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which is you know why don’t people
have them like honestly is that a white thing like what’s the reason why a lot
of black couples or young couples don’t have engagement party you like
know and the you’re guys answers were amazing I can’t think of anything but you welcome back everybody for another
edition of himherhislove with your boy Josh and your girl Chanee um thank you
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today on our wonderful journey of being engaged we are going to talk about our
event that just passed our engagement party we’re gonna go over some just a lot of myths yes yeah and fictional things on engagement parties right so we did a post on Instagram a
question about engagement parties which is you know why don’t people have them like
honestly is that a white thing like what’s the reason why a lot of black
couples are young couples don’t have engagement parties and like ya know and
the new guys answers were amazing you know it’s a lot of people participating
yeah absolutely how do you guys were like no is that mr.
black or white thing it’s more of just like tradition or non tradition or money
and you know how to save or why don’t you know like the reasons why people
don’t do it but they didn’t know so there’s didn’t know just don’t not only
we know how to do right we just thought we came up with this video about some of
the myths of engagement parties um first off do you have to happen no you don’t you
absolutely don’t but it is good to have one because you get to meet each other’s
families friends and get to like kind of mingle mingle
you get to mingle do you get to meet each other everybody loves me and it
honestly really helps further on down the line like at the bridal shower and
rehearsals and all these other things where like they kind of already know
each other like the family’s kind of are makes the friends have kind of mixed in
any main bure so like it breaks that ice it’s it’s a really great icebreaker for
the family it’s not just and I get so touchy with not just you guys yes you
know anybody was your wedding feeling awkward like when you’re conjoining your
families yeah everybody able to mix well right so kind of quick setup it’s a run
or not any of that yeah who do you invite to an engagement
party so you invite the people to an engagement party that are also invited
to your wedding it is not customary to invite somebody to the engaged money if
they’re not gonna be a lights of the wedding I’m here yeah oh you get a lot
of hurt feelings when they get an invite you know to an engagement party and then
you find out later that all the way to your engagement party if they’re also
invited to your wedding yes faces you didn’t do at your
engagement party I mean you really don’t you could play games you really don’t
have to do much like everybody is going to be entertained each other right so
you just have to get people there yeah and get talking everybody’s gonna talk
about a story they’re buddies going to introduce each each other to one another
yeah it’s a lot less work than what you really yeah it’s honestly more about
mingling and into one another like the families and the
people that are there the guests more so than it is about games so I really had
no idea so I researched it like so cuz honestly it’d be honest we got I’ve
never been to an engagement party the first one I’ve ever been to is invite oh
hey yeah you’ve never been to anywhere any games
yeah we didn’t do any games or do anything like that but that’s because
like I researched like what goes on an engagement isn’t like the bridal shower
games like what do you do and everyone’s like no you just kind of mingle
you may go get to know each other break the ice make around say hi like and and
how fancy it is or not fancy this is totally up to you like your style and
you know the way you want throw is completely up to you but games aren’t
necessarily part of is really just like a party you know what to do we didn’t
have games that doesn’t necessarily mean that you guys don’t have so if you think
of engagement party games that’s actually pretty cool but write them down
in the comments so that way we know we could have somebody else and we’ll
definitely give you more on how we threw our party our engagement party very DIY
very very chic like our party was pretty dope and it was super cheap like and
lastly it was super worth it it was how he’s important something is our home
isn’t to you actually it was especially for
couples it’s important to be to set new trends like not it’s not like the
biggest it is kind of the biggest deal but we have to we have to do those
things and set new trends in history yeah no seriously it was a hundred
percent worth it like my last names like the change in like I barely knew anybody
that had my last name like I’m like oh I know all six needles you don’t even but
but I think you should print I got to meet so many more and it just feels so
good specially ever gets us all together and you’re in the middle of wedding
planning and you’re about to send out invitations and all this stuff you’re
like okay so all the people have no idea who they are so it’s really good to just
place a face to the name and be like oh hi you’re that person got it like it
makes so much sense so what I have any good your buddy I would suggest it I
would say yeah definitely do it stay tuned next week because next we’re gonna
talk about how we did it so cheap and so if I give you the detailed information
about how we did it so that you can which is soon right and that you can
really throw a really joke event and it costs you next to nothing I mean like $50 legit only had 75 people there
Boomkat check it out that can you think of anything but you

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  1. Yea, we both are nowhere by family. So we were thinking of doing it for our friends to meet and people who may not be able to make it to the Wedding in Paris.

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