Dollar origami bridal gown, money gift idea for weddings ❤️

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Michael Martin

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  1. I wish I could add a photo.
    I did this with a Canadian 5$ bill. Now…it's NOT cheating that I used tape – here in Canada, some gol-blam fool decided all our paper money should be changed to polypropylene — YES! PLASTIC! So folds will never ever no time in the history of the world ugh-ugh no way José stay folded ~ sometimes not even a CREASE! But, there were two good things that made up for my going insane with this —1, is that the bill is blue, so it's a rather loverly blue dress (who doesn't like the sound of that?!), and —2, there is a foil strip running the depth (narrow) of the bill, so now the dress has a mid-knee of silver from side-to-side!! 'BLING!'!!! Well, nice until I noticed that it's also seethrough! Oh well, it's demure AND risqué!
    DAMN I'm good!
    Thank you for the insane instructions!
    •••••ok, I just made a short video so you can see what I was yammerin'-on about:

  2. Folding a bridal gown or dress out of a Dollar bill is a creative way of gifting money to the bridal pair 👰🤵💍

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