Divorce Party!

couples in japan are now celebrating their
divorce in the very same way that they celebrate their marriage aren’t they had a big party
at something known as the divorce mansion welcoming so they go to the divorce mansion and they
have a big party if a celebration false at the family event and they have this uh… ritual where they
snatch their wedding rings with a fraud shaped gavel to that’s why logica because a smashing the ring would you know
what this personal that’s a typical number two in japan project right but obviously like they can’t
be reported to the north pole gavel it has to be fortunate once you’re back and it also symbolizes change in japan the
front desk we have put it on the day i’d like it but you know it’s fun for everyone
general sellout this article talks about one couple they’re known as uh…
the fuji’s mister and missus fuji and i have some other quotes mister fuji says released mastering together
i felt like off this is the end of it really and my heart and myself out renewed now i feel we can have a new life and start
all over again now that the fat but it’s not so with the perfect so depressing and dhoni missus fuji said the same thing
she said the mom in tennis match the ring i said to myself this feels so good another bad thing in a gag insightful seventy
two mobile alabama has fascinated with i find interesting is the them by their family friends is like another
wedding yeah so i think if you want to go snapfish at the paper pouring up day are you but in the kind of dancing to bring like her
aunts and uncles we like our points out that the wider boards at the terms like spotlight
fucked up about that a good bit of march of this guy you know what the hell i’d like it i think
if if your marriage is gonna and obviously do everything you can to make it work right
but if you can’t if you guys have grown apart you can make it work this is the best way to do it grab a frog
that’s for sure rate makes it we both sides of the family together and celebrate
this renewed life album photos then celebrate this massive mister

Michael Martin

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  1. wow hhahah that is awesome. if I get a divorce i want to have a party too 😀 but i guess id have to be married first >.>

  2. Too many divorces end in hatred and animosity, it's good to see people treating it as a happy celebration.
    of course there will always be bad break ups but when you are in a possition to be able to treat it as a happy occassion you'll be more likely to look back at the whole marriage with a better attitude imo

  3. Divorce party? I wonder if divorce courts are as biased as they are in the U.S.? (always in favor of you-know-who)

  4. Coming up next: death parties. Just playing, interesting stuff by Japan. If divorce parties makes you happy (and both parties are willing to attend), so be it.

  5. @Savior20061 sad world you live in if you think divorce is all about hate.
    there are many people who get divorced simple because they grow apart, they are still friends and happy to know each other but no longer wish to be married. like my parents, when they got divorced it was a happy time. no more stress in the family and they stayed friends and are still friends now 25 years later

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  7. Screwed up culture! So after the div party he goes to the vending machine to get some teen girls’ soiled panties! hahaha sick shit! S

  8. The "mistake" is how our marriage system is set up in the first place. With more than half of marriages ending in divorce, and studies on human behavior, it is obvious for most humans living with one mate for the rest of your life is not how most people are biologically wired.

    At least with Japan they don't think they should FORCE themselves to stay together and "work it out" like a significant percentage of those that remain married do, living unhappily.

  9. Cenk, they are not celebrating that they 'fucked up' as you said. They are celebrating a new beginning. Enjoy your marriage, but when it is over, it is over! Move on.

  10. In the Palin World Order, divorce parties will be completely banned for divorce will be illegal and abolished! Divorce is a sign of weak integrity and lack of principles and morals! Marriage is truly sacred and should never ever be broken. Divorce destroys the sanctity of marriage.

  11. @TruthNotReligion
    That will change in the Palination. President Palin and her Palin Revolution will convert Japan into a Palinist Christian Conservative nation and the Japanese will all worship the way Palin worships.

  12. Here in America we should start a new trend, every time we catch another politician lying (like the scum they are), we smash them in the mouth with live BULLFROGS lol!

    The GOP probable would never speak again. And a few DEMS would keep their pie holes shut too.

  13. I remember a skit in the MAD Magazine that talked about divorce party and one of the scenes was the bride and groom giving back the gifts.

  14. How do people not end up smashing each other with the gavels? I could so see that happening at divorce parties. Plus can't u sell the ring for more if its not smashed?

  15. It's not depressing, it's spectacular! Every divorced guy I've ever known is so much happier than he was when he was married. I Want to get married, just so I can get divorced and join the party.

