each of these options And for me it was who I clicked with. We knew that we wanted to spend our big bucks on photographer, celebrant. and gelati. They’re the two things..and gelati, and gelati! Yeah!We wanted somebody that was going to command the day and somebody that we felt we could hand the reins over to. For me probably more than anything, coz I’m a little bit of a control freak, aaand, so that’s where you came in. I landed on your website and there was a pop-up that popped up and it said: ‘How to write vows that don’t suck.”
Yeah. And I just went, ohh.I just I think I found my spirit animal. I need a man that looks at me.. Every interaction we had throughout the process was something that we came away with we left going.
Yeah! That’s what we’re all about. And hopefully a good supplier is going to do that for you. How long were you planning your wedding for? Was it about a year?
About a year, yeah. So you’ve got a year of dealing with these
people; you gotta wanna hope that you get along okay. Was there anything funny or unusual that happened on your wedding day? You had some lovely, bright red lipstick, Jas, which you chose to share with your new husband. In and around the mouth. Yep. Yeah! It was just.. You weren’t specific, either. We have gotten better. We have practised a bit.I think I looked like the Joker; so we have the purple jacket, the pasty white skin and then there’s a bright red lipstick. I reckon Jas dropping, droppin’ swear words in the vows as well. Cause he was just saying the most romantic, wonderful things and I was getting a bit teary and and ohkinda came out. No, that was beautiful! Was there anything else that sort of happened on the day any sort of challenges that you had to
really goand work out a new plan? Okay – action stations. I had to go get my face done. And raced off to that. We ran a bit late and we were driving back in the uber and um, I’m crying because we were running late. And you know control-freak, um, wanted to be on time and have time enough to put on my
outfit, gather myself and spend some time with my family and all of that kind of stuff that you normally get with weddings. Yes and no. There’s a preconception that everything is beautiful and everything is very relaxed. Alex, back me here. Yeah. Yes – make me feel better! It’s not like that in real life, is it? To be honest, as soon as I saw Simon it was all good because I knew from that point on he was gonna be by my side for the rest of the night. What’s your biggest tip for other engaged couples? Stay together on the on the night or the day or or just remember it together. Try and stay authentic to you throughout
the day throughout the whole process. You know we were wearing things that suited us, we were eating things that we loved, we were in a space that we loved, our
favors were different. Everything from wo where to go had significance to us. Even down to our invites; everything drawn on there was very specific to a memory to do with us. Do something that’s uniquely you. Don’t tell your friends and family where you keep the gelati. Your friends stole your gelati? We gave it willingly -ish. We did not give it willingly. We gave one or two willingly. Our favours were tote bags. And so we had friends and family that had a couple of kids. We’re like ‘oh, take a couple for them.’ And then someone saw them take ’em. And pretty soon the freezer’s open and people were just like whole hog. Like it was just like start.. they’re digging in with a spade! I’m pretty sure someone at some stage! Your favorite part of your wedding day – what was the best bit? You want to go first, or me? You can. Mine was definitely when Jas came around the, walked down the aisle, and came around the corner, I saw her for the first time. And ah, yeah. I will remember that moment for the rest of my life. And Jas? Probably the gelati.I hate you. And that’s a wrap!Oh, happy Sunday. Happy Sunday. Happy Sunday indeed. You’re such a!

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