En Garde! Was Cutting The Wedding Cake A Huge Disaster? | The Mane Event

– ♪ – KEYSHIA:
The sword is heavy, but I cannot complain because
this is what I asked for– a big-ass diamond sword
to cut this big-ass cake. – [tension-filled music] [tension-filled
music continues] – KEYSHIA: Yeah!
– GUESTS: [cheering] – Yeah! KEYSHIA: This banana bread
is scrumptious. Gucci calls me
“Banana Bread,” because I love banana bread
and I’m his “Banana Bread.” – Hey! – KEYSHIA: So, we’re gonna
have to get a bigger freezer at our Wopster Mansion to save the top of this cake
for our one year anniversary. – ♪ – KEYSHIA: Hey, come on.
Come on, Kathy. This is what you
call a real wedding. – KATHY: You’re
havin’ a party! – My fairytale wedding
is the bomb, honey. My baby’s having
an amazing time, in a room filled with love
with our friends and family. I mean, I gave
Kathy hell. But it wasn’t like
I was being mean, it’s just that this
is a huge job. But she delivered. This wedding, bitch… was over the top,
like I envisioned it, and I’m so happy. – I’m glad. I’m glad. It was a long journey.
– Yes. – It’s been a great ride. I’m so happy that everything
turned out like you wanted. And the love between
you guys, I’ve gotta say, there’s something in
the room when you two are looking at each other
that is special. And I love working
on weddings like that. – Yay, Miss Romero!
– KATHY: [laughing] Thank you. KATHY: The wedding
is done now, but Keyshia and I have
a friendship that actually I feel like
it’s gonna continue to grow. – Yes!
– KATHY: You’re crazy! All the hard work
and the perseverance paid off, and I feel like I’m actually
part of the family now. Bye! – Kathy pulled it off. I’m happy. I’m pleased. Thank you, Miss Kathy,
and I love you, BFF. – ♪

Michael Martin

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  1. you are so beautiful love you..lm prathibha 14 years from Sri Lanka 00940776086682 Good luck your family….👏👍😍💚💛

  2. loving the all white theme, looks fresh yet classy❤️❤️❤️❤️not a fan of her bridal dress tho🙄looks like a flapper/disco dress🙈not exactly elegant

  3. Instead of wasting money on these things plz try to help those who r dying every minute coz of hunger in africa. One day u will die and all this wealth will not give u any benifets

  4. How fake these people are…!!!
    Mask of fake smiles they always wear..!!!
    Why can't they be a natural human being…!!!
    Sitting here m feeling – ve vibes 😏😏

  5. Such an expensive wedding yet she'd save the top of the cake for one year anniversary. This proves how calculative she's! 🤗🤗🤗

  6. 😍😍😍 that cake is ridiculous and GORGEOUS!!!! Someone please tell Keyshia that the “w” is silent in sword 🗡 😂

  7. Why would any guest be recording the cake cutting that is not hired to do so. This beautiful cake was high because of the many lavish tiers and could've possibly fell but the lovely wedding cake was approached carefully with caution due to it's height, it stood tall and it stood it grounds just like a boss cake. Wedding days are special, joyous and a gathering with family & friends of good cheers, whom are just as happy as the couple for being wed. Their will be people hired for the event to digital record and take photographs. Those hire for that particular part will be professionals with experience capturing all happy moments and the most perfected angles. The bride need everything to be perfect and the groom wants it to be just that way she requested. Guest are invited by invitations only to share and witness their love and happiness in a private setting ; however close friends and relatives can request a photo taken by the expertise from the newlywed after the wedding event is totally over and the photos are finished. Invited guess are responsible for notifying all contacts in advance of their requested presence that they'll be without their hand-held device on that special date. Most people cannot be without their cellular because of their job or children, just simply send or drop off a nice card and gift. If you decide to drop off the gift, even though you're only dropping off the gift, still dress accordingly, as if you were there, technically you are there but don't forget to leave your phone inside your vehicle out of plain view because if you bring it you might be tempted to use it because everything is so pretty and beautiful and full of creativity you might just snap a picture. Only the bride and groom should release pictures, their day, their album, their memories.😍 Good job Gucci and Key, beautiful everything! That wedding cake looks delicious🤗.

  8. LOL… I thought she said in a previous clip, "No Blonde hair is, if you are black and it isn't natural" @ 0:07… oh well, It's Monica so she gets a pass… hee hee … Beautiful Wedding 🙂

  9. It was pretty but I feel like it was too much! I can't imagine spending this much for one day lol, then again I'm not super materialistic. : / seeing stuff like this just makes me sad, most people (in our own community) are having to live with so little!

  10. I just think this is too much! I’m always disappointed when I see ridiculous things like this….it’s a sign that something is missing in your life when you OVER compensate

  11. Their wedding was all about materialistic things …….yes it was on point and it was beautiful..the decor was everything ….but it wasn't emotionally convincing …it didn't feel like a wedding ..It was hard to see the chemistry between them….!!

  12. Every time I see them, I can't get pass his severely autistic child living in section 8 housing. I can't see pass that.

  13. Is this woman FORREAL?? I could never act that fake infront of anyone foe anyone. People get a little money and forget how to act. And i say Act cause thats what she is doing is acting!! Im happy with my 30,000 a year i make if $ turns me into that! And how could he marry someone who acted like that! I give this marriage 6 months to a year. But get ready princes he will not be faithful cause how could he to your fake ass!! I wish yall two a Happy life though! Lol

  14. I'm late but I have to say her behavior is unacceptable and I can't believe Gucci tolerates her… But then again he a clone sooooo

  15. Monica, no longer with Shannon
    Diddy no longer with Cassie
    KIM porter has died
    CASSIE is pregnant……..
    How time changes lives

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