ENME – Employee Engagement Software to Boost Productivity

Employee engagement – where do we even begin? Employees are reluctant to share honest feedback one-on-one, and typical surveys mostly end up
in the bin. That was then, but this is now! Meet ENME, the only manager-first employee engagement platform built with more than just HR professionals
in mind. It’s simple – your employees fill out short,
regular pulse surveys on any device, while you see the results, anonymised, as they come in online. The interface is highly organised and intuitive.
You can track key engagement metrics, benchmark them and even drill down into individual questions and comments. ENME will help you identify key areas for
improvement. The best part? You will get a crash-course
into different aspects of engagement and can choose from a selection of actionable ideas to improve instantly. If you want to evolve – so must your engagement! This is ENME – a simple first step to better engagement.

Michael Martin

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