Divorce If Spouse Gets Fat? – New Prenup Clause On Weight Gain

this episode of the young texans brought to
you by audible dot com everybody about at audible podcast dot com slash delight c some people are sent from huffington post
wrote is have really really interesting piece on how more and more people are putting up that
clause in a prenuptial agreements and basically what that that positively is little i’ve gained forty pounds within the
marriage then that is grounds for a divorce right so the couples are working it out there
trying to figure out uh… what type of weight gain is acceptable i’ll what type of body
image arrived they want one another to maintain that type of thing and if one person ends up being in the weight and
the other person doesn’t like it violation of the peanut we want a divorce speedo and i i like they may be gender-neutral
the realities of course the strip the wide usually then you don’t there’s almost no cost but the guidance weight
did that i could see that becky you know that if the
real and like this story is because they think i have a controversial stands on it actually and not opposed to the fact clots okay and
i’m not saying like are if my has been ends up gaining twenty pounds were dot right but i definitely want to have some sort of agreement that we’re
both going to live like healthy lifestyles and i’m not gonna be like madonna and be like
of food nazi be like a reading i’ve done it on my god i gotta give you b_-twelve shot
i’m not going to do that you know saying like i like the idea that you know
just because we’re in a marriage now doesn’t mean that you just let yourself go and get
extremely comfortable that type of lifestyle translates into a lot
of other things that can ruin the marriage like for instance if you let yourself go on
the site in the sex life is a great as the sex life is a great researchers at one another
you start getting annoyed with one another and all the seven the marriage deteriorates i think that having opinions that this doesn’t
necessarily a terrible thing uh… disagree now here’s what they saw that your idea overall
isn’t right of course is right you know you should let yourself go and you should have
really frank conversations about that uh… but you shouldn’t be in your contractual
agreement that’s crazy decide if we don’t say uh… you hope you and what about lover that
sad sad day for you to of divorcing you for someone potter plus again no money or however the print out this site now it’s
absurd right then in reality that’s not how it works an outsider
our relationship that goes anyway emi policies that but i think
it might be a terrible relationship were you wearing your wife your way in your
husband and watching everything and then she s a report in the within our contract stricken crazy that’s good and a bitter divorce
anyway sensitive terrible there no i seriously and and i guess what i’m trying to get out is like
first of all in my own marriage at when i put that in a pre-op of course not like i
think a prima donnas go too far but i’m talking about the theory behind it and i do agree
with the theory behind it i do agree that you should have those conversations and you
should be frank about it and you know one way that can share i talk about this all the time actually like
what our fears are when we get married and he said he says like he wants set maintain
a healthy lifestyle with his wife and i want the same thing like that’s very important
to us and one way that you can determine whether or not that’s gonna happen is the house conversations
before you get married right so and really like tickled step back and take a look at the way
you relationship is before you get married are you guys that by the way we acted together
regular i’d know i know you think i’m foolish it because i’m twenty four and i’m not married
but and that’s the way that i want to approach marriage i wanna make sure that bynoe and getting myself into it looked up bless your heart very and and i
hope you do but here’s one thing you know bacteria pregnancy you know if you have no idea how hard is to
lose weight after pregnancy doesn’t he can do it doesn’t mean people are doing all the
time this nation try harder but uh… and out of the u dot backer and is age after certain time it becomes really want
to lose weight because of your metabolism cages especially the give you being had to three pregnancies yet that all the sudden though that what made
a commitment yet but that missile or that day in another part of it is that look uh… and that that sometimes people get on with
the right thing in the story that we started with of the white uh… gain forty pounds of the
house it was madly in love sex life suffered et cetera and she said i can’t lose it uh… and then they have been more stable
on the old said she was saying on back on the market she lost protected spot don’t get me wrong i get the other side
of it if you have the proper motivation like a you know what i have a bag of the single
market and almost certainly by the way to lose that
weight so and i’ve seen a by the way in my life not msword woman but definitely with men once
they get the worst all the sudden goldman g commanded and i’m bernard j it’s uh… so i agree with you that you got
the idea but at the same time you can’t be true konjam and i agree with that as well but i i do like
having those conversations i think that that that make sense self and i like being candid about islamic i i
think that too many cases uh… both individuals are afraid to share what they really think rented one of her one
another’s stands screw the feelings like let’s be honest with
one another like that’s the way i like it so into but mr stone cold cast very although that comes with a provider of audio
books about seventy five thousand if it’s not a list of a bubble was meant to read but didn’t have
time for his john’s terms and feel revenues and listen to it probable dot com actually
very impressed with their you get a free audio book about five caps dot com slash the wife

Michael Martin

100 Responses

  1. I would like to say I would still be attracted to my potential spouse if they gained weight, but I can't say yes for sure. I'm attracted to people with similar life styles; very outdoorsy and always moving. Not typically the lifestyle of someone overweight. I still wouldn't put something like this in a prenup.

