Ek Rishta Saajhedari Ka – एक रिश्ता साझेदारी का – Maha Episode – Ep. 46 – 10th October, 2016

Hey, Ram Pyari.
We have run out of chutney. Bring some more fast. The priest was performing
the veneration so slowly. I missed my breakfast
as well as lunch. In any case.. We can’t eat before
the establishment is complete. Hey! Today Lord Ganesha’s idol
was to be established even at Aryan’s house.
– Yes. – Yes.. Hey! Then call them up
and ask about it. Look, we are a part
of the bride’s family. We should call them at least
three to four times in a day for any given reason and speak
to them. Do you understand? Now, go. Kusum, Aunt is absolutely right. If you call them,
they’ll feel good about it. It’ll make them feel respected. Sister-in-law, then
why don’t you make the call? You’re elder than me.
They will also feel good. Okay. Fine.
I’ll make the call. Take some of these too. Hello!
– Hello, Ms. Neelima. Yes, it’s me. Shall I call for Sister-in-law? Oh, no! No, Ms. Neelima.
I can speak with you too. Actually, last time,
when I asked you to give the phone to Ms. Sarita perhaps, you might have
felt offended about it. Look, Ms. Neelima. We should get
over what happened in the past. We are from the bride’s family. We cannot get stuck
with such petty matters. Ms. Chandra, believe me. We are not amongst those people who create issues over
petty matters and cause a ruckus. Well, are you done
establishing the idol” of Lord Ganesha at your house?
– Yes, yes! The foundation of Lord Ganesha
has been done perfectly. And what about the proceedings
over there? Well, everything has been done
with perfection over here, too. Okay, Ms. Neelima.
I’ll hang up now. And give my greetings
to Ms. Sarita. Okay. Sure. And you also give my greetings
to Ms. Kusum. Yes. I’ll surely pass
your message to her. What does she think of herself? After all, we are from
the bridegroom’s family. What is this?
– Nothing. What do you mean?
– I mean Sister, after this holy thread
has been tied to your wrist the countdown for you to leave
this house has begun. Now, this is my room. Oh, really?
By the way, what did you say? This is my room.
– It’s not your room! Idiot!
– Really? You can ask anyone. Now this room and every item
over here shall be mine. So, now this is mine. Are you happy that
I’ll leave from here? Of course.
It’s a matter of happiness. This closet of yours. Wow! I had my eyes on this
for so long. And these dresses..
All of this would be mine. And though it’s a fact
that you won’t be here to assist me in choosing
a perfect one for me which would match with my style. And after your marriage this table shall also be mine. Though it’s a fact that
it would be of no use to me. As I can’t sit alone,
play snakes and ladders on it. And Sister.. This bed! This also will be entirely mine. Though it’s a fact
that if I get scared after seeing a nightmare then you won’t be here
to tell me stories and make me go to sleep again. Sister, I feel like crying
after thinking about this. It’s because,
you’re my elder sister. You’re my best friend too with whom I can
share everything. And after you go away I won’t
even peep into this room. Have you gone mad?
I’m not going to planet Mars. I’ll be going to the house
of my in-laws. They stay in the same city. Whenever you ask me to come,
I’ll be here. Idiot! Hi!
– Are you crying? Just a little bit.
That too, just because of her. Tanu.
Do you know what she is saying? She is saying that she will miss me a lot after I get married. She’s saying that
she will cry a lot. As if,
I will not miss her at all. Pass the phone to Tanu. Okay.
Let me put it on speaker. Speak with him.
– Hey, Tanu. Hi, Brother-in-law.
– Do I look like a devil to you? Not at all. Why? Then why do you feel
that you’ll have to cry when you miss your sister? Is it not possible that
whenever you miss your sister I bring your sister
to meet with you? Brother-in-law,
is this possible? You tell me. It’s possible.
– And yes. Make a list of the places
where the three of us would be going to. Okay. We shall definitely
go to watch movies. Okay. Done.
– What else? I’ll make a list.
Then we will decide on it. Till then, speak to Sister. And Brother-in-law,
you’re the best! Aryan, thank you.
Thank you so much. You made Tanu smile. Or else, she had started
to make me cry from now itself. Saanchi, please.
Don’t cry anymore. You see,
the pictures would get spoiled if your eyes are swollen. No. I won’t cry anymore. By the way,
my eyes are not swollen. Aryan, do you know?
