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a royal reviewer live pop-up chat no let's wait until people get in but let's try again shall we my goodness for some reason let's just just catch you up on what happened if you don't know what happened yesterday I made a video about two Harry and Megan kind of rumors and things that were going on things and talked about recently in the press and literally after it processed about two thousand seven hundred people got to see the video and then for some reason it just went blank it just went to a blank screen some people were getting including myself it wouldn't play for me either people were getting not available on this device all these kind of things so anyway to cut a very long story short I contacted YouTube and they basically gave me no help whatsoever and just said wait 48 hours and then come back and tell us again if it's not if it's not work so it's pretty much been 24 hours and it hasn't loaded or processed or whatever it is that they think it needed to do I don't know so I think probably I don't think that video is going to be fixed I don't know how they can fix it I don't even think they know what was wrong with the video so smoothly I can say I don't even think they know what actually went wrong with the video so I'm just going to do it again I mean it's a little bit like deja vu for me but never mind I will I will just tackle those stories again and hopefully this video will process and stay live for everyone so first of all let's go to the chat room and by the way one thing I do hate is going over myself twice so not entirely pleasurable for me to backtrack on something that I've already spoken at length about because I like to move on like to move on with different and new things but anyway and say hello to everyone in the chatroom I can see you all we have 106 people watching so don't further ado let's kick off from where I bought this pic off from where I left off yesterday which was so on Wednesday the 12th of June which was yesterday there was a couple of stories going around the first one was about the Sussex is planning a tour of Africa and second one was about Megan doing something for Vogue magazine for the September issue so let's first of all start with with the Sussex is planning a tour of Africa now this story originated I do believe the source was ITV News and I do believe the Royal reporter was Chris ship if anyone knows anything different do tell me but he reported that the succeeds are planning a tour of Africa to Malawi Angola and South Africa you know Malawi to further Harry's work even through his charity centre Bali so obviously they want to further the work into that country and go left to work to further help read the country and the world of landmines now Angola was where Diana's famously walked through that landmine field with the mask on just shortly before her sad passing so that was why and Angola was mentioned and also South Africa now there were no details on what they were expected expected to do in South Africa now I would like to first of all start by saying that you know for a while now people have been talking about an African tour I really don't know what the obsession is we're trying to push them to Africa oh by the way we have a donation Kelly Duggars 999 and thank you so so much for your kind donation I will give you a big thumbs up so thank you so so much but I don't understand this obsession we're trying to push them to Africa now of course many African countries are still part of the Commonwealth and throughout Harry and Megan's lifetime they will visit pretty much every single Commonwealth country at some point so you know an African visit was always going to be on the cards but people seem to be trying to push it really really quick and I'm not entirely sure as to what kind of truth there is to that I always said that perhaps as a family unit a tour might be a little better placed so somewhere in the spring of next year so the spring of 2020 looked a lot better to me especially where we've actually being a little bit older roundabouts in September October time I mean Oh May June July August September September he's only five months old October 6 months old it's very very early for a foreign visit that doesn't mean to say it can't be done I'm not saying it's not going to happen I'm just saying there are a few things which we'll go through in a moment as to why I'm a little bit skeptical about it being a full-on family visit so in the article Buckingham Palace announced that Harry and Katherine sorry that Harry I'm trying to be my writing and it doesn't mean caffeine I actually wrote down conference so Buckingham Palace announced that Harry would attend a conference on land mines next week which is still going to go ahead and that's about mine clearance in Africa so I think this story kind of kicked off a little bit because of the announcement that he was going to do attend a conference about land mines like this is where I think that may have been the catalyst for this kind of slew of Africa stories now in the article it does say that officials are determined that it will that it will go ahead despite security risks now I think that they put that sentence in there has a little bit of a fallback plan just but I have like an insurance policy against if it doesn't happen because they can come at you with speculation