EMMAA PE AWARE ER 2 – Latest 2015 Asante Akan Ghanaian Twi Movie

[Laughter] [Applause] now are they identical you see adrenalin anonym see a DNA profile he is a contractor making a minute – you mean yeah my second ISA a dream a trivia yes harmony me company crap of the samsara downfall if a man is not the end of his life it is a way Anya maybe for every culture every three years annually and epic run a DNA sequence also to the mi outer animal patient worker will you only have not an avenue to eat to meet me how do we ask maybe mouth question not every to time I knew you would make me fear to see more cool dancing in free delivery we remove no semi focaccia into chrome dressing Quinn hey well you know addressing them to mark assembly Abuja I'm a monk Webber here oh yes I many more businesses we equip equally a new ant economy father had the ballooning design be world nominee me a month will be semi cavity Biafra Norman oh no what no many me try a doubt the man I'm assuming you meant it is because it which I believe is him anytime grandfather you back over to listen to this a sum you owe any idea on one offending account because it rich him and I'm out into jackal you owe me 500 what you will be more damaging McCutchin Sameach am Kamina duo and finest a Impala drop you Obama momentum savvy oh yeah yeah call your father father me a linear model to young son are you bidding credit you know it genus which is Adi Adi good evening one one Castle II think na yahoodi be seen to me by 10 minutes time Freeman as a means to me for a while Emma as a multi aquafaba Oceania contacted me a magazine no no gladion has some more patterns my dear CC cream hassle this is Edmund iron roof not romantic i'ma OBC America near to Ghana or yet mushroom Bonnie been a woman she said it can't be anywhere while I do my herbicide to be a consensus in Castilian Ocana Nevada woman must be on could be applied to medium America called the Bram equation intimate in Konya I mean could do my science animatronic rats a shabby machine necessarily to also no even remember me Joe Biden in : in this ad idea who Paul Romano komoku fear now doing this rubbish like a Clemens [Applause] anybody with atomic want sympathy open so Fleur Catriona man chassis the bishop FSM community who need minimum Thomasin tempest oh come on come in part one opening visited before summer bikini when on 19 units every movement for solving song ABC and Rianna so Vlade vanilla but my room is gonna be a won't let me perfect sister finally its nature so be everyone in a stampede yeah yeah I didn't know it'd be dimple not a biggie she cut a between it's like a bear for this animal could be a Mahan I mean even a pan sonsaku-san Emily key as the immunity forces and even it's coming no hohoemi self-raising Papa me ksama so limousines you Duncan incident he probably also wonder you may end imagine how do you remember phenom the Dominican they said a my uncle to children in the NSA and they are some really any poverty and you might have read my book [Laughter] in fact your honor call me GT amber Johnny Frieden hiya Oh Madonna Mia see this is tisha mana mana or leonid lisenker baba be fun but me two of my plan on TV revenue furniture said you're no vir broke my Septimus is about temperature Oh mio Copan in a manner but you know I'm also tell me you're no decisions on million Kubla Papa no County and menu I do become a verb machine and no no combats a member and me Oh bababa Shyama nacelle Milano because when you're important going to call South Africa I didn't know answer 19 men can call me Duke Monsieur Grammont messy ah no cars overfishing urban oh yeah oh yeah open him inside me a minute hey oh gosh I miss another fish novelty Obama man in China oh grandma short now we any day yeah you wanna move your new boots on the ground that's it yet snuff yet you see until we reach it I kind of like it's where the natural social don't care what you say but a convenient beyond Acadia to school from palma de vacas and NEMA when you naming am I on the you Sofia would say no mijo told me that Madonna school wondering Jean imagine miss roofie a motel a hammock pyar na said was he a car seminal in Shirdi not omitting a more tools you will observe a person even require more classmates in school meets in human civilization no tongue via Marcus I know how do you feel Deirdre did yeah Obama is coming – Elizabeth I mean they belong enemy man I mean it's gonna be a Coast Guard it's nothing but a you know and I'm at the harmony you said this week a queen yeah I was a my fashion we said this is a acrimony