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once a peaceful and quiet area.’ ‘This place would resonate
with prayer calls.’ ‘Suddenly..this place
started echoing of bullets.’ ‘Because the underworld
gradually took over this area. ‘Another voice echoed
amongst the sound of bullets..’ ‘..whichquietened
the commotion in Dongri.’ ‘And that voice was
Raja’s..and his love.’ I’ve packed sandwiches
and boiled egg for lunch today. – Finish it up.
– Okay, mom. – What is your name?
– Sharbaz Ahmed. Shahbaz. Do you know what Sharbaz means? One that puts his own head at stake. Like me. Mansoor Ali. Remember this name. And keep reminding your father too. I know your name is Mansoor Ali. And I intentionally
got myself transferred here. I’ll make Dongri
a living hell for you.. ..and, you won’t be
able to breathe in there. Will you leave..or
should I throw you out? ACP sir, Dongri resides
in Mansoor Ali’s heart. When Mansoor walks
the lanes of Dongri.. one dares to cross his path. Dongri is my responsibility. And that innocent yours. Goodbye. Whoever says yes, I spare him. And whoever says no, I break him. Play! Siddhant,
since you’ve taken responsibility.. ..for this case then,
you must solve it. Remember what you said. You’ll shut down all
the illegal activities.. ..of this white collar
underworld Don Mansoor Ali.. ..and expose his
true face to the media. But, since you arrived in this city.. ..he has already
murdered 5 businessmen. And you’re still looking
for evidence and witnesses. Sir, I am trying my best. You’re only trying
and he’s showing results. Marvellous..this uniform
really suits you. But remember,
if you get too attached to it.. ..all it does is get you in trouble. – The job’s done.
– You don’t have to tell me, Raja. I believe you. That’s why you’re
my commander-in-chief? Why? Am I not your son? How nice..your mother’s been
pampering you a lot these days. Sweets, Savouries,
and other delicacies. Did you talk to mom? I was about to call her. Boss, watching Raja
in this police uniform.. ..makes me feel like
he’s the real deal. – Greetings, mother.
– Did you taste the sweetmeat? I was only 5 years old
when I tasted your sweetmeat. That’s when I called you mother. Since then, neither the sweetmeat.. ..nor your love has changed for me. Boss, this is Pramod. The owner of AK Builder. You’re the only one
I make sweetmeats for, son. Sweetmeats symbolize Eid.. – ..and Eid means joys.
– He betrayed us for Daya. There’s only one joy in my life,
and that’s you. My son. again. Yes, mom. – Goodbye.
– Goodbye. He’s got Daya’s support,
which is why he’s being so brazen. Father, I am thinking
about killing this Daya. But, I can’t seem
to get my hands on him. But, what do we do about him, Boss? We gave him only 24 hours.
22 hours are already up. He got 22 hours.. Now, the next 2 hours are mine. Boss.. Allah be with you! – Hail..
– Lord Ganesha! [Sanskrit chants] This is your final match. Only one ball left, and
you need to score six runs. Now, you can either hit it for a six
or, get out. I’ll shoot you if you scream,
or if you try to run. You decide how soon. Offerings..of Raja. He’s ‘Raja’ (Lord),
and I am Dongri’s Raja (King)! Dongri’s Raja!
Remember! Saved! No.. Brother..I’ve small kids. Did I tell you to have kids? No, brother..I want to live.
Don’t kill me, brother. Spare me. You trust your feet more than God. You might have lived
if you had stayed there. Trying to run again, you fool. – Your time’s up, don’t you get it.
– No brother.. Whoever says yes, I spare him. And whoever says no, I break him. Forgive me, I made a mistake. I am ready to join Mansoor again. I’ll put in a good
word for you with father. No.. No, boss. Boss, Raja foiled the entire plan. He would’ve killed me too,
but I managed to escape alive. You should’ve died there instead,
you a*** I would’ve looked
after your wife and kids. I can rule Dongri only
after Mansoor’s dead. Otherwise,
I’ll have to go back to Byculla.. ..selling onions and potatoes again. Counting today’s fatality,
that makes it 8. Raja..I’ll teach you a lesson! “With stars stitched to your veil.” “When they glitter,
makes my heart skip a beat.” “If you want, show me the money.” “Sing..” “I’ll let loose my enthralling
beauty..on these boys.” “Let me intoxicate
them..with my eyes.” “And these bachelors
keep soaring high.” “And, they act so filmily.” “They circle around me like heroes.” “My blouse..” “They think my blouse
is a blockbuster.” “They think my blouse
is a blockbuster.” “When I shake the entire
theatre grooves with me.” “They think my blouse
is a blockbuster.” “We think your blouse
is a blockbuster.” “We think your blouse
is a blockbuster.” “We’re here.. We’ve arrived.” “’s Meet Bros.” “People whistling..
explosions in the air.” “We’ll make your heart skip a beat.” “People are going crazy and dancing..” “..standing on their seats. “There’s going to be a brawl.” “And shots fired in the air.” “Everyone’s going to dance a storm.” “On Meet Bros song.” “They have desires..” “They have desires..and
knocking on my doors.” “They want to make me
sway to the closed door beat.” “They stand below my windows..” “..and throw messages
at me wrapped in paper.” “I’ve got loads money with me..” “..and we’ll squander
them if you say.” “They circle around me like heroes.” “My blouse..” “They think my blouse
is a blockbuster.” “They think my blouse
is a blockbuster.” “When I shake the entire
theatre grooves with me.” “They think my blouse
is a blockbuster.” “We think your blouse
is a blockbuster.” “We think your blouse
is a blockbuster.” – Is that Raja?
– What’s wrong with you? Why did you leave her alone? Huh? Raja.. wasn’t she your special girl? Earlier, you would squander
all your money on her. Raja..Raja, say something Raja. Why do you look like you’re in a fix? Puke.. Whenever I close my eyes,
I see her face. When I open them,
I can’t stop thinking about her. I stayed up all night
tossing and turning in bed. No wonder you’re in this condition. – Have you lost your mind?
– Don’t know. – Who is she?
– Don’t know. – Where does she live?
– Don’t know. – You know nothing.
– Do you know anything? Don’t know. Where? Brother, where are you going? Your omelet and bread. Pinto.. Do you know..whose are is this? Mansoor’s. Why you.. Lower your gun! Unbelievable.. With just this uniform
and a single weapon.. ..strapped to your waist
you dared to enter Dongri. The Law has given me this uniform.. ..and this weapon is
to uphold that same Law. Both of them belong to the government. There are two types
of government, mister. One that we choose, and the other.. ..that chooses us. Take a look around and
see where you’re standing. And try to understand..who
governs this place. The government keeps
changing all the time. But the Law always
never goes out of power. The law is blind. It needs evidence. Come back when you find that evidence. You know my address. Goodbye. You tell me, sir.. A criminal dressed
in a police uniform.. In fact, his.. He’s murdering people
wearing his uniform. – And what did he do?
