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yo what's up guys in this video I'm going to show you guys how I manage my whole entire clientele and plan with them from both the desktop and on my phone literally anywhere and everywhere I just made a timeline for her my upcoming wedding yo what's up guys Diedrich web in today's video I'm gonna be showing you guys how I manage clients all the way from the process of getting a new lead to booking them and what I use to plan with my clients yes we're gonna go mostly in depth I'm gonna try and keep this high level in this video and then based on your guys's questions and concerns related to the things I'll dive into more detailed videos following this already so let's jump right into it and before starting this video and talking about what I'm using I got a note DJ event planner it's like DJ EP it's like what everyone is using and I'm gonna tell you right now the whole reason why I switch to these two softwares is because I was so frustrated with DJ event planner I have DJ event planner I'm still using it for some of my clients but like it the whole entire thing is so archaic old and it only works on the computer like you can't use it on your phone the main reason why I switched is because I can manage my whole entire business off of my phone from anywhere I don't need to have a computer and that's the main reason why I switched so the software is I'm using I'm actually using two softwares and I'll explain you pretty much get away with using one but if you want all of the details like I do with planning I use two so the software's I'm using our honey book and my honey book is like the main thing I use honey book handles my leads all the way up from getting the lead to booking the lead to handling payments they handling contracts to handling emails all that is done through honey book and then vivo is my planning solution so five-o is what the client interacts with and that's where we do planning so let's just jump onto the computer and I'll show you guys what's like on the computer and I'll show you guys what it's like on the app because like I said you can manage your whole entire business from your phone exactly I just got a new payment notification from honey book that one of my clients signed on and I got a new payment game already guys this right here is honey book honey book is like I can't express how much easier honey book was to use compared to using the event planner it's a breeze and beyond that if you guys actually sign up and you pay for the monthly subscription they will help you transfer all of your stuff into honey book so the help you transfer clients they'll help you create your proposals your invoices your questionnaires all of that they will generate them in honey book for you so you have all those templates already there so you can hit the floor running right off the back and one awesome thing that DJ event planner doesn't have is a help feature down here in the bottom left or right hand corner you can click message us and they will get back to you literally if it's during their hours which they have hours every day of the week anyways let's jump right into it so this is the home screen this is where you do a lot of the setup and I don't really spend much time here mostly because the task area is where I spend every morning and I actually spend that time on my phone because this is a mobile app as well and you can literally do 90% of what's on here you can do on your phone which is awesome so quickly you got projects you got calendar you got tasks you got reports you got bookkeeping and then down below is the more tools so this is where you send spend the time setting up you set up all of your templates you set up your contact forms your workflows workflows are like a chain of events so you can apply the workflow to certain things so I have two workflows that I use right now I'm gonna add more eventually but I only have my wedding workflows right now one is for a new lead so as soon as I get a new inquiry I apply the like follow I call it the follow-up workflow and that is the workflow of basically touch points and events and follow-ups leading up to trying to book this clinic so basically the chain of emails and like the dates in between so like at this point and you send this email it's all automated too which is awesome three days later send this one four days later in this one five days later send them an brochure if they haven't already got one already and then there's like a last-ditch email and then I also have a workflow for when they've been booked and actually let me click on workflow so yeah right here are my two work you got nine steps in the follow-up stage and ten steps in the book workflow the book workflow is by is a once they have signed the invoice and paid their initial retainer fee I apply the book workflow so this handles everything from the point therefore all the way to the very end and sending the please leave a review email I can't stress this enough but the workflows are what allows me to basically take a step back and not have to like be up in every single wedding and know what I need to do because the workflows are set up the way I want them the literally the system lets me know what I need to do every single day to basically stay ahead of the game and that is where tasks come in so if I click on my tasks for the day one you're gonna see a lot of create viable accounts and that's because I'm in the process of transferring everyone that was on DJ event planner to vibe oh because vibe oh is a thousand times better but down here at the bottom we can see kind of some of the actual tasks I need to be working on today so I need to contact the venue for Western Guilford prom and you figure out the venue for Apex high school and he approved the timeline meeting for Madison and Adams wedding coming up and right now you can see these are in the workflows so if it says follow up stage this is part of the follow up stage workflow this is part of the booked workflow so that's what tasks are it's pretty awesome down here at the bottom there's also the the mobile app which I'll show you here in a second there's batch emails so if you want to send a batch email to all of your wedding clients say you want to leave like a wedding tip of the month there's a hint for you guys I do those you can send it out to all of your book wedding clients library so you upload your actual photo library that way you