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I am a woman and this is a bridge and despite our vast differences we are very much in love and our love and itself is no different from any other love that exists between two beings one of the most difficult parts of being in love for the public object is that he and I can never be truly intimate whereas objects I've loved in the past that's never been an issue I feel very very blessed to have a piece of my sweet Golden Gate Bridge and I just hope that when I make love with this piece of him that he can sense and feel how much I really really love him because I have in love with the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge it's very much in love with me her akela Tori found knowned her friend of my show is one of just 40 people in the world who call themselves objective sexual people who have loving relationships that object my show has many lovers her most famous ones these days of a Berlin Wall and the Eiffel Tower her love for objects is behind her considerable athletic success she's a world-class Archer thanks to her long-term relationship with a bow this bow is tension and I was indeed the first boy I ever fell in love with he belonged to a guy that I was attempting to have a relationship with and the sad part is he broke up with me because I loved his bow more than I I loved his bow more than him and he was rather offended I want to say you date these guys does this mean you do have sex for them oh no now we never get to that point often times they always said I'll be the guy that will make her change your mind and I never liked attitude so I'm going to date a whole lot of guys but the ones that I did didn't work out simply because of the PhysX bar the bow called Lance propelled her to become a world champion gold medalist and a record breaker but she's been out of love with him for a couple of years now this national championship is the first one since their relationship cooled the competition brings back good memories Lance knows who's good-looking and initially I was attracted to him because if it looks we've had a pretty hot and heavy relationship for quite some time but when we got together out there on the archery field I realized it was more than just his aesthetic appeal to me everyone knew that I was an archer knew that I loved my bow but they didn't realize I loved my bow in a lance and I we were we are such a great team because we had that connection on every single level I mean I'd almost swear that my blood just flowed from my arm and went right into him I just you know felt like the molecules and him was flowing back into my arm I used to feel so connected with him is it my kind of gaze it simulates a woman having sex to the men I would say yes I would say that the you know I mean orgasm all that is involved for play after play all that and I think the emotional aspect of it is probably similar I would imagine her I would hope so because I'd say the sex is really great for me so if everyone else was having that kind of sex I think it's wonderful the world should have more that okay 276 have all her shots been clean or many of them inline breakers Anthony's a coach and a friend he's known her for years at first I thought it was a little strange but she would always be with her Val and then when one time I recall she told me that she slept at Lots and my first reaction was that this is a little weird but having known her for a couple of years and having as much respect for her both as an athlete and as a person I said well maybe you know I should listen a little more closely to what this is all about [Applause] but things are different now working with an ex never easy nicer no longer feels at one with her bird tell us one more you pull it last one I couldn't keep my from the fight on good well my show has conferred in her category a defeat for the former world champion she doesn't even want to connect her trophy no I have very little pride right now when it comes to my archery and I know I'm a good shooter right well that's why you should go up and get your award please don't ask me to do this I please don't be disappointed that I don't do it but I just I am on the verge of having an absolute just meltdown and I don't think I can put myself in that position your third-place trophy thank you I appreciate your collecting it for me gratulations Thank You Anthony great great thank you I know I've disappointed a lot of people I know I've disappointed myself but I'm trying to keep alive something that I'm not in love with anymore and now I've put myself an extremely complex situation because my heart decided they wanted to fall in love with something that's almost completely out of my reach a year ago to private ceremony she married the Eiffel Tower pleading eternal love to the iconic structure since then she's been losing interest in her archery career who are the objective sexual why are their passion so intense and why do they prefer the coldness of concrete to the warmth of a human body objective sexual the US people fall in love with objects not human beings they also give them names depending on their gender why are some of the objects he and some are she well gender doesn't actually you know the object obviously you can't lift up a leg on the Eiffel Tower and see whether she's male or female but I think really what it boils down to is we can't call the object in it because in the language that we speak referring to something as if it instantly means it's inanimate I just kind of get a sense of whether they object is male or female it's the Eiffel Tower she's a grandma dem of Paris I mean I didn't determine her gender she did obviously I mean I just want to be with her where you guys like catch me having sex with the Eiffel Tower Sweden was the buff taste of objective sexuality a Arita coined the term when she married the Berlin Wall in the 70s she changed her name to Frau Galina malwa mrs. wall did you have a chance to have a sexual encounter with the wall at that time like Gloria's real made liars yeah yes and it's private and that was good because a good experience yes it was good it was good militant oh yeah yes Harry sure he's to be in a loving relationship with a guillotine never the hood