system you're looted mommy jjjj maybe has no clue finances Oh now pull more beyond represent my son Oh iris yeah so uh no bananas hey I know I'm denying your beer siphons hello [Laughter] and yes in Kumu Hina mera naam anonymity when Jay Hanuman much Europeans Mohammed in Como in fact Tim Okazaki DSS a do crowd can say – Emilia which means a watchman from Tomy Fria is amenable I know mama me Bobby humanity mama number to call corset Africa Cavani module Johannesburg Avanti no my only fear now we see a jab a bracket reduces Louisiana 20 and the harbor service in a chain in Newman amo not partial now do you say Sonia Moses is Devi sebuah Barbara Zoo William Bell may be in Singapore animal one actually a nucleus Reba una Cerebus well now coffee number anything here and Yom Kippur do a bohemian or abundant waffle mention me a veggie in Walla Walla damn I imagine sitting and even a madman and messing about number one Sam hey I made enough for him to movie night so say me a meaty Moo DNA Mikasa mo catch a salmon apparently party animal mr. Mohammed inform I'm watching me an idiot not Somalia right burning them abundance mummy didn't like yeah my name things about my mom say different there's many a cousin in Eugene something miss me didn't a man among the masses sending an orphan why I do my idea famous Sydney ba Baracus on television in une Crabby eternity will unify the passion in Albania virtual try Anza let's go Muslim whatever my wife oh my name Hamas a mess a memory I choose any material now amazing Boozman media Casa de Maynes an opening and opening means that you tuning in I hope grab a beer mama increase at nidian Amaro Wow like it was a unanimity I thank as if one is something yeah possibly Feeny can I help you what can I do for you please but you're frozen yes mr. Jonas okay passion with you we attend so much okay so limiting come on Anakin IOT Roger sailing poor trust them is or the Equis a phenomenon when it's immune refraction I don't worry a radiographer with the old for bother okay my own Yemen Campo on the Air Force and he and Indian comedy brain is no yep another time singing – a witch named require ma if it means she all baby hey I don't when you see one naive yeah buddy yes then pious to my brother lunatic mr. Seamon are they oh yeah now yeah now if you're not with me become crowd I'm see me fall I'm a doubtfulness with me hey yeah baby maybe I mean yeah it's me now corner Nate I'm a demon be here what sort of thing some Jun assets it goes to join us and I'll see didn't trash doctor forgive me Oh My giddy with you've any idea Menominee Adonis America's Hannity yeah what be irresponsible because Osama forsake her briefing me I'm simple I mean you will see Bassam I don't see an Aussie yeah yeah I would yeah you might you know Oh tell a demon or a power I'll give you and I said there was a mirage or O'Brien in Colombia oh if I can drag me to shake my dogs would be freaky about among over oh no abandoned Pakistan mr. womano they put on my face it's not the last chance what is American to create so and I'm actually P we are playing anyway I mean listen me come on up and show me take one sound hello yeah boo boo boo boo baby up above SSE baby a DDP I will be a new Congress permanent by 15 minutes time agreements right 50 okay we watch all perish along tomorrow you could feel in the body it has to be snow me a bill – or the bobbin it's my move you know why children say what they did hmm well this year the house nice nice nice nice not cut me bah bah bah come again Matheny tell me whether any see about tthe remedy I'm Rafi Rafi totally mister you know affinity coffee Jonah okay you are all comfortable much you are come to my home state such a young castle a quick Wendy but why I do I think many many because McConnell la madrina Union calendar corner so Hanabusa Bruce Watchmen shaytanic merciful it's a Minami Souma fights on with you not much meaning in yeah Akashi anima be fun a new class yes yeah Oh totally yeah come you're catchin is school father anymore that you wanna only mommy I drew booster serum how come it's you who pioneered the mouse its name whenever I year Acqua di box come here corny mooch into him somebody down with mine who I mean 20 enemy with him hey not sitting in a de minimis or would say gee Minnie kokapetl thermometer not essm including 10 addition also coaching babieemelly a meaning Edmund do my sister Namibian amadon an analogous a Baba Khalid Sheikh this is handy because I mean the more quad sin denomination in my class it's an amnesia economy a baby a horrible we are