can send photos really quick and logos and all kinds of stuff like that templates templates is where you set up yourself for success like I said honey book once you sign up and like actually our paid customer like on a subscription plan honey book you will send them like your PDFs that you already have made up for your invoices your contracts and proposal your brochures and they will create them for you inside of honey book and that trust me when I switched over and they said they were going to do that I was like here's my money sign me up and set me up and they literally had all of my stuff created and it was pretty much a hundred percent accurate I had to tweak a little thing a little few things here and there that I wanted to tweak prior but I was literally able to hit the floor running with honey book within like two days because they imported and did all the work for me you created in voice a contract a proposal a proposal is like one of the coolest things ever say you just had a meeting with a client or you just got off the phone of a client and you literally like you know what they want say they wanted like a reception package and a ceremony if you get your packages set up already you can send a proposal in seconds you literally just click on a new proposal select reception select ceremony and click send what the proposal is going to be is it's going to be their invoice at the beginning they will click Next if they think the invoice is correct and then it'll have the option for them they'll electronically sign your contract right there on the honey book file and then they click Next and it takes them to the payment page where they can make a payment via credit card debit or bank transfer or you can also do it manually if they want to give you a check or cash you can manually do it for the program as well but it's pretty sweet because it's literally you send one email to them and it has all the information for them to literally just click through and book not to mention if you send them a file and they haven't done anything with it and say 2 days 3 days it automatically sends them reminders telling them that they have not signed their contract they have not made their payment yet and throughout the whole entire process it will give them payment reminders of when their payments are due and you never literally never have to send them one email or text or phone call to be like hey your payments do no it takes care of all that now obviously they don't pay their payment in time and then you might have to interfere but so far with the clients I've been through with this program it literally handles payments and I never have the discussion of money basically with them other than what it's gonna cost for them the book our services so you can also create questionnaires you can create a timeline as well but I don't do that in honey book because vivo is where I handle all my planning by Mo's up here we'll talk about that in a second but it's basically a mobile planning app for your phone and it's what they download is pretty awesome brochure so you create all your brochures in here and one thing I got stressed here honey book is not something that your client logs into this is a way that you manage your clients so the way they receive all of this is via email so this is just basically a way to manage your clients it's a Sierra that's how you manage your clients email templates email templates are huge I have tons of them in there and email templates are what helps you build your workflows so if you want like a certain email I'll give you an example in the booked to the point of like when we do the event I have a sequence of emails that sends a reminder at like 200 days before the wedding and sends them a little email says there's 200 days left till your wedding be sure to be filling out your info on your Bible wedding planning app and that's just an email template I also have like a greetings to a new inquiry like hi thanks for contacting me blah blah blah and I it it's it's awesome and you can create a custom email signature as you can see down here and you basically just one click apply to all your emails enough of templates let's go to where you're gonna be spending all of your time this is where I spend all of my time when I'm on honey book the projects tab this right here is your pipeline this is literally your pipeline through and through I have 47 active projects 22 are in the lead follow-up section I have zero inquiries right now zero meeting schedule three proposals have been sent out one retainer literally just got paid as you guys saw right there 17 weddings are on the books right now zero lighting only I haven't imported those in here yet I actually have two of those right now and for school dances and the way you can do this you can actually customize it so it has some pre-made ones but I added in meetings lighting only booked and school planning and of course you got archived so if you lose the lead to competitor you would just click archived it's gonna ask you did you lose it to a competitor did they not like your pricing etc and you can click on each one of these tabs and see literally all of your projects that are in each one of your tabs and it's an awesome way that a quick high-level overview of where all of your clients stand in terms of the wedding process or your like business process from the point of being an inquiry to completing the event now quickly I don't want to spend a lot of time on here because I want to make this a very high-level video overview of how it works and then I will dive into some more detailed videos later on based on here as this feedback so this is what a project looks like we got a picture here at the top you can select a different picture right here again they don't actually get to see this this is how you manage each one of your clients so it's this is the workspace of the project right here I can see that I'm in the email chain Britney's in the email chain and I can add other participants say I want to add the groom to this email chain they will also get all the emails this is probably one of the coolest features of honey book is it implements directly with my Gmail so my my fusion sound lighting email all I had to do is log in to my gmail I didn't have to setup any stupid servers or anything like DJ event planner what you do you just log into your Gmail account it's that simple any email between me or Britney sent to me sent to Britney