before these days she left on her own with nine cats in a large house in northern Sweden she doesn't travel anymore but instead has created a mortal museum dedicated to her lover's on the ground floor Ares his father who was a model maker taught him how to build them have you had any relationships with people at all in your life those men and women rule another rule from her house in Sweden err Rita has had an enormous influence on other object and sexuals around the world all of whom are women before the internet came along they were all alone now they can share their lives with each other Arita hastens the model making skills Tanisha you now have connection of her own many of the models of the Berlin Wall a very special lover I can't exactly go and curl up sleep with the Eiffel Tower every night nor the Golden Gate Bridge or the Berlin Wall so I have to suffice with handcrafting models this this particular wall in Berlin I have a very very deep relationship with so he's pretty special nice show loves the models and is intimate with them too she usually carries at least one of them at all times you make me feel so alive 1001 nacht I can touch the sky as your counterweights descend and your gondola Rises my days are brighter when I gaze upon your handsome face Amy wolf like nation is also a member of a Mises internet group I'm glad that I'm alive so I can fly with you Ami's main lover at a humble fairground ride called 1001 not amy is also in love with this little Bannister called Lou in her bedroom you think about him then if your whole being in my bed measures yes what type of force isn't in mind comfort peace warmth a feeling of being loved happiness hello and I show nice Shane was floated to meet her I thought that's good to see you it's gonna be same as usual yes that's my trademark very cool doesn't one knows how you doing he says he's doing great he's looking forward to seeing me tomorrow my boys are kind of still mad at me because they're wrapped in plastic but we love to visit New York an OS paradise full of seductive structure you can feel the energy in the city it's not all from the people I mean definitely I mean we're that building right there I'm like Stampler let's go into glass oh yeah I like glass I like glass I like you know I like I like aluminum I really like aluminum I mean I don't know how an OS person could survive in the city and facing with all the Magnificent objects here the Empire State Building is one of Amy's regulan others I think I am he has if you work for you so multi-tool all right all right public displays of affection are often a problem if they were being watched yes I'm fine okay I'm sorry how was it it's beautiful the security guard gave me helm oh hey really yeah you know every time I see the city and you know looked at the world financial center that's in front of where the twin towers used to be I'll just never get used to it you know I used to used to him being gone too Amy the Twin Towers is a single entity a he and she still loved him even though he's now gone always care for you somehow in Amy's mind her love for the Twin Towers has made her parents divorce and disaster that follows more bearable after my dad left after my mom suffered cancer after we lost our home and everything in it after we both lost our jobs twice in our six-year relationship together I came close to taking my life but my love for him and for his spirit gave me the strength and the courage to stay alive to not take my life I always have a place in my heart for you why would a person choose to seek solace in their relationships with objects rather than people Amy lives with her mom in Allentown not far away from New York our family was always dysfunctional I was always under constant stress I work two jobs because my husband was out of work more than he was in work my dad was always very distant and very disconnected from the rest of the members of his family if you look closely at the picture you can almost see in his eyes that he is distant I am holding a small red container in my hands I've always all my life had some kind of object close by that I've loved and found comfort in this is not all my collection this is just my favorite portraits of my collectors I have about 50 different sets of stuff as far as I'm concerned they're better than having a man in my bedroom an explanation for my sponge amy was identified at age three as developmentally delayed in first grade she was classified as an emotionally disturbed student and placed in a full-time sed classroom amy was hospitalized in the psychiatric ward at st. luke's at age 19 she is a loner who since a child has fixated on objects organs fans globes washing machines spaceships and she is currently fixated with the twin towers conclusion Amy appears to meet the criteria for a diagnosis of Asperger's disorder Earth's burger is a condition on the autistic spectrum which makes it difficult for a person to make connections with other people only a very small proportion of us further suffers though our objective sexual she believed that she was born this way and I'm convinced it's everything that's happened along the way that has brought it to the point that she knows she knows he's objects won't hurt her they won't talk back to her they won't threaten her she's feel safe with the objects I think she'll never know what it's like to be loved by another human being to be physically in contact with another human being my heart breaks I shall never know this and it's kind of difficult for me to accept this but what choice do I have she's my daughter and I love her for every lover I've ever had I will always have a place in my heart for all of them I think I can speak for many people in their respects that we would like to find a lover and be able to stick with that lover and just settle down and grow old together I longed for that very much but I guess I suffer what they call the seven-year itch because that's when it seems to happen when the relationships fizzle out I love this part that's coming up it's not unlike one a box for all trailers I think because they're German they adapt it right here [Applause] Oh okay everything is much harder yes just a rush of emotion that's what love does yeah Amy and her clique but she