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Wait! Happiness? How should i put this into words. I’d be embarrassed.. to say that I’m happy. but to say that I’m not, that doesn’t seem right either. However, if I think of it simply, I’m doing something I want. Regardless, I’m smiling. Just to think of it simply, that makes me think that I am happy right now Wow, that was close! But I’m definitely not certain. Am I really happy? I’m still not confident about questions like these. It still feels like I haven’t found a definite answer. Jin, let’s go. – Now? / – Yes. Thank you. Laundry, please. Am i going alone? No one wantsto go? Won’t Jimin or Jungkook go as a surprise? They’re knocked out. It’ll take about 25 minutes to the amusement park in 25 minutes. You’ll be able to see me having a blast. there is… no one that was fun I’m excited I should’ve just slept I know they’re going to make fun of me. See, jin? You should’ve just chilled! Honestly, I haven’t thought about that I’ve made it this far. I’ve grown this much Never thought of those things. When many people come to our concerts. rather than those thoughts I think, ” I’m just happy.” I’m able to enjoy this moment with them Just like a kid, enjoying the moment in a way. I think it’s better. for me at this time to not think too deeply or take things too seriously because the moment I feel it everything can become burdensome I think the ‘LOVE YOURSELF’ series, I’ve thought about that aa lot. it was tought earlier this year it was hard once I started to doubt and question myself why I’m living like this I felt negative about all the things I’ve done up until now What hit me then was… It’s important to seek happiness but it all depends on how you think there’s no hope when you start thinking “what am I doing?” But when you think, “This is fun,” then it seems like that. That’s what I think Honestly, we all know this already in theory but the hard part is really thinking that way So can I get the in ear I had before? Wew had the headquarters contact them and ask, but they normally don’t do it is it possible? they have to send it to the States, I mean to the headquarter The headquarter is in Korea Yes, So we’ll contact them once more We don’t have a backup We all suddenly got emotional Until the end of the FAKE LOVE performance. I couldn’t hear a thing, so I couldn’t focus on stage It felt like singing with my ears shut. I think there were five units yes except one, all of them were out. I’ll check if we could hav him come here – I’ll ask / – okay yes honestly, this is a matter of quantity and quality this is how i put it the festival is short but the garbage remains long the festival is short but the preparation time and the clean up afterward all the work behind it takes a long time despite all that, people prepare the festival every year they wait for it honestly, there are a lot more dificult moments for people in a quantitive aspect but on the other hand those happy moments it’s intensive, that dopamine that’s why people can’t forget those moments it’s so precious it was fun today America a country and cities that knows how to have fun what about you, Jimin? – America tour…/ – It was fun makes my heart face I’ve given it all, I’m drained moments like this, I think are when I’m the
happiest putting all my energy on the stage performing with the people I love and having a drink with those i love i never knew how to deal with stress and wasn’t aware of what made me happy after debuted these were my little breathers and pleasure I lie on my bed and reflect on my day I spend about 15 minutes and head for a shower. Then, I knock out – Hobi. / – It’ll be the same today I think i’ll go with Hobi Shall we eat? No, no, you can’t cut it like that you cut it in half like this, this is mine This place is famous but it doesn’t pair well with soju you put it with ice? have a glass i was too hungry not to eat – L.A. / – I thought I was gonna die Seriously L.A. i don’t know how I lasted without eating. I lost a lot of weight on the tour You did. You didn’t hear what I said that day, right? Yes They said, after drinking I came to the hotel and asked for me soju then , i said i’m really lonely i kept saying i don’t think using separate rooms was a good idea i slept like a baby that day Jimin though… he enjoys spendings time together Jimin once said, he thinks He’s afortunate being roommates with me. That he’d have been lonely at the dorm. after hearing that, i thought i should be there for him but whenstaying at hotels it’s kind of nice, gives that sense of freedom but it can still get lonely at some point since you’re alone but I cried talking about the members Why? why’d you cry? You like us so much? I really like my group not because i like you guys so much but because you guys were all going through hard times I was too Everyone was telling me not to think too much into it But in my opinion, we are a team and we’ll be together in the future, so how can I not care? I kept saying that’s not a team then you know what im talking about, right? of course you understand it’s impossible not to care but they’re telling me that because they care about me. so don’t be too hard on yourself – That’s what they’re telling me. / – Yes I do understand that but … I felt like you can only understand to a certain point, and i cried by myself but they said that I kept saying this while i was drunk but i don’t remember any of it then, i suddenly