EDC Las Vegas 2019 Opening Ceremony w/ BILL NYE!! 4K

[Applause] to set the world on fire people the message the message Geneva sees and we are all in this together [Applause] working together we can make the world a better place our soybeans right here on earth rings everyone you've ever met is from this planet [Applause] people say to me what you found a girl and they walk in such fun when I say Holloway she was right here at sunset at Twilight if you can look at the Earth from space and see nothing but the ultraviolet light this is where it looks like now the ultraviolet light falls on the ocean also by putting it just on the land makes it easier to understand so where it is dark to the ultraviolet is a chance or it's less dark it's less intense so how many people here are not from Las Vegas [Applause] how many people here from Africa how many people here are from Mesopotamia Asia Alaska North America South America yes everybody started out in Africa ignore into Mesopotamia migrated that discovered meat started having cities building pyramids going crazy then people in a breathless McAleese they go east and asia they go south of what is now india they go across Siberia there's an ice age all the water's frozen up and the mountains in the summertime you can walk from Siberia to Sarah Palin's house then you walk down North America on the west coast all the way to the South America take a look at this you look at your skin color take a look at the color of your skin the color your skin is intimately connected to the ultraviolet light or ultraviolet light there is the darker your skin has to be or your folic acids break down and you don't do well if your skin is not working enough the ultraviolet damage you if it's not light enough you will get enough vitamin D we are one people [Applause] there is no such thing as race [Applause] human race No not magic my friend science as you know this festival was held two years ago is how the modes work now and it was too hot anybody here two years ago because the world's climate it is part of the bigger problem that you all we're all going to have to deal with the world's climate is changing so please consider the father everybody you've ever met these food I'm not joking comes from plants even if all you eat is mini meat that ate place so we need an atmosphere that could support clients or you need irrigation systems that can support farms and it's important remember farming is not natural farming is what humans do so that we can have a lot of humans and by the way no matter what any of us does the earth is going to be there is going to be fun what we want to do is preserve the earth and the Earth's climate for me for us so the reason the world's climate is changing is twofold there's two reasons the first reason I like to call the reason number one I came up with that myself when I was nine years old my family went to the World's Fair in New York City New York New York the town so nice they named it twice and the United Nations had a total Board of the number of people on earth and it had just changed from two billion nine hundred ninety nine million nine hundred ninety nine thousand nine hundred ninety nine people on earth to three billion people and I was a kid in elementary school today there are seven point six million people in the world and by the time and most of them are here you are my age there's going to be nine or even ten billion and that said you guys there's ten or nine billion people all trying to make a living on the planet and then reason number two is that our planet is fitted with an atmosphere by the way our planet is round [Applause] come back with the mollies but if you look at the Earth from space the atmosphere is extraordinarily thin if we had some amazing car that could drive straight up on some amazing Road you can try for an hour at highway speed and be in outer space coming here on the access road it would two-and-a-half hours you'd be in outer space and that said you guys are seven point six billion people trying to bring the burn and atmosphere that's only as thick as the varnish on a classroom globe and that's why the world's climate is changing so what should we do should we run in circles screaming you and I together are going to dare I said change the world [Applause] there's three things you want for everybody on earth the first thing we find just a few kilometres a few miles from here at Hoover Dam we want clean one for everyone in the world clean water enables us to have health people asked me if I journalist asked me over the years what's the most important invention of humankind and they want me to say light shows or or smartphones now I think the biggest convention really it was a sewer without sewers you really don't it's really unpleasant so we want a clean water for everybody clean water also enables us to have agriculture farm food and parties like this then the second thing we want you can also see at Hoover Dam at night we want electricity renewably produced electricity for everybody in the world renewable and reliable if you drive around here you will see miles and miles kilometres hectares acres and acres of solar panels along with the hydroelectric systems at Hoover Dam we can do this there is enough

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