Eifel Rally Festival 2018 | Pikes Peak & Group B Monsters & sideways action

Michael Martin

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  1. Und keiner macht mehr Sex in den Ohren wie der S1… Walter und sein Quattro – zwei Legenden!

  2. Every time I watch a rally video whose camera work & editing enthrall me – it's got your name on it! Best in the world guys. Really – you are… & I'm very picky.

  3. This is great ! , thanks for putting this up .
    Push bars on cars 😀 , I used to run gigantic tires on my FWD , GSI , STORM . I run a bigger than stock tire now.

  4. It`s only 1 car i really wish i had and that is Tesla S……..NOOOOOOOOOOT , It`s a brutal Audi Quattro Sport S1…OF COURSE 😉

  5. We all know modern WRC cars a WAY faster than group B cars but can we stop for a minute and imagine the insane cars we would have today if group B was never cancelled!!!

  6. I love the old rally cars the most, glad to see them being driven hard! Especially the powerful Group B cars from Audi, Lancia, Peugeot etc – absolutely raw and visceral

  7. Wonderful video, I'm an Audi 5 cylinder fan, but how about that little Skoda 130RS Coupe and it's maniac driver ??

  8. I will admit a lot of these cars I've never seen before which it is a pleasure now to have

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