– Damle. Sorry, sir. But the honest officer
inside me is questioning. “Damle, why are you still quiet?” “Wake up!” Sir, you handed over
Mansoor Ali’s case to him. Wasn’t that a big insult to me,
yet I endured everything. But, what was the point? I just want to
far has he progressed in this case? What is the development
about this case, sir? Do you have an answer
for his questions? I am sorry to say,
Damle sir, but you’re senior to me. And you were handling
this case before me. – And, what did you do about it?
– Siddhant. That’s Siddhant for you. See, sir? And listen,
the murders started after you arrived. As long as I was in-charge,
no one dared. Even a street dog
commits a murder now. Sir, it’s my request
hand over this case to me. I’ll give you result in 12 hours. I’ll bring that murderer to justice. Sir, I don’t want any competition. I only want to eradicate crime. You know what,
why don’t you give him a chance. Please do, sir. If I fail to give results,
I will quit. Okay. Go ahead. But only 12 hours. Sir, it’s going to
take me only one hour. And I have 12.. Now plan of action. Sir.. why are you hitting me? – Why are you hitting my child?
– Sir.. Leave me, sir.. Sir.. Leave him. Sir.. – Mother.. Father, save me.
– Leave my child! Sir, I haven’t done anything. My child. Leave me. Sir, I haven’t done anything. Why are you hitting me, sir? Sir, let my son go. He hasn’t done anything. – Sir, please let my son go.
– Hasn’t he done anything? I beg you.. Is he a saint? – Is he a saint?
– No, sir.. Hit me.. hit me, instead. My child has not done anything? Sir, please don’t hit me. The world’s so big..and
your feet are very small. How long do you think you can escape? – Get up.
– Sir.. Sir, I haven’t done anything.
I haven’t done anything. I sell fritters at Mahim Station. Sir, please let me go. Sir, my father is very sick. Sir, I stopped working
for Mansoor long ago. I swear. If you kill me,
they will starve to death. They will beg for a living. It’s a flourishing profession. I beg you, sir, let me go. Let you go? Fine..I’ll let you go. But, you must confess
to all the murders. You’ll get bail soon,
and you’ll be out. – Tell them, son..tell them.
– Okay, sir. What do I have to say? I don’t recognize Mansoor,
I’ve never seen him in my life. Say it.. I don’t know Mansoor. I killed all those
businessmen last month. Hold on..wait.. Son, you must clean your
face before coming on screen, right? Shouldn’t look like
you’re under duress. Look at how handsome
you’re looking now. Now speak. I don’t know Mansoor. I killed all those
businessmen last month. Wait.. Your father’s sick. And you needed money
for his treatment. I asked them for money,
but they didn’t comply. So I.. Say it.. My father was sick. I asked them for money,
but they didn’t give me. So I killed them. Can I go now, sir? Congratulations, Shafiq Ahmed sir. Finally, your efforts were successful. Yes. And this success has
made me really proud. And, we owe this success to our.. ..department’s most daring officer,
SadashivDamle. Damle sir, you were amazing. It’s a hobby. He gave me 12 hours
to complete this job.. ..but, I took only 2. If he keeps giving me more
such responsibilities in future.. ..then I will soon eradicate
crime from this city. Jai Hind! I know you tortured innocents.. ..but, you really crossed
all limits today, Damle. Thank you. This wasn’t necessary. It was my duty. But, I have a home to run. Boss doesn’t stop.. You’re great. Thank you. Raja.. “Since I locked eyes with you,
feels like I am lost in myself.” “God knows what will happen next.” “My eyes are locked with yours.” “I can’t live without you.” “My eyes are locked with yours.” “I can’t live without you.” “I want to hold your
hands and keep walking..” “..and always love you the same way.” “This bond of love is such
I’ve fallen for you completely.” “Listen to what my heartbeat says.” “My eyes are locked with yours.” “I can’t live without you.” “My eyes are locked with yours.” “I can’t live without you.” “Whether it’s the scorching
heat..or the rains.” “All my desires begin with you.” “I will never change my mind now.” “My eyes are locked with yours.” “I can’t live without you.” “My eyes are locked with yours.” “I can’t live without you.” “My eyes are locked with yours.” “I can’t live without you.” – What do you do?
– a broker. – What?
– Yeah.. what’s it called? – I am an agent.
– Agent. – For what?
– Property.. buying and selling.’re a real estate broker. Yes, that. It’s a tedious job, isn’t it? There are no easy jobs these days. True. Will come for the immersion
ceremony tomorrow? Of course. I’m a big devotee of Lord Ganesha. Haven’t you noticed, for the past
10 days I’ve been busy with you too? I mean..serving the Lord. On the day of the Immersion I
immerse the idol in really deep water. Really? Then, tomorrow I’ll come with you too. – You?
– Yes, me. I love playing in the water. And I really let myself
loose when I am dancing. Whether it’s a wedding or a ceremony. Really? Watch tomorrow how
I am going to dance. Let’s go home. Sorry, I said that in Marathi. Even I can speak Marathi. – Really?
– Yes.. My name’s Raj ShekharToraskar. But people call me Raja. Shall we? Bappa, if she falls for me.. ..then, same time next
year I will marry her. Let’s go. “My eyes are locked with yours.” Take care, Lord. “I can’t live without you.” “My eyes are locked with yours.” “I can’t live without you.” Your head is not
in your work these days. You haven’t had a single
meal with brother for last 10 days. – He doubts you.
– Then, why are you so furious? Rascal! Tomorrow’s the immersion
ceremony, guys. We must all go to Lalbaug. Of course, we will. Son, by the time you finish speaking..’ll be time for the next
immersion ceremony. Understand. Raja, we’ll all come with you. – one’s going.
– Why? – That’s Daya’s area.
– Area is for cowards like you. Lovers own every area they go. That’s amazing. So you’re going. I’ve promised Shruti. If the boss finds out,
everyone’s dead. I promised her, so I’ll go alone. There’s a risk in going alone,
understood. This is not a’s love. Raja. – Glory to..
– Ganesha! Get lost! Die.. You dance really well.. Now dance on the clouds. You bloody.. Raja.. Raja.. Raja.. Raja.. Raja.. Doctor, when will he wake up? It’s hard to say. His condition is very critical. – Who brought him here?
– I did. – Doctor, take this inside.
– Thank you. Please carry on. Your name? Shruti. – Full name.
– Shruti Waghmare. What is your relation with Raja? I think there’s no better relationship
in this world other than humanity. – What do you do?