speculation speculation then if something doesn't happen it's like oh we got it wrong so no I think what they put back in there be cool if it doesn't happen all they'll do is I'll turn around and say well actually it hasn't gone ahead because it was a security risk so I think we've put that in there a bit of an insurance policy oh hello Molly Molly is somewhere down the back so so like I say it's a kind of way out if they're proven to be wrong just blame the security risks why not so they also quote that no decision has yet to be made on whether Harry and Megan will travel with this or an Archie so again if anyone if you're seeing any videos or articles saying this Archie's definitely going he's not nothing has been decided at this point even even the source article says that admits to that quotes again given the security and travel difficulties it will be much discussed by the couple and Palisades before a final decision is made so again no final decision has been made and again I think that's a bit of an insurance policy in case it doesn't happen no I'm going to can I give this story half a fan flap I'm gonna give it half a thumb flap because like I say I do think there are elements of truth in this behind the scenes there maybe talk about an African visit but in terms of being for the family or even Harry and Megan I'm kind of doubtful so a lot of the the countries and the issues that have been already discussed here kind of speculated upon are very much Harry based Harry's it's Harry's charity centre far away Harry has done previous work on land mines so these are very much Harry causes I'm not saying Megan can't go along with him I'm just saying they are very Harry Harry causes so my inclination is to believe that if something does happen in September October or November that it will likely to be just a singular tour for Harry on his own because if Megan went along with Harry that would potentially mean leaving Archie behind would she want to do that not entirely sure I don't think I mean there's lots of speculation but would actually go along to Africa that young I mean I did find a little bit of information about vaccinations and inoculations and and this is just one of them so one is MMR the measles mumps and rubella typically in the UK that is not given until you're at least six months old so that takes us to sort of May June July August September that's October and then you have to wait a few weeks for that to take effect so you're kind of pushing into the November period and would and would at all likely be to be taking place in November when it's pushing into Christmas I'm not entirely sure so again we have all of the inoculations and vaccinations to think about we've all actually would Megan want to leave actually for an extended period of time I know previous Royals have done that but you know hey we are in a different time period now things have changed things have moved up moved on then of course we've got Rand about September October we expect Megan to come back off maternity leave so um you know because she's been absent on maternity leave for a while there will be lots of UK charities and causes of which she has an association with which will probably want a little bit of Megan time so I'm imagining that there will be lots of work and projects for her to do here in the UK possibly before embarking on any kinds of overseas travel so again that's another reason why I'm kind of thinking that it's possibly more of a of a Harry based trip so perhaps there are rumors behind the scenes of something to do with Africa but I think they've just taken an inch and kind of gone a whole mile I'm not saying that you know point-blank that this is not going to happen that Megan won't go that all she won't go anything could happen they could decide that it's okay for everyone to go and they could work out at the Times and all that business but I don't know I'm just not entirely convinced with it all to be to be quite honest so the likely scenarios are that it could be a singular trip for Harry which I think is my preferred option at the moment I'm going with the next option is that it could be for just Harry and Megan with no arching it could be all of them or there could be no autumn tour at all to Africa Lincoln Palace has not publicly confirmed that there is going to be an overseas tour for the for the sixes at this point there was also talk about a Cambridge tour I'm not sure where again this came in the article no actually it came in the comments yes Chris ship was replying to people's comments so if you go to his Twitter and take a look you will probably see those responses to people that have commented on that story and he did say that we've got details that there's going to be a tour FAQ for Harry and Megan and for the Cambridge's in the autumn fall as you might say in America but we say autumn and but there was no further details which was a little bit dodgy to me and people were saying well why why have you got details of the Harriet why are you publishing the story of about Harry and Megan when you've got no details when you've got no details and you haven't said anything publicly about the Cambridge's so he replied to that and he said well he thinks that the Harry and Megan tour is before the Cambridge's and therefore that's why we've got the information about the little bit of information about this is