Do You Want to See Results on LinkedIn? Optimize Your Videos! | EP.49

So you’re doing video for LinkedIn, or
maybe thinking about doing video for LinkedIn. Well, we’ve got some tips in
this video you may want to consider to make sure you get as much engagement, as
much reach out of your videos on LinkedIn, so keep watching! Hey, I’m Evan
with Your Local Studio. And I’m Kevin with Kevin Kolbe Media. So we’re talking
about videos for LinkedIn again. Yep! Talking about ways that video, you can optimize
those videos. Yeah, we were talking earlier about, you know,
optimization. A lot of times optimization when people say that they’re talking
more about like SEO and keywords, and like especially on YouTube, tags and
different things like that, I think we’re talking about more things you can do,
probably before you hit record, to be thinking about how the video can be seen
and consumed and actually help you, beyond just keywords.
So one of those things could be making your video square. Square
meaning that 1080 by 1080 pixel ratio, for those who are not technically inclined.
Remember, Huey Lewis said “It’s hip to be square”. So you can think about filming
maybe in the 16:9 landscape and you can create a separate version, if
you will, like a social media version, that’s what I would recommend, I do some things vertical because of IGTV but the problem with that is I
can’t flip it, and if I do it’ll always it’ll be squished, right? So if you decide
to shoot your video and square it will be square, now if it’s only being
consumed on mobile it’ll be okay. But people are still looking on a desktop
as well, so I always recommend shoot 16:9, which if you’ve got an
iPhone, it just means turning it this way. It’s also called landscape and then that
way you can always make that video square if you want to. But did you ever consider actual captions though, right? Like closed captioning without
word-for-word transcript kind of stuff And there’s a lot of tools out
there that can help people do that, what are some of the ones that you’ve used or
would recommend? I’m a big fan of Otter Voice Notes.
I think it’s or something like that, it’s free to use. Now they do a
paid plan, I only use the free version and you can literally drop a
file in and it’ll almost real-time spit out a transcript, it’ll do a time step and things
like that. Now you may want to go in and to
can edit it, but you could turn that into a blog post, you can turn that into
captions. I don’t personally use REV because I don’t want to pay for it but
there’s a ton of people that use REV, I think they say something like 99%
accuracy. Still kind of works the same way, they even have a phone app as
well. You can drop the the the transcript in and it’s almost
real-time that you’ll get it back, again a timestamp,
a lot of folks use that and then and then you can even take that off LinkedIn
as a blog post or something else. But we’ll say that a lot of these
caption solutions are paid so it’s usually like a dollar a minute, or
something. So just keep that in mind if you’re considering doing that, ’cause you’re
doing regular video content, they all have captions, this is a whole new budget producing them, because you have to order the caption. Now just keep that in
mind if it’s something that you’re thinking about. So here’s something else
to think about and it’s really key: is a call to action, you’ll see it refer
to a CTA. And you need to think about that before you get into your video and
it’s basically what are you wanting somebody to do rather than just leave a
website, it could be like a “Question of the day” or something. I’m
seeing now a lot more at the end of videos now, it seems like, it’s just like
“Hey, what do you think? Leave a comment below”. So the focus is more on engagement
and that’s on saying them somewhere else to go buy something or do something. We do
that in all these videos and one we want to hear what you say, so
it’s like: Are you doing video on LinkedIn? What kind of video works? Well
that’s a call to action and we hope that you’re gonna answer,
that you’re gonna comment on that, which also from a back-end standpoint is an
algorithm thing, because then if you comment and we comment back and then we
like your comment, well LinkedIn or even YouTube or somewhere else they see that
as engagement. So those are some of the ways that we would suggest you think
about optimizing optimizing your videos for LinkedIn but here’s a question we
have for you, remember CTA! Yeah! What are some of the things that we mentioned
that you like, that you’re going to try? Hey, leave the comment below, we’d love to hear
your feedback for sure!

Michael Martin

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