– I run an NGO. And help the needful. Maybe that’s why
I helped Raja as well. I think I was wrong. I guess you can recognize
those who attacked Raja. Why don’t you tell me.. ..whether I should
recognize them or not. Whoever you are, Shruti Waghmare,
let me tell you one thing. The Law never favors kins or
strangers while delivering justice. And you’re neither
a kin nor a stranger. You’ll be left in the middle. People don’t remember my advice.. In fact, they are compelled to. You take care. What happened? The police are upstairs. And Raja? Tell me. Boss, the doctor says
his condition is critical. Allah.. Tell the boys to stay away. We must steer clear of the police. Can I go to the shrine? [Urdu verse] Let’s go. [Urdu verse] “Help me o Lord.” “Help me o Lord.” “Allah, you’re our benefactor.” “Allah, you’re our benefactor.” “No one’s more benevolent than you..” “’re the epitome of love.” “Help me o Lord.” “Help me o Lord.” “My heart’s filled with sorrows,
O Lord.” “When will it be my turn, O Lord.” “Someone’s life depends on someone
battling between life and death.” “Someone’s at Your
threshold with great hope.” “O Lord..” “O Lord..” “Someone’s life depends on someone
battling between life and death.” “Someone’s at Your
threshold with great hope.” “I hope my expectations..don’t
get shatter.” “And my tears don’t wash
away the dreams in my eyes.” “Give him hope once again, O Lord.” “Help me o Lord.” “Help me o Lord.” “Tell me O Ganesha,
what is Your will.” “Or ask me what is mine.” “Why did You..leave me stranded?” “Why did You..desert me?” “Why should he pay for my mistakes?” “Hail Ganesha..” “Hail Ganesha..” “Hail Ganesha..” “Hail Ganesha..” “Hail Ganesha..” “Hail Ganesha..” “Hail Ganesha..” “Hail Ganesha..” “Eradicate the sorrows
from my destiny.” “Fill my life with
joy..if it’s not enough.” “All my hopes..are with You.” “And forgotten the entire world.” “We won’t return empty-handed,
O Lord.” “Help me o Lord.” “Help me o Lord.” “Allah, you’re our benefactor.” “Allah, you’re our benefactor.” “No one’s more benevolent than you..” “’re the epitome of love.” “Help me o Lord.” “Help me o Lord.” “Help me o Lord.” “Help me o Lord.” “O Lord..” “O Lord..” Here you go.. Eat this offering. – Mother.
– How are you, son? I am fine. – Mother, she’s Shruti.
– Hello. She saved my life. Thank you very much, son. You.. Don’t thank me. Humans beings should always help
each other, for the sake of humanity. Why are you still standing? – Please, sit.
– Yes.. – Please, sit.
– Yes.. You two talk, I’ll go see the doctor. Yes. What did you say her name was? Shruti. Open your mouth, its offerings. Nice girl. – Is she a friend, or..
– Mother. You love her, don’t you? Look at me. Look here.. Now tell me whether
you love her or not. If you love her, then marry her. You see, I had only one dream.. To get you educated and
turn you into a decent man, but.. Look at what Mansoor turned you into. But I feel this girl
will make my dreams come true. If you stay with this girl,
at least you’ll be safe. You.. If a kid insists for the moon,
he can’t really have it. Look at her, and look at me. She doesn’t know that I
am Mansoorbhai’s sharpshooter. And when she finds out.. ..I wonder what she’s going to say,
or think. And, what if father finds out.. Don’t worry about Father. Huh! I’ll talk to your father. I’ll tell him to
grant me this one wish. I never asked him for anything. I will convince him,
but can you make this girl say.. ‘..I do’ three times. Huh! You’re a grown up now,
you know things. But still,
I have an advice for you, son. Tell her everything. And, better ask her. Are you going somewhere? Yes, I was just leaving. I.. – These are offerings?
– Thank you. My son’s better now.. – Yes.
– ..and you’re really good. My mother used to say.. When a good person
meets a very good person.. ..then things just get wonderful. I didn’t understand. I’ll explain you later. Take care. Goodbye. What happened? Only fortunate people
get such mothers. She didn’t give birth to me.. ..but that never made
any difference in her love. – You mean, she is..
– You’re right. But she never let
me feel like I am orphan. She always thinks about me. I went to see Raja. He’s all better now. He’ll come home soon. I’ve heard that whenever someone
leaves you, you have him killed. Who am I to kill anyone? Life and Death are in Allah’s hands. They all die their own death. And Mansoor Ali gets a bad reputation. Is someone planning on leaving me? What if some kin wants to leave? Then Mansoor Ali will
get a bad reputation again. Just one more, Raja. Just one more morsel. – Come on.
– I am not sick. Let me show you. – Show me what.
– Move aside. – Move aside.
– What are you doing? I’ve done this before, Shruti. No need to prove anything. – It’s a piece of cake.
– LIsten.. Listen.. See.. See.. I said you don’t
have to prove anything. You think you’re too strong. Get well first,
and then you can try these tricks. Your neck.. “Since I locked eyes with you,
feels like I am lost in myself.” “God knows what will happen next.” That, phone.. Father’s calling, I’ll just.. Hello. Yes, father. Yes, I am at the hospital right now. Don’t worry, father. I am coming. Father’s just.. “This bond of love is such..” “- ..I’ve fallen for you completely.”
– Father’s just.. Raja, what are you doing? Raja.. – What were you doing?
– Kiss.. – What?
– I mean who was on the phone. It was my father. What was he saying? He seemed worried because
I’ve been visiting.. ..the hospital for the past two days. He wanted to know who is sick. What did you say? I said one of my friends is sick. You know Raja,
I never lie to my father. Then why didn’t you
tell him the truth? What could I tell him? Who are you to me? So I made some excuses
and ended the conversation. Did I do the right thing? Shruti, it’s your decision now. Whether you want to end
this or begin a new story. – Not every story has a happy ending.
– I never care for the end. Where is Raja? He.. Raja. So, you’re finally awake. You survived, huh! The one you should
be arresting has escaped. Go and catch the
guy who attacked Raja. Don’t you think you talk too much? You see..people think those
who don’t talk much are pushovers. And the police arrests
those who talk too much. That’s the problem with you guys. You can arrest anyone
and ask any question. You can’t catch the criminal.. ..and so, you vent your
anger on innocent people. Right? Do you know who I am? Siddhant Prabhu, Sub-Inspector. Such attitude when you’re
just a sub-inspector. By chance, if you become the ACP,
you’ll make life hell for everyone. You’re right. But, maybe you don’t know who he is.. ..and who you are arguing with. I know. I’m arguing with a police
officer for an innocent guy. Innocent? No-no.. He’s a criminal. You must have heard about Mansoor Ali. Yes, the same underworld Don. He’s Mansoor’s sharpshooter. What are you saying, sir? I never even used a water-gun. See his charade. He’s only playing you.
He’s committed many murders. Some while wearing a police uniform. And, with my name plate. Fine, I believe you. But what evidence do you
have to prove this in court? Remember,
delivering justice takes time. But it’s never unfair. The day I get my
hands on any evidence.. one can save him and Mansoor. And you must have heard.. Sometimes bystanders
become collateral damage. I’ll take your leave. Play.. Louder.. Great brother! Great! Why did stop playing? Mansoor’s dog. Raja bhai. What? One should answer in
the same tone as the question. Play.. You.. When you attacked me in front of God,
that was your question.. ..and, this is my answer. Rascal.. ..trying to ruin my love
story using the girl as your shield? And you want to be Dongri’s king, huh! But you forgot one thing. The savior is greater
than the killer.. Get lost.
Stay here..I’ll be right back. Hello. – Where are you?
– At the dance bar. – I knew it.
– What? What’s wrong? You can pull my leg, can’t I? Look, there’s Raja. Actually I’re
nothing like that. I see..then how am I? Raja, pay up. Just a minute, Shruti. Wait, I am paying. – Yeah..