first reading – that what you will I'm true you think that is I'm not entirely sure but let's go to the chat room and see what people are saying I mean I'm trying to look at this in a very logical way there are a lot of things that leave me to think that it's just going to be a tour for Harry of a week two weeks maximum but like I say you know a family taught Africa and every other Commonwealth country is likely to be on the cards at some point but just perhaps not when Archie's kind of under six months old perhaps gonna go up and see what people are saying simply says thanks for repeating it sorry you missed it the first time now I apologize on behalf of YouTube because they really annoyed me by by not sorting out my issue and making me wait 48 hours as well so if you've made it to the live chat I'm really pleased that you make it okay let's just go through again can be says when is Princess Diana's birthday August and she was 36 when she passed what she just no she may have been just 37 actually so I'm gonna read Kelly's comment who says Ali's you've done a great job of sharing accurate news thanks for making me laugh and smile Bologna and 10,000 black fun flops to the news media well the lower-grade news media I should say Betty says I did see this yesterday on repeat play sorry you have to do together well I'm not holding out much hope that YouTube are going to fix my video so I may as well just do it again yes I'm wearing the the Duchess I'm wearing Megan's wedding tiara but it is Queen Mary's diamund band oh and it's very shiny it's probably one of the shiniest of my tiaras okay and it does not contain the Kohinoor diamond yes I'm sorry if I missed your comment ask God to start next Tuesday James metaphor says baby cannot go travelling like that well I mean I'm not saying that all babies cannot go traveling but it is a risk especially with all of the you know all of the things that you could possibly catch over there we who live over here in the UK we need inoculations and injections to go to those sorts of places because we are susceptible having you know sometimes not having some of those things that you're exposed to here in the UK it can be a risk and especially in an infant as young as Archie would they want to take the risk I don't know it seems like a big risk that could literally just be put back until spring I mean I've always said that perhaps some kind of overseas travel from the spring onwards seemed a lot more likely you know Archie would be you know coming up to a year old and you know a lot stronger and will have had time to have had all of the inoculations on offer and for them to take effect and work properly so so yes I'm just a little bit skeptical that's all mary says what security risks well I'm not entirely sure myself but I think they're just using that there's a bit of an insurance policy soul walk says poor Archie having to be dragged to countries may not be immune to that's kind of what I've just spoken about but I mean you know if they left it a little bit later it wouldn't be quite so quite so risky I don't think oh yes it's the weather it's raining is to know what it's been raining for almost a week now just solid just a whole week of rain elect lady lawyer says I'm surprised at Christian well I'm not saying he's completely wrong that's why I kind of gave him well I gave the story a half a fans laps because perhaps there is talk behind the scenes about some kind of African overseas travel in the fall but I think they've just kind of taken a pinch and run a mile with it before we've had any official confirmation so I think really what we all need to do is you know take it with a pinch of salt all of these channels and newspaper articles because let's not forget it they're all a bit like lemmings once once one of them comes out with something then they all follow as if it's the gospel truth and we have to remember that it might not be so I'm not saying it's not going to happen I'm just saying be very wary because there are lots of points and facts that I just think it may not be entirely as is being reported I think perhaps a singular trip for Harry may be a little bit more realistic at this point but let's let's wait until we get an official confirmation from Buncombe palace of at or if we do then we will know all the facts and details will come through as and when they don't Christine sister Donna insisted that William be with her when she was on tour and yes that that is true but like I say you know times are different what would Megan leave Harry Archie behind no I don't think so so if Megan did go then perhaps she would take Archie who knows like I say we need to wait for official confirmation ndq says I agree the news is just to keep people clicking yes because clicks equal money hey London says thank you for your due diligence in researching the facts of these stories honestly honestly honestly the media loves to stir the pot yes stir that pot we need to keep things positive good job salt says that Megan hasn't a client acclimated to her new surroundings and baby needs a stable home or he will lose his identity over time but I don't think a two-week vacation would would do that but but I do agree that Megan has probably got quite a lot of things to do here in the UK when she comes back off maternity leave there will be lots of charities and causes and things that have that will