  2. I disagree with this. Marriage shouldn't be based off of if your partner is fat or skinny its about love. True love never dies so if you want a divorce because your spouse gained a few pounds than you was never in love and the marriage is going to fail regardless.

  3. Well I admit I am still young and am quite shallow, being attracted to a girl for appearance first. But personality does come at a VERY close second. If the hottest girl in the world was a whiny bitch, that would be a huge turn off. Also, just to point out, I don't believe marriages are necessary for a long loving relationship, unless you want to raise a family. I don't want kids and I am not religious, so why should I get married to feel worthy of being with the girl I love?

  4. All you guys don't seem to understand Ana's point, she isn't saying Ok lets sign a contract to not gain weight ever and if you do i'm getting a divorce. No what she's saying is that both husband and wife should have a talk for both to make healthy choices and not eat junk food every single day. Don't you want your wife or husband too be hot and slim by having good weight? Pregnancy is expected to make her gain weight, therefore its perfectly normal for the wife to gain weight that way.

  5. omfg… Ana, that's the stupidest thing i've heard in my life!… Who's the idiot who wants to marry someone not for love, cus that'd be stupid, but for over looks?… I mean, besides Ana.. What a fucked up thing to say, seriously. "If you don't do what i say, or want, then i'll divorce you" But gays shouldn't have the right to marry for LOVE, while straights are complete retards and marry for this shit.. No fucking wonder gays are pissed.

  6. @luckstergal you missed Ana's point. she doesn't want her partner to stay in shape only because she wants eye candy, she wants him to stay in shape so they can live a long, healthy life together. she acknowledges the fact that the clause is dumb by measuring fitness based on pounds, but she also knows that a marriage will be a lot more successful if neither person is suffering from clogged arteries from wolfing down McDonalds throughout their marriage.

  7. Ana didn't get her point across very well because she didn't explicitly state that she wants her partner to be healthy so that they can have a long, happy marriage without having to deal with a bunch of health issues that are related to a lazy lifestyle. doesn't mean they have to spend all their time in the gym, it just means they shouldn't spend all of their time in the McDonald's drive-thru like many Americans do. it's important to spell out stuff like that b/c most ppl can't think critically.

  8. @refuckulate420 Neither do I since I'm atheist/agnostic. I just celebrate it cause it's a fun holiday. I was just meaning that even though I don't believe in the story, the day was at least supposed to have some meaning, but now has none. Same with Easter. I have no idea what chocolate eggs have to do with the story of Jesus' resurrection, but I'm pretty sure chocolate companies know.

  9. i agree, i have been getting into better shape ever since my son's father and i broke up…. i just feel so stress free!! lol

  10. omg Cenk stop belittling Anna
    clearly Anna is extremely bright and clearly she states serveral times that putting that clause in the prenup is stupid…
    oh and Cenk, yes your older than Anna but im PRETTY sure you have never had a baby ethier, js.

  11. @Nayr747 Let me enlighten you my young apprentice on the relationship between eggs, rabbits and the Easter holiday. So you will never forget it. At the Passover Seder, a hard-boiled egg dipped in salt water symbolizes both new life and the Passover sacrifice offered at the Temple in Jerusalem. The goddess for spring and fertility, Teutonic deity Eostra, had the rabbit as her symbol. Rabbits are fertile animals with high reproduction rates in the spring seasons signifies life and "rebirth".

  12. @phaestor That is definitely enlightening and thank you for telling me, but still the day does supposedly celebrate Jesus' coming back to life, yet all I see on that day is egg and bunny shaped chocolate and balloons, dyed eggs, or the plastic kind. I never see any Jesus-related things, which is puzzling.

    Also, it's kind of ironic that a boiled (and thus killed) chicken fetus is a metaphor for new life.

  13. ana you are getting smarter as time goes on, will you marry me, cenk i hope your wife gets fat so you can feel my pain

  14. @restlesspride666 i am aware of that, Cenk was talking about how given birth is hard and how its even HARDER to lose the weight after and how Anna wouldn't know. Cenk doesnt know ethier… he will NEVER know….

  15. @ooMONKEYoo If you are "fat" meaning a high percentage of body fat, then it's going to be on your abdomen, as well as the rest of you. In fact your "belly" is generally the last place you lose fat reserves before taking it from your organs (which need it). You're arguing against your own case here sport. Actually it's universally agreed upon by the medical community that being obese is unhealthy.

    You were using exercise as a measure of health, i was pointing out the fallacy of that reasoning.

  16. @JACKtheRIPP3R189 That's not true. In fact these people in the medical community you bring up again know that people with a larger amount of fat in their thighs and butt than their abdomen statistically live longer than any other fat distribution. Men like the hour glass figure for a reason.