– Did you eat? Yes, I did..and also
took my medicines. You took both of them together. You were supposed to take
your medicines with water. Listen, I am coming over tomorrow. No-no, I’ll come instead. – I’ll come.
– I want to meet your mother, not you. I’ll take you to see my
mothernot tomorrow, but later. Fine, fine, don’t be scared. We’ll meet later. I’ll hang up now. Catch you later. – Bye.
– Bye. He is not able to help himself,
how you will save us? He is talking a lot. The rule of our business.. ..always bet on the
horse that’s still running. If the horse is crippled,
then shoot him. First time I missed my target, father. Daya was lucky. Anyway.. Please eat. No, I am a vegetarian.
I don’t eat meat. What kind of a Muslim are you? Well, you start today
from my blessed hands. Did you like it? It’’s very tasty, sir. Take it home for your family. Daya’s luck favored him this time. Talk to him. Either he mends his ways.. ..or bites the dust. Goodbye. Eeshwar, Raja is lying. Find out the truth. I don’t know whether
I can tell the truth or not. And, what will you say even if I do? Shruti, I don’t know
what you think of me. But these days I only think about you. What’s the matter, Raja? These days you really make sense. All because of you. Since you held my hand,
I’ve mended my ways. Don’t ever let go. Hold on..why should I hold your hand? – Who do you mean to me?
– I.. – I..
– What is our relation? Do you have an answer? You don’t, do you? How can you? I’ll give you an answer. – Come..come with me.
– Where? Wait a minute. Am I worthy of your love? I love you, Raja. You’re the king of my heart. You rule my heart and my mind. Raja, will you marry me? She..hardly eats anything. I am really happy. You two made a really nice decision. I was always worried for him. But now, after seeing
you..I am not worried anymore. Talk to you family, I mean.. We’re all very happy. I will convince my mother. But convincing father
will be difficult. He’s a little strict. What if you come home to convince him? don’t worry. I’ll convince your father. Once they fix the date mother will
come over and fix the wedding date. Right, mother? – Well, see you then.
– Okay. – Goodbye.
– Bye. – Take care.
– Yes. Dongri’s kebabs are really tasty?
Would you like one? No! Taxi! Even the mashed vegetables
are quite delicious. Would you like to taste it? I..I was going to tell you. There’s a big difference
between ‘was’ and ‘am’, Ruksar. I first wanted to
know what’s in her heart. For the first time..he
didn’t even notice my car. He was so busy with that girl.. ..that he forgot everything. Don’t let him forget his place. [Prayer] Father, I..didn’t tell you anything,
but I thought.. ..I’ll introduce Shruti
to mother first. You were only five years old.. ..when your mother passed away. Ruksar picked you up from
the streets and brought you home. I supported you.. I taught you to walk,
to speak, to live. Your thoughts,
your life..likes, and dislikes.. owe them all to me. My decision. How can you make such a
big decision without asking me? Because Raja loves Shruti. There must be a special reason
for committing this mistake? Tell me.. Who would know better
about love than you? Even you You wanted to marry me. I was a nurse, I saved your life. And, you entrusted
that life in my hands. I married you thinking that.. ..someday I will fall
in love with you, but.. But I can’t let this
happen with my son. You cannot repay
me even if you want to. And so..I spare you.. But in return, I want my son’s fate.. ..which is in your hands.
I want to see him married. Go talk to her family
about the wedding. But even I have a condition. After the wedding,
Raja will leave this country. The police and my enemies
have their eyes on me. I don’t want our relationship
to be my weakness. Give me that. This is for you. Take it. Take it all. Take it. Just a minute. – Sir.
– Me too? Thank you. Have some. – You don’t drink?
– No. Drink some water. – Okay.
– Take some water. Do you like watching dance programs? – Item songs?
– No. No. You’re a music lover,
what’s the point? No, no, sir, I like music. – You do.
– Yes. – Then sing.
– Huh? Sing a song. One, one.. – Come on, sing..
– Song.. – Sing..
– One.. “O queen of my dreams,
when will you come?” “The season of love has arrived,
when will you come?” “Life’s passing away,
when will you come?” “Come to me..come to my arms.” Do you gamble? No..I hate it. – Life.
– No, gambling. Life is a gamble. Everyone plays it. I do too. Even now I’m playing it. Whoever doesn’t play this gamble,
is a coward. gamble. – You do, don’t you?
– Yes. See.. What does he do? – He’s a real-estate broker.
– Yes..real-estate broker. You know nothing about this,
and there’s nothing ever real. He’s a lie. What are you going to earn
and what will you feed her? No.. this wedding isn’t possible. No, sir..I love Shruti a lot. I can do anything for her,
even give my life. No-no-no, please don’t do that. If you give up your life,
she will be a widow. And, that’s what I don’t want. What are you doing? – They love each other.
– So.. Fine, get married. Then, you can take your marriage
certificate to the mall and say.. ..this is the symbol of my mall. Give me the ration. Will they? Look, son. I’ll get my son married to
someone who works at the municipality. He’ll have a fixed income. He’ll
get a pension. He will have a PF. I want to see her happy. – Even you work at the municipality.
– So? You sound like you’ve cast me in gold. One should have a wife like that. Really? When we got married,
even I used to glow like gold. That’s why you used to sleep all day.. – ..and, I used to do all the work.
– What? What are you two up to? We have a guest at home. So this show’s over. That’s enough. Do you have anything to say? No, I.. ..just that,
I’ll keep Shruti very happy. No, she’s already happy. You don’t need to
take that responsibility. I am there. Now leave. – Father..
– But, sir.. least listen to me. – Father..
– Go inside. – Sir..
– What did I say? Not just her,
you can even forget my house. And, the door’s behind you.
Now get up. Get out.. Hey, return him those flowers. Give it back.
Give it. Fine, I’ll collect it later. Will you say something? Dongri’s Mr. Smarty, stay quiet. Bro, is that old man acting too smart? He’s lost his mind. Let’s kill him. Are you getting him married
or giving a contract? I am just suggesting,
that her father’s a madman. What would you have done in his place? Me.. I would’ve eloped with
that old man’s daughter. Great.. When in love, no need to be scared. Let’s teach them a lesson. Bro, I would’ve shot him right then. Bro, I’ll quit everything
and get a job in the municipality. – At least I’ll have a fixed income.
– Stop it.. Does this look like comedy circus? I would’ve convinced the girl,
took her to the temple and marry her. After that,
her parents would have to accept her. That sounds like such
a coward thing to do. – Where’s the groom and bride?
– I am the groom. And, the bride’s on her way. Raja, call sister-in-law again. What’s wrong? What kind of a marriage is this? – Are you married yet?
– No.. Then don’t try to interfere
in others matters. Priest..mind your business,
and we’ll mind ours. Take a look at Raja. – Hold this candle.
– Raja.. – Oh man..
– What is happening? Raja.. Raja’s phone is just.. Bro, where’s your girlfriend. – Hey, that’s sister-in-law.
– Brother, I made a mistake. – Is sister-in-law coming?