etc is logged in this chain which is awesome so you can see every single email that has been sent between you two and you don't have to go digging for your inbox you don't have to go to your inbox and search for Britney and see what emails have been sent it's all right here inside of each one of those wedding projects so you know exactly where you're at with that client what was the last email you sent you can go to files you can see every file you guys have sent between each other you can go to their payment tab see their payments that are coming up etc new file is where you can create a quick proposal you can create your invoice brochure etc like I explained earlier on the right-hand side here you can move them different stages you can also do that inside of the pipeline itself but you just click this drop down you can move them to the different stages of the pipeline additional team members this is where I said earlier that you can add additional team members so if I want to add Caitlin as a team member to this project say he's gonna be the DJ at the project I'm just gonna over see it as being the owner I'll add him to this and then he can have his email chain and see directly what I've already said to Brittany and he can also respond to Brittany and it's all right here in this awesome email chain I can see right here the exact tasks that need to be done with Brittany so today there's one dude this is actually was doing the seventeenth that's because that's when I activated the workflow like I said earlier I'm trying to switch all of my clients over to vibe oh I'm still working on doing that and then at the bottom here you can set up your workflow as well as you click the drop down and you can see and you can apply where you got the lead source from that's like back on the home screen where it said my top lead source was wedding shows I can click down here and click wedding shows and I can apply different referrals so that I can track where all of my leads come from and I can get a report basically on terms of my earnings based on leads which is awesome one last thing before we leave project I want to show you guys how easy it is to send emails because you have email templates you just click here you go to templates and say I want to send a hundred days until their wedding this is one of the templates that's built into the workflow that sends automatically 100 days before the wedding but say I want to do it manually I just click on the template and it imports everything directly into here so as you can see the templates are set up to have the client name that's one of the options you have to add right here and then here's the templates already made it's got the head the subject line it's all set ready to go and it's already got applied my email signature but you can easily apply your email signature right here it's awesome so like I said the beginning honey book is very detailed there's a lot of features so if you guys have questions you want more videos I plan to make more videos to explain some of the cool things that I utilize on honey book also if you guys want to check out honey book i'll also mention this to give the end a video but my like link right here you can click that link or the links also in the description and the first comment if you use that link it's gonna save you 50% on your first year I actually reached out the honey book and they were kind enough to give me a link for you guys to save some money on the program but you can also jump on and just start a free trial to mess around and check out all that it has to offer it's awesome so like I said templates when we're talking about questionnaires and stuff you can develop questionnaires and just use honey book if you want but I don't use honey book for what my clients used for planning what my wedding clients used for planning is not honey book previously with using DJ event planner you set up a client login on your website and your clients go in the desktop and they log in and they get this little planning account it's okay the music search feature is pretty terrible but like it works and honestly I have nothing bad to say about the DJ event planner thing other than it took forever to set up the planning forms so I recently stumbled upon this thing called vibe oh so this is vibe mode desktop now this is not the cool part about vibe oh the cool part about bibo is that it's an app on your phone and more importantly the way that your clients interact with it is via the app they actually don't have a desktop version the desktop version is for the DJ only so only you get access to the actual like to have a desktop the way your clients get it is via an app so quickly this is the dashboard of vibe oh so right here you can see all of the wedding clients that I've imported so far into vibe oh I got nine of them so far and you can just see the list of events you can show past you can view it as calendar you can create a new event right here you can also do all this on your side of the app templates so I've already created my templates in here I have one for reception only and one for a reception in ceremony but just quickly event settings allow host to invite other guests you can limit their song so you can lock the event you can go to the event section this is where you set up they're like mock timeline again you can edit this out the fact and then planning for because you have to have some sort of planning form and let me tell you right now creating this planning form right here a thousand times Union DJ event planner so I'm just going to quickly breeze through the rest of this we got recommendations list this is for music they already have tons already created like look at all of these recommendations lists like this is tons like first dance garter removal all these dances are already built into the like software already next we have my info which I'm not going to click on because all of my info and then a count which obviously is your account lastly music scanner this is by far one of the coolest features of vibe so you know previously with your wedding clients they'll give you a list of music they'll give you your first dance their father daughter the mother son their introduction songs etc and then you go into iTunes errata whatever and create these crates create these playlists for the weddings well Vai boat takes care of that for you you download the scanner right here for either Mac or Windows the first time