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I promise never yeah voice they're gonna play that at our divorce proceedings I'm Rachel and how do we know each other oh well worst of all I'm Kayla and we're engaged we met in glee club at college at Western met at a party can we drink first like take a shot too good luck you want to read it okay how often do we have sex how often should we have sex the right amount realistically it's for lots of types of me you know gay sex you just have to take a shower afterwards oh my god don't see we decided to wait until we're married yeah we took a break from having sex what is your favorite sex position and what is there at least favorite my most favorite is the new one the like scissors favorite sex position is when I finally get to be a bottom and my least favorite sex position is when I have to sit on your face constantly I enjoy sitting on your face that's pretty nice do you ever faked an orgasm madly had I ever faked an orgasm I did in the beginning of our relationship I know when is the last time you masturbated this morning this morning yeah I was in the room right next door you were asleep when was the last day there's a magic out if you had one Hall Pass who would you sleep with Alicia Keys she could get it any time that's vegan I would probably want to play with like Jennifer Aniston it was not exciting all right where are you gay yes okay oh you know I'm gay Oh Johnny Watson Emma Watson who doesn't have a Harry Potter fantasy come on how many sexual partners have you gone it's just quicker for me to take a shot so I could count can't we'd be here all night just like your stories how many sexual partners have you had sex with thanks six I'm not gonna say it nope I say it six dicks on the count of three say the number of children we'd ideally have 1 2 3 101 puppy and cranes still a child I have children you barely give ha hey everybody we're on the count of three say the number of children we'd ideally have two nope there's no other answer oh are you nervous about getting married yes just sharing your life under set with one person yeah our weddings gonna be weird so it's gonna be a whole bunch of spanish-speaking Dominicans mm-hmm and a whole bunch do I have any friends or family members that you don't want at the way I personally don't want either of her parents they're of a massive lack of respect for both of them so they don't know that we live together and they don't like our like moral values and so they would like they would hate him for no reason and that bothers me um I dare you to call one of your exes oh my come to the wedding please drink I have one but I don't think she's gonna answer me okay okay I'll leave just calling to see if you were gonna be coming to our wedding it's September 2nd that's gonna be really awkward text what is the one thing you'd want to change about me I'm gonna take a shot nothing nothing at all you're always right and it's not just like oh I'm always like I'm always right I'm always right but then you're like grab a knife I'm always fucking right I would change how big of a dick you are I think you need to drink more I've drunk plenty you shall find about 40 to 50 percent of married couples in the United States divorce do you think we'll last it gay marriage is something that we've fought for we have it now and we should be grateful and take it not take it for granted I think I'll give it a year and see how it goes yeah I think that's yeah yeah we're gonna we're gonna go the distance and we work really well together so I'm not worried about it I love you I love you so much oh I love you I know you what okay do we have to love you I know I know that's why we're still getting married and I'm putting up with it I go 90 you for 10 I did dude install it negative five therapies are next

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  1. Are we over representing the gay couples a little bit here? 4.5% of the population identify as LGBTQ but like 75% of the couples shown? That being said I don’t have any problem with LGBTQ. I just think you guys try way to hard to be progressive.

  2. Is the question "how many sex partners have you had" even a thing anymore? Who cares. What should be important is…who will be getting it all now and forever???!!! Haha

  3. Did I understand this correctly…Glee Club boy had sex with six guys, now he's engaged to a woman, but they don't want to have sex before their wedding?

  4. Two Questions

    1. Why do all the girls in multiple videos get upset / surprised when they find out their husband / SO is masturbating or watching porn? They could be cheating. Be happy they are using their hand.

    2. How do you get involved with someone to the point of marrying them without knowing how many partners they've had physically? Also, why does it matter? If they are marrying you and loyal to you, let it go.

  5. I always feel like gay male couples are usually pretty open and honest and not awkward in these interviews. It's super cool to watch.

  6. Why the fuck are all lesbians beautiful it feels like beautiful girls are saying let’s make the world full of ugly ppl

  7. 6…. That's not even a number to be mad at .. try having a ex tell you she's been with 89 men Jesus

  8. Everyone is saying how the blonde lesbian couple isn't going to last but I honestly thought they were the best suited fr each other. They get along by roasting each other and thats their dynamic. If either was with someone who was less head strong it wouldn't work. They are cute af in my book.

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