I’m very happy today. Today, the idol of Lord Ganesha
has been established. Preparations for the turmeric
ceremony will begin, tomorrow. Has the preparations for the
same begun at your house? Yes. And the turmeric ceremony
in our family is very popular. It is also quite a grand affair. How so?
What do you all do? You have to watch it in the
video recording of the ceremony. Or you can watch it during
Nishant’s marriage. Oh, really!
You’re acting so secretively. By the way, my brother has
also planned something special for the turmeric ceremony.
– Really? What are his plans? You can see it in the video
recording of the ceremony or during Tanu’s marriage. Really? So, this is the matter.
– Yes. This is the matter. Oh, God!
Neelima, you’re too much. What such has Ms. Chandra said that you’re being
so much offended? Yes. She didn’t say
anything directly. But indirectly
she made me realise that she doesn’t
give me any importance. As if she is doing me a favour
by speaking with me. Is this a way to speak
with someone? She asked me that whether
she should call for Aryan’s mom as soon as she heard my voice. I have apologised to her
even for the last incident but she’s still taunting me. I don’t know what problem
Aryan’s aunt has with me. If Ms. Chandra has things
going in her way then she would call me every day and make me realise that I don’t
have any value in this house. Come on! Why would I
discriminate between anyone? This is Ms. Neelima’s
own inferiority complex. Or else, if I want to speak
to our son-in-law’s mother then why should Ms. Neelima
have any problem with that? Kusum, it’s not necessary
for us to discuss everything with Ms. Neelima. No, it’s not like that. Sister-in-law, I don’t think that Ms. Neelima had
any such intentions. I don’t know, Kusum. I’m telling you. This is the intention
she had in her mind. Oh, come on!
Now, let it go. Neelima, why are you
getting upset for this? Sister-in-law, let it go.
Please forget about this matter. Try to understand. This is not the time to sit
and be upset. This is the time to celebrate.
It’s our Aryan’s wedding! Look, the idol of Lord Ganesha
has been established, today. Tomorrow,
there is the turmeric ceremony. So, be happy. Okay? ‘I’ll not spare Ms. Chandra
the next time.’ ‘If she says something,
I’ll give her an earful.’ ‘Next time, even I will not
care about anything.’ ‘Let her dare pass
any kind of remarks.’ Keep a thermos filled with
hot water in uncle’s room. And keep a jar of cold water
in everyone else’s. Okay? Make haste. Hang up the phone. Do you know?
Aryan, I’m very upset with you. Do you know why?
– Why? You didn’t even show me
how your future wife looks like. You didn’t even show me
her picture. I’ll show you right away.
– Yes. Show me. Wow!
Her face looks so innocent. One can tell from her face
that she is well cultured. And yes.
She is very beautiful too. And I can see in your eyes that you’ve dreams of living
a bright future along with her. But dear,
dreams doesn’t get fulfilled by just thinking about them. You have to work
very hard for that. If you love someone truly,
you’ll get the same in return. Do you understand?
No? Was it very difficult for you?
– Yes. Okay. Come with me. Let’s sit, while I explain
everything to you in detail about what are the qualities needed in a good husband.
Sit here. So, dear, the first quality is a good husband
is a good listener than being a good speaker. Aryan, what are you
doing over here? He is just sitting over here.
– Don’t sit here. Go and sit where you’re needed. The guests have come.
They might need something. They might ask for something.
Go to them. Come on. Don’t waste your time over here.
– Hey! Sit here! What you mean
by wasting time over here? Well, I was giving him tips of
becoming a successful husband. You?
– Or else, will you teach him? Listen, dear. Tip number two,
to become a successful husband. A successful husband
highly respects his wife. And listens to all that she
says. Just listens. Mind you! No need to obey her.
Ask me the reason. Why is that? If a husband obeys
everything that a wife says then no wife in this world
will respect her husband. I see.
You are citing your story. What do you mean? Now I understand why your wife
used to rebuke you every day. No..
She didn’t use to rebuke me. She had a strong voice.
– I see. Yes.
So, dear, tip number three. A successful husband should
keep offering awards to his wife from time to time.
– Award! Is it some prize distribution? I mean..
– He means gift. Not award..
– Yes, whatever it is. As long as you understand. Gift reminds me. Your wife
had asked for a gold set. Right? What did you get her?
A mixer grinder. Pal, why are you finding
fault with me? Shall I find fault
in your wedding? He was so nervous
on his nuptial night that I was specially invited. I had advised him and explained
to him and sent him to his wife. It is good that I didn’t use
your advice in my entire life. Or else, the first day
of my marital life would have.. What are you doing here?
