Divorcing Women: Where Husbands Typically Hide Assets

Hello – I’m Jeff Landers and welcome to
another episode of ThinkFinanciallyTV. Today’s topic is:
Where Husbands Typically Hide Assets Could your husband be hiding assets or income? And if he is hiding assets, does that mean
you won’t get the divorce settlement you deserve? If you’re a woman going through divorce,
you need to be aware that although hiding assets and/or income is sneaky, unethical
and illegal, husbands hide assets much more frequently than most wives expect. Think about it. Many couples today have complex financial
portfolios. Your list might include your marital residence,
rental and/or vacation properties, bank and brokerage accounts, retirement and pension
plans, stock options, restricted stock, deferred compensation, life insurance with cash value,
perhaps a business or professional practice … and probably much more. Even in the best of times, it can be extremely
difficult to keep track of all these moving parts. When a couple decides to divorce, that
task can get exponentially more complicated. Unfortunately, as you go through the divorce
process, your husband may try to take advantage of the situation by hiding income and/or assets.
As surprising at it may sound, hiding assets can be extremely easy to do –especially if
your husband handled the finances, and you were unaware, uninvolved, uninformed and perhaps
even uninterested in the details of the family finances. The first thing you need to know are all your
marital assets, liabilities, income and expenses, and know where all copies of tax returns and
other financial records such as wills, life insurance, etc. are located. Secondly, you should immediately start to
be on the lookout for these tell-tale signs that your husband may be hiding assets and/or
income: 1. Bank and other financial statements are
no longer being delivered to your home address. Is he secretive about financial affairs and
maintains complete control of bank account information and on-line passwords. 2. He’s deferred salary, commissions or
bonuses and/or delayed signing new contracts. This sneaky trick means this income won’t
be “on the books” until after the divorce. 3. He’s overpaid the IRS or creditors. If
your husband overpays, he can get the refund later, after the divorce is final. 4. Or, on the other hand, has he underreported
income on tax returns and/or financial statements. If it’s not reported, it can’t be used
in a financial analysis. 5. He’s created phony debt. Your husband
can collude with family members and/or friends to establish phony loans or expenses. Then,
he can make payments to the family members or friends, knowing that he’ll get all the
money back after the divorce is final. 6. He has no new clients. But, surprise! He’s
hiring new employees. Maybe he’ll pay employees who don’t exist,
or “pay” friends and family who agree to hold the checks until after the divorce
is final. 7. The business pays his personal expenses.
If your husband’s business pays his personal expenses, then he doesn’t need to take a
paycheck – and can claim he has no or little income. This will negatively impact the amount
of alimony and/or child support you may receive. Also in absorbing his personal expenses, the
business also appears to take a hit, both in its net income and in its valuation. Remember: The less the business is worth,
the less you’ll get. 8. Defensive behavior. A husband who suddenly
becomes secretive, controlling or defensive about money could be someone who is diverting
or dissipating marital assets. He also may act pushy when obtaining signatures on important
documents, like tax returns and deeds. “I need to get this to our accountant today,”
he insists. 9. He’s purchase items that could easily
be overlooked or undervalued. Maybe no one will notice that expensive antique/carpet
that’s now at his office? Were you wondering why he recently made several significant additions
to his coin/stamp/art collection? 10. He’s stashed money in a safe deposit
box, somewhere in the house or elsewhere. Think through your husband’s recent habits
and activities. Does anything lead you to believe he is hiding assets in actual cash? The list goes on and on . . . and it certainly
begs the question: Why would a husband do any of these things? There are many possible reasons. He may fear not having enough money after
the divorce. He may feel he’s getting revenge for an
infidelity. Maybe he’s just greedy and feels that he
deserves it! Whatever the reason, hiding assets, income
and debt is not only unethical; it’s also illegal and subject to severe penalties IF
discovered. But remember, the burden of proof is often
on you to prove these financial shenanigans. That’s why you must become knowledgeable
and keep your eyes wide open. Thanks for tuning in – I hope you found this
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Michael Martin

60 Responses

  1. Men hide assets from their garbage wife because they probably know that if they get divorced she will get access to half of it. Even though she did not do anything to earn the money, house, or any other asset, she is somehow entitled to the husband's assets. Who cares if it is sneaky. Waah cry me a river. You only exist to because of these BS laws. These laws and common marriage laws need to be done away with. Marriage is an investment, and sometimes it goes belly up. That does not mean that one person deserves to take half of someone's property because they are used to a certain kind of "lifestyle". Alimony is garbage, and anyone who stands up for the practice are nothing more than parasites.