not edge money yeah well with me as not to be it's me same me make acceptance hegemon give you an easy brick and Madonna funny number mommy my friend Madonna's so typical policy imaginable I did you fetch a number more CC onofre Nepali Bo New Year Mon Ami poo me to sub F from announced a DIY anything Mimi but the UNAM so crumbling bank tomorrow could you find a number local coroner and Japan or Baker Misawa a beige Oh ah hello honey yeah I mean you imagine kind of an amiibo I mean I'm yes I know aunt your uncle moved my person I didn't and upon the balcony when I asked about how what do me Sam how are you you're good means they're worse I might I want to know what did he say good news says it not me who you me some Google Docs anumana hear me waiting minion woman baby who say William I don't Indiana oh yeah William my – ah blue fish mm I'm a woman mean you would remove my case I know it's more Fuji air pressure ah they'll be able sneak my saw and now whoa Kofi well you know me a new planet – you mean you know what sir William maybe I may have thought that you never see Oh most amazing thing because me Oh Barney mommy one man Timmy vomiting naina you go doctor you could just tell Louisa or your band that's why I'm Emma are the Atreides Erica he made me feel better man a movie didn't so we're gonna say we are added an outcome one course a media necessity any one course a media let's just work on Sri Lanka semyonova course a major said no question to me never knowing maybe hua Guo a frenemy belvoir we renew BP apology Kobashi a Padano manila a Pia Mia cook Massimo a 4 to 20 ma ma da background Malcolm quark remote yes if we camera Mossad was actually then anyone papa get it get it it's a puma hey we ain't no watch unless you wanna see ha ha sheesh being champion Tim yes from the beta and gamma if you made a non-permanent okay anybody's ooh forever Wow Naboo musica papa for my mrs. Magoo Columbia SC ST just wanna go in every bring it with me I mean nanana na na Nana na ma what the owner had on you I said you mean my cousins are only that movie hmm don't worry enough adorable oh not in women Oh clutching a pyranose armorial in fact out when William sa re Banerjee oh no – Parramatta also no oh they may about that time I decided purple Ummah of the Ahtna Papa bunny yabba pajamas on a bus is a mini fema me I mean mu ta murdered main castle and say at least also not America did we all become hollow maharloka banana me person make a memorial see anything any super pollutants even enjoy sur le soba messy bear five six months minute Habana also but one year casa was it sits in a german-american fastidian ankle weakens over time when the season weekends in an aquarium on the emergency weekend so quagmire of a rabbit and a burro Brennaman say immunity and abre a German repair a stratagem al-khoei marcenia di di obey inhibiting mothers is a they say Wakita to plot so da ha ha sayidina isa cravat depa da da da chibi Musa Bettina Rubens not benefit Oh MeOH amo many Bassano ta the eponymous Kofi's es una efficient a Timon soon appear squad Escobar Yakutia unfashionable into aoyama-san a baby chammiya shannon malfunction would you say ignore onion ready cerveza nay I do MA Inaba sir what cinema can my room sounds like alone can assign important a moment ago about ribozyme your memory when you feel or first four markets know what to talk Moriyama anymore the babymoon of you all by new age in a baby know what tutor Nadia back NHS when your baby gets theater so I see and yes she may be obey baby are near Annabeth Nass chakra now holidays vida y manemma honey and CID Laconia cost ran for Sammy okay Dominic tomatoes to Obama cotton say the worst cinnamon a jimana aya Titan Yandy free its mama was okay come on come on to me and watching when we go yeah I love you too baby this is it mid-term anomaly bar no th-this is it mean to mana over time Tomomi so did Muhammad Ravana I'm coming in amid rising Nephi Obama be lemon they don't kow Kaname te tira a firm to an emergency idea either to media did you let this crowd he was a queer yeah however vidiians you're here Oh you know someone yet I don't do Messiah I said you was away nobody Nicki I said Michelle says sell your pheromone they say boy we get smacked a nice Pinot Noir you're my sister let me make my Bannerman you only know who said you were Katy oh okay that you I say mad energy yeah yes Coppola's one speak only i a boxy I walk I maybe a shoebox ago so many young actress on pollution on the streets maybe any part Indian for solution go to commercial combat American caucus mas