Come on. Get up. Go inside. Get to some work. – How can
he go? He has your values. What values?
– That if two elders are speaking,
one should not walk away. Yes, I have even taught him
when an elder guy is divagating then you should leave
immediately. Come on, go. No, sit.
– Get up. No, dear.
Sit down. These two will make my
brother-in-law squat all night. I am going to save him..
– Stop. The entertainment has just begun
and you are going to cut in. Stop. Come on!
– What? – Silence. Yes. – Are you ready, Brother?
Today is your turmeric ceremony. Do you remember Brother
Sushant’s turmeric ceremony? Is the turmeric paste ready?
– Yes, Sister-in-law. Come on! So little turmeric!
This won’t be enough. How much turmeric do you need?
– We need a large quantity. We are not going to apply so
little turmeric on brother. We are going to bathe
him in turmeric. – Yes. Like Brother Sushant was bathed. No..
Not at all! I don’t want that kind
of turmeric ceremony. Come on.
– Why.. Why? Why wouldn’t you? Do you
remember my turmeric ceremony? You had applied turmeric on me
with so much excitement. – Yes. How can I let go
of such a good opportunity? I will get even with
my husband’s ceremony. In fact, we would like to play
Turmeric Holi with brother and nothing else.
– Turmeric Holi! I’ll tell you what Turmeric Holi
is all about. Ms. Kamla, I’ll tell you what.
Get 50 to 60 bowls of turmeric. 50 to 60 bowls! Nothing of that sort
would happen here. No Turmeric Holi
will be played here. A simple turmeric ceremony
will take place. Is it clear to everyone? But Uncle, what fun will we have
in simple turmeric ceremony? Yes, Uncle. It would turn
out to be too boring. At least, the fun should be
as much as that of Brother Sushant’s wedding. Isn’t it?
– Yes. Dad.. Are you saying this who had hidden behind me
during your turmeric ceremony in order to escape from them? And you were going on pleading
with me to save you. This guy was the one. And today, along with these guys
he is desperate to play Holi.. Turmeric Holi. Father-in-law, Turmeric Holi
sounds so exciting! Imagine how exciting
it would be to play it! It means, they haven’t told you
how they play it. I will tell you. They don’t just apply turmeric
on each other’s faces. They apply turmeric
all over the house. On the walls and curtains. To the extent of not sparing
the furniture too. I swear, Uncle. This time, we won’t
engage in mock fight too. Absolutely.
– A mock fight! I have declined it
and end of discussion! Turmeric ceremony will be
performed just in a normal way. With simplicity,
decorum, and decency. All right? Excuse me. Listen, it’s time
for the turmeric ceremony. I wanted to ask you about the
arrangements for the sweets? Sir, look here.
‘Jalebi’, ‘Rajbhog’, ‘Rabri’.. We have turned all the sweets
saffrony with saffron. Very nice.
– Vaibhav, let me check if the sweets are fine. Vaibhav.
– Yes, Grandpa. Recharge my talk time, dear.
– Yes, sure. Dear, even I have
ran out of talk time. Recharge mine
for Rs. 1000 or so. Yes, sure, Grandma. By the way, what is the plan
for today, Sister? What are you going to wear? I have entrusted this department
to Sister-in-law Pooja. What am I wearing today?
– I won’t tell you. Come on, tell us. Please. I have ordered floral ornaments
from Mumbai, especially for you. Wow! Our Saanchi should
look absolutely stunning. Wow! Floral ornaments?
– Yes. Vaibhav.
– Yes. I don’t find turmeric paste.
Has it been delivered or not? Hold on..
Excuse me. Where is the turmeric..
The turmeric? Hold on.
I will show you. Look at this. We’ve got so many
tubes of turmeric and sandal. You have got this for my
niece’s turmeric ceremony! Has there been a turmeric
paucity in Jaipur or has the sandalwood stopped
arriving from Mysore? Well, Ms. Pooja had told so.
That’s why I have got this. Pooja!
Dear, what is this? Yes, Aunt.
I had asked her to get this. Actually, these days,
this turmeric cream is used in all the weddings.
Dear, it might be in use but no shortcut will do
in auspicious rituals. Rituals will take place
as per the norms. Aunt, sorry.