have missed her and in her maternity leave which of course understandable that she's had a maternity leave I'm not I'm not calling any shade on the fact that she's taking maternity leave you know she needs to take all the time that she needs but you know there will be lots of charities and things that will need a little bit of Megan time when she gets back so I think that there's enough to keep her busy until the spring at least Nancy says I just got on and it must be a bit cold because of what I'm wearing yes it's just rainy and miserable and just not very nice Mary said I don't believe the rumors yeah I mean yeah I agree he's got to receive vaccinations and then you have to wait a little bit I mean that was just one vaccination that I was beating about but there are so many others and you need to sometimes have one in Jack and then you have to wait a few weeks and have another and some of them are like three injections some of them you know you have to wake a period before I can take it back it's all a bit you know it's not as simple as just hopping on a plane and going RTD says didn't know they gave the MMR earlier in the UK and you you can have it after six months typically in the UK PJ ulcers love to hear Harry and William speak they both have great giggles they remind me of my brothers and Jackie says you think logically sadly logic doesn't sell which is why they use disclaimers thanks so much for your due diligence you are the best and thank you so much mate'll says NMR is a two part vaccination first at six months I know that it around the first year exactly so do you see what I'm trying to do you see where I'm coming from ugly poodle says I know you I just skipped where where if I skip to right the chatter skipped all the way down to the bottom so let's just go back up and see if I can find where it kicked me down hang on right I think I'm their environment okay I'll bleep hurdle says I'd like to know who spoke directly to them about this trip speculation is the way the press is good at that well again that bit doesn't make sense either because why would you just give details that they're going on tour and then have nothing else you would wait wouldn't you you'd wait until you until everything was decided and then you'd give a bit of information even if he didn't give the full tour itinerary you would kind of at least let let the press know who he's going so again yes I agree that does sound a little bit dodgy to me mark says who will take care of Archie well we're gonna get to another story later which came out today that they found a nanny well we'll get to that in a moment as well Michael says exactly I don't understand a book about these tours no confirmations or anything Plus evoke stories we'll get to the Vogue story as well a lot of people commenting on Archie's age in terms of going to Africa Susan says why shouldn't Archie travel with his parents though African countries I lived and worked in several African countries my children were both were born there and spent there for this year's there I'm not saying that it won't happen I'm not saying that they can't or shouldn't I'm just saying that typically our health system yet the NHS does give advice and guidance on people from the UK traveling to those countries and there is also special guidance and guidelines for for young children and infants and like I say I just looked at one of the possible you know inoculations and injections that they may have to have and you know it just it throws up a few issues to me okay okay vanna's birthday July the 1st 1961 there we go oh no no there we go yes and she's she sadly passed away on the 30th of August yes maybe in the 31st not entirely sure we'll make them be at Wimbledon again that's one of the things that they don't announce that would be a private occasion so we just probably get a turning up and aren't IDs organized randomness is donated to US dollars so thank you so much where's my fangirl I've lost my fan where is it it's behind me today there it is so a big fan flap to you thank you so much Stephanie says the gorgeous tiara is breathtaking it's one of my favorite Yara's of all to all the tours I've seen around the world and I think it's good and it can go with a lot of outfits okay kimby says thank you I saw a few articles with lots of pictures today wishing her down a happy birthday today thanks for doing a pop up again much appreciated okay hey Linden says taking a young unvaccinated baby is a huge risk we now have a significant measles outbreak in the USA vaccinations have become a huge debate so sad well yes I mean that that's another whole issue I'm just gonna skip down a few things Umaga says Chris dip has since deleted the tweets really Oh hot tea oh really tell me more yes I checked this yesterday and the tweets were still there so okay have the tweets been removed the plot thickens and my goodness and torture summarizes couldn't view yesterday's pop-up yes I will talk about the Vogue shoot very very soon soon as I get down to the bottom I'll talk about about the Vogue shoot okay right okay let's talk about the vogue suit so um I do believe that the original source of the vogue story came about from the Sun and we all maybe you know maybe you don't know who writes for the Sun this person has been having a slew of royal articles recently which have been questionable to say the least so I'm not