  2. How about divorced women actually working for their money instead of depending on the ex to finance the rest of their non-working life?  Silly how love is no longer part of the equation, but getting as much money as you possibly can, is.

  3. Marriage is a contract. If women break their part of the deal, men should not be obliged to stick to their part (i.e. paying alimony).

  4. Let me get this straight, women shouldn't ever have to do, work for, or earn anything, I mean they're too inferior for such a task.. is that what you're saying ThinkFinanciallyWhore TV? After a divorce, that they want, after they broke vows (breach of contract) and whored around, possibly infecting the husband with disease, they should be able to still steal HIS MONEY and the HOURS OF HIS LIFE EARNING IT? From a man who's not in her life anymore, by her choosing, as a penalty for caring about her in the first place? as a penalty for being a heterosexual male, duped by a selfish and greedy female, at his own perish? Why should he literally have to give you his life's work and effort to keep you going at the cost of the loss of value and worth and potential of his own life? Why is it never the other way around? Marriage is suppose to be a partnership, not a parasitic one though that feeds a succubus and kills a human. WOMEN GIVE WOMEN SUCH A BAD REP and so much of american law is so openly anti hetero male. When did america die and become such a disgusting, disgraceful place that legally punishes you for mistakenly trusting and liking a women?

  5. Ha, well to protect my own assets and cash, I started an offshore trust in one offshore country owned by another offshore trust elsewhere and managed by an offshore management company which manages those assets, plus I married my wife in a country that is hard to get a divorce because of U.S laws protecting those rights and that no greedy divorce lawyer can get any of that cash.

    Now take that divorce petition bitch that I wiped my ass with and send it to your lawyer now, ha ha ha

  6. Husbands you must protect yourself against divorce, the gender biased legal system, gender biased lawyers, poverty, and your "wife". Learn from this video. The system is rigged against you. Remember they will shame you for not yielding to their aggression and greed, but ignore it and do everything possible to protect the assets that you earned.

  7. More ways guys can protect themselves from gold diggers:
    1. acquire as many assets as you can (such as a house, car, etc) before you get married as a safeguard, any assets you acquire before marriage is 100% yours (as long as the spouse's name isn't put on any of it) and cannot be taken/divided in a divorce.
    2. Sign a prenup.
    3. While you are married, periodically move any extra money you have as cash into a secure location that only you know about such as a safe, safe deposit box, or other hidden location. Having valuables in a safe deposit box or private safe is completely legal.
    4. As soon as you get a divorce but before the divorce is final purchase a large expensive "gift" for a relative that will be taken back after the divorce is final.
    5. Transfer money into Bitcoins, a form of electronic currency which is anonymous. It is intangible and not managed by any central government or agency, so it is completely legal to do this since it is not considered money or assets.
    6. Get an offshore bank account.

  8. Women like to go for e equal rights but when it comes to sucking the blood out of their exes, there's absolutely no problem doing that. I seen where woman with education is still looking to get paid

  9. Buying gold bullion and declaring the receipts as fraud could work. How about dumping all of your assets as a charitable contribution. Desperate measures to keep the woman who didn't earn the money away from it. Mangina, save-a-ho cocksucking lawyers everywhere.

  10. Simple. Take cash out of your check every pay. Stash it somewhere and don't say a word. can't track cash if your not depositing it somewhere.

