Dr. Dre Speaks At Snoop Dogg's Hollywood Walk Of Fame Ceremony 11.19.18

[Applause] [Applause] [Applause] all right but let me introduce our first speaker today he's a six-time Grammy Award winning artist and producer who began his music career as a member of the world class wrecking crew the legendary group NWA hip-hop Superstars it's time to welcome dr. Dre [Applause] it's exciting check it out make some noise for Snoop Dogg yeah okay believe it is we've come such a long way let me tell you something smoochie to got this star just for making it out of that out of the 90s seriously think about this think about this time back in the day snoop came to me at the very low point of my life and I had just separated myself from ruthless records I had no money with who I need my furniture at the store completely over from scratch and at that moment in my life it was make-it-or-break-it for me it was time to do my first solo album the chronic [Applause] but to Diamond in the main loop is just pure raw salad nobody sounds like some and then when he opens his mouth you know exactly what it is you feel me no not only that but it's not like the Rizla maybe you feel like it was destined to be a superstar you know you know when you can just feel it it's got that that thing that it factory feeling so this is what I was experiencing at that time and all I had to do was going to studio and do my part so bear with [Applause] snow was always there for me ready to work that constantly motivating and pushing me and making me believe I could do it I mean I could always hear his voice in my head come on down the drink comes yeah we went off what continuous nine months to create that album and that record completely changed the course of my life and I can imagine where I would be in my life if I had not collaborated with snow that happened is the foundation to this amazing life I'm living right now and because of that we became family you know the fast-forward to snoops first solo album doggystyle it's time for me to return the favor you know I thought it was gonna be a cakewalk I thought all we had that there was going back in the studio and do the same exact thing that we did when we made the crime but by that time gangbanging showed up there was a lot of money floating around but me and Snoop we kept my eyes on the prize and we knew that this record doggystyle had to be better or at least as good as the crime so we spent ten months but not stop ten months trying to work on that local that up and throughout some of the worst situations you could imagine in the studio and I'm talking about some bloody situations at time but we managed to get through it all get through all of that bullshit and here we are right now doing this congratulations and thanks to snoops Whiteside say yeah check it out they've been married 21 years and they be together since high school job safe lost lady I feel like you've done an amazing job with scooping your kids you have a beautiful family that's beside so listen to this from the moment I met you literally killed right now we've never said this word to each other and that word is no we've never told each other no we always show up for each other no matter what it is I just imagine having a person like that in your life for almost 30 years all right so now I'm not gonna take up too much more gets on I can go on for hours but you guys get the idea smooth I'm honored to be a part of you thank you can literally put my appearance in my thoughts about how a party [Applause]

Michael Martin

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  1. – Dr DRE and SNOOP !!!! You did So So Much !!!! for the HIP HOP Music. MARVOLOUS MOMENT and nice speech !!!!!

  2. This is Real friendship. I learn withthis guys to never say no to real friends, the ones that motivate us. Salute for that!!! One

  3. Why the fuck Snoop Dogg deserve star on hof, Dre deserve that, Dre fucking change hip hop history with G-Funk,Dre is best producer and rapper ever exist on this planet,but snoop dogg actually deserve it because he got 30m followers on instagram and Dre have only 4m, or maybe snoop deserve it because every fucking man on this planet knows he smoke weed like a idiot,thats bullshit

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