just smiles from ear to ear and says mom there's other people like me out there and she just just was filled with joy you can see him a little bit there just is so I'll give him for the truth my heart's wow he is really calm yes he is oh my god just through five months it's goodness just good to see you it's just so noble so proud so strong I not only love him for a sexual attraction I mean we're not talking about fetish here I love him as a mate I love the roundness of his counterweights at the top I love him for the narrowness of his jibs I love him for the elegant lines of his gondola which is now covered up for the winter I like the ribbing up underneath his name display there too the parallel lines that are coming down you see Rocco oh yeah I love that I'm thinking oh geez you know what I'm thinking about it this is very personal when I make love to him at home when I start climaxing I just keep saying over and over again just as I'm starting to go over the edge I just tell them I want your fluids I want your food I want your food [Applause] Oh I did not expect to find a fence like this here at all be perfect I mean this is the shape that I like so much these angles fabulous [Applause] you smell good cardi smells okay senses are such dangerous objects for me because they are so perfect in their geometry I mean I have to say there is a lot of physical stuff going on right now I mean and I think that happens between human relationships as well but I'm definitely physically attracted to this fence and I would like to get to know this fence better an OS person talks to their beloved object and the object communicates back by telepathy how many times over when we've made love at home have I asked you for look at me look at me and say [Applause] I don't want to go rather stay here with you it's never really goodbye to anyone because 1000 will knock as I have told you many times before how will many times repeat it I love you Amy loves objects not people in a romantic way one of her more exotic lovers is a church banister whom she calls straighter there was a newlywed show on the other night and they asked the question what's the oddest place you've ever had sex in and I laughed because I don't I don't think any of them could have had sex in a more odd place that I did in the church so what happens I'll put it this way no different than what happens between a man and a woman all the foreplay and the ultimate act that we all go through and the after effects the the what some people refer to as post-coital bliss I'm trembling because well obviously because of how much I love him but this you know just finally having a voice through through you producing this you know working on producing this documentary I've never had a voice to the human race before never been able to have people listen really listen to how I feel and what I have to say most of the time an objective sexual is alone with their beloved object or just the image of it people can love objects they love them to a certain degree more or less for practical purposes that's why they don't see the soul of the object or is when you truly truly are interested an object and you're willing to bare your soul then you see there he's an amazing he's an amazing lover my mother and father divorced when I was one and it wasn't one of those good divorces it was one of those ones where my mother absolutely detested my father for the abuse that he put her through living conditions were not suitable for me as a child my Department of Human Services had me removed for my own safety and well it was a thing about you chose to go to that club I'd have to say that it was being molested over the course of two years I'm a half-brother and was it come on yeah I was really bad no person should have to go through that it's a Escarra I'm gonna have with me for the rest of my life there is no healing it and they say time time can heal I'm not entirely sure I believe that though nice show isn't in its Burgas suffer throughout her childhood she was moved from foster home to foster home experiencing further abuse as a teenager she got into the US military and was training to be a pilot that suffered another sexual attack you she managed to defend herself that she was sleeping with a Japanese sword her lover at the time she was then asked to give up the sword that refused given her full history as possible as she will never be able to part with her sword and will need to maintain a boundary between herself and others she exhibits some personality traits which are common and survivors of childhood abuse such as fear of abandonment nyesha was dismissed from the Army some 10 years ago on psychological grounds she has a chronic post-traumatic stress disorder if I am the way I am today because of everything that happened to me then I'm alright with it because I I wouldn't change who I am now but things are changing and I show you used to love weapons of aggression not anymore for new lovers mostly give Giuli to people a lot someone the Berlin rule naysha herself doesn't quite understand that and so she travels to Europe to find her answer and to visit her grand lover her first stop is Sweden to catch up with her old friend and mentor a Oh Rita a little human warmth after all can be of help to you nice show is very much in love with a Berlin Wall a Rita's husband of 30 years objective sexuals believe in polygamy so you both love the little all right and you're cooking and this one table how does it work just on why wouldn't it work is that there you did say early today that there have been some difficulty there it was in the beginning really just don't understand each other now well now we understand him with small problems the women share a mutual understanding and yet another lover a provincial bridge near leaden oh you are just a bridge and to the world you serve your cause and they expect me to and so my show goes to Berlin to see her most controversial and complicated lover the purlins moon and how long have you waited to be touched like this Madame coaxing home thousands died trying to cross it to escape to freedom in 1989 a rejoicing crowd pulled the wall down marking the end of communism only a few remnants are left [Applause] a checkpoint charlie museum is