Doodle 4 Google Awards Ceremony

is a children’s art competition. A time when kids can submit
their designs and it’s just a time to meet everyone
and just have fun. CALLIE ROBERTS: I was really
excited and surprised. It’s amazing. MARISSA MAYER: Doodle for Google
is a chance to have your drawing be the main logo on
the Google home page for a day, in addition to winning your
college scholarship and a technology grant for
your school. DENNIS HWANG: Absolutely blown
away by how these young kids are such talented artists. They’re professionals already. GRACE MOON: I didn’t really
expect to win, so I’m really shocked. SPENCER NORTON: I was like
I’m a superstar. That’s really what they
made it feel like. And to have that for a day, even
though it’s just a day, it’s still amazing.

Michael Martin

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  1. Awesome video! Hey, the Google blue, red, yellow and green bean bags in the video. Where can I purchase a couple? I want one for my living room and bedroom!

  2. The national winner lives in my town(castro valley)… no one really cares though. Still, pretty cool i spose.

  3. We had 2 do this at my school…even though I'm in Year 10…lol!

    =] Those ideas are really creative.

  4. same but i was in year 8 xD i coudlnt think of anything to draw so i drew a penis instead on the back =D

  5. 🙂 lol. I just wrote Google in fancy writing and drew a few flowers surrounding it…cuz it was supposed 2 be for the community or something. I didn't enter it though, I lost it. 😛

  6. stuntdtagOn, I'd like to get a t-shirt (size Men's Medium) of Grace Moon's design. Can you ask her or find out for me how I can?

  7. Вот так и нужно работать всем. Не думать только о том "Как заработать много денег". Желаю больших успехов, Google.

  8. "Super-stardom" – what? A little video on youtube, a prize for their school and college scholarship? It's hardly up there with winning X-Factor now, is it.

  9. The kids at my schools loved making designs for this contest! Many of them made 4 or 5 designs, and then all the kids took it very seriously when they voted online for the finalists. Congratulations to all of the state winnners!!

    Google, thanks for a great contest!

  10. dang i never though the drawings was better
    i thought the drawings were like regular

    but those drawings are expert skills
    =S im never gonna win 🙁 but ill try my best

  11. pretty sure it's a macbook pro, i saw it in the … australia or britain one i dont remember but the winner got one

  12. I got picked and so are my 2 friends at school, oh everyone is so anxious for the results. good luck for everyone who entered!

  13. i don't think that my drawing will EVER make it to national but i really want to be in the regional finalists cuz i can go to NYC. i'm really anxious for the results, keep our fingers cross everyone!

  14. i had a really good idea and it got picked, i have seen oters and i think that mine is really creative and might go to even regionals, i hope, though winning a trip to nyc isnt anything special for me, since i live right across the hudson river. Good luck though to everyone else i hope everyone has lots of fun

  15. i live in n.y, but i want a t-shirt. it'd be great if i won, oh plz let me win! so many people, to many……good drawers!

  16. it's me again!! i'm obsessed i know, i just can't wait! will mine be good enough? oh the anticipation..can't wait! will it be good enoufgh?

  17. awesome program, when i ask my kids they say, is there such a thing ? Why is communication lacking. even the school principal doesn't know about such creative stuff they could participate in ? I think there is lack of reach from youtube/google/and internet to the SCHOOLS. communicate. communicate. communicate.

    I already voted for the onces this year. They look even more vibrant in color and design.
    guys, you should vote to.

    — RUBEN

  18. Check out the contest going on now. I voted for Geordey Sherrick's design called Murzik (Category Grades 10-12, Region 10) My favorite one of all this year.

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