DIVORCE COURT Full Episode: Darby vs. Darby

he me 1232 now suddenly want to come back home do
you find it easy to get women to finance your
lifestyle knows that you know but you do it he had to do in a family member
introduce charlie’s in Bryan 22 years ago and they discovered they
shared a nasty habit of drugs and alcohol the couple eventually got sober but
after twenty years of marriage they agree that thrill is gone now why
do you leave there were other women dynasty job is
not only a trippy John digit lead to go in a meeting on
Valentine’s Day not come back week twenty years of
marriage comes to an end but 13 home sheehy push still seized -3 people want the clock today on do more score come to order court is now in session the Honorable
Judge Lynn Toler presiding good day ladies and gentlemen I’m here
today was shot at least army and Brian Darby mister and missus Darby you had been married for 20 years you do
not however want to be married anymore you don’t have any children
together although you do have children from previous relationships are you have a financial matter you
would like me to resolve however before I get to that I’m gonna
start with you missus Dhabi why don’t you tell me a little bit about
a marriage and why you wanna in a 20-year marriage here today well
yeah I 28 Randolph he has been a real Jan okay he’s a hermit he’s not a talk
honestly let practice located you know in it wasn’t Hollywood the video games and m1 football CZK meekly yard mister Darby she saying you got the
e disease the job all sucked in to electronics and in failing to live
your real life what is your response italiana Wakeling will ever win out to gil is all she
would do would be obstacle other me I don’t need to be a under all day every
day now many times as I sell when you mean stuck on your wall all
that no i’ll know what do you do during the day
I work now oh you work yes ma’am bank then you can have a job right you
didn’t have to have Joe he is not mister darden what kinda
quality time or how much quality time do you think is
that not of to spend with your wife after after
she comes home from work it is a little bit a question now West go well coloured super PAC I’ll n those couple
hours what do you consider quality time well she likes to lose are girly movie so I had to sit did do a
movie so see shitty movies make me TMR shitty highest quality does me now missus
darling do you call quality time sittin round watchin girly movies while yes bride Country
Mall like police Italy think doubled class to limit flicks where all we do is ought to do is cry too will be I just falls into it only to be with a woman
got left by the mayor’s chair now all day all I parked cars all day all day girl a gas
station that nothing yes right the movie by not exactly tend to be Mikey Graham moody he in
Tavistock happened in the Doncaster about not call don’t you wanna text with Chad to debt to to teletype I buoyed by hi doing centers quist two minutes waiting list heard pure schedule honey world Westminster Dog me how often is it time
why one point with Tom all day every day it did you get to a point where we do
was weak now it’s whatever happens so you already laying his way don’t think I
would look ya debt I will always told when you’re
ready you’re a good way to me you go through
whatever you know does not okay like-minded one is bolted to a bit right now let no miss Darby man’s got a point you watchin football let them and watch some full as echo you
know you can all you let but never goes away okay for missus clinton on me any no one okay my mom is giving away a
cock Picasa told me know how to make yeah Street one she’ll come year hmmm mister missing you do you get
dressed up getting the car that’s why I gave you missus diver donate minutes and I’ll yesterday in with the wrong time yeah here idea and how long did you want
around doing the wrong thing till now a I did the wrong thing for
quite a while your yard it was a deware I’ll detention Allegheny did I didn’t get we
have a go at and ultimate Charly’s we didn’t do like the OTA we used to be stuck in a were out the door and
drove to like us to we both get our stuff together now I did also you claim that now play myself why yes I have got to go and yes nothing so
much so so the other women did you to stay together why you guys got clean oil
from your addiction though we weren’t together in donor but do what we came back together she wanted to pick up where we left off
well did you ever move back in with your ID quite a few to gotta let three or four
times we’ve been back together now now why do you like me there were
other women I’ll because she worked my nerve to the
point where could stay a more how does she work you nervous is that
this have you seen lol class WEB Du Bois corky deeps did Brian cool
things off with charlie’s for another woman tell me when to push sprint I want to be treated in speak Petri track yet let me are you considering getting married back
are quite sure your intended the right one for you I’ll give you my opinion call toll-free
at 1 877 311 2222 or visit our website at
divorce court dot com or become a fan at Facebook dot com flat divorce do all scored returns with the case a
Brian Darby who charges his wife Shirley Caesar
controlling their but how far does Brian go to get out
from under her regime a change my number because he would call
in my girlfriends no it tell her I did I would believe her to
come back to did he come Valentine’s Day you we regrouped and regroup before
Christmas so we had a couple months ended yeah all
its be closely tied he’s me right highs while he me so you think and me eat will do oh okay in a wheel the shots me treat be all business the dalai me up how
would someone race AB on Facebook didn’t even feel
like a star you an honest bunny he in some key from power he goes away TPT well the ball died past okay with do lead to go in a meeting on
Valentine’s Day and not come back to do we have a way for Commission on a weekend and when I came back a dick a magnet sure or talk to eat Lalo remembered by Tommy went what story did okay her restless by I couldn’t call you hi to see I went to beech tree and a female city
for me you got big gamble with that says me apec to gamenight know that she was
coming back novelist by Dmitry to give it a try yet and put me open miss me misinterpreted to say in other
words yesterday it was a troll it was true so it wasn’t
being truthful troops fellow Hall what did they say pilot show least I’ll she’s always
wanted to prove to all we tagged military actually yet yeah it is yeah it is whether whether whether
huh okay told thank you but I still told you well either way it came out old sky this is Darby I’m getting a scene a