devoted to the memory of those who died crossing the Berlin Wall naysha wants to learn more about the history of her beloved that it's painful could you say why it was important to destroy the berlin wall imagine easement it was very very important to destroy to destroy well involve analysis the ball was not just a wall of the world was the strongest part of the division of the world and to put this wall away was very important to put the world again together I understand what you're saying is from my own experience I was in a free country this will happen to me so it's something sometimes it doesn't matter if you're behind a wall or in the most free country no you cannot you cannot you cannot you can just say that is the thing you could move as as you want actually I couldn't have the property of the government to name they like to move me they do six different families right now but you cannot you cannot set it to the same as the people for example of my country all the people in the same a thing I understand the feelings of not being free but nevertheless I think this is wrong great and set to put these two people two things under one tables this is very different I I can provide that children a family you cannot imagine I was grow up in the Ukraine you cannot imagine how it is in communist in from communist countries I'm not talking about the political part of it I'm talking about taking away as being violated physically those things I can relate to because I've I've been that I've experienced that I'm not saying that I had it worse than them people in the comic country by all means are not we did see power as a family they did put Samara in the prison and the children sit of eight is in a special house at least those parents still love my currently lonely try the deccan 12 we're told to hit you well I don't get is if they say you brought up pain and suffering to people so why is it such a big problem that you bring happiness in joy to me isn't that what they want the people have happiness and joy I cursed myself for being human I was sure I were an object just like you I wish I were part of you he said to me some time ago that in some strange way you thought there were similarities between you and the Berlin Wall I feel that the Berlin Wall was built made and then later rejected by the people that paid him and I have to say I feel that way about my own life I feel that I was brought into this world and then they later regretted and I was rejected like he was I just don't understand how some people can bring someone into the world like a child an object and then not love them I struggle with that in my own life how could someone bring me into this world and not love me even that even though I have had so many opportunities in my life to give up and go down the wrong road and let them Fester inside of my heart but this ragged old wall has taught me a few things and that one most important thing is to stand up and who cares what people think about you stand up and be yourself and I am standing up and being me I am the Berlin Wall hate me try to break me apart try to tear me down but I will still be here standing Ami's love for objects have had its problem she's been ridiculed and rejected once upon a time she had a happy love affair with the church often called Paul when the previous pastor found out about the affair he asked her to leave and that broke her heart now there's a new pastor Pastor Mark he'd only just find out about her sexual encounter with the church banister amy is terrified that he too will exclude her from his congregation the moment of reckoning is coming quiet okay all right all right why there help Pastor Koons was to be in the next hmm I wasn't sure he act very hard you know you're welcome here you know welcome here thank you welcome here I've never been able to tell this story to anybody but when I played the organ here years ago Paul as I call him his name is Paul to me although he's not what he was since you got the they got the new digital Oregon I loved him like a boyfriend and when Pastor Koons took him from me it broke my heart but this is still God's house and Christ opens the door and welcomes us in and he welcomes you now he welcomes you when you were baptized and he welcomes you every time you come to this table at this rail shall we pray dear love God we thank you for your great love for us reaching out and welcoming us broken people facing so many hurts in our broken world we pray O Lord that you will open the hearts of people who shut doors a whole biggest difference despite their differences the curator of the checkpoint charlie museum in berlin has commissioned my show to build six new models of the remnants of the berlin wall I want to have all your modern photo reveals the contract is worth ten thousand euros who knows maybe it does mark a new beginning in my shows personal development to celebrate my show goes to Paris for the first anniversary of her wedding to the Eiffel Tower this time she determined to consummate their marriage at last this is where I was hiring it shit it's a challenge to be truly intimate with a public structure like where is a will there's a way oh well every time I come here I always feel that there's some distance some barrier between her and I but now that barrier is gone I mean I won with her I'm connected to her means there's nothing between us right now I never I never imagined this a whatever whatever happened but the heat of my body is flowing into her cold feel the cold of her Steel is flowing into my body and we are reaching equilibrium where we both have the same temperature if it's not I'm expecting that she's so cold it's actually quite pleasant that she's cold because I feel the exchange of temperature between us which is an exchange of energy and that energy is very fertile and you feel that she likes me back oh gosh yes she definitely wants me back I can feel I can feel that I concealed her right now I and I don't care people don't believe that I can communicate with her it doesn't matter to me really the only parties involved are her and myself in this relationship so people call me cuckoo I don't care what we have is real and if it's only real to me it's only real to her fine [Applause] [Applause]

