Edible Arrangement Founder On Balancing Family and Entrepreneurship | NPR

We did not have the pedigree or the
luxury of having uncles or cousins that you can turn to for advice or get money,
so you had to do it the hard way. I was on the road a lot as we built stores
because in most of it, you know, the stats that people gave you was for every
10 stores, you have to have an employee that’s managing those 10 stores. We
could only afford one for 100 so you were on the road. And you know how
indebted I am to my kids and everything, especially my older kids who probably
sacrificed the most because I was – I would be home on the weekends and on the
road. A lot of the entrepreneurs have this issue. We get too passionate about
our business, especially about our customers, so I would get a phone call
from a franchise having this issue and I would say oh I’ll be there tomorrow.
And it’s just that’s just how I was and at times I wish I had said no, you know
what, I’ll see you next week, because the reality of it is we still put fruit in
baskets, so the family comes first here a little bit, but it’s just… but I was
building something, right? So I’m glad I did some of the things that I did and
everything, but at the same time, these are the same people that make you
successful because when you slow down, they’re like what are you doing? Go!
Because they get used to you being a certain way and especially when they see
that you enjoy and you’re successful, they do pay a price, but at the same time
you couldn’t do it without them.

Michael Martin

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  1. His opening was already ridiculous. "Did not have luxury or the pedigree of uncle's or cousins."

    First of all, most Americans of ALL races and ALL political persuasions have that.

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