– Don’t know. Did she call? Let’s take one until
she hasn’t arrived. – Yeah.. selfie.. selfie..
– Yes, come on. Come on. Come on. “- Come on, take it. Take it.”
– Let me see it. Hold on.. Father’s call.. – Oh man..
– What happened? Greetings, father. – Raja, where are you?
– In the temple? I.. Leave now and come home immediately. What happened? – What’s he saying?
– No. Father’s saying I
should leave immediately. – So, let’s take a selfie first.
– Yes, let’s go. Yes, come on. Come on. – Brother, wedding is there..
– Take a selfie of all of us. #brother weds sister-in-law. Sister-in-law’s here. – Go and give her a hug.
– Leave me. Brother. Shruti, you scared me to death. I’ve been trying to call you for so
long but, your number is unreachable. Sorry, Raja. The battery of my cell was dead,
so I left it at home. Only I know how I
got out of the house. Forget it..let’s go. Let’s go..give me your hand. [Sanskrit chants] The bride and groom, take your place. Sit. Shruti. Take a seat. Sit. [Sanksrit chants] [Sanskrit chants] [Sanskrit chants] [Sanskrit chants] Who’s going to tie the knot? – We.. we’ll do it.
– We will. [Sanskrit chants] [Sanskrit chants] And, what about the rituals? The bride’s parents,
siblings, or any other family member.. – We’ll do it..we will.
– We’ll do it. Here take this. Come. [Sanskrit chants] [Sanskrit chants] Trying to settle down after
ruining countless other lives. What are you saying? The world knows, except for this girl. I don’t know what you’re saying. Shruti, don’t listen
to this police officer. You know he’s always bothering me. I am here to put an end
to your charade for good. I’ll expose you in front of this girl. What..what is he saying, Raja? – He’s lying.
– He’s deceiving you. – I love her.
– Lovers never deceive each other. And those who deceive their
love can never be a true lover. You love her, don’t you? Swear on her and say..that
you don’t work for Mansoor. Say that you’re not a sharpshooter,
or that you’re not a criminal. What happened?
Cat got your tongue? Raja, I know you’re telling the truth. So swear on me, and tell
inspector Siddhanth the truth. Tell him, Raja. Don’t prove me wrong. I can’t lie to you. Even if I’ve to lay down my life. Yes, I work for Mansoor. I am his sharpshooter. I’ve taken many lives. But I’ve quit this profession, Shruti. Your love has completely changed me. You can ask these guys. Hey Shemdya, Haddi, Shendi, tell her. You fool, no need to ask them. Shruti knows that. We did this only to make you admit it. Shruti recorded everything. One more thing, Shruti is my sister. What relation? Which relation? The only relation that matters here.. that of us brother and sister. Inspector Siddhanth Prabhu and
Shruti Prabhu are brother and sister. And, a sister helped his brother.. bring a criminal
like you to justice. ‘You have only one month.’ ‘If you fail to catch Mansoor,
you’ll be transferred back to Nagpur.’ ‘And, you can forget about a promotion
after such a serious allegation.’ ‘If Mansoor lives in Dongri,
then you cannot.’ ‘The law is blind. It needs evidence.’ ‘Come back when you
find that evidence.’ ‘This is not your cup of tea.’ ‘You snatched this
case from my hands..’ ‘..and now,
I’ll snatch it back from you.’ ‘And later, I’ll humiliate you
and get you transferred out of here.’ ‘Breaking news on News 24/7.’ ‘The department is blaming
inspector Siddhanth.’ ‘People believe that Inspector Siddhanth
has joined hands with the underworld.’ ‘The case has taken a new turn.’ ‘Seems like Inspector
Siddhanth can lose his job.’ Siddharth, what is this? What’s wrong, brother? Why are you venting
your anger on the TV? Calm down. I said calm down. Look, brother,
sometimes you need to break the law.. bring these
law-breakers to justice. You know that some officers
from your department.. ..have joined hands with Mansoor. And so you can’t touch him. You must do this
on a personal level now. – Shruti..
– Yes, mom. I know how to fix these people. Brother, I can help you if you want. What? Have you lost your mind? Do you know who these people are? Mansoor is an underworld Don,
not some local goon. And Raja is his son. He’s committed 6 murders,
wearing my uniform. And I am being blamed for it. You please stay out of this. Tell her, explain her. This is my mess, I will clean it up. – Runs an NGO and wants to help me.
– Brother. – Siddhu.
– Siddhu. ‘There’s no turning back now,
brother.’ Shruti..what am I hearing? Please stay clear of this mess. – This is not your job.
– Why? Why isn’t it her job? Because she is a girl. If she doesn’t share her
brother’s woes, then who will? And, instead of supporting
her you’re discouraging her instead. I believe..she will
do the right thing. I am with you, dear. Father, I need your support. You father-daughter
can do anything you like. But remember.. ..if anything goes wrong.. – Listen..
– Mom.. Okay, sir. Brother, you don’t need to worry. I’ll get your job done. I’ve made friends with Dongri’s Raja. Friends with Raja? How? He comes to meet me every day..using
Ganpati veneration as an excuse. He keeps looking for
excuses to talk to me. Always keeps saying
I am Dongri’s Raja.. He’s head over heels over me. And so.. ..even I started flirting with him. “Till now it’s hidden
behinds your eyes..” “..let all the inhibitions
and shyness lose.” “Restless will and
restless intentions..” “..let love drench my heart.” “Bless me with your grace.” “My eyes are locked with yours.” “My eyes are locked with yours.
My eyes are locked with yours.” “I can’t live without you.” “I can’t live without you.
I can’t live without you.” He’s madly in love with me. Shruti, please..please listen to me. – Please, Shruti.
– You please believe me. There’s nothing we can do now. Otherwise, he will doubt me. And, I don’t have to tell you.. ..what he can do if he finds out. And, I’ve seen you..worried. – Understood.
– Shruti! – No, brother.
– Shruti. Shruti. Shruti’s life was in danger,
so I had to get involved in her plan. You used to be such a smart-alec. What’s that saying? A crafty crow sits on poop. What did you think? I don’t have evidence or witness. But now I’ve evidence and witness. Under the pretext of love.. ..Shruti kept gathering
evidence from your phone. And the evidence we gathered.. enough to prove
you and Mansoor guilty. Let’s go. ‘What relation? Which marriage?’ ‘The only relation that matters here
is that of us brother and sister.’ Run! Move.. Run.. You go this way.. Run.. Run.. You go this way.. Run.. Come on, run.. – Run..
– You.. Sometimes you need to make
a mistake in order to move forward. You made your mistake.. – you’ll choose the right path.
– I’ll teach her now. I’ll shoot her publicly..empty
all the bullets in her body. Don’t waste your temper, Raja. Contain it. The more you contain your anger,
the more you’ll hate her. Go to Dubai for few days. I know you regret leaving. But you should bury
this pain in your heart. You shouldn’t show your sorrows. Mansoor Bhai.. What Bhai.. I had your son abducted. Yeah.. Siddharth took him..but, I tipped him. Do you know why? I read somewhere.. The devil’s heart
resides in the parrot. The parrot’s dead, and so are you. Listen, carefully.. You’ve lost Dongri and your rule.. Daya.. I won’t take mercy on you now. Oh no.. You wanted Dongri, didn’t you? It’s right in front of you.
