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hi guys it's Morelli back for another Skyrim mod review today I'll be reviewing their bonds of matrimony this is a divorce mod obviously you want to use it if you want to get divorced from your wife so first of all I'll show you where we find it on the map you want to go to the Lost Valley of redoubt it's near Martha or whatever I'm just trying to show you it in respective to other places so that you can get fast travel somewhere close run by I mean I had to run from over here but yeah whatever basically what we've got to do is you go into this pool which is at the top of some places you you'll have to kill off a few people then you want to swim down here now get into first-person view for this and there's a little statue shop symbol thing shrunken shrine of Merit so you want to activate that strange feeling of freedom washes over you you have been divorced there we go guys that's a very quick and simple mod as divorce is not possible in the game this mod I mean obviously you'll be going through the game you find of a women that you might want you know I mean I've started off with a woman from the very start in Ridgewood and yeah I've seen other bids but I'm pretty sure people I've got further on in the game I've seen women that I rather be with then some little scrub that barely gives you any money but I'm just gonna go back to my house now and see if my wife's still there I have got another mod on at the moment which is the adopting mod which I have already done a mod review for I was just wondering if he would still be here now I've divorced my wife by the looks of things she's here there yeah because of the have me doing a quest earlier on in the game she's talking about me getting a claw because it's that it's the what the brother of the person that owns a shop or something and now she's in sewing me she's basically saying things as if she's never ever seen me before so I take it she will leave the house eventually she's not mmm really showing that she's with me anymore cuz she's acting like she's never seen me and by the looks of things she my little boy is gone as well and now he's here so it looks like you keep your adopted person yep so that's the mug guys if you basically want to get rid of your wife that's what you've got to do install this mod get rid of her go find some more people remember you need an amulet of Mara to be able to find someone to get married to so and you require that in Riften which is at the bottom righthand side them up there is somewhere in there there's a guy called Meyer or something and you talked to him and yep this is more of a little guide more than a review because I'm pretty sure a lot of people want to know how to get divorced on Skyrim but to be able to get divorced you have to get this mod so yeah this mod is bonds of matrimony it's a divorce that's what the title is and it's being created by someone called momo it was downloaded on the Steam Workshop so yeah if you were want to get the mod head over to Steam get it downloaded but until next time guys thanks very much for watching see

Michael Martin

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  1. Ooh, and also, if you kill your wife/husband it'll allow you to go marry again… If your character is just so inclined :/ ^^

  2. Okay WEIRD, might be a mod-conflict, as she should return to her old home location after an hour or two (wait for her to go). Tested it on several different situations and NPCs and they all return to their old home location after activation of the Sunken Shrine. If you don't mind sending me a link to the Adoption mod you used I'll give it some testing. (+ Save if you don't mind sharing).

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