Elite Events Management – Behind the Scenes NYC Exclusive

Michael Martin

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  1. Sir I want a best decoration in my marriage my wife home to her rescepation and many more and my home decoration to rescepation. I have 2crore invest please tel me or message me how is your procedure my mail id:- [email protected]
    I am waiting your answear

  2. Am just a young Muslim refugee girl who moved to America 4 yrs ago and am trying to do something with my life such as this but, where the hell do I start with no dime or a dollar 😫😂 lol pray for me

  3. Enjoyable video.alot going on though… very interesting. . I have held alot of birthday parties, and attended alot of events in my lifetime. I want to get your opinion about my small business idea, i am thinking about hosting events in my private home to hold events for folks that just don't have adequate space, or live in a apartment.. I want to offer weekend events only of social gatherings… What do I need to do to start or create traffic. My home is modern, a smarthome, camera's, great neighborhood, and a zen feel of comfort. Open to suggestions with a different private home twist for holding events. I just want to subside my mortgage, not looking to get rich… thx.

  4. While the video is well-produced and the tracks are all excellent songs, the soundtrack overall overwhelms the entire film. It never stops. Way too much.

  5. I am currently taking an Event Planning course at a local college in L.A and am eager to dive into the industry. I really appreciate you and your team taking time to put this video together and to put it here on you tube. It certainly gave me a great visual from another perspective of how a wedding can be handled. Great job!

  6. "FlapApp", available on both Android and iPhone, simply creates an event, and removes the unnecessary chaos around inviting people for any event. 

    It saves the cost and reduces the efforts and wastage by getting exact headcount, sharing location on google map, getting distance and time. Rescheduling, canceling. All the event photos at one place etc.

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