I am really sorry. No problem. You order natural
turmeric and sandalwood. I will arrange it right away. Come on! This girl has started having
her own way here now itself. Post marriage, she’ll make the
everyone dance to her tunes. Not at all, Aunt. She hasn’t
done anything on her own. She got this turmeric-sandalwood
cream after asking me. Don’t cover up your
daughter-in-law-to-be’s faults to this extent. Lest it bears severely on you
in the future. Grandma, please. You are criticising
her unnecessarily. Even yesterday,
you had rebuked Pooja. Even today, you’re just blowing
things out of proportion. Did I say something wrong?
Do you see, Viren? Your son has got
out of your control. And she took your aunt to task
in support of his future wife. Tomorrow, he will even
take you to task. What are you doing, dear? Is this the way
to talk to elders? But this is not the way
to talk to youngsters like the way you
just spoke to Pooja. But, Viren..
– Please don’t repeat this. Pooja has been given
all the rights of this family. So, we expect you to understand
this and love her as much as you love Tanu and Saanchi. Yes..
Got it? Everyone is laughing.
Everyone except us. Step to this side. Come on..
– I haven’t even witnessed it. What is happening? Well,
Brother even you are sulking. Sister-in-law, you were
my happy sister-in-law. Isn’t this a happy day for you? Come on, guys.
It’s a marriage house. Don’t sulk like this.
– Ridicule as much as you want. You escaped turmeric shower.
Didn’t you? Now it is a matter of one’s
luck.. – Did anyone find Aryan.. Look at him. He is standing
here like a statue. I have been looking for you
for quite a while now. Listen, I have called the
album guy in order to meet you. Tell him what kind of album
would you prefer. Even you guys give him
some suggestion. Yes.
We will.. By the way, who listens
to our suggestions? What happened?
– Dad, explain to uncle please. What do I explain to him? I see! The matter
of Turmeric Holi. – Yes. Listen, dear. The thing is,
it is out of question. Don’t you care
about our feelings at all? Right now,
I care about my budget. I hope, you remember.
Previously, I had to shell out lakhs of rupees on repainting
and new furniture. At least, you must
be remembering it. It’s simple.
– I hadn’t even witnessed it. Uncle.. – Dad..
– Aryan, meet the album guy. It’s simple.
Nothing can be done. Forget it. I don’t think
anything will work out. Let it be. Guys, I am seriously
feeling bad for you. Especially for sister-in-law. Because sister-in-law hasn’t
witnessed Turmeric Holi yet. But I know who in this family
can make Dad change his decision. Who?
– Who? No.. No way!
Don’t involve me in this. He is my dad. That’s why we are using
you as our shield. Brother.
– What is it? No.. N-Not me.. He is my father-in-law.
You are acting strange! Brother, he’s your in-law.
So, he’ll listen to you. Yes.
– How will he turn you down? At least, you can do this. What are you thinking?
Let’s go.. Let’s go.. Hey! – You talk to him.
– Let’s go. Be careful.. Firstly, you speak.
– What do I speak? Well, what I am saying is..
Priyanka, how is it possible? I mean, I am unable
to understand what’s happening. But.. How did it happen?
You’re acting weird. It’s turmeric ceremony
and we will not have any fun? Like no fun at all? Do you even remember
our turmeric ceremony? How will you remember it?
We had celebrated it. It was amazing.
But what will happen now? Nothing at all.
It will be all dull and boring. How can we let this happen?
This is not fair. What is unfair? Father-in-law has
refused to have fun in the turmeric ceremony.
So, let it be. You were the elder son. So, he fulfilled all his
wishes on your wedding. Let’s have a boring
turmeric ceremony. What are you saying?
How can you give up so easily? Look at their faces.
Just look at the kids’ faces. Look.
They are so sad. Will they have a
boring ceremony? No one will be able
to do anything. Who can talk in front
of father-in-law? No one. No one. – No one can
do anything in this house. No one.
– No one can convince him. No one can convince him..
– No one.. Hey, stop blabbering. I heard it and got it.
Move. Move aside. Look, dear. I think that no
matter whose wedding is this a father should make equal
arrangements for both of them. Exactly.
– Definitely. And we’re not here
for the veneration. We’re here for the wedding.
And it calls for a celebration. But it’s not going to happen.
– Why? Because uncle have refused it. And no one can argue with him. What do you mean?
Hey, he is not a film actor. He is dear to me.
– But, Uncle. None of us have enough audacity
to speak in front of dad. Very good. You should anyway
not talk in front of elders. But I am Diwakar’s friend and no one can stop me. But, Father-in-law..
– Will you stop me? No, Father-in-law.
How dare I stop you. I was telling you to not
interfere in all this. I feel that you won’t
be able to handle it. Yes..