gonna get into names we don't do name-calling here but yes again take it with a pinch of salt so the original article started off in the Sun and the headline was Megan Markel what's with this Markel business who's Markel it's the Duchess of Sussex autor chest-to-chest Megan I will even accept anyway Megan Markel will feature in British Vogue as part of the September edition so again I'm not saying this he's not going to happen but when was that posted yes that was posted on the 7th of June so I kind of I missed that story where was I I think I was just really really busy so basically the article says it will be the September issue there will be a photoshoot in fact yes that are due to be shot at Frogmore cottage Windsor and it doesn't say doesn't say inside or any of that business it says there will be no Harry or Archie involved and it will be to speak about women's empowerment and women's education and apparently Edward and in fall the editor has been courting her for a while so and this isn't typically unsurprising to me Kathryn the Duchess of Cambridge did a similar similar thing for Vogue back in 2016 for the June edition where she featured on the cover and she had a series of photographs taken in Norfolk not at an mahal her home but just kind of like in fields and in the countryside in Norfolk so that was the original article in the Sun on the seventh jump forward about five days and because of all the all the gossip and all the Chinese whispers we get to the mirror which there's nag and Markel vogue photo shoot inside Frogmore home and why she won't be on the cover and no the original article didn't say anything about a photoshoot inside Frogmore cottage no it did not say that so can you see how the Chinese whispers work so by the time this story got to the mirrors turn to kind of you know write some lies it it it materialized into Nega markle's vogue photo shoot inside her frock more home no no no no cast your mind back literally a month maybe was a month and when harry and megan successfully sued photographers for taking pictures unauthorized pictures inside their home inside their Cotswolds home you remember the story don't you so that to me indicated a red line it was a red line from harry and megan that their home and their privacy of their home is off-limits to the media so why would they suddenly agree to have a photo shoot inside Frogmore cottage it makes no sense whatsoever entirely sometimes for example with katherine at anima hall when she's taken pictures of of the children we've seen little glimpses of the background interior of Anna Mahal but typically it's been a bit of a blurry background we're not be able to see too much maybe just like the back of a chair or maybe a curtain or something but a full-on photo shoot the Royals do not typically do inside their homes the only one that I can think of recently that we've seen is when President Obama when he was president visited London for a state visit and the Cambridge's hosted him in their apartment at Kensington Palace and we did get some internal photographs of the occasion to mark that occasion but that was first full state visit and you know I don't think that that that is going to set any precedence so do I think the photo shoot will be inside Frogmore cottage no I don't do I think we may get a Father's Day snap of Archie somewhere inside Frogmore cottage possibly so look forward for that on Sunday coming up it's on to UK Father's Day here here on Sunday what's most likely is that we may possibly see a photo shoot maybe in the grounds of Frogmore cottage or the grounds of Frogmore house in general or maybe even internal shots inside Frogmore house which is the big house where they had their wedding reception but that's not where they actually live so again can you see how one story starts out and then by the time it gets to get to the end it's all blown up out of all proportion so if you've seen videos and articles saying that we're going to see inside their cottage just be wary because it just may not happen and that's basically in a nutshell what I spoke about yesterday Oh Nancy five US dollars I'm so happy I discovered you because you are the best thank you so so much I'm so so pleased that you enjoy the channel you get a yellow sunflower on me and a kiss so let me scroll up again to where I kind of kicked off let's have a look okay yes thank you for the moderators if you just if you've just joined just e says people are just missing Harry and Megan being out and about so all the rumor and speculation just have to be yes we just have to be patient I agree thank you for all the positive comments tim says anyone know where I can find the Queen's Golden Jubilee service of Thanksgiving oh I don't know if there's no clips on YouTube I'm not entirely sure where you can find that Kimberly says you mean false and she's very unreliable at this point conquer conquer and says where are all these different types of sites which we've supposedly true facts having all types of troubling family coming from oh I mean I can think in terms of YouTube there are a few channels which are just pure conspiracy and YouTube I mean I said this yesterday but YouTube did issue a statement of maybe a month two months ago that they were going to clamp down on conspiracy theory videos they don't like them they considered them to be fake news and that they do want to try and