played lthe music I made, the one that has only the melody loneliness is a given. spending this much time in a different place away from home. and living there for the time being it’s not easy but who will understand this loneliness? That, I think, is part of my job i have to deal with it well so i always videos chat with my family at night it feels like we’re together that part when we say, “NA, NA, NA…” You know how i move from one end to the other? so when you’re at the end, go out a bit less. – outwards? / – Yes not too much. It’s too far. it’s hard today. It’s not what I think. – It’s not something in our heads, / – It’s like punching in the water. – It actually is…/ – Does it? it does seem like that. – It’s like…/ – Even if i use the same strength, I can’t seem to hit it hard. feels like I’m moving in a dream When on a hour, it’s a long project like a marathon if we run full speed like a 100 meter race. we can’t complete this race that’s what a tour is like we have to run like it’s a 100 meter race, but it’s something we’re not supposed to do. We have to allocate our energy. stamina-wise, our perfomance demands a lot. but what’s more difficult is… when there are things i want to express in the song and when i couldn’t do so to my heart’s content 1, 2, 3. concerts are fun after resting for two days. – Right? Physically. / – We’re in a better condition. – Definitely different. / – Physically it’s better. but it took a while for me to warm up. i definitely feel better we should get mentally ready before going on stage. we were in good shape and the response was good So I think it’s safe to say it was a good performance Shouldn’t we head out? It takes an hour. RM is talking right now What I’m talking about? – About what? / – I don’t know I don’t know. I don’t know. – Guys, he needs to say something. / – What? – Good or bad? / – I knew it. – What? What? What is it? / – He says he knew it. We have been on the tour for some time now But today, I’m not the only one who felt this. I wanted to talk it cover with you guys. so I spoke with RM first I honestly… Would like to know how our members are thinking it seems that our performance and singing lacks tension. – Really? / – Yes. – For example? / – What kind of tension? Like our moves aren’t in sync Especially with F.AKE L.OVE or M.IC D.ROP and D.N.A i’m in the back so I see it and feel it Love you so bad, Baam! The angle. Every tour, around this time, we seem to lack it. – Let’s fix it. / – Yes, yes. – Let’s get back on track. / – Thaat’s why I asked specifically which song. Honestly, for other songs, There are many that I think it’s okay to loosen up a bit To dance to all our songs, it’s strenuous. – I think it’s difficult to keep the tension high that long. But today seemed especially so. IDOL seemed to loosen up towards the end, but today? – Too much? / – Yes. I’m sure you guys know we’re not asking you to straighten up. Whether you guys take in this suggestion or not. It’ll be up to you guys – and to be aware. /-With singing though… regardiess of our condition it our throt isn’t in a good state. it’s a bit intimidating to sing It was good yesterday, but it can suddenly be had today Those circumstances, we understand – Yes. / – If something happened or… Regardless, this was the first concert of the Canada tour, and reponse from the audience was great. response from the fans are passionate and really great. but in comparison, the performance and singing was not at its best, so I spoke with RM first… but this.. / – I don’t… Honestly, i have no excuse for today. Normally, when the fans aren’t very responsive, That kind of drains us out. But today, the fans are responding this much, but it seemed like we cpuldn’t take it all in For example, after F.I.RE and we start BA.EP.SAE. i FEEL LIKE DYING TO A POINT WHERE i CAN’T SING and like you said, that’s when I normally feel like I’ve taken in all the energy our fans are giving us t feels like I’ve accomplished this with them. But today, I honestly… don’t think I was all there either I’m not saying today’s performance was bad I just wanted to remind you guys. – We needed this reminder. / – thank you It was a good performance that received great response but I wanted to remind you guys once more onhow much… better it can be. – Just think about it. / – We always get like this around this time, so our coach, Seung Deuk us. But he’s not here. Yes, we needed this talk. – Let’s get this! / – Good job. Good job today Let’s go review it. What I feel… and how people see it is definitely different A team is a team Just because one does well, doen’t mean it’ll be in unison I always thought like this There are benefits to us being comfortable with each other, but there’s also the negative. we get too laid back – Let’s watch yesterday’s first. / – Watch yesterday’s show. you can just look at the center not the screen don’t just look at the screen, look at it as a whole. V, if you look, your balance is always up. you crouch as much as you can… I thought I did… But you’re always up. Your balance This one is Seoul. Want to watch – Why am I stepping twice? / – Iwant to watch the seoul show. RM, your dance moves are always a bit fast. You seem to get faster when you get excited This one. Who’son the way left? Suga. right? You have to come up more during the second verse. There are 22 shows in a tour, so i get that we’re saving our energy,

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