fools or topic you should be seemed to a trollop like a baby between commentator who are you wish the new moment Jessie will take us on a path over here confess one yet did PML because a bill million fee becoming few because you who said that's a boy little so pass somebody did you quit my university it's not so to that one we've a funny way way to burn fat hog wallow see a foodie up a fearsome they say that I saw you in Miami know what's hard your mommy what to be honest no I do it No mmmm I am in the powerful now an insane Ian it's a fierce a wonderful coffee shop owner she tell me about you maybe attack CDC would you make sure SEC taxi no baby I'm gonna sign you slap me – don't defend potential but you have to follow me alone no I am a member in this area cancer died upon them no means it is a woman I'm Sam Sam and I'm it's obvious I won't come I mean say it's our job our channel name Rossi quite a whole packing with name of this in a small sissy oh yeah Felina nah me teacher said who begged an ahmadi achi wish we'd ruined my cousins a burden on the last name you do don't cha Mon if I bring it will charlie mommy como cassava and then send I am atomization funny mama named me papa SME chakra me abroad but a magician and it's really spreading apart and I know babe you're done and you're necessarily Nanticoke official Japanese my imagination compass led to focus remover the same not practicing their necessary we have abundant enemy mean thing happy I should say be resurfacing semi once in media Casa Miami dream same coming he been a semi and God was wrong with ramen challenge it Daniel just yet the basa woman's walk on my official shop focus from no I'm gonna work into what you do sir cause Joe watches and welcome Oh crud some common combat is our condition and genome embezzlement and services or body or fire from a new console or a mr. maklouf I a microplane minimum salary Encana said you wanted to chew a fun cuz I'm loco for Irish very simpie so I'm a holiday Oh Ned forbade any aluminum if we do option which I didn't wanna what you Khurana hominem so strong family my array so EDI methodically the PA : many pies Shana no I mean honest of you Boone is any more fearful area is all checking use any patent official my 90 of me but doesn't mean you'll be actually it's Debbie Debbie Debbie Debbie Memphis of it's not second Odia trim free Mumia master show name a bootable new ho Sanna Zahrani within a grin as here yeah what's wrong remember the way to MU say nothing Mia swap it out for a nun Proteus it 400 become enough inattentive your granny a public I said not pon da da in a more nanny Jack have you Serena passenger yeah the car it's the comedy thing incident you won't say a problem second maximization oh yeah he didn't miss a memo Tomas it's one year to the other cramming Sevilla and the economy Passover choir grabbing both I mean yeah so they've been committed because who was a MOOC animal is WA not quibble so can someone minutes sometimes m700 yeah about that CDMA can be a massacre the ammunition yeah yeah yeah you chatted in the drinks when it seemed to be out hissing for constable before you write and it showed me nothing mental mushiya mushiya Monsieur Monsieur Monsieur Ivania Bremen impress amico crew prepare seven work of work the limiting pomegranate necessary in ps-aguié hourly an impartial re Adachi no Benjamin now we do cassano yummy desolation virgin boy vomiting I immediately say but yahoo in fact we are seriously a simple cell phone a search they would be anyone anytime from videographer general miami me me me me me anyone in fact moon de minimis every woman who do mama maybe diva me bank or climbing or doko nimo minimus Ramat Gan paper will be added anagram swami now possible is a travel and see which number no I was in Singapore almost a four okay kind of virtual me to me enough ataxia when that was a ever had in fire ah Sarah Burton movie odd is in cornet you gotta bend over ooh more intolerable residue come on fess up to whites feet over yet wanna ruin telemedicine until Morgan I'd need to clean sheets Olivia Pope odd numbers 1025 – it's immature it's a promise oh there you go too you will be feel my limbs away already so Bella Mia Amy of course ready what she means is a mimic eponymous a purple warrior named programming and a warrior on TV de la campus walk away rayappa a sassy resume and Gemma ended up shake you ready bitches me now adding features your code to buy a queer shop you're putting us our child meaning I await them ha Oh

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