Enrol for Event Management at Ara

today is the eventing the future conference it's run by the you newzealand of event professionals it's pretty much the official conference for event professionals to get to give it a network and learn and grow a great opportunity to be able to bring some of our core students here today and make sure that they get the opportunity to learn from the industry and translate that through their learning interviews that they do I think what's really good about event management studying Christchurch is the landscape in Christchurch is radically different post great and it's very different to anywhere else in New Zealand which I think gives a really interesting context for students to learn and study I also think there's a lot of interest in the fact that the people teaching and lecturing that course are event managers who would they're working in the industry so they have a current relevance in many respects they're actually making events now I studied event management at erä a few years ago bit river-clyde management really encapsulates all of the things you need to know as an event manager I chose to study it out of because of the small class sizes I feel that I learned better in like a more personal environment which is what era provides I like that they bring real-life knowledge into the class and do a lot of practical and give us real life advice so I think and the hands-on experience that students get throughout the course they get to shape their own event ideas from concept to realization as a result of going through an event management I think our our can can teach me some practical stuff like compared to a university I don't just learn some theoretical stuff I kind of get hands-on experience as an event manager you need to really be a people person but also quite practical and aware of what's necessary to create an event through our there are a lot of connections to the industry definitely and they definitely provide a lot of opportunities for you to go out there and dive in see yourself you getting real information it's stuff that you're going to come out of the course and you're actually going to use

Michael Martin

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