Ek Rishta Saajhedari ka – एक रिश्ता साझेदारी का – Ep 154 – 23rd Mar, 2017

Ma’am, after your wedding
with Aryan you’ll be going to the US. What do we
do to Sanchi then? Good question. After all this, there’s no point
for the poor girl to be alive. Just kill her. Listen, destroy
her identity completely. Aryan, how can
you do such foolishness? Without informing anyone why did you
go to meet Nikita? I know
that you all are worried but I didn’t have
any option either. Nikita has kidnapped Sanchi. Had I not gone there alone Sanchi’s life
would have been at risk. That’s why,
I went alone. You..
Did you meet Sanchi? What should we do
to get Sanchi released? She wants
to marry me again. – What! And she wants to take me
to the US forever. She’ll release Sanchi
only then. I’ll call up the police
right away. – No, Dad. If Nikita gets any clue
that we’ve informed the police or anyone else,
she’ll kill Sanchi. She has hired people
to watch us. Nikita is getting
every information about us. Doing any such thing
can put Sanchi’s life at risk. If we want to save Sanchi we’ll have to accept
Nikita’s demands. “What’s happening
in my heart?” “Whether my eyes
are open or closed” “I see only you.” “Your fragrance” “is spread in the air.” “I see your colour
in the blowing wind.” “Whether you stay
close to me” “or go away from me” “I can always feel you.” “Whether my eyes
are open or closed” “I see only you.” Hey! What’s this?
All of you are not ready yet.
And.. Why do you all look so sad?
Come on, a wedding is taking place in the family.
– A wedding? Shakti.. Where is my daughter,
Sanchi? Come on, sir. You’ll get
your daughter back. His daughter returns safe
even after death. She’s anyway alive.
Am I right? You’ll get
your daughter back. Just help me
complete this wedding and she’ll be back soon. Ridiculous, Nikita.
I never expected you could be so cheap.
You should be ashamed.. Ms. Priyanka, I’m forgiving
you for this as of now. If you ever dare to repeat this I’ll forget the relationship
among us. P-Priyanka! Surround them! What did you all think? That I would come
without any preparations? After all, it’s my wedding.
I have arranged everything be it the music
or the explosions. Shakti,
get the rest of the things. Priest,
please arrange the wedding dais. Hey! Wear this and come
downstairs within 15 minutes. The wedding dais
has been set up. The auspicious time
shouldn’t be missed. If it does it will be inauspicious.
Do you understand? Bullets will be fired.
Hold this! I don’t understand
what to do. I could think of something
if I knew where Sanchi is. Oh, God! I saw these symbols
at the place where I met Nikita. So, Nikita has abducted
Sanchi and confined her there. I even had a feeling
that Sanchi would be there. God is gesturing to me
to do something. I need to do something! Ms. Nilima tell me.
Why are you gazing silently? Tell me.
How does my make-up look? Yes.. It’s
perfectly fine. – Why don’t you mark me with your kohl
to ward off evil eyes? So that everything
goes perfectly fine. Please! Isn’t it
your duty as well to secure
the daughter-in-law from evil? Great! Now that you have
finished your job here you may proceed
to the wedding dais. There are many things
to be taken care of. Wow! I look lovely!
Beautiful! Come on, then. Let’s
proceed to the wedding dais. Is everything ready? Yes, ma’am.
Everything is done. Great! My dear Priyanka. Go and get
your brother-in-law. Isn’t this
a sister-in-law’s duty? Bring Aryan soon. You see,
I have no time to waste and you don’t either. ‘The longer you take
to make a decision’ ‘the longer you’ll
keep Sanchi’s life at risk.’ ‘It is best for you
to obey me.’ Brother-in-law Nikita is calling you
to the wedding dais. I’ve caused you
a lot of trouble, right? But believe me. I wasn’t aware
of Nikita’s true intentions. Otherwise, I would
have never let you marry her. Will you forgive
your sister-in-law? Sister-in-law,
please.. – No, I’ve wronged you. I have destroyed
your life, Aryan. I-I didn’t know that something
like this would happen. I just wanted
all of us to live happily. I wanted
everything to be good just as it was before. But now we don’t have
any other option to save Sanchi. I’m sorry! What is this? Are you going
to exhaust yourself like this? Save some energy.
You’ll need it. What is all this? – Hey,
check if things are visible. Yes. We can see the
ruination of the Sethiya family. Begin the movie.
She is way more eager than me. What is going on! Nikita,
you cannot do this to me! You cannot marry Aryan
forcibly! What are you up to? Call the bridegroom. This was just a trailer.
The movie is yet to begin. The hero has to make
an appearance too.

Michael Martin

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  1. aaryan k pas phn b h kya vo msg nhi kr skta tha police ko ek call b kr deta uske upar thode na koe camera tha

  2. Wow whT a plan by Aryan and Sanchi really nice twist going to be interesting superb episode @love u ARCHI ❤️

  3. haan sab tumhi log kar lo … police to chutiya hai ,sabse ghatiya serial hai . story me bhi koi dam hi nhi hai

  4. Whenever i see this couple…….yr apni wali ki yaad aajati hai pr fir hosh mai aata hu to yaad aata h ki apni wali to koi nahi hai

  5. The only thing imhave complain with is sony channel…….they are taking this series down, off air after 31st march


  7. Wow no mute ♥ love the song and the serial. .. It is one of the very few soaps I watch. .. I'll miss it and imma gonna miss the couple :'(

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