(ENG) 제사를 꼭 장남이 지내야 되는건 아닙니다|It doesn’t have to be the eldest that leads the memorial ceremony

Your ancestors want that person to do it The person should not prepare any food for them They don’t have the virtue They won’t come in. They’ll just gruntle and go away That means that your ancestors won’t accept the memorial ceremony through that family Oh~ Then it’s game over for them (Deokbun TV)
(Shaman Jinho Jang) (Hello)
Who should do the memorial ceremony? (Q. Who should do the memorial ceremony?)
A lot of people are curious about this The ancestors have someone they want the ceremony to be done with It’s not about the first or second son, nor it is about if it’s a male or female But there’s a saying that if the daughter gets married, they are a part of that family now But before they get married, it’s ok for just the women to have a ceremony That doesn’t matter! But for people who have married, that might be difficult But those who haven’t, it’s ok.
And you don’t need to be extravagant with the food Just a couple of fruit and what you are able to make If you have someone you want to do the ceremony, just keep it simple and ask for their help It’s best if it’s done by the person that the ancestors want to be done with And if someone asks, “How do you know which person that is?” Even if it takes some time If there’s 5 people, for example, they should each have the ceremony at their place, at the same time So buy some food and each have their own ceremony without getting together If you do that a couple of times for a year, then you’ll see who it is next year That household will be relaxed and have some stability They’ll all seem happy and only good news will come from them That’s the person who should lead the ceremony and the rest should gather around him That way, the rest will also be stable Your ancestors want that person to do it But if this person gets greedy and does it somewhere else Then the family will have difficulty gathering and when preparing, it’ll be bad luck Also, if you prepared the food all this time but as time goes by your family gets more unstable and if people don’t gather and just fight That means that your ancestors won’t accept the memorial ceremony through that family Oh~ So that household shouldn’t prepare any food for the ceremony It means that they don’t even want to come in But if they came just because it’s their descendants and it’s noisy? Do you think they would want to come? They won’t They’ll just gruntle and go away Then there won’t be any ceremonial virtue, or what we call “merit” So if people come here and say, “Our ceremonies are great” or “We do our best” On the inside, they’d be saying the complete opposite If it gets too noisy when preparing the ceremonial food or if the wife is making the food and the husband is already drinking and getting annoyed Or if he says that the food smells fishy That means that the ancestors don’t want to eat the food the wife had prepared for them That person, then, should not prepare any of the food They don’t have the virtue You won’t get anything good out of it, and it’s going to be mentally frustrating Because they tried their best, but they are people who don’t even do that but it’s better to do nothing in this situation Another thing is observing the surroundings of the house If there’s a conflict with the surroundings and your ancestors, then they won’t come in If you do it somewhere else, then everything will be clear as day Some people say that it’s the first child’s job to lead the ceremony But there’s a descendant that should be doing it for your ancestors That descendant is a person who has a lot of bad karma And it’s the ancestor’s consideration that by doing the ceremony, they reverse that karma But if that person’s got bad character, he won’t do it, right? Then it’s game over There’s a fine line between what can be good or bad So you have to be really careful when deciding what to do (Thank you for watching~) (Deokbun TV)
(Shaman Jinho Jang)

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  1. 쌍문동 티비 보다가 찾아봣는데 형 진짜 많이하는구나.
    형 근데 쌍문동에서 애기씨가 말한게 사업적으로 말고도 채널을 몇개만 집중하라는 이야기같은데?
    쌍문동 누나 은근 얼굴이 끌려~ 이쁘다. 전해줘 ㅋㅋㅋ

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