Ek Rishta Saajhedari Ka – एक रिश्ता साझेदारी का – Episode 106 – 5th January, 2017

Yes, Nikita. If you marry into this family it will be good for
this family too. Are you asking me
about this family? The members of this family
are really sweet, Nikita. The daughters-in-law of this
family get more love and respect than the sons
of this family. And my brother-in-law..
– Look what I have drawn! What? Nikita, I will call you up
after some time. Show it to me. Have you made this?
– I have made this. Come here. Who asked you to make
this drawing? Did your dad ask you to do so? Go and tell him that I am not
a part of his family! I will never be a part
of his family. Why are you standing here?
Just go! Go! Sonu. What are you doing?
– Hit me.. Let go of me. – Slap me.
– Let go of me. Slap me, Priyanka! You can slap me
as much as you want to! You have the right to do so. I have wronged you.
I have made a mistake. But that innocent Sonu
is not at fault. Why do you keep treating him
like that? I didn’t ask him to make
that painting. He made it on his own. He has lost his mother,
Priyanka. And you..
He sees his mother in you. Both of you lost somebody you
loved, on the same day. That child sees his mother
in you. Why can’t you be good
to him too? If possible please try to treat Sonu
as your own son. Don’t punish that child for
my wrongdoings. Please forgive him. ‘Jaipur Cultural Fest.’ Yes, dear?
– Dad, I have a bad news. Mr. Mansukhram,
who was going to give a special performance with his
‘Ravanatha’ is suffering from dengue. That’s why, he won’t be able
to perform today. Oh, God! Most of the guests are coming
to listen to his music. What are we going to do now,
Dad? Shall we call somebody else
who plays ‘Ravanatha’? Dear,
whom are you going to call? That’s a very rare instrument. There are only a few artists
in this country who can play that instrument. Nobody can save us
from embarrassment today. Dad, I will be back.
Don’t worry. Don’t worry about anything.
We will surely find a solution. I will try to look for someone. Hello, Aryan.
Tell me quickly. I can’t talk to you right now. I’ve come to this fest in Jaipur
along with my family. I know that, Sanchi,
but it is very important for me to discuss this matter
right now. – Tell me. You are looking really
beautiful in your golden dress. What? The golden earrings
along with that dress look more lovely. That’s okay, Aryan.
Thank you. But how do you know that? The thing is, Sanchi that a good husband has eyes only for his wife. Was that too corny? Aryan, what are you doing here? You know that dad is here..
– Shut up.. Happy anniversary. Today is our fourth month
anniversary. Thank.. Happy anniversary. You remembered it? A great man once said that we should do
what we want to at the moment we want it done. Do you want to hug me? Thank you, Aryan. This is for you. – Wow! These
are my favourite doughnuts. Thank you. Aryan. I will eat it later. Actually, there’s a big
problem. – What problem? Dad had invited
a ‘Ravanatha’ player especially for the guests. But at the final hour,
he fell ill. We won’t be able to find
another player so fast. That’s it? You shouldn’t
worry about it. You think this is a minor issue?
– Yes. Eat this first.
Open your mouth! What’s the plan?
– A great man once said that when a person is worried he is unable to see the solution
before him. Sanchi, how can you forget about our personal
‘Ravanatha’ player? Who is that, Aryan? Uncle! Oh, yes.
I had totally forgotten. Aryan, thank you..
So much. All our problems will be
solved now. We don’t have to.. But Aryan why would he come here
to play? – Why wouldn’t he? Don’t worry. I have an idea. Tanu. That’s all right.
Thank you so much. Dad. Did you find anyone? No, dear. Most of the artists have gone
for international concerts. I tried a lot too.
But I didn’t find anyone. Sister, brother-in-law’s uncle
plays ‘Ravanatha’. Right? Yes. He does. In fact,
he is very good at it. But we cannot ask him
to come here to play ‘Ravanatha’. There’s no need to ask him.
– You’re right. Dad, all the guests
are very upset. Everyone is asking
about the programme. That’s enough. What? You want me to come there
and play ‘Ravanatha’? Mr. Prabhat it’s a humble request. I don’t want to force you. But as an art lover I am requesting an artist. It is your wish if you want
to come or not. But this isn’t about you or me. It is about our
beloved Rajasthan and about ‘Ravanatha’. Okay. I will be there. No, Uncle.
You need not go there. Have you taken the
responsibility of upholding the honour of Jaipur City
or that fest or ‘Ravanatha’? It is not your fault
if there is no other ‘Ravanatha’ player
in this city other than you. It is their misfortune. You don’t have to go there. Ms. Kusum
has asked you for help. Do you know why? Because she thinks
you are capable. Which you are. She has honoured you
by seeking your help. You should go, Prabhat. Not only for yourself or her. But for your city, Jaipur. In order to encourage art. To honour this instrument,
you should go. You’ll go, right? Yes, Brother. I’ll go. But will you folks accompany me? I haven’t performed publicly
since 20 years, Brother. Your presence over there
would boost my courage. You’ll accompany me, right? If this is what you wish.. Fine, we all will accompany you. They are here!
– Why are you so excited? Greetings. Greetings. Greetings. Thanks a lot. The admirers of ‘Ravanatha’
won’t be disappointed today. I’m here to fulfil my duties
as an artist. Mr. Prabhat, I’ll lead you
to the stage. Please come. You turned out to be
a genuine artist, Mr. Prabhat. You created a nice atmosphere. Thanks a lot for lending us
your helping hand. Yes, Sanchi! We crossed the
second step of our plan. Did you watch, Aryan, how
dad presented that ‘Shawl’ to uncle?
Finally! Everyone was so elated. Right,
Sanchi? – Thank God! Where is.. Where is Aryan held up? This.. Listen, anybody out here? This..
This electric board.. Listen! Run! – Run.. Fire!
– Run! Run! – Run.. Fire!
– Run! Run..
– What’s going on, Sanchi? Let’s go.
– Let’s go and check. – Run. Run! – Run. Did you come here to do
all this? I should have realised sooner. Wait a minute. Do you think that I did this deliberately? You were right, dear. We shouldn’t expect anything
from these people. They will always try to harm us if we are around them. Do you think that I did all
of this deliberately? You wanted to help them, right? Instead of thanking us for saving the honour
of this fest they are blaming me for doing all this deliberately because they think
that I am vengeful! That’s exactly what you were
doing, Ms. Sarita. You have always done that.
– Just a minute.. Don’t make a mountain
out of a molehill.. It is your doing, not ours! That is enough! They do not respect our decency. We shouldn’t stay here
a minute longer! Thank God that we have found a nice girl for Aryan,
who is from a wealthy family. Who is equal to us
in every aspect. A girl, who will be a good wife
and a good daughter-in-law.

Michael Martin

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