En Kadhali Scene Podura Movie Scenes | Mahesh and Shalu’s engagement fixed | Manobala Comedy

You are feeling bad for this. Do you know how much I have tortured
your brother before marriage? I think you have tortured a lot. – Is she the one?
– Come inside. What happened?
She is good. Why are you crying? Look here. Don’t
cry, Madhumita. She is good even while crying. Tell me what it is. – What happened?
– You sinner! You hit me and you are
embracing her. It’s okay.
Don’t cry. You don’t be tensed.
Everything will be fine. Okay? I am sorry to have hit Karthi. It is okay. There is nothing
wrong to have hit him. I am sorry, Karthi. She is beautiful while
saying, ‘sorry’ also. Give.
Thank you! You know each other from before. – But we are seeing you only now.
– Thank you! Madhumita told us all the matter. I and my wife are happy. We are also happy to have got your consent. I didn’t give my consent easily. We enquired about Karthi in
your neighborhood. Everybody said good about him.
Then only I gave my consent. Wherever you ask, nobody will find
fault with Karthi. Yes, he is a good boy. – On the coming Friday…
– Okay. – We’ll exchange the auspicious plate
in the Goddess temple. – Okay. Son-in-law will have to spend lot of
money in buying toys. What is happening here? Is it
an office or Lover’s Park? I thought they’ll separate.
But they have united. Yes. Come fast. It is getting late. – I am coming.
– What is it? I wanted to go out with my friends. – Where are you going?
– To the beach. It is friend’s wish.
Where are you coming from? It is his marriage, isn’t it?
I had gone to buy gold. – You have a look.
– I’ll see later on. – Can’t we see the jewels?
– Sure. Have a look. If this is pledged, we can enjoy for
6 months with that money. It is very good. – Thank you!
– Keep it safely. – Someone might steal.
– In a policeman’s house? That is the problem. Okay, return soon. I have
prepared your favorite ‘biryani’. Superb! – Is there nothing for us?
– It is for all of you. Come soon. Then pieces of sweet. Keep the leg piece aside.
Else brother will eat them all. – Go man! Karthi, come soon.
– Okay. Oh God! If someone sees this
he’ll spit. In everything I’m straight forward. In
this matter I have to act secretly. If someone sees this condition of mine,
now ‘Me too’ has been started… I’ll get involved and tarnished
in that matter – Master!
– He has knocked the door. Where is she? Instead of coming like an MD, why have
you arrived in vest and ‘lungi’? What is the use of coming as an MD? I will have to remove the shirt, pant,
brief and shoe. Will all that work out?
We should always get into work directly. – Okay, did anyone see you?
– Go man. If lion decides to enter the den,
it’ll become without getting caught. – Give the money quickly.
– You haven’t shown the person at all. Why do you want money? First you give it.
Rest we’ll see later on. I need money for auto. – Don’t
be in a hurry. That girl will come only at 7:30.
Send her back early morning. In that time, you can enjoy
as much as you want. Okay, come.
You sit down. – Before that you have a peg.
– Did I come to drink? If you consume this before the act,
you’ll get lot of courage. – You won’t be able to control yourself.
– Is it so? Pour it Enough.
Mix water. What is this side dish? – If you apply
this, the scent will be too good. Is it?
I have applied. It is too good. You have impressed me. By working under me in my office, by taking salary from me,
you have impressed me very much. This is nothing, sir.
I need to do a lot for you. – I am indebted to you.
– Is it so? My dearest! Wait a minute!
An important matter. – What is this?
– See properly. – On consuming this, I’ll get energy.
– Sir! – What is this? Do you know what is this?
– No. On consuming this I’ll get
load of energy. – Really?
– Yes. I’ll not get into an act. If I start, I won’t tire that easily. How are you like this?
That is the matter. Sir. Sir, can you make out anything? – Oh God! What happened?
– Are you a human? – What are you saying?
– You are an animal. Tell me what happened. Do you know what you
did yesterday night? Did I do anything? – If left, you would have killed that girl.
– What are you saying? – I didn’t even think you’ll be like this.
– You say what it is. Do you know how much that girl
pleaded to be saved? Don’t confuse me. I had a tough time in
packing off that girl. If left, it would have
come out in press. Did I behave so roughly?
Oh God! Listen to me. Please don’t tell this
matter to anyone outside. I’ll settle for whatever you want. Please forgive me. Did I really behave so
roughly with that girl? Leave me. Are you a human?
Do you know how vulgar you were? I am having a tough
time in handling him. I acted him smartly

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