You have the opportunity.. Take it. Take it. Take it. – Speak.
– Boss, Siddhanth is torturing Raja a lot. We must get him out. It’s more important
that he keeps quiet. You must tell us the truth. Even stones start speaking in here. Give me a list of his crimes. Or else, I will blame you for all
his crimes and make you rot in jail. Allah! That’s how I felt.. ..when you killed people
wearing my uniform. And I couldn’t do anything. Even though I was a police officer.. ..I was forced to
take my sister’s help. No.. Look at’re so helpless. Like me. Siddhanth. What are you doing? Are you going to kill him? You’re a policeman,
not a gangster, understood. You tortured him so cruelly. If he dies, you’ll lose your job. Get out. Get out! Get going. Crazy.. He hit you a lot, didn’t he? He’s my junior. That’s why he’s hot-blooded. But Mansoor Ali trusts you. He was saying that Raja would
rather die than open his mouth. I didn’t
can you speak after you’re dead. Well, your mouth will remain open. Understood? I am there.. Don’t worry. When Raja was leading a life
of crimes, the Law couldn’t touch him. When he tried to reform,
he got arrested. Unfortunately, the reason is love. You deceived him for your brother,
but Raja is crazy.. He really loved you. Whatever, I am taunting you. You might have deceived him, but.. At least Raja mended his ways. I couldn’t do it all these years,
but you..did. You know..Raja respects
you more than his mother. Just try not to insult his feelings. I’ve heard that only
lucky people find love. And it’s true. How do I know? I am not lucky, that’s why. There’s no love in my destiny. I am just my husband’s wife. But you’re very lucky. I am only telling you this so that.. don’t ruin your
perfect life yourself. My Lord, this man standing
in the witness box is no ordinary man. His name is Raja and
he’s a dangerous criminal. He works for a man named Mansoor Ali.. ..who wears a guise of decency
and never commits any crime himself. But, he harbors men like him,
makes them carry out his dirty deeds.. ..and then roams freely. Raja has murdered
many innocent people. And, he’s also managed to
deceive the law for a long time.. ..because, we didn’t have
any evidence or witness against him. But, thanks to Inspector
Siddhath’s continuous efforts.. ..we’ve evidence as well as
a witness against Raja’s crimes. The witness is Inspector
Siddhanth’s sister..Shruti. And, she also has all the evidence. Your honor, I would like to call Ms.
Shruti to the witness box. Permission granted. Yes, your honor, it’s true.. ..that I pretended to love Raja so,
I could get close to him.. ..and gather evidence against him. To prove that he
works for Mansoor Ali. But it’s all wrong, it’s a lie. I couldn’t find any evidence
connecting Raja and Mansoor Ali. Shruti..what are you saying? Look, you cannot obstruct
the court’s proceedings. Sorry, your honor. I am only telling the truth. You can go. Due to the lack of
evidence against Raja.. ..the court acquits Raja. And abolishes all
allegations against him. The court instructs the police.. ..that they shouldn’t waste
the court’s time like this again. What did you do, Shruti? I don’t know. But, why did you do it? I don’t know. Don’t know? Did you do this because
you feared Mansoor Ali? No.. – Did someone threaten you?
– No.. Then why did you humiliate
me in the court, Shruti. Brother, how much do you love me? Shruti, you know I
love you more than myself. If someone hurts me,
what will you do to him? Obviously, I will kill him. Likewise.. I love Raja more than myself. This is very unfortunate, Raja. Your sweetheart and his brother
change colors like a chameleon. But, you still love that girl. When I called you at the temple,
that was not a coincidence. I’m surprised that
you don’t understand. Anyway, you have only one option. I know.. Shruti has to die. I will kill her. Fervor of youth.. Allah! It’s true that I
pretended to love you. But, there’s another
truth you must know. I really love you now, Raja. Raja.. ..I know you won’t believe
me after this deceit. In fact, no one will believe me. You could’ve harmed me in many ways. But you changed yourself
in order to win my trust. And you changed yourself so
drastically that I had to change too. Raja, I don’t know when
I fell in love with you. But your mother made me realize this. Your love is very great,
Raja.. too big. I was only pretending.. ..but your love made
me fall in love too. I couldn’t testify
against you in court. If this isn’t love, then what is it? I went against my own brother. If this isn’t love, then what is it? I held your hand
in front of Mansoor Ali.. ..and came all the way here. If this isn’t love,
then what is it, Raja? You can punish me in any way you want. But remember, Raja. I love you. I love you very much. If you still love me,
then just say I love you. And take me in your arms. Take me in your arms, Raja. Please. Shruti. Shruti. Shruti. Shruti. Shruti. Take her to the hospital. Immediately. ‘Allah-o-Akbar!’ ‘Allah-o-Akbar!’ Congratulations on Eid! ‘Congratulations on Eid!’ – Congratulations on Eid!
– Congratulations on Eid! Congratulations on Eid! – Congratulations on Eid!
– Congratulations on Eid! – Congratulations on Eid!
– Congratulations on Eid! Congratulations on Eid! Come. Distribute it amongst
the poor..for Raja’s well-being. Congratulations on Eid! But unfortunately, boss.. ..that police officer
killed four more of our men. They died protecting Raja’s life. I am happy that you’re safe and sound. And I am happier.. ..that he took his revenge
against that shameless girl. Someone gave you
wrong information, sir. That girl is alive. And she’s at the hospital.
She might wake up anytime. And all your efforts will go in vain. – I shot her..
– You shot her. But you fool, your love interfered.
You shot her arm. – Father, I shot her.
– You might have. But, maybe your hands
shivered while doing so. This often happens in love. If your mother hadn’t prayed for you.. ..then, I would’ve buried
you alive right now. – I won’t miss this time.
– And, if you do.. ..then Mansoor Ali
won’t miss his target. There’s tight security
at the hospital. Why do I keep you around? Go, Raja shouldn’t fail this time. I get it. But.. Do you really love me so much.. ..that you missed your target
even though you’re a sharpshooter? But I am sure..this
time you won’t miss. Aim carefully, Raja. You can’t miss. Even after I deceived you.. still love me so much. This love is what changed me. Shruti, are you okay? I knew you will come here. I won’t spare you this time. It’s so strange, brother. You think Raja is your biggest enemy.. ..and still you don’t
want to leave him. Whereas I love him,
so how can I leave him. Shruti, we won in this game again. What game? No need to explain anything to Raja. Raja knows.. You do what you think is right. Don’t listen to brother..
I mean inspector Siddhanth. Whether you believe me or my love.. ..but, don’t trust this
police officer at all. You’ve lost your mind, Shruti. – Come on.
– Raja. Inspector Siddhant! There’s a limit to every relationship. But love has no boundary. So think before you take any step. You’re beyond any help now. – Come on.
