Dishonest Relationships

I don't know why he did it if it was because you were scared of what we had or because you were craving validation or because you have genuine feelings for her it was a cruel and disrespectful way to handle it it was an unacceptable way to handle it what did you get from her that you didn't get for me what did you get from her they didn't get from I think I might eat I'm suggesting um the food was phenomenal thank you of course I'm so excited for the show tomorrow oh um whatever you done forgot to get chicken I think it's eerie I am I know oh okay no worries sorry it's okay we shouldn't hurry up though if we're gonna go to Steve's right oh I don't want to go to that I don't know yeah I mean either he's gonna be there anyway Steve Mike Alissa that one dude that Steve introduces to Adam maybe just those days let's just not go really I mean I have so much work to do and I have to be up early tomorrow I mean I just feel bad because we said we'd go you know yeah maybe I should just go on myself just to show face do you mind going along oh pretty sure yeah okay yeah that'd be great and I can just stay here yeah I'm sure you don't wanna go yeah Claire cooing yeah sort of that's up did you sleep with Adam it's you I'm so sorry really really sorry were you never gonna tell me no I did want to tell you I thought about it but I just didn't selfish because it only has loved us for you to do it in the first place I know okay I know I was so selfish and I just freaked out and I didn't know what to do and I'm so sorry when um like it was like when you were visiting your brother right before I moved in together and I think I was scared I was scared too but I didn't need to somebody else just so I can feel better about myself okay listen can we just talk about this just let me explain because it's never gonna happen again okay I don't care about him I haven't seen him since I haven't talked to him and it was just so stupid I think I was just afraid and please just talk to me I love you don't don't do that so what you're just gonna go there where I don't know it's so late just please stay here stay in the couch talk about it hey just Stan I love you so much I'm so sorry so what are you up to tonight I don't know how's your triple shot macchiato lawyer girlfriend she's fine both grunt up to anything Becca and I were planning on hitting a couple gay clubs tonight I didn't know you're gay I'm definitely not straight I have this theory that there's no such thing as a straight girl mostly I'm just jealous you never have to deal with back hair I mean only my own just me it's a mess back there I'm sure you wear it well are you good on everything oh yeah thanks for all your help please get out of here oh thank you I mean I heard it got really good reviews and mom said it was great yeah but I don't know if I want to watch that tonight well we can compromise what if we watch in Bruges tonight and Kings Beach tomorrow hmm oh I'm working tomorrow who is it it's Rebecca it's a scheduling conflict so she's just switching with Michelle who's Michelle the new girl that I worked with last week I'm sorry I've just been super stressed out lately and I was like terrible knot in my neck and you just get it out for me sure thank you Dad you just don't know what it's like sitting at a desk all day I don't understand what you needed that you weren't getting for me wish I had a good excuse and yeah it's not cheating but it's emotional cheating and that's just as bad I feel so stupid for holding onto a lot of her because she means nothing deserve to feel this way what you did was not okay trust me I don't expect you to give me would you forgive me if I did this to you I love you so and I will keep on trying to prove it to you every day okay new time hey man what's up how you doing oh nothing much just hanging out you know you know oh you know you want to go out to a bar or something later no oh no no it's all good I understand yeah um no I I guess I'll talk to you later yeah she's uh she's good too yeah I'll I'll tell her you said hi all right all right yo hey are you doing anything tonight would you like that new girl that you're working with um yeah she's fine she burns the copy but she learned really how hard is it to make a cup of coffee oh I was thinking we should go away for your birthday next month no no that's so sweet yeah celebrate death approaching ah I'm just so swamped this month with this trial do you think maybe we can just stay here and grab dinner or something um yeah yeah that works I just um I thought it'd be nice for us to do something fun we haven't gone away since Marissa's wedding mmm I always have fun with you yeah I mean that's not what I meant I just thought we should do something new let's go to a new restaurant it'll be really special yeah that's that's fine Hey hi I was putting errands nearby he come drop off the rent check oh no no no you don't do that I know I want to know seriously you haven't been living here well I'm just gonna gonna leave it right there he needed thank you so yeah like looking for a new roommate any chance are you um really though I would love to take you to dinner if that's okay whenever you're ready of course yeah so I guess I moved out here about here ago and I'm really loving it so far you know I miss the East Coast sometime oh I'm sorry what I'm sorry hey I'm apologize you okay yeah I'm fine it's not your fault hmm really good bad you like it yeah Stacy thank you thank you hmm this is what you know so I am I started writing a lot like every day since we this week good apart that's you're not like to check it out and you don't have to say anything back I just couldn't stop thinking about you I can talk to you and but I was just kind of came out there I know I deserve better I deserve to be with someone who loves me enough and respects me enough to be honest with me I don't deserve to feel this way my god Jeff how are you okay I acted drastically the other night and I shouldn't have no it's fine it's completely fine I mean you haven't done anything wrong you know it's me I messed it up and I'm so sorry I I wish I could take it back mean any help good is the last one oh sorry you okay yeah my shoulders just been killing me must be working at the register too much let me get that for you oh no it's really fine seriously it's fine that feels amazing good so where are we going tonight and I guess there's this place I've been meaning to go with I mean I keep trying to go to I'm excited [Applause] hmm I'm very excited about watching the oscar-winning film The King's Speech tonight I was thinking I could grab food on my way over oh um I'm sorry I'm gonna have to reschedule I'm feeling kind of sick today okay I can bring you soup or something it's totally fine I'm just gonna stay in and said okay I guess I'll see you tomorrow then right [Laughter] okay I'll be right back [Applause] Jeff and I promise to cook us dinner once a week hmm well I promise to order a pizza one sweet okay I like your style no I love it to it you are so beautiful learn about hey um please calling back I know I know you hate me right now and I hate me too I just really want to talk to you because I know what you saw earlier and it was nothing I don't care about Adam I really don't and at the time it just it could have been anybody I think it scared me how much I loved you and I know that doesn't excuse any of it I just just cost me so much to know what I did and how are you so sure about me how did you really know that I was we wanted to be with how does she really know