– It can be a problem. Yes, Dad.
– You won’t be able to do it. You won’t be able to handle it.
– It is difficult. Shut up, you fool. You’ve no idea the bond
Diwakar and I share. How strong is it? – What is it?
– How would I know it? But that’s not our concern. Our concern is
that like every time I will convince
Diwakar this time. Don’t you worry, dear.
Aryan. Your turmeric ceremony
will be celebrated the way you all want it. But, Father-in-law..
– And you. You Diwakar’s minion. Don’t you dare talk
to Diwakar about it. But, Father-in-law..
– Shut up! Amazing.
Greetings.. Hey, serve them some drinks.
They haven’t had anything. The ambiance is set
but the songs are too old. Play some pop songs. On which
we could tap our feet. Come on. Amazing.
Fabulous. I spoke to them.
– Yes. Hey, look.
– Greetings. Mr. Diwakar.
– Thanks a lot. We heard that you celebrate
the turmeric ceremony royally. Yes.
Even I have heard it. No. It’s nothing special. Whatever had
happened was a past. But this time it’s
going to be simple. Come on. It’s time to start it.
– Yes. Please come.
– Yes. – Please sit. Prabhat. Did you tell everyone that
I don’t need any ruckus? I have told them, Brother.
– Tell them again. Remind everyone. The affluent and sophisticated
people are present I don’t want any
kind of buffoonery. I don’t want anyone to even
think of doing anything. No one can even dare to do
anything in your presence. Don’t you worry.
Everything will be fine. Prabhat, tell me, what’s going
on over there? – Yes, Brother. Come. I’ll show you. Even dad has said that everything will be fine.
– Oh, God! Hey, don’t you worry. We will get to know in sometime
that who is going to win. But I don’t think
uncle is going to like whatever we are going to do. I’m telling you, Dad. You won’t be able to do
anything this time either. The ceremony
is going to be simple. – Yes. Hey, at times I doubt if
you’re my son-in-law or not. Don’t you worry.
I’m here. If he’s a warrior,
I’m a gladiator. What did I tell you? I told
you that dad is a warrior. Of course. Call me. – Is he asking us
to make a call? He’s asking us to follow him.
Come on. Come on. Okay. Okay. Kusum.
– Yes. It’s time.
Call Saanchi. Tanu, go and get Saanchi.
– Go. – Yes. Come. Yes. Continue playing. Come on.
You guys carry on. Okay.
You are here. That’s it.
Be blessed. Hey, leave that.
Give me a hug. Bless you. May no evil eye
befall you my child. I’m tell you,
he’ll be absolutely fine as he have your blessings. Grandma, we’ll apply turmeric.
Everything will be fine. Come on.
– Go. Come, Aryan. Bless you. Come. Welcome.
– Come, Mr. Groom. Have a seat. Look, dear. This pious turmeric paste will enhance your beauty. This paste of sandalwood,
saffron and turmeric magnifies and results
in the emanation of the fragrance of
our soul and body. The sandalwood will
emanate the fragrance. The saffron will
make you so charming that Aryan will
be yours forever. I pray to the Almighty
that your married life is successful and glorious. May God bless you. May the marriage be
conducted in a grand manner. May the wedding procession
be grand as well. Click a picture.
Yes. No?
– Yes. Brother.. You’ll never forget
the amount of turmeric I’ll apply on your wedding.
– Thanks for telling me. No, Brother. Brother-in-law
you look like a clown. But it suits you.
– Wait and watch. I shall teach you
a lesson later. – Okay. Be blessed.
Be happy, dear. Look, Uncle. Sister is
on the verge on crying. Dear Saanchi.
Do you want us to cry so that, we cry and spoil
all the photographs? Hey, come here. Come.
– Yes. I’ll come. Wait. Smile.. – Go ahead.
– Come here. Let’s click a photograph first. There! Whatever the matter is
it is very boring, dear. Let’s get done with this
and then, we will celebrate. Brother-in-law! Sister looks good with all the
turmeric on her face, right? So, did everyone apply turmeric
to the groom? Everyone’s done. Let me know
if anyone’s left. There’s no one.
Everyone’s done it. – Okay. All right, then.
Let’s begin the real ceremony. The real ceremony!
– Yes. There’s one ceremony pending. It’s the turmeric ceremony! This is what we were
waiting for. Come on! – I’ve heard a lot
about this ceremony! – Yes.. Come, let’s be part of it.
– Let’s go!

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