  16. I always thought that bachelor parties should be saved for the divorce. I mean, when do you really need friends, booze and strippers, before you are gettting married or when you are getting a divorce?

  17. Obviously this is Japan. Where else are the strangest couples, that have to marry because of traditional reasons and pressure from their parents, but themselves act very liberal and don't see marriage as much as a religious bond as we in the west do.

  18. I didn't need to smash any rings – seeing the signed off court papers was good enough. BTW, do they smash up all the wedding presents at the party too? Or did they do that in the last blow-out argument?

  19. @NikEgUy101 I don't think there are any countries who truly as a culture celebrate a divorce. Japan is becoming slightly more accepting of divorces. They happen all the time. Or couples just split up, they stay married on paper but they lead separate lives.

  20. @moulingalette That number is a skewed number. If you look at the census date our divorce rate is about 22%… almost the exact same as England. Japan's is lower because it is still customary to FORCE THEMSELVES to stay married. Sometimes they have separate lives but they're still married on paper. This is a new thing and INCREDIBLY rare.

  21. I think there is something very healthy to clearly cut the relationship with this kind of ceremony. No ambiguity, everyone knows the new marital status of both divorvees

  22. this is just a new way for business to capitalize, nothing more- stop reading into it. The same way grade 8 grad parties are now catered affairs.

  23. @Plato86 No no sonny you're just another overgrown teenager, you know nothing of life or anything else. Keep your half baked whinging to yourself in future so you don't look so ridiculous. If you followed your own advice you should be feeling humiliated and embarrassed at this point which is, as I stated earlier, emo.

  24. @ZurBar8 You don't think the divorce rate is so high because most humans are not biologically wired to stay with one mate for the rest of their lives? People love to give examples of animals that are monogomous, but the fact is the monogomous species make up less than 1% of the animal species on earth.

    So why do you think the divorce rate is so high then.

  25. @sheenami I checked several statistical estimates of the divorce rate, and they each said the 50%+ might be a little high, but it IS at least 40-50%.

    And on top of that, there are many couples that don't actually get married even though they are living together for more than several years, so when those couples seperate, likely at a higher rate, they are not included in the numbers.

    The fact is that while marriage works for some most are not wired that way.

  26. @DrOman5596

    I would agree to that.
    If both hated one another, what better way to make both sides happy than to smash their wedding bands and say "F*ck you too! Let's party!"

  27. This is probably because due to the fact the divorce is pretty rare in Japan and is still looked down at since families expect their children to get married.

  28. @Plato86 in fact celebrating at a funeral is quite a old tradition,somewere in eastern europe does it were they mourn a childs birth as they being torn from heaven and celebrate when someone dies as it means they going back to their creator

  29. @johnqpublic81 Is your best man required to give you another bachelor party if you get a divorce? I think that should be tradition.

  30. Ceremonies are a part of human culture, and they all have there genesis from the human condition. Many like the Bar Mitzvah symbolize a changing in life.

    My daughter broke up with her boyfriend a while ago, and I told her to make sure she puts a period on the relationship and grieve, or else she will carry that hurt into the next one.

    I think the divorce party is a good idea 🙂

  31. omg that's awesome I love Japan! They are so ahead of all the christian conservative bullshit holding this country back.

  32. @SickOfThisCrap1

    Oh she has expressed that sentiment quite verbally, many times! She's a teenager.

    …. usually a woman just cuts up the bastards clothes and spread rumors that he has VD.


  33. Hmm, do they only have Kermit hammers or do they also have the Cookie monster? I would prefer a Cookie monster hammer. 😀

  34. I personally think a marriage license should expire like a driver's license and every two years or so both parties just decide if they still want to stay in it.

  35. It's better to celebrate a divorce in a party than have some ugly court battle. It shows both families there's no ill feelings between the two. The marriage just didn't work.

  36. @Willettes1 OR you could sell the rings…buy two guns and get a duel to the death with your wife…i think is fair and the survivor can really go on with his(her) life.

  37. I hear what Ana's saying, but at the same time—bring the whole family together to celerate the fact that you aren't going to be a family any more? A little sad, and more than a little strange.

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