Discovering Underwater Caves of France! (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 104

Be careful Oh, my gosh ! ha..ha Last week, after a big day sail from La Grande-Motte in France, heading East towards Marseille, we dropped the anchor late one night, in a tiny little anchorage Well, I’ve woken up this morning, and I am pretty impressed So we are at the Calanque de Sormiou Calanque is a word for, like a narrow valley made of limestone or dolomite or some rock like that and this place is famous for its rock climbing, so we’re about to jump in the dinghy and head to shore and see what we can find or climb Yeah, I’m pretty excited. I don’t think there’s much going on on land, there’s only like a few buildings, but Those are the best places Do you reckon it would be good diving here? I think it would Bit close to Marseilles We should ask if there’s any caves or stuff around Water is so blue We just pulled the dinghy up on the beach here, and the man said, that we can’t leave it here and we have to tie off to one of these, blanco moorings, So, poor Riles has got to swim back And I don’t know, how we’re going to get our backpacks, with all the cameras and stuff… back to the boat, but that’s okay. We’ll figure it out Taking one for the team It’s all right Listen to the bugs It’s so loud. -are they cicadas? -Must be Back to the boat Yeah, I’m gonna dive along these cliffs Let’s do it. You can’t click… “Record” when you’re down there, because the pressure is too much on it Really ? Yeah Wow That’s weird This is incredible Uuh… – amazing hey – Wow Be careful ……. yeah, right in the middle Ooh, my goosh ! Here you go So, the battery died on the Gopro, and we’ve just raced back to the boat Cos we need a head off anyway But we needed to grab Daniel and show him this cave. It’s absolutely amazing We found a swim-through and there’s this like orange rock wall, and yeah, we had to go back, so We have a fully charged Gopro ready to go Hey guys, If you’ve enjoyed the movie so far, or if you haven’t, but you predict that it will get better later on, give it a Thumbs up Also subscribe, if you’re new here, and if you aren’t new here and you have subscribed, hit the notifications button It’s a bell. Bell. And we would like to invite on board one of our patrons. Mums Leggo We randomly selected you before Congratulations Mums Leggo. So yeah, get in touch with us and we will try to facilitate your adventure on board All right Now, follow me I don’t think Daniel’s going to make it through
..but, this is the red caves, I was talking about. It’s incredible You did it ! Ha ha..Yeah …I know, I told ya Wow, incredible How’d you go, guys? Good It was awesome Getting a bit close to that rock…. We’ll be all right Honestly, incredible. There’s people zip lining. Go forwards on that hull, I’m not kidding. It’s right there you see it? Yeah What’s the plan, what’s the plan for today and tomorrow? We’re going to Porquerolles I’ve just downloaded the weather and we are going to… Need to plan the route for tomorrow. I’ve just done that It’s going to be between 15 and 25 knots from pretty much directly behind us, maybe… 150 So we’ll head out and need to leave it Leave by at least 8 am. It was supposed to be a lot windier than this. But, I think this This is what the Mediterranean is like It’s like, 15 knots of wind … about 20 miles that way Then in here there is nothing So, that was tipped to be in closer today, so we missed out on that so unfortunately we’ve got a motor um There is little bit, we could be sailing at 2 knots, but then we wouldn’t see any of this Porquerolles And Mathieu said, Porquerolles is amazing -Not to be missed, he said -Yeah, very excited Oh, my God This boat over here, just came real close to ours and we had both of our fishing lines out and Riley is nude.. uh.. Ran down the back I was like…. Winding in like anything and screaming and yelling at that other boat, naked But they… they just… They tacked and went back the other way That’s really funny and all waved at me… they came pretty close We’re motoring, so it is our fault, but… they..uhm we both acknowledged each other a long way off and then…uhm.. They went to go behind us and came pretty close to our fishing lines What were you doing ? Are you sun baking ? Listening to my audio book, Peter Frankopan, The Silk Roads. I like it. Daniel’s asleep That’s why Riley is nude. I hope he is not there, because my private parts are squished against the … ee ..window – Ha, ha, if Daniel walks outside… Can’t get the boy to keep his pants on.. Meanwhile inside… I’ve been a busy girl. Just helping Daniel with episodes and it’s really hot today, but I am trying to be very sun smart, so I’m wearing one of Riley’s shirts because I’m getting old, I’m noticing some new freckles And it’s not okay Porquerolles is the largest, most westerly of the three Iles de Hyeres It is about seven kilometers long by three kilometers That’s boring -Ya. …The Isle…Okay … the village. Let’s talk about the village. The Island Village was established in 1820, with its lighthouse constructed in 1837 and church in 1850. The entire Island was purchased in 1912 by Francis Joseph Fournier apparently as a wedding present for his wife. He planted two hundred hectares of vineyards which produced a wine that was among the first to be classified as the Vine dis Cote de Provence I know I would have said that wrong Good morning, everyone It’s about 8 in the morning, and we are heading off to Corsica today and I’m making Riley a coffee That’s what that very loud noise is I’m making homemade ice cream out of bananas that have gone a bit too ripe and this is coconut oil bananas, mushed up maca powder peanut butter … it’s bueno How are we this morning? Good, thank you. Troyer just pointed out that this rock up here looks like a dude going… Oo, yeah Just the hands not the head turned around and tongue poke out Weather conditions today They’re going to get pretty …they’re gonna get… very wild 25 knots at some stage, so we’re going from Porquerolles to Corsica There’s almost nothing at the moment, but as I said, as I pointed out in the Med, it… it’s very… it changes a lot in the only 10 miles, so 10 miles that way it’s going to be about 15 knots according to the weather and… As we start getting closer to Corsica, in about Five hours or six hours, it’ll pick up to about a 25 knots We just got 22 knots, and I’m telling Riley we need to take a reef now. Babe, come on …