  17. @JACKtheRIPP3R189 How is using facts arguing against my own cause? In every single article and documentary I've watched about obesity, the medical community say hands down a 'fat' person who exercises is far more healthy than a skinny person who does.

    You. Can. Not. Tell. If. Someone. Is. Unhealthy/Healthy. By. How. Fa/Skinny. They. Are.

    Was that easy enough for you to read?

  18. @jotunobsidianeyes So let me get this straight, spending the rest of your life with someone isnt stupid??? ok just making sure i understand this. Thanx

  19. Be liberal and let people do whatever the fuck they want. This is of course completely retarded, but so are most people.

  20. @ooMONKEYoo Because the facts do not support your argument. Find one peer reviewed medical study claiming that being obese is healthy. If you exercise often your metabolism "speeds up" and you burn more calories, which decreases your chance of remaining obese. Taking two men of equivalent height and musculature if one has a bf at 12% and the other is at 32% the latter's body has to do more work to achieve the same result, and their heart and lungs will be more taxed by it.

  21. @ooMONKEYoo Again, in the vast majority of cases the abdomen is the last place you lose your excess fat reserves. This is why the "six pack abs" are so difficult for most people to get.

    "live longer"

    The study you're citing (if the one i found is the same) states is comparing those who store more of their fat in their thighs and butt than their abdomen, it's not comparing obese people to people who wouldn't be considered "fat" from a medical standpoint.

  22. @JACKtheRIPP3R189 The many documentaries like 'Fat: What No One Is Telling You' and the countless WebMD articals I've read aren't lying. You're 100% making up your facts because the abdomin is the FIRST place you lose weight when exersizing. That's why people lose pant sizes even after just 5 or so lbs have been lost. Feel free to read an article 'The Truth About Belly Fat' by Kathleen Zelman, MPH, RD/LD and Louise Chang, MD

    Even TYT has done quicky stories about the facts I'm bringing up.

  23. @ooMONKEYoo So that's your argument? A documentary says so? There are documentaries claiming that 9/11 was an inside job, i guess all those fruitcakes must be correct then too. What crappy reasoning.

    Countless webmd "articals" you say? Hmm I just typed in "obesity" and every article (or "article" as you call them) i see states what everyone on earth knows except you, that being fat isn't good for you.

  24. @ooMONKEYoo You do lose abdominal fat first when you're already fat, but after a certain point it starts burning it in other areas. You're talking about people who are already chubby, i was referring to people with very little body fat (ie the "six pack" reference) in your case you're referring more to visceral fat rather than subcutaneous abdominal fat.

  25. @JACKtheRIPP3R189 You have lost your damn mind. You're just making shit up. You see how I directed you to syndicated documentaries and websites, while you just give me your word?

  26. Ana you're a moron.
    I'm not fat and dont intend on being, but if my wife asked me to lose weight, expected me to lose weight, treated me any different for gaining weight or sign any clause that would dictate how I should treat my own body, she could go and fuck herself.
    Grow up.

  27. @ooMONKEYoo What you did was direct me to a webmd article, and one that you apparently didn't read very well. Documentaries don't mean anything to me, since there isn't any peer-review involved. As for your article perhaps you should have read more carefully, note the paragraph in that very article which notes the difference between visceral fat and subcutaneous fat. You've been clowned by your own source, well done sport.

  28. @ooMONKEYoo Did you even read the article you cited? It even has a quotation in it noting the difference between fat stored in the viscera and fat stored subcutaneously. So if i'm just making shit up, then your source is just making shit up as well. Go read your webmd article again, and pay closer attention.

  29. i cant even express what a good idea this is being married dosent mean letting yourself go + this is like a saving grace to all immigrants out there

  30. @allorancutie yes all the time, but it really was not pointless based on the content of the video and Ana response to it. Comment on other peoples comments with out a point much?

  31. if a woman i loved enough to marry told me she wanted a fat clause, i would punch the bitch and leave her..

  32. getting fat is a choice. fat peopel are ugly and smell bad- if your spouse got fat and revolting it is only by choosing to get fat by what they stick in their mouth and time spent on the butt. Monogamy is not a right it is a privilege. Sexual deprivation in a marriage is a form of domestic violence.

  33. Lol. Look at everyone fighting over this topic! Love it. Bottom line, Like minded people survive longevity. Conversation in a relationship and prior to a major commitment such as marriage is the key. Statistically, marriages don't work. Good luck.

  34. Too many Mcadonals. Burger Kings, White Castle, etc. The kids take too much time. 40-60 hours per week and overtime. No time to work out and people become sedentary. Couples are tired, and then the sex life sucks. Ahhh! The American DREAM. I'm in.

