DOES IT RUIN THE SURPRISE? | Engagement Ring Shopping Together

Hi my name is Abby with Abby Sparks
Jewelry and today I’m going to share with you my tips on should you go engagement
ring shopping together, or is it best to not do it together and keep that element
of the proposal a surprise. So some people think that shopping for engagement rings together takes the fun out of the proposal. I say no, hundreds of my clients, some
of them want that surprise, they don’t want to be involved, go that route. But if
you’re feeling like you want to be involved, it’s a really big deal and you
want to make sure that you’re getting exactly what you want then go together
and make it fun. It actually can be a much more enjoyable and happy experience
doing it together because it’s it’s one more thing that
like just lets you guys bond and experience, and you know, and share in
that moment. Share in the creation of a ring, or even the finding of that ring. So,
it doesn’t necessarily take anything out of it it can actually add to the fun of
it. You can make it really fun and special and it also takes some of that anxiety
out of it, that pressure that guys feel to like nail it and get the perfect
thing when they don’t know what that thing is. How are they expected to know
what that thing is? She may not even know exactly what it is that she wants. She
typically will have just kind of an idea but she’ll only learn about more of what
she wants by trying things on, or seeing things at times.
That’s kind of what that shopping together experience is. You’re shopping, not
necessarily buying, you’re just getting a lot of clues. So doing it together can
actually just really enhance it and ensure that it’s the right ring. You know
you’re gonna do it forever, do it right the first time and make it
fun together if that’s the best fit for you guys. What I’ve experienced with my
own clients when they shop for engagement rings together or literally
for me when they design something together, it’s kind of twofold.
I will have clients that come in as a couple and they’re saying, “hey I want to
get engaged,” they go through this entire design process, stone sourcing, with me
and then I deliver the ring to both of them together. That’s one option, the
other option is they come in together, we figure out what it is she wants, and
then we literally push her out she doesn’t get to have any more say in the
processes, we literally won’t communicate with her anymore, We’re doing everything
with him, but we know exactly what it is that she wants. So it ensures really that
he can still keep that surprise there. Yes, she knows it’s coming – a lot of my
clients don’t, they get the ring and she doesn’t get proposed to for six more
months, or a year, or nine months but he knows he’s nailed it because she’s
involved in that process. So I see both, you know, both of these couples when
they’re doing it together, I see success with both. The reason that
a lot of guys don’t really like this idea, and some girls don’t like this idea
too is because they think or they’re they’re worried essentially about it
ruining some engagement surprise and they want it to be this magical proposal,
they both do. It really just depends what kind of couple are you, and also what
kind of proposal do you want? So I hope this was helpful today, if you know a
friend pass it on share this, like it below if it
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Michael Martin

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  1. What do you think, does shopping together for your engagement ring ruin the surprise element of the proposal?

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