people mover a in an out and back in Ford Heights can you say the last time he moved out
he changed his cell number hunt him down and tell me about that prime gotten them cell phone cuz he
always like an upgrade because he wanted a good holiday you don’t want to be need to keep right
Doki cell I am you me when I cell phones he disappeared all
the time because you know Dramani want clerks he
got an answer file I don’t want my kids but 13 Jul and come
home eased play still company still looking
to all he’s not me lol cuz you might be
street legal what the club’s when the go club law he only got yes she
would look at the apt achieved mister II did you tell me your your vision of what she’s talking about
gay will surely see controlling a change my number because he was calling my
girlfriends no call him up on a call girl football to
let the beach below to call her it tell her I did I was going I was
gonna leave her to come back to or wing leave my husband Lawley custer
this way I change my number the minute you have I’ll be here self
all she volunteered to bow to sell poll to upgrade from sure I’m ticket yeah he
guided but I’ll we both pay the bill she didn’t
pay the bill all that we both pay the bill when do
four score continues Judge Lynn offers a warning for women
everywhere ladies did you hear that did you hear it listen to it recede feeling business
what’s guys do you would like your case heard on
divorce court call us toll-free at one 877 311 2222 or log on to our website at divorce
court dot com and follow us on Twitter at divorce
court divorce court returns with the case Charly’s Darby who claims she’s putting
an end to her husband using her for money but brian has a backup plan well your
number will that do it would have did I hope that if I will
admit it details when is it gonna be enough it is enough me mean he’s told you in no uncertain
terms you know or be with you anymore and you
need to hear that on you that mister let me St sup me seem
like I mean at a guy that a rough past you
had a rough path here you are you can’t can assorted
gotten back with your wife and you asking her to give you things
and she’s giving you things and you n you taking on you know she wants you
bad but you’re taking the steps she gives you and you walk it off without the woman
don’t you feel that’s kinda her poland a little degrading humiliating and we’re
all year minute i cost I can stop the no doorstep me miss this is not let me
ask you this do you find it easy to get women to finance your
lifestyle is that easy for you knows that years
ago but you do it he had to do in hunting on is not easy so it’s difficult to get women to give
you money or is it just a lotta work as you gotta say it you gotta say it like
I’m when you really don’t or is it a lot of class to help today sometime they came into play like the in
a just to be you work a woman I mean how
do you get her to give you money well you know I’m good at what I do
where where with see talk about the six-day May had a
habit well I have had it with other people
another win in a way that have did I have Dubai well with to a I get things I’ll awsome for anything but they give it to
you the awful when my car broke down I did active workbook caught she offered
to give me a call is she caught the bus to work miscue is
it just the sex or is it s sex and a maybe like yeah do what you got to get me a music you know at a given me you might
be able to keep it so old they give you money and hot in
hopes of Wheeling UID you try to give me ladies did you hear
that did you hear it listen to it receive it yeah feel it this is what some guys do don’t we on that panel a little bit %uh
good sex and a new goal crazy don’t let that
happen you know it me no matter how good the
sex is it is my when is expedient to fall show me dole when do or score continues is this a trick
question listened are you know what they call
people sex love money I’m divorce court returns with the king said
surely send Brian dark who after twenty years of marriage have
decided they’ve come to the end of their own as husband and wife he still love in
Downey duck I’ll so done I am done miss the job is not
only a trippy the John have been all all yeah may be alright lol 34 heard witnesses naughty and I met match not be displayed thank you Jesus mister
darden changes cell phone number cuz I thought best thing he ever did for me he
gave me Diggins get all public love that’s all this is done tell me why you believe I should award you 369 dollars from mister Darby for south wall and
maybe because when he left his last time I was able to get back up in his
clutches because he changed the number 12 phone have purchased them not paid reform
bills I’m know at least and if not more but I’m just 3 and the South and then
I’m also ask you for your call because he me 1232 now suddenly want to come back home pay
for the U Haul to bring him back he LFT she got it same one I and I’m not quite sure what
you’re telling me about the cell phones are you currently paying his cell phone
bill now but you had been you bought him the fall a new paid the bill for for my years ago and three years three years ago mister
Darby is that your response today it three years ago she brought self-rule
she she brought the cell phone case you
wanted to upgrade where she offered to give me you also I come back to her yeah me wat dress some speakers heat shield he stereo equipment list are you okay meets
me has more and not close to took to fill
up three run I just a whatever not say exactly what I have in a mama’s
some new I must say something you mister darden you know what they call
people sex for money in have been called that before what 1 you know what I mean one missus Darby you learned your lesson it
was a hard wrong lesson there was a hard long world
he’s never gonna do right by you don’t ever give ’em another dime don’t
do anything you did all this stuff for him because you wanted to keep just like all
the other women adore from I can’t give it back as you were put in an investment on a maybe you
could maybe get him back you were trying to get little bit money here any money anybody that you can get to come over for 369
dollars is worth exactly that there will be no we’re
covering matter ABS ok all parties may leave the courtroom Charlie says she has no intention of
going back to Brian and is waiting for their divorce to be
finalized she is taken to heart judgments advice to stay away from men
like Brian brian says he had a new girlfriend
before coming to court and is working on being a better man for
he in Charlie’s are cordial when they speak but their conversations are short and
infrequent which suits them both

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