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  1. Y'all didn't catch the nuance, but in the beginning, they showed Jeff forgetting about tickets to a show they planned to go to. Sense of loyalty diminishes when you see that you're not being shown any effort or consideration in the relationship.

  2. people should explore their options before getting into a relationship. if the relationship isn’t working out, leave. simple.

  3. this may be lowkey rude considering the context of the video but in the beginning, she’s me practicing my lines before i pick a fight lmao

  4. Mia and her dude: needed time and to talk
    Ali and black dude: needed time and to talk and probably breakup
    Black girl and her girl: break up because it’s obvious she’s not happy

  5. I feel so bad for Jeff. I can feel he truly loved her so much and he was honest all the time. He decided to leave her, he's strong. He'll find a new other who's much better than her and truly loves him without cheating on him.

  6. I've never cheated or been cheated on so maybe i don't have the full insight. But I feel like emotinal cheating is way worse than having sex one time. Flirting with someone with the thought of getting together or holding on to someone seems unforgiveable for me but everyone can make a mistake once and until there are no emotions behind it it seems forgivable to a certain point

  7. I like girls that cheat…. when the moment of truth comes out, i use that moment as an opportunity to renegotiate the relationship to make it an open relationship….i never get angry at them…. I always tell them that I am fine with them seeing other people just as long as they tell me that they are, and they are fine with me doing the same

  8. To me, cheating is one of the only unforgivable things in a relationship. That and physical abuse. If my husband ever cheated on me, there would be no forgiveness. No reconciliation. I would leave and never speak to him again. And he knows that. People who allow cheating to happen “just once” and stay in the relationship are part of the problem.

  9. why is the internet filled with breakup and cheating videos? Ik all this happens alot but it would be good if there were one or two videos abt relationships that lasted

  10. It’s always the small things. They snowball. I always notice peoples behavior. True, real behavior is REALLY hard to change. So if they seem different. There’s a reason. Take notice of all the small things. And bring them up immediately. A real partner will be there for you, a fake one will fight you/argue. An unhealthy conscious will defend itself

  11. The girl said that she knew that he left after he saw the text from Adam but never explained it. Is she still communicating with him after she said she has not talked to him since?

  12. Very depressing. Notice that the one's that were cheated on went back to the cheaters because hey were lonely but were not really ready to forgive. That's why their relationships are doomed.

  13. This is honestly exactly what it’s like. It’s horrible. Very horrible. This brought back all those old feelings I left behind a couple years ago.

  14. Being single is the most liberating, honest thing I have ever done for myself. I only have me to rely on, blame, and trust.

  15. I am a christian but regardless of any religion, I believe that pre-marital sex is one of the worst things for a relationship. Having sex with someone is a deep connection and one that is made with little to no thought of the outcome! if you want a complicated relationship, have sex. if you want a relationship with problems, have sex. Don't have sex with someone you lie to, don't have sex with someone you know lies to you.

  16. My thing is, she said she hadn't talked to him since. So why is he even texting her? Why is he even talking about some “can we talk about this”? She lied, she's been talking to him and since her bf found out about her cheating she cut things off.

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