you use it it will go through and scan your whole entire library this will probably take some time the first time you do it but after that it only scans for the new song so it's quicker after that but it's just like a one-time like hassle you gotta go through with each one of your wedding timelines vibe mo will automatically look at the wedding timeline what songs they've already selected see if you have that song in your library if you don't have that song it'll tell you you need to download it and then once you have all the songs it'll automatically create the list for you and you can import that list directly into a cerrado create a virtual DJ crate of playlist in iTunes attractor list whatever or just a folder in general with all of your files in it that right there alone is gonna save you a couple hours for you xx your weddings okay so now that I've shown you guys the desktop version of it this is the coolest part about both vibe oh and honey book you can do all of that on your phone so let me show you guys how awesome this really is already guys I'm sitting here at my counter in the living room because I want to show you guys how I utilize my business anywhere and everywhere via my phone it's all I need basically to run my business on a day to day operations so since we were talking about viable let me show you the viable app and then I'll show you the honey book app and I'll try and make this as quick as possible so the viable app is the same app that your clients are going to also download so if I click on the Bible app you can quickly see that all of my weddings are in the Bible app same as what they were on the desk so Katie is already joined you can see down there at the bottom she is one of the hosts of the event we can also add Zachary into it so if we wanted to add Zachary and this is the exact same way that I added Katie into this I would go to an edit event and I click add host and it'll pull up either on your Apple or in my case Android I can copy the clipboard or I could send a direct text or email and basically it's going to send a link for them to download the app and when they click on the link while they're on their mobile device it'll take them to either the Apple Store or the Play Store it automatically knows what type of phone they have and they'll be able to download the app when they download the app they can either create a profile they can log in directly with their Facebook account and once they do log in or create an account it will take them directly into their wedding profile so there's no like like login process to find their wedding it takes them and sends them directly to their wedding profile as long as they use that link that you send them so in the app here on the home screen as you can see there there you change their photo that's one of the cool things they can change their photo to a picture of that but that just makes it a little more personal and I can actually when I look at the profile I know exactly who the bride and groom are and that's a nice thing a nice little cheat for when the wedding is coming up when I'm going to the way be like that's who my groom is that's who my bride is or groom or groom and bride or groom you know so like I said this is the exact same view that Katie will have as being a host they can always click info under me and they could see exactly all my info my website my facebook my phone link if they need to get in touch with me vibe Oh is also multi op friendly so if you have multiple DJs within your master account on your desktop you can assign different DJs to different weddings so instead of my name being right here say Caitlyn was assigned to this it would show Kalin's profile but it would have me join as a guest because being the owner I need to have access to everyone's profile just in case so one last thing on the home screen here they can also click on the planning form it will open it up in the web browser it's that generic planning form that has all of the questionnaires basically that I need for their wedding the cool part is in the music tab and this is actually technically their timeless so on here they can do all the different events blue is a multi song list turquoise is a single song list so something like a first dance would be a single song something like cocktail hour music would be a blue one or just something that needs some text as a time placement is an activity that's in grey you can reorder you can edit you can add a section at the bottom there and it's all in this and you could set this up as a template so that all of these things are already in here when you create each one of your profiles and you just need to tweak them from event to event they can click here to add notes they can click here to add time you can also do the same when they want to add a song they just click into each one of these events they click the green plus and they can either import their playlist from Spotify they can search YouTube or those recommendations list that we had on the desktop there you could select which one of the recommendations lists you want on each one of the activities so for a cocktail obviously I have a bunch of the cocktail recommendation list if I click on something else such as dinner music it's going to give me a bunch of list related to dinner music so again in each section they could either import their Spotify list they can search YouTube or use recommendation list and they can do that to create a list of music such as here in Prelude where they have a list of music there's also a heart system this gets really cool they can invite their guests to their public lists so on the right hand side there's host only list there's public list such as cocktail music dinner music or open dancing their public lists so they can invite their guests and their guests will only have access to those public links because they are not a host they're a guest they will only get access to the ones that are public and it's a really cool feature that they can you can use for their guests to have basically some suggestions and they can go through suggest songs they could heart song and overall in that DJ you can see basically what are gonna be the most popular songs that the guests overall are wanting to hear at the wedding not just the bride and groom lastly you have all of these details on the timeline / music portion right here at the bottom you can get a PDF so if you click send me the PDF you could also do