– Raja. Enough is enough. Come on. I lost this case,
and you’re responsible for it. I’m going to kill you today. If you want to live,
become an approver. Tell us the truth about Mansoor. you accept the deal,
or do I shoot? You must have played with
marbles when you were a kid. I spent my childhood amongst bullets. He won’t agree. You’re a tough cop..and
I am a tough criminal. nice. An upholder of the
Law deceiving the Law. You’ve been dismissed from this case. If you harm him, you’ll
be dismissed from the job as well. away. I will deal with him. Go on.. disappear. You.. Damle aka crafty fox. Who tipped you about this place? Him? Right? This was my ruse. Police officers like you
give refuge to people like Raja. And that’s why you
must die before Raja. Joke of the Day. – Very good.
– Go ahead, laugh. Who is going to kill me? You haven’t understood my game yet. You’re destined to die today,
not Raja. If I die, you won’t survive either. I am not going to kill you. – Then?
– Raja’s going to kill you. – Raja?
– Yeah.. – Raja ran away.
– Yes, Raja ran away. But he left his gun behind. To kill you. Siddhanth..I’m senior to you. A traitor is a traitor. Not a senior or a junior. Don’t joke around. – You can kill me.
– Yes, I am shooting at you. You’ve been always
running from you Law.. And you must do so again today. – You’ve lost your mind.
– Run.. Open up! Open up! Open up! Open the door! – Rascal.
– Run.. Why did you come here? Don’t spare him! Beat him! Don’t spare him! Get up. Get up. Siddhant, you will regret this. Let’s make a deal. I’ll hand over everything
I earned till date. Go have fun. – Let’s make another deal.
– Yeah. Admit how you made this money,
and I’ll let you go. Don’t you know? I made this money through corruption. I work for the underworld. I’ve killed innocent people. You even killed my son. He was innocent. Yes..I killed him. Now it’s your turn to die. Look, can you forget.. took an oath while donning
this uniform. Did you forget? To uphold the Law. By killing you,
I am upholding the law. You want to live, don’t you? You know what, take this uniform off. Take this uniform off,
and I’ll let you go. – You’ll let me go.
– I swear I’ll let you go. Pant too. Maybe not for you,
but for honest officers.. ..this uniform is their shroud too. I won’t give you that honor
by killing you in this uniform. You.. You’re a liar! A liar.. You just said you’ll let
me go if I take my clothes off. You’re a liar.. Even you lied to
the Law for a long time. You lead a life of a lie. Now die like a liar. Who killed him? I’ll tell you who. Raja killed him. Say it. Raja killed him. Raja killed him. – Who killed him?
‘- Raja killed him! – Raja killed him.
‘- Raja killed him.’ – Raja killed him.
‘- Raja killed him.’ – Raja killed him.
‘- Raja killed him.’ – Raja killed him.
‘- Raja killed him.’ Sir, Raja’s gun. Now we’ve evidence and witness. Raja killed Damle sir.. I need orders for his arrest. Okay, Siddhanth. I am handing over Mansoor’s
case to you again. – Go ahead.
– Thank you, sir. Arrest her. Look Shruti, for the last time.. ..handover all the evidence
against Raja over to me. I don’t have any evidence. I deleted all the evidence. If I delete the fact
that you’re my sister.. ..then neither can your tears melt my
heart, nor will I hear your screams. – Tell me where is Raja.
– In my heart. And now,
no one can get him out of there. Not just you, your entire
police department cannot find him. What’s wrong, inspector? You were so courageous. So even you believe that
no one can get Raja out of my heart. So you’re running away. Don’t test my patience, Shruti. And you don’t test my love. You’ve lost your mind. One you love is a criminal. The police can kill him any moment. Lovers are scared of separation,
and not death. You know what,
why don’t you kill both of us. If we can’t live together,
we can at least die together. More your torture me,
more I’ll get courageous. Shruti. Hit me! Hit me! Hit me! Why don’t you hit me? You’re scared.
You’re scared, aren’t you? Hit me. Hit me. Hit me. – Hit me. Hit me.
– I want evidence against Raja at any cost. – Hit me.
– Or his address. ‘Inspector Siddhanth never let
relationship interfere with his duty.’ ‘And he’s tried his best to extract
evidence from his sister Shruti..’ ‘..but he couldn’t gather evidence.’ ‘Tomorrow Shruti will be
presented in the court, for remand.’ ‘We’ve to see whether
Inspector Siddhanth can..’ ‘..gather evidence in 14
days from his sister, or not.’ Did you hear what
they were saying on TV? You still think that only you love
Shruti, and Shruti doesn’t love you. If she didn’t love you, then
she would’ve testified against you. The fact she hasn’t said anything
means that Shruti loves you a lot. Do you understand? What’s wrong with you?
Don’t you trust relationships anymore? Or maybe you don’t believe me anymore,
your mother. What are you thinking? if you want to think,
then think about Shruti and her love. Raja, you will lose Shruti.. ..if you keep thinking
about Mansoor’s dreams. – Mansoor could never..
– Love anyone in life, right? I had heard about traitors.. But you’re a backstabber. – Father, I..
– What? – No, I was just talking to Raja..
– What? – Father, I..
– Mansoor! Enough, father! I wonder what’s so special
about this darn love. Whoever falls for it.. He dared to point a gun at Mansoor
Ali, who taught him how to use a gun. Anyway, once again Mansoor Ali will
become a medium of that girl’s death. Come on, hurry up. Come on. Stop.. Sir, I’ve setup
checkpoints everywhere. They cannot get out of the city. Within 24 hours you’ll either
have Raja, or my resignation letter. Okay, go ahead. Why so sad?
I’ve brought pizza and water. Eat, drink, and be happy. And here.. Keep this phone.
And keep your phone switched off. Because it won’t take
people long to reach the sea. You two start your life
somewhere far away from Mumbai. Okay. Forgive me, Eeshwar. I always misunderstood. No, Raja. I was wrong. I’m doing the right
thing on someone’s request. But I now I know,
when a man falls in love.. drives all his evil away. – Well..take care.
– Okay. “O, beloved.. O beloved..” “One that dwells in my heart..” “You’ve won my heart with your love.” “My world seems different.” “My feet seem crazy.” “They want to know
whose sweetheart are you.” “My beloved torments me.” “My beloved torments me.” “My sweetheart’s not the same.” “You’re not the same.” “Is there love
blossoming in my heart?” “I’ve had some qualms about you..” “..but now they are all clear.” “Come and give me a tight embrace.” “Because I can’t live without you.” “Because I can’t live without you.” Boss, you know Raja really well. You’ve trained him. You can’t get your
hands on him so easily. God knows where he’s hiding. When the heart starts
making all the decisions.. ..then it only leads to danger. And Mansoor Ali doesn’t
like inviting danger. Shoot them both! Darn it..for years
I kept it contained. But, it’s out now. “When you became my companion.” “My heart feels overwhelmed.” “Why did it take me
so long to understand?” “When I ask, they skirt eyes.” “My heart torments me every day.” “My heart torments me every day.” “You’re in my arms,
yet you’re craving.” “O beloved, your eyes are melting me.” “I am doing as you say.” “Because I can’t live without you.” “Because I can’t live without you.” “My heart torments me every day.” “My heart torments me every day.” – How much?
