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Weeks went by and it got close to our court date Mm-hmm, and we kept asking have you taken this off yet? And they’re like, yeah Yeah, I’m gonna he’s gonna do it and my lawyers gonna do it leading all the way up to right for the case And so I was left no choice But defending myself and I was asked by my lawyer that I had to bring blame to the court as a witness So then one day I get a text message and John’s basically like hey kind of awkward. I was so embarrassed I need you to come and testify as a character witness that we are not in a gay romance together and I was like Oh good one John and then he’s like no, no dignity You’ve laid out the story as he just told you so yeah luckily. Luckily for me. Once I explained it. He was like hell yeah So then the night before the case, I’m in my closet no closet Looking at all my clothes and I’m like How do I dress that says that I’m not in a gay romance with my friend John? So I’m trying to pick the straightest clothes, but everything I have is like athletic cut like super tight fitting I’ve got a pair of pink pants like everything’s skinny fit and I was like shots going down No No, the story ends very sadly because we go to the court we show up I get sworn in everybody’s sworn in well we all get sworn in and and actually Emily McBride our former bomber said she was there also to testify like what I did at the officers like that were indeed not fucking upfront my lawyer brings up this part of the case and brings up that we were told this was not gonna be part of the Case is it part of the case or not? And I’m like Blaine is getting so anxious. He’s ready to just spill the beans, but how fucking straight he is and Rhett dumbbells to Exhibit A What does that mean don’t work out, okay good point they work out more than I do probably exhibit Horne That and only then is when her lawyer says no, this is not part of our case So Blaine was sadly dismissed and was not called upon to witness in my divorce I had to take the day off of work and everything the park down town had to pay for parking express to me after the court that Blaine was really sad that he could not testify in my divorce and was not actually Part of the actual hearings. I feel like you brought us brought us closer together you did it’s closer together It did it’s good times. Don’t go to hold hands careful. Yeah Well, the way the papers are done now I can have sex with him. Okay, so we’re good So that’s the show folks and I are gonna go out birthday sex. Thanks for tuning in Bye Oh Hey there, if you like this video, you should check out our other videos, you know down below You can click them over there. Right right below the sweeping boy and you can subscribe to our channel like this video and yeah, just Go watch other RTA’s

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  1. Not to be a downer but this was probably an embarrassment tactic to try and shame John into giving ground on the case.

  2. Will the other ep of gen lock be free to watch on your website or do we need to sign up for rooster teeth first to watch the ep with the star on it

  3. Someone in animation is a fanfic fan. The book in the court says "my immortal" which is a super famously bad fanfic 😂

  4. Hey RT love all of the content and all but I got a huge complaint. I'd love to watch Genlock, but I can't. The website is extremely slow on any browser I use it on, and can't watch it at the lowest resolution before it buffers, and that's when the video actually plays. If the website was better optimized I would definitely consider being a first member but right now it's not worth it for the experience I could get youtube. Please keep pumping out the good content!

  5. How does Blaine not have basket ball shorts. Or idk maybe business casual? Though the idea of him showing up in skin tight latex like that one laser obstacle course thing he did with Meg and Ryan is crackin me up

  6. I love how how the quality has increased all of a sudden. The last two series of RTAAs have been really good.

  7. How did Jon Risinger ever end up married to someone who didn’t know what fanfiction is in the FIRST place? Like, how do you have a long-enough relationship to have a wedding? I’m baffled.

  8. Did the court order the opposite side to pay witness expenses and related costs? Seems to me that raising an issue only to drop it at trial, forcing opposite counsel to prepare an unnecessary defense, is sufficient cause for sanction by the court.

  9. I don’t know the details of why they got divorced, but it seems like a huge bullet dodged if that’s how she was about an obvious fake account. My ex wife once got mad at ME for a cashier at a store saying I looked better with the long hair I used to have in my ID picture at the time. We never went back to that Marshals again because she was so insecure. So congrats to John.

  10. (1:06)Am I the only one who notices that 2 of the shirts that Blaine threw out of his closet were CAMP CAMP shirts and another one that say “No Gag Reflex” which is Bonquisha's T-shirt or is it just me (Because I'm a person who's a fan of CAMP CAMP)

  11. "So how did you and your wife got divorced?"

    "My ex read a fan fiction of me having an affair with my best friend."

  12. I feel like I would be Blaine here, I am pansexual I am teasing to my close friends both male and female. I could see this happening

  13. So this woman, who knew she was married to an internet celebrity, still just believed anything she saw about him on the internet?

  14. I’m honestly amazed the case got this far. I did some, er, research, and Jon/Ryan is a WAAAY bigger ship.

  15. OKAY! someone help me with this, who would actually be the top? Jon or Blaine? Because I think Jon is the top and Blaine is the bottom, but maybe they switch

    I need mental help

  16. Jon’s lawyers defence plan
    Step one: Blaine takes the stand
    Step two: Blaine removes shirt
    Step three: point at Blaine then point at Jon
    Step four: all agree Jon indeed could not hit that

  17. A common misconception about the fanfiction/fanart is that writers/artists are "shipping real people" …which they're actually NOT. (The Facebook account is definitely going too far, but in general, it's not that.) The idea is that the internet personas – not the ACTUAL persons – presented by RT, AH, etc, actually lend themselves surprisingly well as literary and visual "archetypes". These archetypes can be found in elements of GTA (Tarantino movies, the godfather, grindhouse, etc), Minecraft LOTR, GoT, etc) and so much more.

    There's a very good reason that "Immortal FAHC" and "Minecraft: Kings" are, and have always been, a huge 'thing' in the fandom, especially with cosplay.

  18. So anyway I hope we all learned that things like this are the reasons you should not write fanfiction about real people.

  19. So I don't really know much about this but wouldn't it have been beneficial to not clarify this until the court date. In a fight for custody over children that serves to prove how gullible and naive Jon's ex was. That could be a side of her character the judge wouldn't be exposed to otherwise.

  20. "So the night before I'm in my closet………no"

    My sides and chest actually hurt from laughing so hard 😆 😆 😆

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