clamp down on fake news now I don't know how they're going to regulate that in terms of freedom of speech and freedom of expression but if there are videos which you think are conspiracy or fake news you should report them to YouTube in fact you know you can even if you don't want to use YouTube's own kind of inbuilt features if you if you copy the link of the article of the video which you want to report and then tweet it to at team YouTube and hopefully they will they will look into it so so yes there are a few channels here on YouTube that are just coming out with lies every single day we've got tarot readers we've got lizard ladies we've got people just making weird videos with no basis in truth whatsoever I mean I think they literally think of what they're going to write whilst they're on the toilet in the morning really it's that bad and then you've got a certain type of people that latch onto it who for whatever reason dislike Megan some of it you know some of it is racially motivated some of it is just pure hate for hates sake I don't know some of it could be jealousy but there are there are lots of reasons as to why but I mean when you look at some of the comments and the people on those videos there are a lot of people that have a lot of hate in their heart there are there are so many grumpy horrible people out there PJ Oxus I can't stand it when they call Megan Markel or Catherine Middleton they are married women I agree call them by their correct names a cloud chose those Chinese whispers that must be a bull don't you know Chinese whispers it's also a game so what you do is you have typically played in in schools here in the UK so you have imagine like a group of children sat in a big circle and the one person is the starting person and they say a sentence or a phrase or a joke or something and they whisper it in the ear of the person to their left or right whichever and they go and they whisper it and then the person then passes it on to the next person and the next person and then when it gets back to the original person that person then reads out how it got how how it got back to them and how it was changed on the way so if it's a game of Chinese whispers Rose says the Sun is a rag and never been reliable and and they write be taken with a grain of salt I mean oughta thank you and donated $1.99 with my but I'm losing my fans today's because I've got my big crowd in front of me and so yes thank you so so much for your kind donation Martine says deep into vogue issue well it says UK Vogue so I'm not sure it will be available elsewhere let's have a look a br oh yes yes I do have a patreon account for people that that wish to support the channel in a different way so I typically link in my weekly live chat video so the link will be down there mary says I don't think I've ever heard William call Katherine Kate have you well I watched a video along with it when when Katherine was was at home she was a bridesmaid at a wedding way before she met William when she was a young child and all of the family family called her Katherine so so yes I think the whole cake thing is a bit of a media slang but whatever as far as I'm aware she's probably happy with that but whatever thank you for all the positive comments Margaret Connor says we call that game whisperer down the lane to call it Chinese whispers incident literally insensitive that debate hasn't happened in the UK yet it's still called Chinese whispers mary says you also call it telephone okay Jesse says YouTube seems to be trying to figure out its policies there are so many wacky people about I completely agree parallel 48 hours is can i get a shout out you can indeed yes the other words product is just plain old simple gossip I agree Margaret says do you ever think Megan will fall in favor with the British tabloid well she was to begin with and then I think they very quickly realized that she had a global audience and the way to to get you know controversy going was to be negative so unfortunately I think all the positive stuff got pushed aside and they just reported on the negative to capitalise on on her global appeal and then in that attracted a lot of nasty people grumpy people who hold very nasty grumpy racist views these lies that have been put out there act as a platform it's kind of like a honeypot and it attracts all the ants to the honeypot to where they can where they feel like they can sprout all their lies and and hate Oh Carolyn don't say the lights gone back to the beginning oh please no more technical issues on my live chats please please please please if this one goes off again I don't know what I will do seriously where am I going to into hopefully sometime in the summer not in all this range my goodness no right the next one Katie Nichol no say what you like about Katie Nichol but anyway she has claimed that Megan already had Megan and Harry already have a nanny and she based it I think I think it's just speculation I really really do because in her article what she said she's made reference to the fact that she still thinks that Megan is breastfeeding and and she hasn't been in a hurry to get back into her pre-baby of preper pre-pregnancy body now all of this stuff is just stuff that everyone could see from drooping the colour we could tell that she was still breastfeeding we could tell as you know that she hadn't been overly exercising