  35. @superhealthy100 I like how you say that being fat is a choice. The unhealthy lifestyle is a choice but some people can't lost weight at all. Not because they're lazy but because some of them have very slow metabolism and that makes it almost impossible for them to lost weight. Also "fat people are ugly and smell bad?" Anyone can smell like shit if they don't shower and as for that "ugly" part, You probably wouldn't know real beauty if it gave you a rim job.

  36. @CokedUpPuppy What a bullshit excuse, less than 1% of the population have disorders where they actually have an extremely hard time to lose or gain weight. Stop blaming McDonald's on your laziness, fatass.

  37. @superhealthy100 superhealthy people can be ugly and smell bad too. i'm a personal trainer and believe me, you have more issues than any fat person.

  38. This is the biggest load of bollocks. Why is this in my video recommendations?? I never watch or am interesting in this shite.

  39. After watching this, I think we all know, NO GUY WOULD WANT TO STAY MARRIED TO ANA!! I love this show, but she's out of touch with what a good marriage is.

  40. it's called for better or for worse, not for better or for 40 pound weight gain. If I truly love someone I'm not gonna divorce them because they get fat! Who thought of this?

  41. If you're liberal, then you should accept that the fact people can put whatever clause they want in their OWN prenup.

  42. Everyone has a right to their opinion. Calling someone an idiot because of their opinion is pathetic IMO

  43. Well I had the decency to explain why I though Ana was a moron, please extend the courtesy and explain your reasons to me please.
    Or are you just a miserable little troll?

  44. lol you troll get a life. you are commenting on something from a year ago lol. funny she is not even pregnant and her and Cenk just had a contest to loose weight because they were both getting fat. so much for your "discipline and drive and intelligence" and the comment go die? really i should die because I made a comment about your online dream girl wow your pathetic. as for fatass lol i have been body building since 88'

  45. 1st i was born in 72' junior, not all of us are lazy fcks like u. and considering I am part of the TYT army and made my comments a year ago and you are watching a vid from a year ago i would say yes that makes u a troll.

  46. The small lettering at the bottom of these kinds of prenups probably says:
    "By signing this prenuptial agreement I hereby state that I am not marrying for love."

  47. My classmates laughed when I told them I would shed pounds with Fat Blast Lifestyle, but then they saw the results. Do a search on google for Fat Blast Lifestyle to see their reaction.

  48. This is the most unfaithful generation when it comes to marriage and faithfulness! And it is all because of liberalism.

  49. Obviously you know nothing about love. But then again when it comes to my generation nobody is a TRUE independent thinker or rebel or ANYTHING. We just do what feels good.

  50. Yes you should stay healthy in your marriage but if a man tells me I MUST maintain a certain body image or he's gonna leave me then I don't want to marry a jack ass like that in the first place!

  51. People are looking for any reason to get divorced, ahead of time.
    Hell, why bother getting married? Life is full of ups and downs, everything is not always going to be easy. "Til' death do us part?" Hahaha, that's a good one.

  52. But, on the other hand, no one should become a tub of goo sitting on the couch just because they're married.

  53. twenty pounds aint nothing, but if they gained like 60-80, then I'll be questioning. Because I've seen couples who gained 40+ within a year or two of being married, no children. Or had children and gained 60+ and never lost it. I think * does sometimes become a slight let down… as well as other things..

  54. I noticed a double standard in my marriage. My wife and I both gained weight. My fat wife fat shamed me, taking food out of my hands and grabbing my belly in front of family and friends. I lost weight and put on muscle. My wife is still fat. I tactfully bring it up in private and she tells all her friends that get after me for telling her she needs to lose weight.

  55. both missed the whole point of love: you fall in love with who a person is. if you truly love someone their weight changes aren't dealbreakers. if my hubby were injured, scarred or paralyzed or he lost both arms, I'm staying, because I love him. if he went on some medication and added 50lbs, I'm staying because I love him.

    time makes bodies change; wrinkles will come and injuries add scars and laughlines and maybe some extra lbs… when you love them for real… none of it matters.

  56. I agree with Anna on this one. You have to maintain your health and appearance during your marriage. Too many ppl let themselves get too comfortable. You are supposed to still have sex still date still flirt still compliment each other so why should weight be any difference? Thats unattractive. The only reason most women gain a lot of weight duri g pregnancy aside from the babys weight is because they're eating every Damn thing. Pregnancy shouldnt be an excuse either. And when you breast feed you burn 500 calories daily. Age is a bull shit excuse too. If you stay active amd eat right your whole life you eill not get fat.

  57. There is definitely a double standard on this when it comes to men and women, men get fat shamed allot more and it's ok .but not for chick's.

  58. Physical attraction is not a voluntary decision so if your spouse doesn’t care enough to try and stay in shape they have no reason to complain if you lose interest. Obesity isn’t generally considered attractive, sorry but it’s just the truth.

  59. Super sad to see a girl school a old soy boy. Sad day for men all over, triumph for women. Thats the young turks every time…..

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