  11. This must be an older post because these days you no longer need a paper statement when you can go digital and just get it in your email

    Lending money to people close to him knowing he'll get that money back? Now we all know where to look for hidden assets. Just get a lawyer to get a court order to put a freeze on all his bank accounts and assets

  12. this guy is a typical jew profiteer using the stupid goy to leech a living fuck him greedy liberal douchebag 90 percent of women don't pull a fraction of their weight cause vagina walk away don't get married mgtow forever no more slavery you earned it you keep it fuck having brats also they will grow up to be fags n commies anyway if a wife is involved

  13. Oh please, stop bitching about him "giving away mens' secrets". Think of this as a MGTOW "How NOT To Hide Your Money" video.

  14. If my ex is entitled to my future alimony money payments as she is accustomed to than i as a man am also accustomed to getting 2 fucks a week….. where that in the family courts?

  15. Upon watching this video it sounds like the man is sucsesful and owns a business. He earns his cash. I think its fair to assume the wife stays at home sending bills to the husband. This video appears to be for women who rely on milking their husband for all they can so they can continue their stay at home lifestyle. This video shouldnt exist and should be replaced with a video on how to remove parisites with minimal damage to your body.

  16. The title should be "White Knights fucking over other men!!" You're types are the reason why men are walking away from marriage at alarming rates.

  17. Fortunately for me I am NOT going to tell you the method(s) I employ to guarantee immunity from an avaricious divorce settlement as well as civil forfeiture theft! If I can figure it out, anyone can, but you have a big mouth and people like you can fuck it up for lots of us who just want to hang onto the money and property we busted our asses for! TRAITOR!!!!

  18. If I quite or am fired from my job.. does my job owe me money in the foreseeable future? Can I take them to court since I have become accustomed to a lifestyle due to the previous income? The answer is no.. explain why a wife whom is fired (male files for divorce) or quits (woman files for divorce) is deserving of her lifestyle being maintained?

  19. have separate bank accounts
    have multiple international bank accounts
    LLC that you pay your $800 dollar taxes on
    invest in gold
    have a separate solo bank locker..
    passport ready incase you gotta leave

  20. My husband filed for divorce several years ago after clearing out all the money I had. I found out recently he had money he didn't declare during the divorce and skipped the country to get married to someone else. Not all women are gold diggers. I just want the money back he conned out of me. He also did the same to other women as well.

  21. getting a divorce these days and can be tricky but if you know his every move and where he hides his money that would be easier. nationshackerz at gmail . com can get you sorted out by doing a mobile spy hack in days.

  22. How about instead of telling women how to screw over men, you talk about how men can protect themselves from being screwed over by women? I suspect the latter problem is far more common.

    Here are some examples:

    1. Do not have a joint checking account. Otherwise, she can drain it and hurt your credit rating. She can also use it as a tool to compel you to contribute your own separate assets to the marriage or relationship.

    2. Do not marry. There is no legal benefit for a man. Any tax benefits are far outweighed by the financial risks relating to divorce. A marriage does not place any legal burden on the husband or wife to be faithful, and indeed a cheating wife can kick the husband out of the house he is paying for in a divorce, and invite her boyfriend to move in – at the now-ex-husband's expense.

    3. Do not cohabitate. In states with common-law marriage laws on the books, see #2.

    4. Do not reproduce. Your safest bet is to get a vasectomy. There are men who didn't even have sex with specific women, yet those women fraudulently pointed at those men as the fathers of children, and those men are now being forced to pay child support. I suspect that a prior, documented vasectomy with an associated (in)fertility report may be additional supporting evidence to help save you from such a fraudulent claim, but I could be mistaken.

    5. Do not be alone with a woman in a professional role. See various documented false MeToo accusations if you don't understand why.

    6. Research MGTOW. Inoculate yourself. Defend yourself. Because lawyers like this one certainly won't.

  23. In my dads situation is opposite where the wife who has stolen money and hidden assets that we need to fnd. My dad owned the house and ran his own company before he married her. Then she comes along, and steals for almost 20 years. Don't trust all women. They are thieves too.

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