– How much do you want? – Raja means Dongri.
– 25.. I’ll give you 30.. 10 now.. And the rest, when the job’s done. My conscience says that
a man should never be greedy. 25 means 25. You work for Mansoor.. Now, give me Raja. Why do you want to tell me about Raja? This will benefit you in two ways. First, you get your sister back.. ..and second, if Raja gets
arrested you’ll get promoted. Now, let’s talk about your benefit. My conscience’re very smart. Location. Boss, there’s no one here. There’s no one downstairs here either. Rascal sc*** me. Wait and watch, Eeshwar. I’ll make you pay 50. Mansoor..this is why you rule Dongri. Did he sc*** Raja, or me? – Give me the gun.
– Here you go, boss. Keep this. – Keep it.
– No, mom. I didn’t do it for money. You treat Raja as your son,
and I consider you as my mother. Okay. A son can do anything for his mother. Raja and Shruti must
be out of danger now. Thank God. Thank you very much, son. – But I cannot give you anything more.
– Mother.. – Mother, just give me your blessings.
– Enough.. Bless you. But you must keep this money,
or I’ll feel bad. Mansoor.. Mansoor, it’s not his mistake. Mansoor, he did it for me. Mansoor.. Forgive me. You know, Raja. It’s the third day
of Ganesha festival. Really? What happened? Last year, on the same day I prayed.. ..that if you accept my love,
then I’ll marry you on the same day.. front of Lord Ganesha. But Raja,
you know the police are after us. It’ll be fine. Now, we’ll leave Mumbai
after we get married. Make the call. Sir, they are right here. Keep moving. Keep moving. Hurry up. Raja, wait. Don’t shoot. Shoot at the bike. Don’t shoot. Shruti! Shruti! – Shruti!
– Stop! You must have heard.. The Law has long arms. And you must have heard.. ..that a criminal always
thinks two steps ahead of the Law. What do you think?
You can still survive. This isn’t Dongri, where
you use the narrow lanes to escape. And..Mansoor protected
you as your shield. What’s more, you even
betrayed Mansoor for your love. Like they say when a
going through a bad phase.. ..even his good luck turns bad. You escaped punishment
for the murders you committed. And, I have the order to kill
you for the murder you didn’t commit. Now you have only one option. Death. You’re right. Only death can save me now. But, not mine..hers. I wanted to get out
of this city at any cost. You set up checkpoints everywhere. I’ve only one option left now. Your sister. You two played me.. ..I thought I’ll
play a game this time. If anyone tries to stop me, then.. let me leave quietly. What are you punishing me for, Raja? What was lacking in my love? Quiet! This time I won’t miss. ‘You left that after holding my hand.’ ‘So, why now?’ ‘This is for saving a life,
not taking one.’ ‘And even today this will
help us cross the checkpoints.’ ‘You will keep our love alive,
Shruti.’ ‘Because one that dies
simply remains a story.’ ‘And our love will be
history and not just a story.’ ‘Whenever our names are mentioned,
people will say..’ ‘There was a Raja, who loved Shruti.’ “No one’s more benevolent than you..” “’re the epitome of love.” “Allah, you’re our benefactor.” “Help me o Lord.” [Urdu verse] [Urdu verse] “Help me o Lord.” “Help me o Lord.” “Help me o Lord.” “Help me o Lord.” “Allah, you’re our benefactor.” “Allah, you’re our benefactor.” “No one’s more benevolent than you..” “’re the epitome of love.” “Help me o Lord.” “Help me o Lord.” “Help me o Lord.” “Help me o Lord.” “Allah, you’re our benefactor.” “Allah, you’re our benefactor.” “No one’s more benevolent than you..” “’re the epitome of love.” “Help me o Lord.” “Help me o Lord.” “Help me o Lord.” “Help me o Lord.” “Help me o Lord.” “Help me o Lord.” “Help me o Lord.” “Help me o Lord.” “O Lord..” “O Lord..”

Michael Martin

100 Responses

  1. निर्दोष इंसान का खून करने वाला या दूसरे से करवाने वाला अगर वो पूरी जिन्दगी अल्लाह के बारगह मे सर झुकाए रहे तभी अल्लाह माँफ ना करेगा उठाकर फेक देगा जाहन्नम की आग मे.

  2. Movie to underworld wale banaye hai black ko white karne ko par itni ghatiya story itni ghatiya acting abe kuch bada karo kam se kam harami pan to bada ho . Goo movie tatti

  3. Movie release huwa 2016 mein Aur tum dale ho 2018 mein Fir tumne aur 1 chutiyapa kiye ho 2019 bhi likhe ho ab movie ka comment suno Ronit roy ka is movie me kirdaar Achca tha aur hero heroin maha chutiyapa the aur movie maha bakwas hai is se achca Bhojpuri movie hai jo loog mere baat se shemat hain Woh Log Yahan Par like Karen❤👈

  4. बकबास पिक्चर
    जिसे मरना चाइये था बो मार नही।

  5. I think ye bahot hi zabardast story hoti agar hero heroin mil. Jate ya fir ek saath marte story was not bad but last seen is not Interesting movi jab end hoi to sab ko last seen ki fikar hoti hai ki kya hoga wahi agar sahi nahi hui to movie kharab ho jati hai khair koi baat nahi acchi movie thi

  6. यह mcd कोई और मेटर नहीं मिला काय pic बनाने को

  7. राजा ने तो बाजा बजा डाला

  8. जबरदस्ती की लव स्टोरी डाली गई है, बिल्कुल चूतियों वाली लव स्टोरी लग रही थी, बकबास डायलाग, रोनित रॉय के अलावा किसी का भी रोल अच्छा नही था, ये बेहूदा लव स्टोरी देखकर बिल्कुल भी सहानुभूति नही आई 👎👎👎👎👎😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  9. फालतू का दो घण्टे टाइम ख़राब हुआ। बकवास स्टोरी। इतना भी अँधा प्यार नही होना चाहिए। एक यूज़ कर रहा हो फिर भी प्यार। साला लड़की को भी साथ में मार देना चाहिए।

  10. इस फिल्म से यही साबित होता है। की प्यार किसी को नहीं करना चाहिए 😥😥

    इस फिल्म की डायरेक्टर की बहुत ही धनवाद देना चाहता हूं। जो बहुत ही दिमाग से यह फिल्म बनाया गया है।👌👌🙏🙏😥😥

  11. Kch bhi dikhaate hai movie me
    Mujrim Ko accha dikha diya
    Even if he is good from heart
    He must punished for the crime he done
    Ese to koi bhi kisi ke Baap maa bhai behen Ko maarne ke Baad kisi ladki se pyaar karne ke Baad accha ban jaaye to un logo ka kya honga jiske maa Baap mare honge
    Vo kya bolenge ki bhai tu to accha ban gya to thik hai mere maa Baap Ko maara to kch nhi maaf kardeta hu
    Phaaltu movie
    One must be punished if he does crime
    Jai hind

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