to get back into her pre-pregnancy body nothing wrong with that I'm not calling any shade on that whatsoever just just to make perfect just make that perfectly clear she's just enjoying being a mum and it was clearly evident when we saw making a trooping the colour that she was just enjoying being a mum enjoying being a new mom and spending time with Archie and of course yes still still doing the breastfeeding so again I think she's just latched on to stuff that we could all say and said well she's got a nanny but Megan's still breastfeeding and I'm thinking yes we all know that Megan is going to get a nanny at some point and you know we are typically going to see the nanny until until much later anyway when when the nanny takes over when Megan's out and about on her royal engagements come September October so it's a guess it's a good guess which is you know but I don't believe it's technically true at the moment she hasn't really based it on anything that we don't already know ourselves and you know if Megan obviously is still still breastfeeding and and she's at home she's still on maternity leave to try and get a nanny right now would perhaps be a little bit too early I mean I've always thought that maybe a kind of start of summer mid summer might be a better time to get a nanny because then the nanny has a chance to get used to you you get a chance to get used to the nanny before you go back to work come September October so I think it's it's obviously they will have a nanny but is it now I mean we can't say for sure Katie Nichol was very evasive in terms of her sources again it was all my sources say what source is the source is that when your cupboard tomato ketchup a bit of mayonnaise I mean I think sometimes that's the only sources these people actually have so again nothing much that you couldn't tell yourself from looking at Megan from trooping the colour so again it's it just makes me think just trying to capitalize on on Megan well she's having some down time yeah so I'm not entirely sure but in terms of nanny I mean one thing that I would most definitely do if I had the money and the need for a nanny and a baby to be quite honest you need a baby to have a nanny I personally would go with one of the Norland nannies I'm sure Katherine has been singing the praises of the Norland nannies they are the best they are the best that money can buy and if it was if I had a child I would go with one of them they are trained you know that they have gone through rigorous training a rigorous recruitment process they don't let anyone just pass these tests they will have been rigorously tested so if anything I'm possibly anticipating a norrland nanny but but hey Michelle says what sort is the sources that are in the cupboard well like that that's the only sources some of these people have I'm telling you Tresa toilets as I hear that they are the best they are the best and if it was if I had a child I would go hands down to a Norland of nanny Victoria says don't those nannies received James Bond training they do they are they are the best of the best of the best seriously a lot of comments on Katie Nichol Nancy D says I love being a nanny because of the kids had a great time with the kids right Lana canes there's a problem with the N'awlins is that they don't have any black nannies no I've seen them scream I've seen some I have a feeling Harry and Megan want some diversity in this department no I've seen some there was a program about the northern nannies and I am I am sure I remember when I watched it that some of the new recruits there were there were some black nannies and some men there were some manis as well so the Norland nannies you can't say they aren't overs and they they have manis and they have all sorts of people so I have seen some with my own twice I mean I'm not saying that they make up a huge percentage of of the recruits and the students but I have seen some Margaret says northern nannies also have men yes they do manis as they are affectionately known Cillian nelson says hello all just doing the conversation it is raining in Barbados it's raining here too no I want no more rain thank you jessica says the northern nannies now or racially and gender diverse yes I mean I can I can quite believe that in the past they weren't but but now I've seen all sorts of people seriously yes rain rain go away Nancy D says manís I was just writing that Margaret thinks I'd make a lovely Norland nanny oh I'd love to yes the claims is northern nanny also speaks Spanish she is Spanish I do believe Jack thank you for the beard comments now 505 watching but it is time to say goodbye what time are we no we are nearly 20 past 7 p.m. here in the UK so I am going to leave it because I want a cup of tea Oh donation it's it's me again pers donated ten US dollars thank you so so much for your very kind donation by the way if my other video does become available again I will post a link to it but let's not hold our breath so that's why I kind of redid the video here tonight in a forty seven minute live chat so I am going to go and hopefully I will see you again tomorrow look out for more role videos so if you have enjoyed this video please give me a big old thumbs up don't forget to share on social media and also hit a notification bell so that you know whenever I upload a new video and also please remember to subscribe to the channel