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  1. As much as I laughed at this, I realize these people are hurting, they feel like they can't trust people, so they put their trust in objects. I'm a very open minded person but these people don't need yes men around them, they need people to help them face their hurt and help them heal.

  2. Is it weird that I find Naisho somehow quite sexy? I think it's something about her passion for these "lovers" and also her voice and long hair. I also really like her posture, mannerisms for some reason. I wish her healing and happiness. So awful that she was assaulted so many times in her youth. It's no wonder she loves objects now.

  3. Hey. I am trying to be open minded as I can. But how could you love a object like you would as in a romantic relationship? It doesn’t have feelings, can’t display physical affection, etc. I am not judging these amazing people whatsoever and I wish the best for them, but how is that physically possible?

  4. The MOST ironic thing is these structures were made, formed & created by HUMANS! If you think about it- if humans wouldn't have put them together they wouldn't exsist. She was stroking the fences curves which a human formed. The vibe or feeling they get they is from the work the human put into making it. If not, then she can go make love with a tree because that's what the fence was. ✌

  5. What does she do for a living? She's going all over the place to be with her lovers!

  6. Not trying to be funny, but does this mean that hardware & home depot's type stores like sex shops for them? Where does it end? I mean you invite someone over & catch them fondling the banister, bookshelf, or stepladder…🤷‍♀️

  7. i can’t be the only one who didn’t picture her arguing with the bow please dkdjfjfjjsksubdkdbda

  8. 22:54 “You smell good.”

    These people are insane. This should be the textbook definition of insanity.

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