DISENCHANTMENT Part 2 | Matt Groening Netflix Original Series 📺

Bean, my daughter. There are things
beyond your understanding that you are destined for. You will be
the greatest woman this kingdom has ever seen. Oh, God, what time is it? 3:00 a.m. Did you ever have a nightmare,
and at the last second, you wake up
and everything’s okay? Well, this isn’t one of those. The entire kingdom
got turned to stone. My mom’s evil, and Elfo died. Good times. Elfo, wherever you are,
I’m sorry. This is Heaven. Why did I waste all that time
being alive? Incoming necro-chat
for Mr. Elfo. Hello? -Hello?
-Elfo, is that you? Lady, you’re the one 
that called me. You know,
I can’t get to Heaven, but if Elfo can meet us in Hell,
I know a way out. Ding-a-ding-a-doo. -Whoa.
-Follow me, hot stuff. -Who are you?
-Juanita… Demonheimer. That sounds kind of real. There’s a prophecy
to be fulfilled. Like mother, like daughter. I’m not like you. Stay inside, unless you want
to see something really cool. Calm down, guys. Let’s hide
under this pile of children. We’ve got to save Elfo and restore Dreamland
to glory. Whatever happens, we are
going to fight back, together. We’ll have to wing this in a dangerously 
half-assed manner. That’s the Dreamland way. Quick, after the dragon! And may the best man slay it. Or woman.
Let’s not ignore women here.

Michael Martin

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