this on desktop you can just download it or you can print it it will create this in a nice black and white form timeline and you can print it out and take it to your vet you can send it to all the other vendors etc so quickly in a nutshell that is by though and if you guys want more info on vibe Oh a link to their website is in the description down below the owner Michael over a Bible actually set you up with like a one-on-one video call and he'll actually walk you through all the details that they have how it works answer all your questions show you it for free so you can basically go through and figure out how it's gonna work for you and you can see a lot more features than what I just showed you I'll tell you right now it's pretty awesome the music feature is really really awesome and the fact that it is an app 21st century this is a huge selling factor that I actually used with brides and grooms being that they will be able to plan their whole entire wedding event and everything in the palm of their hand via our app 21st century technology versus a planning portal that you have to get onto a computer log onto and then go through the hassle the music feature sucks on there etc so Wow on my smart phone real quick I got to show you honey book so just like the desktop on honey book here on my phone on the app I have my full pipelines so I can see literally my full entire pipeline I can see all of my projects I can click on Britney and Tyler I can see the email chaining between us I can click the message them I can add a template to send them a template email I can go to files I can create a new file in here I can send proposals I can see the details I can change where they are in the pipeline I can literally do everything on here I can add a new event directly from here I can add a new event directly into my pipeline I can see a new inquiry I can send an email if I need help I can click on the help icon and I can literally contact someone directly on honey book to help me along with it all my phone I can view my calendar I can view my tasks this is where I go to every single morning when I wake up I go to my today's task for honey book and figure out what I need to do for the day so that's really awesome and like I said guys you can literally manage your whole entire like company on honey book from your phone that is just like this was the main selling point for me is that there was a mobile app that I can manage my whole entire business from my hook phone as you guys know I have a full-time job so being able to on my lunch break just look at my phone and literally do everything I need to do for my business quickly and easily because I have all the workflow set up all those templates already set up I can send proposals a new I get a new inquiry in the middle of the day I can literally send them all the info within seconds well not really seconds it within minutes rate on the app it's awesome so there you go guys that is a look at exactly how I run my business honey book is how I manage all my clients completely through and through vibe o is how my clients interact with me in the planning phase like I said DJ event planner it literally was so frustrating to set up it took me forever it was not user friendly this is all in my opinion but I literally hated DJ event planner my experience of DJ event planner was because it just it just would not do what I wanted it to do and then thank the Lord I literally was on YouTube and I came across a photographer that was using honey book and I was like what wait wait wait what does this software and then I tried the free trial and I like I just fell in love the fact that I can manage it on my phone it literally took less than a day to set up everything compared to the vent planner which took forever I can create these like amazing awesome proposals send them out to my clients and literally like it has everything on there my invoice my contract and it's all seamless it works together it's clean it's modern it it works it's not our cake it's not old school looking it's just awesome and then using Bible for the planning portion of it how awesome is it to tell your bride hey you'll be able to plan your whole entire event literally right on your phone your husband your fiance can also have it on their phone your mother can have it on their phone and you guys can all plan it together literally directly on your phone anywhere and everywhere 21st century technology and you'll have access to me literally on the phone you don't have to log into a computer that is an awesome sales strategy and honestly I'm getting amazing feedback from the brides that I have on it if you guys would like to check out either honey book or vibe oh I got links down in the description down below to where you guys can check out those products like I said my link for honey book is gonna save you 50% on a whole entire year that's pretty awesome deal and a shout out to honey book for like providing this awesome deal for you guys and Michael over at Bible is the owner and if you mention my name he might throw you guys in a discount he might not I'm not sure but anyways that's one other awesome thing with these two companies they're actually really good about like listening to what you guys want so I've actually had conversations with Michael the owner of viable I have had conversations with the CEO of honey book and we talked about some of the stuff that could be tweaked some of the stuff that could be better so it's awesome that they're listening to their like their clients and they're actually implementing changes for the future that make their products better see how guys that's all for this initial video to show you guys honey looking to show you guys vibe oh I hope you guys enjoyed it I hope you guys did links down below if you guys want to check out the products like I said earlier if you have any questions comments concerns or ideas or stuff you want to learn about in terms of any book or Bible for future videos leave them down in the comment section down below if you like this video be sure to slap that like button if you're not already subscribed please click that subscribe button if you wish to support your channel there is a link to the patreon down in the description down below and like always guys my name is near equip keep that record spinning and I will see you guys next time with more awesome amazing content peace

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