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  1. Crazy sites, news media, tabloids, of any kind, just got really tired of M & H even before their wedding, and now suffer narcolepsy when they pop up unexpectedly, and I am confronted with any news about them, from any source. Don't watch any of it now – good, bad or otherwise. Sorry Elliot.

  2. Helllo Elliott & Friends… the silly attacks are on again. What’s up with the news of Harry telling Meghan to turn around on the balcony. Ppl are so cruel.. I’m just catching up.. in the middle of a cross the state move.. whatever occurred. I’m confident Harry & Meghan will work it out- We love them and know they are stronger day by day. Africa is a favorite Country of Harry’s but I doubt they’ll move there with all the news. again I’ve been out of the loop for weeks.. Tata Elliott ty 🌷🌻🌷🌹♥️

  3. Thank God it's YouTube issue because I depend so much on your channel for clearing up a lot of the inaccurate reporting

  4. I can’t watch any of your live pop-up chats I’m getting that same message that it can’t be viewed on this device I think somethings up at YouTube

  5. i can watch this vid on my phone but not my tv. i think its because they now have you tube tv and they want people to subscribe to that

  6. I don't understand how people ask you the same question over and over again. How do you keep answering the them? I know some come on at the last minute that I understand. You are soooo common
    GOD bless you!

  7. Thank you for keeping us up to date on the royals. Oh by the way your tiara is awesome and you look fabulous Elliott

  8. Your channel is the best regarding all things Royal, thank you!
    Not meaning to cause a stir, yet do the Royals vaccinate?

  9. How about Harry and Meghan just get used to being parents BEFORE people are sending them off around the world?

  10. Last comment….. One thing I have learned over the last year is that H&M (now Buckingham Palace) don’t make announcements about what work they’re going to do.
    They announce work that has been worked (ie the cookbook, Instagram) or is currently in being worked (ie Mental Health initiative w/Oprah).

    I notice Kensington Palace announce future projects (ie Broken Britain).

    Therefore, I think the Africa trip is probably a lie.
    There was a rumor that William was jealous of H&M’s popularity so he wanted to send them to Africa. I think that’s where the rumor started.

    It’s crazy people would believe it because 1) William doesn’t have the power to exile anyone (The Sussex answer to the Queen & Charles only). 2) Africa is so advanced technology wise The Sussex’s would still get coverage

    That’s it! Looking forward to the next video.

  11. In the US the game Chinese Whispers is called telephone. Having a nationality attached could be considered offensive. In the US our offensive term was Indian giver.

  12. Watch gangstalking!!! This chick says Doria is Nutmeg's Grandma and tells who her real mother is. Says her actual age is 41. Has a true ring to it. No wonder Nutmeg ghosted her family, lies, lies, lies!!!

  13. Elliott,
    I want to thank you for finally (in my opinion) acknowledging that treatment the Duchess of Sussex has received from a lot of the British Press and trolls have been negative, abusive and down right hateful. A lot of lies for no apparent reason.

    I felt in the past you dismissed it by saying “Catherine received the same treatment”.
    When you read chats in the past and someone said, Meghan’ treatment was due to racism, her being American, she’s being bullied etc etc…. your response was always “maybe”, “it could be”, “new people married into the Royal goes through bad press” (which we know isn’t true because we haven’t seen anything written about Jack Brooksbank or the latest man that just married into the Royal Family) etc. etc.

    So again, thank you for acknowledging the treatment Duchess of Sussex has received from a lot of the press has been unfair, a lot of untruths and abusive.

  14. Thanks for your commitment to truth and fairness. The fact that you are re-doing the video is highly commendable. Your channel is great. Thanks

  15. Hi from Lewisville, Tx. I tried to watch the recap yesterday and for some reason it was interrupted with another channel. Weird that it happened but I truly enjoy your live chats about the royals.

  16. Perhaps it's a great idea. A project called'in Diana's footsteps. Boyhe could redo her Wark.! Their popularity will soar, it respects Diana and its now theirs. Their popularity will soar. Archie would be the queen's decision. But they're very protective to Archie
    Maybe Harry will be alone. Archie is tiny and I think William was nearer to one.

  17. Hello Elliot you're so amazing and well informed… Little information, Omid Scoble put it on Twitter, he also had an article about the nanny, "the new addition to Sussex house hold" Omid is always correct, 100% of time! Take care

  18. I have seen lots of comments about Africa here, i am from Africa and still live here even though i am widely travelled too, i have visited Europe America and UK several times and some other countries in Africa apart from where i live. The stories are not all correct. Ebola is not everywhere, it just came up in Uganda recently and the government is on top of it. We take vacination here too and i advice Harry and Meghan to do that before coming. Africa awaits them we are lovely people. Thanks Elliot for your updates. Love from Naija-Nigeria!

  19. The tabloids cannot seem to leave Meghan & Harry alone, the negativity is out of control. They make money off them all day long. Is there something the other royals can do about it. Elliott you are wonderful.

  20. Thank you so much for redoing this video as always very informative looking forward to your next live chat and your videos. Take care.

  21. I want Meghan to leave the family. I believe that she is not safe. I see Diana all over again. Meghan please be careful and change. Leave you are still young.

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