Michael Martin

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  1. Several moments during this video the lighting was epic. Great video (sweet editing). Thank you for sharing your adventure.

  2. Hey guys, when will you build a cedar wet/dry sauna in the shower / head and a salt / fresh water Jacuzzi on the deck or in the cockpit? I did it on my 30 ft Islander first. AMAZING relaxation on a cool night (or hot day with cool seawater). Ezy-Pzy on any larger yacht.

  3. At approx 4:18 Riley's face looks like one of those hacker Guy Fawkes masks!! What a cool video! Guys, can you do a vid about free diving? Your approach, what type of gear works for you, how did you extend your time holding the air in etc. I'm sure I'm not the only one wanting to know. Kudos to the photographer for getting into the underwater caves, I know it's easy to watch, but you have to get over a few phobias to just go and do it.

  4. Awesome video, as always guys. Thanks for sharing your journey. Just curious, where do you go to find information on all the cities and places you visit? Wikipedia, google, etc.?

  5. Wondering, who was this guy that said u can't leave the boat, was he law enforcement, some people will just tell u that becuz they don't want u to, not becuz they have any authority.

  6. Wooow ! You came right next to me !!! I'm living at Six-Fours les plages, just behind the epuration station "emphitria" you film here ( 8:28 ). Hope you have good time in the riveria ! Next time call me to take the apéro ! 😉

  7. Were either of them ever scared of the water? Not knowing what was below, etc.? Or were they fine with it from the start?

  8. Great vid! So nice to see you out and about again. Almost back to the good old form of SLV mono hull times 🙂
    Time to watch the latest video now 🙂

  9. I've been following you guys for a long time and your videos just get better and better… Great photography, great music and projecting a feeling of fun and adventure that's intoxicating…. Thank you for all your efforts with the video… All the Best Max 🙂

  10. Once again thanks for using our music in your videos. Hope everyone's enjoying the soundtrack! Check us out on Spotify here:

  11. Just a technical note, if you're sailing France then you are in the Balearic/Tyrrhenian sea, not the Med, which is more over to the bottom of Italy. Oh and Maca powder tastes like a mix of dried arseholes and foot odor…….I can't believe you girls are into that shit. My missus puts it in my porridge…'s enough to gag a maggot

  12. Hello Guys!
    Nice place to dive!!! amazing those caves.
    11:31 Seu Jorge – Amiga da minha mulher
    Seu Jorge is a famous brasilian singer.

  13. Keep my little Westerly sailing boat in Toulon and yes you are right the winds change in a very short space. Sailing to Corsica next year.

  14. Wonderful adventure! Also, brilliant (legendary?) editing and music cuts. Played it once for the story-line, and a couple more for the edits. Very nice, indeed.

  15. lol @ 10.39 – you guys are rockin it now – lux boat, lux food, lux sounds, and that LOOK Elayna – woohooo – enjoy !

  16. Elayna, you know you can pull that front part of the coffee machine up so that there is more space for a big mug… 😉

  17. What's that software Riley is using on the laptop to look at navigation and wind speed? It also seems to be planning tacks for you guys. Very cool.

  18. Thanks for another great video. Any idea what the structure is at 8:28 in the video? Coordinates 43° 2'58.22"N 5°51'5.72"E – Is it really a water treatment plant?

  19. I just discovered you guys and you are living my dream I'm so happy I found your channel. I'm completely blowing off my family for the rest of the night and watching every episode

  20. Hey Guys –
    Loved your pronunciation of Iles D'Hyeres in your aussie accents! made me chuckle…… Found you guys as I watch SV Delos, you are making some great vids here, better than most of the stuff on the telly!
    It is so cool to be able to see all these beautiful little places you are visiting. New boat looks amazing – just seen a fantastic example on Multihull world – best I get saving…

  21. Hey guys! Just was curious about how you're washing your clothes on the new boat. Did it come with a washer? I love watching you guys! 🙂

  22. Limestone CaCO3, dolomite CaMgCO3. All these rocks were living creatures before they became …rocks lol

  23. Did you see that look on Riley’s face when Elayna told him that this bloke bought an island as a wedding present to his wife? 11:15. Neuro-linguistic programming never lies. He’s all softening up for a grand plan. I bet before she has the baby!

  24. Gooday guys! Me, me wife and kiddos love watching your Posts, it’s addicting! Truly, it’s we are there on the Adventure with y’all…

    keep up the good work mates

    Blesses 👍👌😎🙃

  25. hi guys, Riley&Elanyna
    i watched all your videos, til he last one on youtube!
    they were/are unpaid medicine (&organic) for calming u down (me), nevertheless daunting!
    Why? Because i am Albanian (proud of it) from Kosova, (balkaas, europe!) and if i start to make a point/sense, it will take ages.
    Therefore, being from where i am, an ordinary man, father of three, and longing to do as you, i have a sarcastic question…
    …when will u start speaking ENGLISH that everybody understands you?!?!
    G'day mates!

  26. Running a year behind , so you'll never see this, but yeah, we're all getting old, which is why we admire you guys seizing the day.

  27. Do you know how cicadas make that noise ?
    They can't sweat so they rub their back legs along their body.
    Makes that noise and keeps them cool . Cool , right ?

  28. AAAAAAh! This is where I come from!! I made my studies (researches in oceanography) in Marseille and lived all my childhood on the coast in front of Porquerolles 🙂 I love listening to the song of the cicadas in this video guys !! Hope you appreciated those places… There are sooo many hidden spots to see around !! I would love to show you some !

  29. 3:16 – That shot is fantastic
    4:07 – Nice jump!
    5:44 – Yeah those caves really are incredible, wow
    9:25 – (nude) Riley: I hope he's not there [behind the window] because [my balls] are squished against the uhm… Window!
    11:53 – Yet another beautiful shot. This episode is filled with amazing shots! Colours, lighting, framing, everything

  30. If there are any producers left in Hollywood with a brain, they would be scrambling to make a movie/documentary about your amazing lives and adventures. It would be a hard task to find an actor and actress as good looking who could accurately portray these two…and certainly no one who could duplicate Riley's contagious laugh and antics…so, I guess we can only hope that these two incredibly adventurous sailors will continue living and filming their dream and allowing us the privilege of tagging along.

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